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  • Graphics
    • Graphics.Rasterific
      • Graphics.Rasterific.BiSampleable
      • Graphics.Rasterific.Immediate
      • Graphics.Rasterific.Lenses
      • Graphics.Rasterific.Linear
      • Graphics.Rasterific.MeshPatch
      • Graphics.Rasterific.Outline
      • Graphics.Rasterific.Patch
      • Graphics.Rasterific.PathWalker
      • Graphics.Rasterific.Texture
      • Graphics.Rasterific.Transformations
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Rasterific is a Haskell rasterization engine (a vectorial renderer) implemented on top of JuicyPixels. Rasterific bases its text rendering on FontyFruity.

Main capability

  • Draw vector graphics to an image.
  • Export graphics to PDF (since 0.6).


The renderer design is based on the Nile / Gezira renderer from the STEP project from the VPRI institute. The interesting thing about this renderer is the conciseness of it’s implementation, providing antialiased rendering in the way.