Allow aeson data types to be used with Lua.


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MIT licensed by Albert Krewinkel
Maintained by Albert Krewinkel
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MIT License

Pushes and retrieves aeson Values to and from the Lua stack.

  • Null values are encoded as light userdata containing the @NULL@ pointer.

  • Objects are converted to string-indexed tables.

  • Arrays are converted to sequence tables and are given a metatable. This makes it possible to distinguish between empty arrays and empty objects. The metatable is stored in the registry under key HsLua JSON array.

  • JSON numbers are converted to Lua numbers, i.e., Lua.Number; the exact C type may vary, depending on compile-time Lua configuration.


This project is licensed under the MIT license, the same license under which hslua and lua itself are published. See the LICENSE file for details.



hslua-aeson uses PVP Versioning.


Released 2024-01-18.

  • Relaxed upper bound for aeson. This required changes to the testsuite: The arbitrary JSON values produced by current aeson versions include numbers that cannot be converted to Lua numbers without loss of precision. Those are first converted to representable numbers before round-tripping is tested.

  • Relaxed upper bound for text, containers, and bytestring, allowing text-2.1, containers-0.7, and bytestring-0.12.


Released 2023-03-13.

  • Relax upper bound for hslua-marshalling, allow version 2.3.


Released 2023-02-21.

  • The peekValue peeker now checks for a __toaeson metafield or __tojson metamethod and uses them to compute the Value of an object:

    The __toaeson metafield, if set, must be a function pushed via pushToAeson. That function is called on a given object, and the returned Value becomes the result of calling peekValue.

    Likewise, the __tojson metamethod must be a function that returns a valid JSON string. The result in that case is the decoded string.

    If both, __toaeson and __tojson are set, then __toaeson takes precedent.

  • The test suite now has tasty-hunit as an additional dependency.


Released 2022-06-23.

  • Export jsonarray, which is the name of the registry slot holding the metatable given to array tables. Setting the corresponding registry value will affect all newly created array values.


Released 2022-06-16.

  • Relaxed upper bound for mtl, allowing mtl-2.3.

  • Relaxed upper bound for aeson, allowing aeson-2.1.


Released 2022-02-19.

  • Relaxed upper bound for hslua-core and hslua-marshalling, allowing version 2.2 of both packages.


Released 2022-01-29.

  • Update to hslua 2.1.

  • Encode null as light userdata: The NULL pointer wrapped into a light userdata is used to encode the JSON null value.

    The pushNull function has been removed; use pushValue Null instead.

  • Types that are instances of ToJSON and FromJSON can be marshalled/unmarshalled by using the new functions pushViaJSON and peekViaJSON, respectively.

  • The functions peekVector, pushVector, peekScientific, pushScientific, peekKeyMap, and pushKeyMap are considered an implementation detail and are no longer exported.

  • Array elements are now marked with a metatable. This avoids the need for an extra 0 element in the table and offers flexibility for users who want to give special behavior to lists. The newly exported value jsonarray contains the name of the registry slot under which the metatable is stored. The table can be modified or replaced as required.


Released 2021-12-28.

  • Restored compatibility with aeson 1.5.


Released 2021-12-17.

  • Changed module name from Foreign.Lua.Aeson to HsLua.Aeson.

  • The Peekable and Pushable instances have been removed. The package no longer defines orphaned instances.

  • Updated hslua and aeson to the respective 2.0 version.


Released 2020-10-16.

  • Allow hslua-1.3.*.


Released 2020-08-15.

  • Relaxed version constraint for hslua, allowing hslua-1.2.*.


Released 2020-05-28

  • Relaxed version constraint for aeson, allowing aeson-1.5.*.

  • Update CI tests to check with GHC versions 8.0 through 8.10. Compilation with GHC 7.10 is no longer tested.

  • Bump to stackage LTS-14.


Released 2020-04-03

  • Relax version constraint for packages hashable and hslua, allow hashable-1.3 and hslua-1.1.*.


Released 2019-09-24.

  • Update to hslua 1.0.0

  • Function registerNull has been replaced by pushNull.

    Using pushNull has the advantage that users won’t have to remember to register a special variable. Users who need a global variable can set it by running

      setglobal "HSLUA_AESON_NULL"


Released 2017-08-18.

  • Update to hslua 0.8.0.


Not publicly released.

  • Update to hslua 0.6.0.


Released 2017-04-17.

  • Ensure compatibility with hslua 0.5.0.


Released 2017-02-03.

  • Initial release.