Easy to use library for building Telegram bots. Exports Telegram Bot API.

Version on this page:7.0
LTS Haskell 21.25:6.7.1
Stackage Nightly 2024-06-15:7.4
Latest on Hackage:7.4

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Nickolay Kudasov
Maintained by [email protected]
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Module documentation for 7.0

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For official Bot API see Telegram Bot API at



7.0 – 2024-02-06

  • Support GHC 9.6 (see #163).

Bot API 6.8 support

See #165.

  • Add new methods:
    • unpinAllGeneralForumTopicMessages.
  • Add new types:
    • Story.
  • Modify existing types:
    • Message, Chat, PollAnswer.

Bot API 6.9 support

See #168.

  • Modify methods:
    • promoteChatMember.
  • Modify types:
    • ChatMember.
    • ChatAdministratorRights
    • WriteAccessAllowed.

Bot API 7.0 support

See #169.

  • Reactions:
    • New types: ReactionType, ReactionCount, MessageReactionUpdated, MessageReactionCountUpdated.
    • Modified types: Chat.
    • New method: setMessageReaction.
  • Replies 2.0:
    • New types: ExternalReplyInfo, MessageOrigin, TextQuote, ReplyParameters.
    • Modified types: Message.
    • Modified methods: copyMessage, sendAnimation, sendAudio, sendContact, sendDice, sendDocument, sendGame, sendInvoice, sendLocation, sendMediaGroup, sendMessage, sendPhoto, sendPoll, sendSticler, sendVenue, sendVideo, sendVideoNote, sendVoice.
  • Link Preview Customization:
    • New type: LinkPreviewOptions.
    • Modified types: Message.
    • Modified methods: editMessage, sendMessage.
  • Multiple Message Actions:
    • New methods: copyMessages, deleteMessages and forwardMessages.
  • Request for multiple users:
    • Deteled type: KeyboardButtonRequestUser
    • New types: KeyboardButtonRequestUsers, UsersShared.
    • Modified types: KeyboardButton, Message.
  • Chat Boost:
    • New types: ChatBoost, ChatBoostRemoved, ChatBoostSource, ChatBoostUpdated, UserChatBoosts.
    • New methods: getUserChatBoosts.
  • Giveaway:
    • New types: Giveaway, GiveawayCompleted, GiveawayCreated, GiveawayWinners.
    • Modified type: Message.
  • Other changes:
    • Message could become inaccessible, see isInaccessibleMessage helper.
    • CallbackQuery documentation improved.
    • Chat type has been updated with extra fields, also enabled preliminary support of WebApp.

6.7.1 – 2023-06-26

  • Fix Inline Mode (see #157).

6.7 – 2023-04-29

Bot API 6.6 support

See #147 and #152.

  • Add new methods:

    • setMyDescription, getMyDecription, setMyShortDescription, getMyShortDescription.
    • setCustomEmojiStickerSetThumbnail, setStickerSetTitle, deleteStickerSet, setStickerEmojiList, setStickerKeywords, setStickerMaskPosition.
  • Modify following methods:

    • sendSticker (add emoji).
    • createNewStickerSet, addStickerToSet (sticker to stickers, introduced InputSticker).
    • uploadStickerFile (remove png_sticker and other formats, add sticker, sticker_format fields).
  • Rename thumb to thumbnail:

    • Types: Animation, Audio, Document, Sticker, Video, VideoNote, InputMediaAnimation, InputMediaAudio, InputMediaDocument, InputMediaVideo, StickerSet.
    • Inlines: InlineQueryResultPhoto, InlineQueryResultVideo, InlineQueryResultGif, InlineQueryResultMpeg4Gif.
    • Methods: setStickerThumb (method renamed itself to setStickerThumbnail), sendAnimation, sendAudio, sendDocument, sendVideo, sendVideoNote,
  • Modify Sticker type: add needs_repainting field.

  • Breaking changes: Given the amount of Bot API changes, common record fields were moved tonew InlineQueryResultGeneric data type and all thumbnails were moved to new InlineQueryResultGenericThumbnail data type.

  • Migration guide:

    1. Provide InlineQueryResultGeneric (see defInlineQueryResultGeneric).
    2. Provide InlineQueryResultGenericThumbnail (see defInlineQueryResultGenericThumbnail).
    3. Specify your own InlineQueryResult (see helpers for each data constructor).

Bot API 6.7 support

See #155.

  • Modify answerInlineQuery method.
  • Modify WriteAccessAllowed data type.
  • Add missing method switchInlineQueryChosenChat.
  • Modify ChatMemberUpdated data type.
  • Add new methods: setMyName, getMyName.

6.5.1 – 2023-03-21

  • Add new methods getMyDescription, getMyShortDescription, setMyDescription, setMyShortDescription (see #141).
  • Re-export Forum, Games, Payments and Stickers in Telegram.Bot.API.Methods (see #143).

6.5 (Telegram Bot API 6.5)

  • Package was originated at 6.5.