BSD-3-Clause licensed
Maintained by Phil de Joux
This version can be pinned in stack with:hpack-dhall-0.5.3@sha256:ccdae7b494dd73a17773d51a655fe85e408c2e39c6b314e26e2f94ca9f9d6a2a,10963

Module documentation for 0.5.3

Use hpack phrasing in dhall to write cabal files.

There are two main reasons why you'd use hpack-dhall, convenience and safety.

Get the convenience of hpack. Don't bother to state what can be inferred or defaulted, easing the burden of completing a package description by hand. For example `other-modules` can be inferred by taking the set difference between modules on disk and the set of `exposed-modules`.

Get the safety of dhall's programmable configuration: typed fields, safe imports and functions.


The latest version of this changelog.

0.5.3 - Rewrite the README

  • Rewrite the README, making it shorter and splitting some details about more uses and building into separate docs.
  • Require hpack >= 0.34.4:
    $ dhall-hpack-cabal --version
  • Require base >= 4.13, implying GHC >= 8.8.4.
  • Test with GHC 8.8.4 and 8.10.4.
  • Add files for different stack GHC versions.
    $ stack build --stack-yaml=stack/stack-8.8.4.yaml
    $ stack build --stack-yaml=stack/stack-8.10.4.yaml
    $ stack build --stack-yaml=stack/stack-9.0.1.yaml
  • Remove the travis script and update github scripts with:
    - - uses: actions/setup-haskell@v1
    + - uses: haskell/actions/setup@v1
    - - uses: actions/cache@v1
    + - uses: actions/cache@v2
  • Remove stale nix-related files.

0.5.2 - Consistent Golden Tests

  • Use explicit dependencies to achieve consistent golden tests in all but stack-8.6.3.yaml.

0.5.1 - Minor, bump in hpack version

  • Regenerate golden files for the bump in hpack’s version:
---- This file has been generated from package.yaml by hpack version 0.31.0.
++-- This file has been generated from package.yaml by hpack version 0.31.1.

0.5.0 - Sorted Fields Pretty Printing

  • Sort fields when pretty printing JSON and YAML.
  • Add real world golden tests, using stack and hpack packages.

0.4.0 - Split Executables

  • Add licence and copyright.
  • Rename hpack-dhall to dhall-hpack-cabal.
  • Add dhall-hpack-* executables for showing dhall, json and yaml.