Exact real numbers via Cauchy sequences and MPFR

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BSD3 licensed by Michal Konecny
Maintained by Michal Konecny

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Exact real numbers as Cauchy sequences of MPFR approximations.

See module AERN2.Real for further documentation.


  • v 2017-12-06
    • disable aern2-generate-netlog-elm for now
  • v 2017-12-06
    • remove further upper bounds
  • v 2017-11-14
    • remove most upper bounds, building with ghc 8.2
  • v 2017-09-12
    • first release on Hackage
    • fast convergent sequences indexed by AccuracySG
    • arrow-based networks of nodes communicating via query-answer protocols
    • networks executable with cached and parallel strategies
    • network execution can be visualised in browser using an Elm frontend
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