This package implements nice and featureful wrapper around hslogger library.



  • Bump containers to version 0.5.10.


  • #48: Output for severities is now configured in config file with termSeveritiesOut and termSeveritiesErr for writing into stdout and stderr accordingly. Default behavior: Errors into stderr, all other into stdout.
  • In yaml config file added new keywords for dealing with Severities: 'All' -- all severities, 'X+' -- severities greater or equal to X.
  • Changed .yaml format: logger severity receives set of severities (Severities).
  • #32: Changed .yaml format: LoggerTree should be written under 'loggerTree:'.
  • #49: Add WithLoggerIO constraint.
  • #50: Add liftLogIO function into CanLog module.


  • Error is now printed only to stderr, all other messages to stdout.
  • Logger severity is now Set Severity.
  • Interface changes: functions which worked with Severity now work with Set Severity.
  • Remove releaseAllHandlers, streamHandlerWithLock, trapLogging, debugM, errorM, infoM, noticeM, warningM.
  • Rename Wrapper module to Terminal.
  • Rename Handler module to LogHandler.
  • Rename Logger module to IOLogger.
  • Move setSeverity and setSeverityMaybe to IOLogger.
  • Lift all functions inside IOLogger module to MonadIO.
  • handle from LogHandler module is renamed to logHandlerMessage and moved out of type class LogHandler.


  • Add launchNamedPureLogWith to PureLogging
  • Improve documentation for launchNamedPureLog


  • Add logPureAction to PureLogging.
  • Add withSublogger to HasLoggerName.


  • Add usingNamedPureLogger to PureLogging.


  • Replace String to Text in LoggerName.
  • Rename LoggerName field name to getLoggerName.
  • Rename getLoggerName of HasLoggerName class to askLoggerName.
  • Use LoggerName instead of Text where possible.
  • Make separate HasLoggerName module.
  • Make separate PureLogging module.
  • Remove safecopy dependency and refactor code.


  • Add logEvents function to log [LogEvent] with proper logName.


  • Add ability to specify custom logging action.


  • Correct logger config parsing


  • Fixed a bug related to ugly output to stdout even when it was turned off.


  • Minor dependencies update.


  • Fix minor bug with stdout severity.


  • Allow to use arbitrary text formatter function.


  • Add ability to specify time format for logs.
  • Some space leaks elimination: + The MemoryQueue has been partially reworked to get rid of the "inline" State manipulation; + Strings have been dropped almost everywhere in favour of Text; + A LogFormatter has been reworked to yield a IO Builder; + replaceVarM has been reworked to be pure and to work with builders rather than plain Text/Strings; + The pure logger has been reworked to use strict's StateT instead of WriterT; + The pure logger have been polished to drop instances which required the UndecidableInstances pragma; + The Sized instance for Text has been reworked and multiplied by a constant factor of 16 (see below).


  • Now we create a directory for log files if it's missing.


  • Fixed memory leak (PR #17).


  • Supports Unix paths in log configs even on Windows.


  • Uses universum-0.6.1.


  • Add CanLog and HasLoggerName instances for both strict and lazy State.


  • Add config parameter to print ThreadId optionally.
  • Boolean monoidal builders for LoggerConfig now set boolean parameter to default ≠ mempty parameter.
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