Library for manipulating FilePaths in a cross platform way.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Neil Mitchell
Maintained by Julian Ospald
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The filepath package provides functionality for manipulating FilePath values, and is shipped with GHC. It provides three modules:

  • System.FilePath.Posix manipulates POSIX/Linux style FilePath values (with / as the path separator).
  • System.FilePath.Windows manipulates Windows style FilePath values (with either \ or / as the path separator, and deals with drives).
  • System.FilePath is an alias for the module appropriate to your platform.

All three modules provide the same API, and the same documentation (calling out differences in the different variants).

What is a FilePath?

In Haskell, the definition is type FilePath = String as of now. A Haskell String is a list of Unicode code points.

On unix, filenames don’t have a predefined encoding as per the POSIX specification and are passed as char[] to syscalls.

On windows (at least the API used by Win32) filepaths are UTF-16 strings.

This means that Haskell filepaths have to be converted to C-strings on unix (utilizing the current filesystem encoding) and to UTF-16 strings on windows.

Further, this is a low-level library and it makes no attempt at providing a more type safe variant for filepaths (e.g. by distinguishing between absolute and relative paths) and ensures no invariants (such as filepath validity).

For such libraries, check out the following:


Changelog for filepath package

Note: below all FilePath values are unquoted, so \\ really means two backslashes. Dec 2021

This release is purely a documentation release, fixing the broken haddock links.

Affected users

This release affects users who apply downstream patches to System.FilePath.Internal, since System.FilePath.Posix and System.FilePath.Windows are now generated via make cpp during development.

To make your patch apply, either apply it to System.FilePath.Posix and System.FilePath.Windows instead or run make cpp after applying your patch.


  • Document relation between joinPath and (</>) wrt #82, #82
  • Clarify that normalise does not remove .. wrt #86
  • Make clear that equalFilePath does not expand .. wrt #87
  • Fix haddock source links by manually cpping wrt #81
  • Make export list in System.FilePath explicit to get haddocks on the landing module Jul 2018

  • Bundled with GHC 8.6.1

1.4.2 Jan 2018

  • Bundled with GHC 8.4.1

  • Add isExtensionOf function. Feb 2017

  • Bundled with GHC 8.2.1 Nov 2016

  • Bundled with GHC 8.0.2

  • Documentation improvements Dec 2015

  • Bundled with GHC 8.0.1

  • Add replaceExtensions and stripExtension functions.

  • Make isValid detect more invalid Windows paths, e.g. nul .txt and foo\nbar.

  • Improve the documentation.

  • Bug fix: isValid "\0" now returns False, instead of True Mar 2015

  • Bundled with GHC 7.10.1

  • New function: Add -<.> as an alias for replaceExtension.

  • Semantic change: joinDrive /foo bar now returns /foo/bar, instead of /foobar

  • Semantic change: on Windows, splitSearchPath File1;\"File 2\" now returns [File1,File2] instead of [File1,\"File2\"]

  • Bug fix: on Posix systems, normalise //home now returns /home, instead of //home

  • Bug fix: normalise /./ now returns / on Posix and \ on Windows, instead of // and \\

  • Bug fix: isDrive "" now returns False, instead of True

  • Bug fix: on Windows, dropTrailingPathSeparator / now returns / unchanged, instead of the normalised \

  • Bug fix: on Windows, equalFilePath C:\ C: now returns False, instead of True

  • Bug fix: on Windows, isValid \\\foo now returns False, instead of True

  • Bug fix: on Windows, isValid \\?\D:file now returns False, instead of True

  • Bug fix: on Windows, normalise \ now returns \ unchanged, instead of \\

  • Bug fix: on Windows, normalise C:.\ now returns C:, instead of C:\\

  • Bug fix: on Windows, normalise //server/test now returns \\server\test, instead of //server/test unchanged

  • Bug fix: on Windows, makeRelative / // now returns //, instead of "" Mar 2014

  • Bundled with GHC 7.8.1

  • Update to Cabal 1.10 format

  • Minor Haddock cleanups Sep 2012

  • Bundled with GHC 7.6.1

  • No changes Feb 2012

  • Bundled with GHC 7.4.1

  • Add support for SafeHaskell

  • Bug fix: normalise / now returns /, instead of /.