BSD-3-Clause licensed by Andrew Martin
Maintained by [email protected]
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This is a mega-repo with two projects:

  • country: A library for dealing with countries, country codes, etc.
  • country-code-generation: An executable that generates some of the source code in country. It converts both countries.csv and aliases.txt into lists of tuples.

Build Instructions

Some of source code in the country library is generated. To generate this code, the country-code-generation application reads the top-level aliases.txt and countries.csv file and outputs source Haskell. If neither of these two files have been modified, then it is not necessary to run country-code-generation. A cabal.project file is used to build two targets. From the project root, run:

cabal build country-code-generation
cabal build country


Revision history for country – 2024-02-15

  • Update package metadata.
  • Bumped deepseq upper bound to <1.6.