Haskell bindings to LevelDB http://github.com/kim/leveldb-haskell

Latest on Hackage:0.6.5

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Kim Altintop et.al. (see AUTHORS file)

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This library provides Haskell bindings to LevelDB

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Note: as of version 1.3, LevelDB can be built as a shared library. Thus, as of version 0.1.0 of this library, LevelDB is no longer bundled and must be installed on the target system.

To install the latest version from hackage:

$ cabal install leveldb-haskell

To install from checked-out source:

$ cabal install


This library is in very early stage and has seen very limited testing. Comments and contributions are welcome.

Bugs and Contributing

Please report issues via http://github.com/kim/leveldb-haskell/issues. Patches are best submitted as pull requests, or via email (kim.altintop@gmail.com).


BSD 3, see LICENSE file.