Generic Haskell AMQP Consumer

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GPL-3 licensed by Frank Doepper
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generic Haskell AMQP consumer for use with RabbitMQ


Revision history for haskell-amqp-utils -- 2017-11-21

  • add nix with amqp_0_18_1
  • multiple bindings per queue
  • remove cool smart special options -- 2017-11-20

  • option -Q (set queue name for temporary exclusive queue) -- 2017-09-25

  • travis
  • debian
  • repair debian jessie
  • callback: pass-through timestamp, ignore non-existing sha
  • reduce load
  • amqp 0.17, use coName -- 2017-06-01

  • First version. Released on an unsuspecting world.
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