Libary to interface with the NCBI Entrez REST service. https://github.com/eggzilla/EntrezHTTP

LTS Haskell 8.12:1.0.3
Stackage Nightly 2017-04-23:1.0.3
Latest on Hackage:1.0.3
GPL-3 licensed by Florian Eggenhofer
Maintained by egg@tbi.univie.ac.at

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EntrezHTTP provides functions to query the NCBI entrez REST interface.

There are multiple different databases and tools, so called eutils, provided by the service.

For more information on Entrez refer to: Entrez.

Information on the webservice can be found at: NCBI books.

If you plan to include the library in a tool, register it as explained here.


1.0.3 Florian Eggenhofer <egg@informatik.uni-freiburg.de> 12. November 2016
* Default NCBI URL now uses HTTPS
1.0.2 Florian Eggenhofer <egg@informatik.uni-freiburg.de> 23. October 2016
* Now compatible with GHC 8.0
* Travis testing for GHC 7.6 - GHC 8.0
1.0.1 Florian Eggenhofer <florian.eggenhofer@univie.ac.at> 5. January 2016
* Fixed version constraints, added changelog
1.0.0 Florian Eggenhofer <florian.eggenhofer@univie.ac.at> 11.September 2015
* Initial version

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