SVG renderer based on Rasterific.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Vincent Berthoux
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Build Status Hackage SVGTiny loader/renderer/serializer based on Rasterific.

The library is available on Hackage

Current capabilities

The current version implements SVG Tiny1.2 with the exception of:

  • non-scaling stroke.
  • textArea element.

The implementation also implements feature from SVG 1.1 like:

  • Advanced text handling (text on path, dx/dy), but with low support for Unicode, right to left and vertical text.
  • CSS Styling, using CSS2 styling engine.
  • pattern element handling
  • marker element hadnling
  • Path arcs.

This package can render SVG to an image or transform it to a PDF.


Change log

v0.3.1.2 May 2016

  • Fix: Bumping for GHC 8.0

v0.3.1.1 March 2016

  • Fix: Bumping to svg-tree 0.5
  • Fix: Bumping linear to 0.20

v0.3 February 2016

  • Fix: Updating to handle svg-tree 0.4

v0.2.3.2 October 2015

  • Fix: bumping optparse-applicative upper bound

v0.2.3.1 May 2015

  • Fix: Bumping Rasterific version to compiler without problems with GHC 7.6

v0.2.3 May 2015

  • Adding: PDF output
  • Fix: font cache created in temp dir

v0.2.2.1 May 2015

  • Fix: GHC < 7.10 compilation

v0.2.2 May 2015

  • Fix: lens upper bound, and removing it.

v0.2.1 May 2015

  • Adding: support for arc in path

v0.2 April 2015

  • Bumping: using svg-tree 0.3

v0.1.1 April 2015

  • Fix: Fixing GHC 7.10.1 related warnings
  • Fix: Group transparency.

v0.1.0.3 March 2015

  • Fix: Bumping lens dependency

v0.1.0.2 February 2015

  • Fix: Removing all test suites from distribution package.
  • Fix: Lowering some low version bounds.

v0.1.0.1 February 2015

  • Fix: Removing bench from test suite.

v0.1 February 2015

  • Initial release