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  • Data
    • Data.Packed
      • Data.Packed.Development
      • Data.Packed.Foreign
      • Data.Packed.Matrix
      • Data.Packed.ST
      • Data.Packed.Vector
  • Numeric
    • Numeric.Container
    • Numeric.LinearAlgebra
      • Numeric.LinearAlgebra.Algorithms
      • Numeric.LinearAlgebra.Data
      • Numeric.LinearAlgebra.Devel
      • Numeric.LinearAlgebra.HMatrix
      • Numeric.LinearAlgebra.LAPACK
      • Numeric.LinearAlgebra.Static
      • Numeric.LinearAlgebra.Util

Linear algebra based on BLAS and LAPACK.

The package is organized as follows:

Starting point and recommended import module for most applications.
Experimental alternative interface.
Tools for extending the library.

(Other modules are exposed with hidden documentation for backwards compatibility.)

Code examples: