Encode and decode separated values (CSV, PSV, ...)

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sv-core is the decoding and encoding for the sv CSV library. This is split off into its own package so that one swap out sv's parser without incurring a dependency on the default parser (hw-dsv)

For an example, see sv-cassava


Revision history for sv-core

0.3 – 2018-09-26

  • Re-release 0.2.2 as 0.3 due to a change in error messages that broke sv’s tests

0.2.2 – 2018-08-23

  • Add rational and withTextReadable. rational can be more accurate than double but is slower.

0.2.1 – 2018-08-10

  • Add column-name-based encoding. NameEncode, NameEncode’, and related functions

0.2 – 2018-07-25

  • Add column-name-based decoding NameDecode, NameDecode’, and associated functions such as ‘column’.
  • Add some extra constructors to DecodeError for new errors

0.1 – 2018-07-19

  • Split off from sv-0.1
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