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Towards Haskell in the Cloud (Epstein et al, Haskell Symposium 2011) introduces the concept of static values: values that are known at compile time. In a distributed setting where all nodes are running the same executable, static values can be serialized simply by transmitting a code pointer to the value. This however requires special compiler support, which is not yet available in ghc. We can mimick the behaviour by keeping an explicit mapping (RemoteTable) from labels to values (and making sure that all distributed nodes are using the same RemoteTable). In this module we implement this mimickry and various extensions: type safety (including for polymorphic static values) and compositionality.


2016-06-01 Facundo Domínguez <facundo.dominguez@tweag.io>

* Add compatibility with ghc-8.

2016-02-18 Facundo Domínguez <facundo.dominguez@tweag.io>

* Support static pointers.
* Update .travis.yml to drop ghc-7.4 and test ghc-7.10.
* Make Closure and Static strict data types.

2015-06-15 Facundo Domínguez <facundo.dominguez@tweag.io>

* Loosen rank1dynamic bounds.
* Add NFData instances.

2014-12-09 Tim Watson <watson.timothy@gmail.com>

* Eq and Ord instances for Closure and Static

2014-05-30 Tim Watson <watson.timothy@gmail.com>

* Bump binary dependency

2012-11-22 Edsko de Vries <edsko@well-typed.com>

* Relax package bounds to allow for Binary 0.6

2012-10-03 Edsko de Vries <edsko@well-typed.com> 0.2.1

* Add support for 'staticFlip'

2012-08-16 Edsko de Vries <edsko@well-typed.com> 0.2

* Hide the 'Closure' constructor and export 'closure' instead so that we are
free to change the internal representation

2012-08-10 Edsko de Vries <edsko@well-typed.com> 0.1

* Initial release
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