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BSD3 licensed by Ömer Sinan Ağacan, Eric Mertens
Maintained by Eric Mertens

language-lua - Lua 5.3 lexer, parser and pretty-printer

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This package is just like any other language x packages. It provides lexer, parser and pretty-printer for Lua programming language.

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This module provides 3 parsers.

  • chunk: Lua file parser.
  • exp: Lua expression parser.
  • stat: Lua statement parser.

Lexing is needed before running a parser. parseText function runs lexer before parsing. So if you want to parse a Lua expression, you can call parseText exp string, where string is the Lua expression to parse.

parseFile is a helper to parse Lua files. Example: parseFile "/path/to/lua/file". This is same as `parseText chunk `fmap` readFile path`.

Note that parseText may result with failure, so it's return type is Either ParserError a.


Lexer is not exported by top-level Language.Lua module. You need to import Language.Lua.Lexer. After that, llex string scans the string and returns token list. Tokens are defined in Language.Lua.Token.


Pretty-printer is still under development, and subject to lots of changes. It works, but lots of functionality will be added.

For now, you can use pprint syntax_tree to pretty-print a Lua syntax tree.




  • Track the end positions of tokens and the AST in addition to the start


  • Transition to parsing Text using a simplified alex lexer and happy parser


  • We can now parse Unicode strings from UTF-8 encoded files. By default these literals are not interpreted, and we have StringLiteral.interpretStringLiteral for interpretation and StringLiteral.constructStringLiteral for constructing Lua string literals from UTF-8 encoded ByteStrings.

    Main invariant is that if you print a parsed Lua string, it should be printed the same way. (including long strings)

  • Empty statements(EmptyStat) are now printed by pretty printer to avoid ambiguous printing. Previously these two statements were printed the same:


    But the first line does not have the parse ambiguity(3 function applications in one statement or two function application statements).

  • Forgotten Annotated instance for Name implemented.

  • Some warnings are fixed for GHC < 7.10.


  • Integer division parsing fixed.


  • language-lua now supports Lua 5.3.
  • Some warnings printed with base >= 4.8 are fixed.

  • Some bugs related with assignment statement parsing are fixed(#22).
  • Wrong error message for expected == operator is fixed(#23).

  • Build fixed for GHC 7.10.

  • Build-tools field is added to Cabal file.


  • Fixed some issues with string parsing. (#17)
  • Added named variant of text parsers to allow specifying source names. (#18)

  • Missing test files are added to Cabal package.


  • base dependency is relaxed for GHC 7.10. Note that alex version >3.1.4 is required to compile with GHC 7.10.


  • Generic and NFData instances are implemented for syntax trees.


  • Fixed a long string literal parsing bug which was causing long strings to terminate at wrong points.
  • \z escape characters in strings are now scanned and interpreted correctly.
  • This is first version that parses all of Lua 5.2.2 test suite.


  • 2-years-old operator parsing bug fixed. Chained/nested operator expressions are now properly parsed.


  • Language.Lua.Annotated.Lexer module exposed.


  • Fixed a bug that made lexer accept invalid escape sequences in strings.
  • Strings are now interpreted -- string "\n" is now parsed to Haskell string "\n", instead of "\\n".
  • Fixed character code parsing.


  • Printer now takes operator precedences into account while printing Binop and Unop expressions and prints parenthesis as necessary.
  • Printer now does not put line break in Binop expressions.


  • Data and Typeable instances are implemented for syntax tree.


  • More tweaks in pretty printer.
  • Started using 2 spaces for indentation(instead of 4 as before).


  • Some tweaks in pretty-printer.


  • Table and FunDef nodes are removed from simplified syntax.


  • Fixed incorrectly exported name exp in Language.Lua.Parser module.


  • Added non-annotated syntax to make code-generation easier.


  • Minor internal changes.


  • Some tweaks in pretty-printer.


  • Syntax tree is annotated. All parsers(parseText, parseFile) annotate resulting tree with source positions.
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