abstraction to an auto scrubbing and const time eq, memory chunk.

Version on this page:0.1.7
LTS Haskell 10.6:0.1.9
Stackage Nightly 2018-02-24:0.1.9
Latest on Hackage:0.1.9

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BSD3 licensed by Vincent Hanquez
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Module documentation for 0.1.7

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Securemem provides memory chunks that allow auto-scrubbing of the memory after use, and constant time equality.

Documentation: securemem on hackage

Interacting with securemem

It's recommended to use the Byteable instance when providing an interface that takes a securemem. It allow legacy code, and work in progress code to interface with securemem more easily.

older base

On older base, the memory is not scrubbed: upgrade your GHC to 7.6.0 or above.


  • add a custom memory allocator that give mlocked memory chunks.
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