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Difference Lists in Haskell

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The Haskell dlist package defines a list-like type supporting O(1) append and snoc operations.

See ChangeLog.md for recent changes.



  1. A novel representation of lists and its application to the function “reverse.” John Hughes. Information Processing Letters. Volume 22, Issue 3. 1986-03. Pages 141-144.


This is the original source for a representation of lists as first-class functions.

Basic Introduction

  1. Difference list. Wikipedia.

  2. Difference lists. Haskell.org Wiki.

  3. What is a DList?. Stack Overflow.

Blogs and Discussion

  1. Using Difference Lists. Douglas M. Auclair. 2008-08-13.

  2. A Sort of Difference. Edward Kmett. 2008-09-18.

  3. Reference for technique wanted. Richard O'Keefe, et al. 2010-10-31.

  4. 24 Days of Hackage: dlist. Oliver Charles. 2012-12-14.

  5. Constructing a list in a Monad. Joachim Breitner. 2013-11-13.

  6. Demystifying DList. (On Reddit). Tom Ellis. 2014-01-24.

  7. keepEquals with Difference Lists, Douglas M. Auclair. 2014-06-21.


  1. Chapter 13. Data Structures. Real World Haskell. 2008-12-05.


Change Log

Version (2017-07-04) Independence Day in the United States

Package changes

  • Change QuickCheck upper bound from 2.10 to 2.11 and import the Arbitrary NonEmpty instance from quickcheck-instances for 2.10
  • Fix stimes property in test suite (Oleg Grenrus)

Version (2016-09-04) World Sexual Health Day

Package changes

Version (2016-07-29) 58th Anniversary of the Creation of NASA

Package changes

  • Change QuickCheck lower bound to 2.9 for GHC >= 8 (base >= 4.9) (Adam Bergmark)

Version 0.8 (2016-07-17) Constitution Day in South Korea

New features

  • Add pattern synonyms Nil and Cons for GHC >= 7.8
  • Add Semigroup instance for GHC >= 8 (base >= 4.9)
  • Use inflexible instance for IsString to improve support for overloaded strings (Baldur Blöndal)

Package changes

  • Change QuickCheck upper bound from 2.9 to 2.10

Development changes

  • Add -Wall -Werror testing
  • Add testing for GHC 8.0.1 to Travis-CI

Version (2015-08-23) International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition

Package changes

Version (2015-03-19) St. Joseph's Day

Package changes

  • Change QuickCheck upper bound from 2.8 to 2.9

Version 0.7.1 (2014-06-28) 100th Anniversary of the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

New features

Version (2014-03-24) World Tuberculosis Day

Package changes

  • Change QuickCheck upper bound from 2.7 to 2.8

Version 0.7 (2014-03-17) St. Patrick's Day

New features

  • Add NFData instance (and deepseq dependency)
  • Add IsString instance
  • Remove deprecated entities

Version (2013-12-01) World AIDS Day

Package changes

Version 0.6 (2013-11-29) Black Friday

Development changes

  • Maintenance and development taken over by Sean Leather (Bas van Dijk)
  • Migrate repository from http://code.haskell.org/~dons/code/dlist/ to https://github.com/spl/dlist
  • Add Travis-CI (Herbert Valerio Riedel)

Package changes

  • Stop supporting base < 2
  • Fix tests and use cabal test
  • Add scripts for running hpc
  • Update documentation

New features

  • New type class instances: Eq, Ord, Read, Show, Alternative, and Foldable
  • New function apply to use instead of unDL


  • Deprecate DList constructor and record selector to make it abstract (see #4)
  • Deprecate maybeReturn which is not directly relevant to dlists
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