Serialize instance for Message Pack Object

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Serialize instance for Message Pack Object.

For a for Message Pack RPC (remote procedure call) support library, check messagepack-rpc.


2016-11-29 Sebastian Witte <>

* Add NFData instance

2015-11-03 Rodrigo Setti <>

* Updates cereal to

2015-08-07 Will Sewell <>

* Add ObjectUInt constructor for messagepack unsigned ints

2015-05-07 Mike Pye <>

* Remove coercion of msgpack String type to haskell Text

2014-12-03 Sebastian Witte <>

* Add support for extension types

2014-11-13 Rodrigo Setti <>

* Changes `ObjectInt` data from `Int` to `Int64`, so it can be possible
to pack a 64bit int on a 32bit system.

2014-07-25 Rodrigo Setti <>

* Fix a fatal bug: Data.MessagePack.Spec was not exposed, thus failing the
package installation.

2014-07-25 Rodrigo Setti <>

* Initial version: Serialize instances tested for consistency.
* Missing: Extension types
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