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Haskell client and worker process for the Faktory background job server.

Architecture overview from Ruby client README:

                       |                    |
                       |     Faktory        |
                       |     Server         |
        +---------->>>>|                    +>>>>--------+
        |              |                    |            |
        |              |                    |            |
        |              +--------------------+            |
+-----------------+                            +-------------------+
|                 |                            |                   |
|    Client       |                            |     Worker        |
|    pushes       |                            |     pulls         |
|     jobs        |                            |      jobs         |
|                 |                            |                   |
|                 |                            |                   |
+-----------------+                            +-------------------+
  • Client - an API any process can use to push jobs to the Faktory server.
  • Worker - a process that pulls jobs from Faktory and executes them.
  • Server - the Faktory daemon which stores background jobs in queues to be processed by Workers.

This package contains only the client and worker parts. The server part is here




See the wiki for more details.



Any value can be a “Job” that is pushed and pulled to and from Faktory via its ToJSON and FromJSON instances:

newtype MyJob = MyJob
  { myJobMessage :: String
  deriving (Generic)

instance ToJSON MyJob
instance FromJSON MyJob


workerMain = do
  settings <- envSettings

  runWorker settings $ \job ->
    -- Process your Job here
    putStrLn $ myJobMessage job

    -- If any exception is thrown, the job will be marked as Failed in Faktory
    -- and retried. Note: you will not otherwise hear about any such exceptions,
    -- unless you catch-and-rethrow them yourself.


clientMain = do
  settings <- envSettings
  client <- newClient settings Nothing -- N.B. A WorkerId is not necessary if
                                       -- only pushing Jobs.

  jobId <- perform mempty client $ MyJob "Hello world"

  print jobId

  closeClient client


When using envSettings, the following variables will be used:

  • FAKTORY_QUEUE: the name of the queue to consume from. This is Worker-only, for perform, a non-default Queue should be given by the queue option
  • FAKTORY_PROVIDER: the name of another environment variable where the connection string can be found. Defaults to FAKTORY_URL.
  • FAKTORY_URL (or whatever you named in FAKTORY_PROVIDER): connection string to the Faktory server. Format is tcp(+tls)://(:password@)host:port. Defaults to tcp://localhost:4719.


See the examples. To run them:

  1. Run a local Faktory server

    docker run --rm \
      --publish 7419:7419 \
      --publish 7420:7420 \
  2. Run the consumer example

    % stack exec faktory-example-consumer
    Starting consumer loop

    (Assumes you’ve built the project.)

  3. Submit a Job through the producer example

    % stack exec faktory-example-producer hello world
    Pushed job: "ljcjlbexbgun"

    NOTE: if you submit “BOOM” as a Job, the processing loop will raise an exception, so you can see how a Failed Job looks in Faktory.

  4. See that your Job was processed back in the consumer

    % stack exec faktory-example-consumer
    Starting consumer loop
    hello world

Development & Tests

stack build --dependencies-only --test --no-run-tests
stack build --pedantic --test --no-run-tests
stack build --pedantic --test

NOTE: FactorySpec requires a local Faktory server is running, and it will flush all Jobs from this server as part of running the tests.






Initial release.

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