Welcome to the Haskell Riak client

This library is a fast Haskell client for the Riak decentralized key/value data store.

It uses Riak’s protobuf API for optimal performance.

This project was originally the work of Bryan O’Sullivan ([email protected]), and then Janrain, Inc., it is now being maintained by Mark Hibberd ([email protected]) and Tim McGilchrist ([email protected]).

Join in!

We are happy to receive bug reports, fixes, documentation enhancements, and other improvements.

Please report bugs via the github issue tracker.

Master git repository:

  • git clone git://github.com/riak-haskell-client/riak-haskell-client.git

Note the official repo is now https://github.com/riak-haskell-client/riak-haskell-client.


Build Status


    • Bump aeson and exceptions upper bounds.
    • Bump async upper bounds.
    • Fix for GHC 8.2.2 support
    • PR #90. Add GHC 8.2.1 support
    • Bump time upper bound from <1.7 to <1.9
    • Bump aeson upper bound from <1.2 to <1.3
    • Fixes for 2 connection leaks on errors.
    • Bump upper bound on aeson to <1.1
  • 1.0
    • No longer expected to work with riak <= 2
    • CRDT functionality, including high-level interface and quickCheck tests
    • Basic yokozuna search functionality
    • CRDT benchmarking suite
    • Bugfixes
    • Tested on both 2.0.x and 2.1.x