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MIT licensed and maintained by Roman Cheplyaka
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Module documentation for 0.10.1

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    • Test.Tasty
      • Test.Tasty.Ingredients
        • Test.Tasty.Ingredients.Basic
      • Test.Tasty.Options
      • Test.Tasty.Providers
      • Test.Tasty.Runners

Tasty is a modern testing framework for Haskell. It lets you combine your unit tests, golden tests, QuickCheck/SmallCheck properties, and any other types of tests into a single test suite. See http://documentup.com/feuerbach/tasty.



Version 0.10.1

Export Test.Tasty.Runners.formatMessage


Don’t output ANSI codes for the Emacs terminal emulator


Better handle the situation when there are no ingredients to run


Split the changelog into per-project changelogs


Update to optparse-applicative 0.11

Version 0.10

  • Add the --color option
  • Timings
    • Introduce the Time type synonym
    • Change the types of launchTestTree and TestReporter to accept the total run time
    • consoleTestReporter now displays the timings


Upgrade to optparse-applicative-0.10.


Be careful not to export the Show (a -> b) instance, see https://github.com/feuerbach/tasty/issues/71


Hide cursor when running tests


Fix for GHC 7.9


Remove the old ‘colors’ flag description from the cabal file


Make ansi-terminal an unconditional dependency

Version 0.8

  • Test.Tasty.Ingredients is now exposed
  • Test.Tasty.Ingredients.Basic is added, which exports the ingredients defined in the tasty package. These exports should now be used instead of ones exported from Test.Tasty.Runners
  • The Result type is now structured a bit differently. Providers now should use testPassed and testFailed functions instead of constructing Results directly.
  • Add «quiet mode» (see README)
  • Add «hide successes» mode (see README)
  • Add short command-line options: -j for --num-threads, -p for --pattern
  • Add timeout support
  • AppMonoid is renamed to Traversal for consistency with the ‘reducers’ package. Another similar wrapper, Ap, is introduced.
  • Fix a resources bug (resources were not released if the test suite was interrupted)
  • The type of launchTestTree is changed. It now takes a continuation as an argument. This is necessary to fix the bug mentioned above.
  • Add flagCLParser to be used as the optionCLParser implementation for boolean options.
  • Add the ability to pass options via environment

Version 0.7

  • Use regex-tdfa instead of regex-posix (which is a native implementation, and as such is more portable)
  • foldTestTree now takes the algebra in the form of a record rather than multiple arguments, to minimize breakage when new nodes are added or existing ones change
  • withResource now passes the IO action to get the resource to the inner test tree

Version 0.6

  • Better handling of exceptions that arise during resource creation or disposal
  • Expose the AppMonoid wrapper
  • Add askOption and inludingOptions


Depend on ansi-terminal >= 0.6.1. This fixes some issues with colors on Windows.

Version 0.5.2

  • Export Result and Progress from Test.Tasty.Runners
  • Make it clear that only GHC 7.4+ is supported

Version 0.5.1

Export ResourceSpec from Test.Tasty.Runners

Version 0.5

Add a capability to acquire and release resources. See the «Resources» section in the Test.Tasty docs.

For the end users, the API is backwards-compatible.

Test runners may have to be adjusted — there is a new constructor of TestTree and a new argument of foldTestTree.

Version 0.4.2

Add defaultIngredients


Print the failure description in red


Fix a bug (#25)

Version 0.4

The big change in this release is introduction of ingredients, which is a replacement for runners. But unless you have a custom runner, this is unlikely to affect you much.

The Ingredient data type has replaced the Runner type.

The following functions have been renamed and possibly changed their types:

  • defaultMainWithRunnerdefaultMainWithIngredients
  • treeOptionParsersuiteOptionParser
  • getTreeOptionstreeOptions
  • runUIconsoleTestReporter

Added in this release:

  • suiteOptions
  • optionParser
  • functions operating on ingredients
  • testsNames
  • the listingTests ingredient and its option, ListTests

NumThreads is no longer a core option, but is automatically included in the test reporting ingredients (see its haddock).

Version 0.3.1

  • Proper reporting of (some) non-terminating tests (#15)
  • Upgrade to optparse-applicative 0.6

Version 0.3

  • Restrict dependency versions
  • Fix a bug where non-terminating test would lead to a deadlock (#15)

Version 0.2

  • Add an execRunner function
  • Make Runner return IO Bool

Version 0.1.1

Set lower bound on optparse-applicative dependency version