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Version on this page:0.36.0@rev:1
LTS Haskell 22.30:0.36.1
Stackage Nightly 2024-07-24:0.37.0
Latest on Hackage:0.37.0

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MIT licensed and maintained by Simon Hengel
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Changes in 0.36.0

  • Don’t infer Paths_-module with spec-version: 0.36.0 or later

Changes in 0.35.5

  • Add (undocumented) list command

Changes in 0.35.4

  • Add --canonical, which can be used to produce canonical output instead of trying to produce minimal diffs
  • Avoid unnecessary writes on --force (see #555)
  • When an existing .cabal does not align fields then do not align fields in the generated .cabal file.
  • Fix a bug related to git conflict markers in existing .cabal files: When a .cabal file was essentially unchanged, but contained git conflict markers then hpack did not write a new .cabal file at all. To address this hpack now unconditionally writes a new .cabal file when the existing .cabal file contains any git conflict markers.

Changes in 0.35.3

  • Depend on crypton instead of cryptonite

Changes in 0.35.2

  • Add support for ghc-shared-options

Changes in 0.35.1

  • Allow Cabal-3.8.*
  • Additions to internal API

Changes in 0.35.0

  • Add support for language (thanks @mpilgrem)
  • Accept Cabal names for fields where Hpack and Cabal use different terminology, but still warn (e.g. accept hs-source-dirs as an alias for source-dirs)

Changes in 0.34.7

  • Support Cabal-3.6.*
  • Make sure that verbatim import fields are rendered at the beginning of a section (see #486)

Changes in 0.34.6

  • Add Paths_ module to autogen-modules when cabal-version >= 2

Changes in 0.34.5

  • Compatibility with aeson-2.*

Changes in 0.34.4

  • Render default-extensions / other-extensions line-separated
  • Compatibility with Cabal-

Changes in 0.34.3

  • Ignore duplicate source directories (see #356)
  • Do not infer duplicate modules (see #408, #406, #353)
  • Reject empty then / else sections (see #362)
  • Omit conditionals that are always false from generated .cabal file (see #404)
  • Infer correct cabal-version when Paths_ is used with RebindableSyntax and OverloadedStrings or OverloadedLists (see #400)
  • Do not use indentation from any existing .cabal file if it is invalid (e.g. 0) (fixes #252)
  • Accept lists for tested-with (see #407)
  • Render current directory as ./ instead of ./. for forward compatibility with future version of Cabal

Changes in 0.34.2

  • Accept subcomponents as dependencies (close #382)

Changes in 0.34.1

  • Fix a bug in github: ... introduced with 0.34.0 (f63eb19b956517b4dd8e28dc5785be5889a99298)

Changes in 0.34.0 (deprecated)

  • Use PreferNoHash as default GenerateHashStrategy
  • Add support for library visibility (see #382)
  • Reject URLs for github

Changes in 0.33.1

  • Add GenerateHashStrategy. The default is PreferHash for 0.33.0 and will change to PreferNoHash with 0.34.0. See https://github.com/sol/hpack/pull/390) for details.

  • Add command-line options --hash and --no-hash

Changes in

  • Silently ignore missing hash when the cabal file content didn’t change at all (for forward compatibility with #390)

Changes in 0.33.0

  • Support GHC 8.8.1: fail is no longer a part of Monad. Instead, it lives in the MonadFail class. Adapting our code to this change meant changing the types of exporting functions, unfortunately, hence the major version bump.

Changes in 0.32.0

  • Support Cabal 3.0
  • Switch reexported-modules to comma-separated list

Changes in 0.31.2

  • Add default value for maintainer (see #339)
  • Escape commas and spaces in filenames when generating cabal files

Changes in 0.31.1

  • Show the header when printing to stdout (see #331)
  • Add help for --numeric-version(see #337)

Changes in 0.31.0

  • Add mixin to the fields read by dependencies when they are objects (see #318)
  • hpack now returns with a successful exit code if the .cabal file is up to date, even if it was generated by a newer version of hpack.

Changes in 0.30.0

  • Warn on duplicate fields (see #283)
  • Always render cabal-version as x.y instead of >= x.y so that cabal check does not complain (see #322)
  • Extend build-tools so that it subsumes Cabal’s build-tools and build-tool-depends (see #254)
  • Add support for system-build-tools
  • Keep declaration order for literal files in c-sources (and other fields that accept glob patterns). This is crucial as a workaround for https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/13786 (see #324)

Changes in 0.29.7

  • Expose more stuff from Hpack.Yaml so that it can be used by third parties

Changes in 0.29.6

  • Add spec-version (see #300)

Changes in 0.29.5

  • Fix a regression related to indentation sniffing (close #310)

Changes in 0.29.4

  • Desugar ^>= when dependency is a string (see #309)
  • Add support for Apache, MPL and ISC when inferring license (see #305)

Changes in 0.29.3

  • Desugar ^>= for compatibility with Cabal < 2 (see #213)
  • Add support for GPL, LGPL and AGPL when inferring license (see #305)

Changes in 0.29.2

  • Add missing extra-source-files (see #302)

Changes in 0.29.1

  • Infer license from license-file

Changes in 0.29.0

  • Put the cabal-version at the beginning of the generated file. This Is required with cabal-version: 2.1 and higher. (see #292)
  • With cabal-version: 2.1 or higher omit >= when rendering (see #292)
  • Require cabal-version: 2.2 when SPDX license identifiers are used (see #292)
  • Map cabal-style licenses to SPDX license identifiers when cabal-version is 2.2 or higher (see #292)

Changes in 0.28.2

  • Exit with exitFailure on AlreadyGeneratedByNewerHpack or ExistingCabalFileWasModifiedManually in Hpack.printResult

Changes in 0.28.1

  • GHC 8.4.1 compatibility

Changes in 0.28.0

  • Add support for cxx-options and cxx-sources (see #205)
  • Add support for data-dir (see #100)
  • Generate valid .cabal files when verbatim is used top-level (see #280)

Changes in 0.27.0

  • Local defaults are now resolved relative to the file they are mentioned in, not the CWD that hpack is invoked from.

Changes in 0.26.0

  • Major refactoring of the exposed API (much cleaner now, but lot’s of breaking changes!)
  • Remove Git conflict markers before checking the hash of any existing .cabal files (equivalent to git checkout --ours). This allows to regenerate the .cabal file on conflicts when rebasing without passing -f in some cases and helps with preserving the formatting.
  • Allow local files to be used as defaults (#248)

Changes in 0.25.0

  • Keep non-existing literal files on glob expansion (see #101)

Changes in 0.24.0

  • Add support for verbatim Cabal escape hatch
  • Allow version be a numbers
  • Ignore fields that start with an underscore everywhere, not just globally

Changes in 0.23.0

  • Add support for custom decoders to allow for alternate syntax (e.g. Dhall)
  • generated-exposed-modules and generated-other-modules, for populating the autogen-modules field (#207).
  • Corrected cabal-version setting for reexported-modules inside a conditional.

Changes in 0.22.0

  • Add support for defaults
  • Add --numeric-version
  • Add support for signatures
  • extra-doc-files requires setting cabal-version to at least 1.18; this is now done properly.
  • Accept bool for condition (see #230)

Changes in 0.21.2

  • Fix a bug in module inference for conditionals (see #236)
  • Add support for extra-doc-files.
  • Add support for pkg-config-dependencies

Changes in 0.21.1

  • Allow dependency constraints to be numbers (see #234)

Changes in 0.21.0

  • Accept section-specific fields in conditionals (see #175, thanks to Scott Fleischman)
  • New section: internal-libraries, for Cabal 2’s internal libraries (see #200).

Changes in 0.20.0

  • Do not overwrite any existing cabal file if it has been modified manually

Changes in 0.19.3

  • Add support for frameworks and extra-frameworks-dirs

Changes in 0.19.2

  • Compatibility with Glob >= 0.9.0

Changes in 0.19.1

  • Add IsList instance for Dependencies

Changes in 0.19.0

  • Add Paths_* module to executables (see #195, for GHC 8.2.1 compatibility)
  • Allow specifying dependencies as a hash (see #198)

Changes in 0.18.1

  • Output generated cabal file to stdout when - is given as a command-line option (see #113)
  • Recognize .chs, .y, .ly and .x as Haskell modules when inferring modules for

Changes in 0.18.0

  • Make executable a shortcut of executables: { package-name: ... }
  • Add support for ghcjs-options and js-sources (see #161)
  • Allow license-file to be a list
  • Accept input file on command-line (see #106)
  • Add Paths_* when no modules are specified (see #86)

Changes in 0.17.1

  • Do not descend into irrelevant directories when inferring modules (see #165)

Changes in 0.17.0

  • Added custom-setup section
  • Add support for !include directives

Changes in 0.16.0

  • Warn when name is missing
  • Support globs in c-sources
  • Use binary I/O for cabal files avoiding problems with non-UTF-8 locales
  • Fix rendering of . as directory (cabal syntax issue)