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BSD3 licensed by Artyom
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Nice formatting library


  • Added format from text-format, because in some cases it's nicer than brackets.

  • Renamed padCenterF to padBothF.

  • Modified indent and indent' to always add newlines.

  • Wrote documentation.

  • Added some formatters:

    • indent
    • formatters for lists, maps and tuples (listF, etc)
    • octF, binF, baseF and floating-point formatters
    • hexF which works on both numbers and bytestrings
    • ordinalF and commaizeF
    • padding and trimming formatters
    • base64F and base64UrlF
    • conditionals (whenF and unlessF)
  • Merged Fmt.IO with Fmt because orphan instances are controversial.

  • Exported internal classes and functions from Fmt.Internal.

  • Added fmt and fmtLn.

  • Made all operators associate to the right (Builder documentation says it's faster than the opposite).

  • Reexported Buildable and Builder.

  • Added >%%< so that it'd be possible to write %<a>%%<b>% instead of weird %<a%<b>%.

  • Added %<< ... >>%, which work work Show instead of Buildable. If you don't care about speed and just want to output something, use them.

  • Added an IO () instance in Fmt.IO. If you import that module, raw formatted strings would print themselves.

  • Added tests.

  • Changed fixities of operators so that %<n+1>% would work.

  • Changed license to BSD3 since all our dependencies are BSD3 and we can't use MIT.

First (completely experimental) release.

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