Tests for Persistent. This is only for use in developing libraries that should conform to the persistent interface, not for users of the persistent suite of database libraries.


Unreleased changes

  • Support persistent-2.14 with SafeToInsert class

  • Support persistent- #1341

  • aeson-2.0 support

  • Accidentally released with some testing changes.

  • #1275
    • Add a test for SafeToRemove fields

  • #1225
    • Support persistent-2.13 changes for SqlBackend being made internal.

  • Decomposed HaskellName into ConstraintNameHS, EntityNameHS, FieldNameHS. Decomposed DBName into ConstraintNameDB, EntityNameDB, FieldNameDB respectively. #1174

  • Tighter version bounds on persistent and persistent-template.

  • lots of stuff actually :\ should probably start tracking this more!

  • Fix RawSqlTest, which could fail non-deterministically for Postgres #1139

  • Remove unnecessary deriving of Typeable #1114

  • Compatibility with latest persistent-template for test suite #1002