BSD-3-Clause licensed by Alan Zimmerman
Maintained by Erik de Castro Lopo
This version can be pinned in stack with:hjsmin-0.2.1@sha256:e1639a9b612735030ac4365204da4b37efbab48da4311b655f60a90ce109fb06,2087

Module documentation for 0.2.1


Build Status

Haskell implementation of a command line javascript minifier.

The executable generated from this package simply does command line parsing before handing the off the minification process to the language-javascript package which also does the rendering.

How to build

cabal clean && cabal configure && cabal build


There are currently no tests, because all the heavy lifting is done by language-javascript.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs like failing to parse certain chunks of Javascript or errors in the minification process should be reported on the language-javascript issue tracker.

Bugs about failure to handle command line paramters should be reported on the hjsmin issue tracker.