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This package provides a library for parallel programming.


Changelog for parallel package Apr 2017

  • Compatibility with deepseq-1.4.3
  • Minor documentation clarifications Jan 2016

  • Support base-
  • Add {-# NOINLINE[1] rseq #-} to make the RULE more robust
  • Fix broken links to papers in Haddock
  • Make rpar type signature consistent with rseq via type-synonym
  • Drop redundant Ix-constraint on seqArray/seqArrayBounds for GHC >= 8.0 Dec 2014

  • Make -Wall message free for all supported base versions Dec 2014

  • Support base- (and thus GHC 7.10) Nov 2013

  • Update package description to Cabal 1.10 format
  • Add support for GHC 7.8
  • Drop support for GHCs older than GHC 7.0.1
  • Add NOINLINE pragmas to parBuffer, parList, and evalBuffer to make RULEs more likely to fire

Older versions

  • This package has a long history which is described in the Haddock documentation in the "API History" section
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