hpio provides support for writing GPIO programs in Haskell. It includes an embedded DSL for writing platform-independent programs, along with low-level monads and IO functions which provide direct access to each supported platform's native GPIO API.

Currently only the Linux sysfs GPIO filesystem is supported, but support for other Unix GPIO platforms is planned.

For details on usage, see the included tutorial module, or the examples directory in the source distribution.

Travis CI build status

Changes (2018-04-03)

Note that this will be the last release in the 0.9 series, excepting critical bug fixes or security issues. The next release is expected to (slightly) break module export compatibility, but in a way that should not affect too many users.


  • Support for GHC 8.4.1.

  • Bump hlint upper bound.

  • Drop support for all Stackage LTS pre-9.

  • Drop support for GHC pre-8. (2018-02-05)


  • Support async-2.2.x. (2018-01-29)

Changes: - The test-hlint cabal flag is now disabled by default. - Tested with GHC 8.2.2. - Clean up the sdist to include just what's required for Cabal/Stack builds. - Updated copyright year. - Requires hlint 2.0.*. - More Nix and Hydra improvements, including Nix/Hydra builds against LTS package sets, rather than just the pinned Nixpkgs package set.

Fixes: - All dependencies should now have PVP bounds. (2018-01-25)

Changes: - Bump QuickCheck, hlint bounds. - Add GHC 8.2.2 to .travis.yml. - Much improved Nix support, including a default fixed nixpkgs revision and Hydra jobsets. - Stackage LTS 10 support.

Fixes: - Fixed new hlint issues. (2017-10-18)

Changes: - Revert to manual imports in top-level modules for better Haddocks.

Fixes: - Fix source path in hpio.nix. - Remove macOS builds from Travis-CI config; they're just too slow. (2017-10-16)

Fixes: - Better Nix packaging. - Add a few missing files to extra-source-files. (2017-10-02)

Changes: - This project now uses Protolude (0.2.*). I believe the only visible API change is that SysfsException's string type is now Text, instead of String. - Add monad and transformer instances for transformers-base, monad-control, and monad-logger monads. - Use DefaultSignatures and ConstraintKinds to simplify the implementation. - Use hpack to generate the project's Cabal file.

Fixes: - Add some new compile-time warnings. - Remove redundant Functor and Applicative constraints. - Update Travis-CI config to test against more recent Stackage LTS and GHC releases. - Remove most of the Travis-CI macOS jobs; they're really slow. - Get all supported GHC/Stackage LTS versions to build again. (2017-06-28)

Fixes: - Bump QuickCheck bounds. - Bump optparse-applicative bounds. - Stack: update to lts-8.20. (2017-05-24)

Fixes: - Fix project URLs. (2017-05-24)

No changes; copyright for the project has been assigned to Quixoftic, LLC. (2017-02-21)

Fixes: - Fix hlint tests. - Note GHC 8.0.2 compatibility in cabal file. (2017-01-25)

Fixes: - Remove hspec upper bounds. (2017-01-11)

Fixes: - Bump directory bounds. (2016-10-26)

Fixes: - Support for optparse-applicative 0.13.x. - Bump hspec bounds. (2016-07-15)

Fixes: - Bump QuickCheck bounds. (2016-06-08)

Fixes: - Fix Stackage doctests issue (#48). (2016-05-30)

Fixes: - Fix sdist problem with test files (#47) (2016-05-27)

Initial release.

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