This is a high-level interface to LAPACK. It provides solvers for simultaneous linear equations, linear least-squares problems, eigenvalue and singular value problems for matrices with certain kinds of structures.


  • Based on comfort-array: Allows to precisely express one-column or one-row matrices, as well as dense, square, triangular, banded, symmetric and block matrices.

  • Support all data types that are supported by LAPACK, i.e. Float, Double, Complex Float, Complex Double

  • No need for c2hs, hsc, Template Haskell or C helper functions

  • Dependency only on BLAS and LAPACK, no GSL

  • Works with matrices and vectors with zero dimensions.

  • Separate formatting operator (##): Works better for tuples of matrices and vectors than show. Show is used for code one-liners that can be copied back into Haskell modules.

See also: hmatrix.

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