Conduit Algorithms

Hackage Hackage-Deps Stackage (LTS) Travis Some conduit-based algorithms.

Much of this code was originally part of NGLess and has been in production use for years. However, it can be of generic use.

License: MIT


Luis Pedro Coelho | Email | Twitter


Version 2018-05-29 by luispedro
* faster mergeC (use a priority queue instead of an ordered list)

Version 2018-03-12 by luispedro
* Update for conduit 1.3 (issue #6)

Version 2018-03-12 by luispedro
* Add xz support (patches by Renato Alves)
* Add bzip2 support on Windows (patches by Renato Alves)

Version 2018-02-19 by luispedro
* Add handle information to error message to Handle in asyncGzipFrom

Version 2018-01-18 by luispedro
* Fix testing in newer stack/cabal/hpack (issue #3)

Version 2018-01-17 by luispedro
* Add unorderedAsyncMapC
* Add Data.Conduit.Algorithms.Async.ByteString module
* Add Data.Conduit.Algorithms.Storable

Version 2017-11-01 by luispedro
* Remove Unix dependency (compile on Windows)

Version 2017-10-09 by luispedro
* More efficient mergeC conduit

Version 2017-10-03 by luispedro
* Add enumerateC conduit
* Better mergeC conduit (list case)

Version 2017-09-12 by luispedro
* Fix bug in merge* conduits

Version 2017-08-30 by luispedro
* Much improved mergeC2 function
* Add removeRepeatsC conduit

Version 2017-08-08 by luispedro
* Fix haddock code generation.
* Export mergeC2 function.

Version 2017-08-07 by luispedro
* First version. Generic code from NGLess and internal projects, extracted
for wider convenience
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