Conduit Algorithms

Hackage Hackage-Deps Stackage (LTS) Travis Some conduit-based algorithms.

Much of this code was originally part of NGLess and has been in production use for years. However, it was spun of from that project as it can be of generic use.

License: MIT


Luis Pedro Coelho | Email | Twitter


Version 2019-05-31 by luispedro
* Accept .zst as extension for zstandard

Version 2019-03-01 by luispedro
* Add withPossiblyCompressedFileOutput:

Version 2019-01-09 by luispedro
* Add Zstandard compression
* Refactor internals to avoid code repetition

Version 2018-09-27 by luispedro
* Add withPossiblyCompressedFile function for prompt resource deallocation

Version 2018-05-29 by luispedro
* faster mergeC (use a priority queue instead of an ordered list)

Version 2018-03-12 by luispedro
* Update for conduit 1.3 (issue #6)

Version 2018-03-12 by luispedro
* Add xz support (patches by Renato Alves)
* Add bzip2 support on Windows (patches by Renato Alves)

Version 2018-02-19 by luispedro
* Add handle information to error message to Handle in asyncGzipFrom

Version 2018-01-18 by luispedro
* Fix testing in newer stack/cabal/hpack (issue #3)

Version 2018-01-17 by luispedro
* Add unorderedAsyncMapC
* Add Data.Conduit.Algorithms.Async.ByteString module
* Add Data.Conduit.Algorithms.Storable

Version 2017-11-01 by luispedro
* Remove Unix dependency (compile on Windows)

Version 2017-10-09 by luispedro
* More efficient mergeC conduit

Version 2017-10-03 by luispedro
* Add enumerateC conduit
* Better mergeC conduit (list case)

Version 2017-09-12 by luispedro
* Fix bug in merge* conduits

Version 2017-08-30 by luispedro
* Much improved mergeC2 function
* Add removeRepeatsC conduit

Version 2017-08-08 by luispedro
* Fix haddock code generation.
* Export mergeC2 function.

Version 2017-08-07 by luispedro
* First version. Generic code from NGLess and internal projects, extracted
for wider convenience
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