Convert the annotation of a gene to another in a delimited file using a variety of different databases.

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GPL-3.0-only licensed by Gregory W. Schwartz
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* convert-annotation

Very early stages. Mix between =HTTP= and =req= libraries, need to fully
convert to =req= in the future.

Each mode, =info= or =annotation=, has its own help.

Main usage to convert, say, some unknown annotation to Ensembl annotation in a

cat input.csv | convert-annotation annotation --database "Ensembl" --column "gene"

#+BEGIN_SRC sh :exports results :results value code
convert-annotation -h

convert-annotation, Gregory W. Schwartz. Converts an unknown annotation to some
other annotation.

Usage: convert-annotation (info | annotation)

Available options:
-h,--help Show this help text

Available commands:

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