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wreq: a Haskell web client library

wreq is a library that makes HTTP client programming in Haskell easy.


  • Simple but powerful lens-based API

  • Over 100 tests, and built on reliable libraries like http-client and lens

  • Session handling includes connection keep-alive and pooling, and cookie persistence

  • Automatic decompression

  • Powerful multipart form and file upload handling

  • Support for JSON requests and responses, including navigation of schema-less responses

  • Basic and OAuth2 bearer authentication

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) request signing (Version 4)

  • AWS signing supports sending requests through the Runscope Inc. Traffic Inspector


See the tutorials for a quick-start.

Is it done?

No! See for a rather long list of ideas.


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  • Bump lower bound on http-client to


  • Support for Amazon Web Services request signing

  • New customMethod, customMethodWith functions allow use of arbitrary HTTP verbs

  • httpProxy, basicAuth, oauth2Bearer, oauth2Token: removed Maybe from result types, changed documentation to suggest use of (?~)


  • Support for lens 4.4


  • Initial release.