MIT licensed by Michael Snoyman, Patrick Brisbin
Maintained by Michael Snoyman
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Module documentation for

  • Yesod
    • Yesod.Auth
      • Yesod.Auth.BrowserId
      • Yesod.Auth.Dummy
      • Yesod.Auth.Email
      • Yesod.Auth.GoogleEmail
      • Yesod.Auth.GoogleEmail2
      • Yesod.Auth.Message
      • Yesod.Auth.OpenId
      • Yesod.Auth.Rpxnow


This package provides a pluggable mechanism for allowing users to authenticate with your site. It comes with a number of common plugins, such as OpenID, BrowserID (a.k.a., Mozilla Persona), and email. Other packages are available from Hackage as well. If you’ve written such an add-on, please notify me so that it can be added to this description.



Dutch translation added.