Animation library based on SVGs.

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Animation library based on SVGs. Can import (and manipulate) SVGs from LaTeX and diagrams. Exports gifs, mp4s, and more. Ships with a webbased viewer and auto-reloader.


Revision history for reanimate

  • Show progress when running ffmpeg.
  • Small improvements to the scene API.
  • Bug fixes to the voice API.
  • Support ImageMagick version 7.
  • Improved Windows build support.
  • Improved error reporting in web-viewer.
  • Improved error messages when ffmpeg doesn’t support SVGs.
  • Improved filter-effect support.
  • Generalized LaTeX support.
  • New experimental object system.
  • Discord bot capable of rendering animations in chat.
  • Lots of assorted bug fixes and minor improvements. – 2020-05-22

  • Voice control via the Gentle forced-aligner.
  • Rename Reanimate.Interpolate to Reanimate.ColorComponents
  • Rename Reanimate.Signals to Reanimate.Ease
  • Fix positioning of latex output such that the baseline starts at (0,0) – 2020-05-16

  • Fix bug that forced GIF width to 320 pixels.
  • Add helper for creating custom viewboxes, withViewBox.
  • Add newSprite_, newSpriteSVG_.
  • Drop support for lts-11 and lts-12. Lts-15, lts-14 and lts-13 are supported.
  • Add common interface for polygon morphing. – 2020-05-12

  • Expose ‘mkImage’ – 2020-05-11

  • Improve with better examples at a higher framerate.
  • Improve canvas documentation, courtesy of William Yao.
  • Fix ‘renameFile’ bug when moving files between different file-systems.
  • Improve GeoJSON performance.
  • Improve SVG rendering performance.
  • CLI: Show time spent and time remaining when rendering.
  • Better support for external images.
  • Support external raster engines (inkscape, image magick, rsvg).
  • Fix framerate bug affecting GIFs.
  • Improve boundingbox performance.
  • Add generalized cubic bezier signal. – 2020-02-25

  • Rewrite viewer from javascript to elm.
  • Improve API documentation.
  • Support for GeoJSON files (rendering borders, etc).
  • Fix bug affecting GIF frame rates.
  • Improve SVG serialization performance.
  • Add support for transitions (ie. functions that merge animations).
  • Properly handle ctrl-c when rendering.
  • Improve accuracy of bounding-box approximation.
  • Rewrite the API for building animations sequentially.
  • Expand ‘pathify’ to work on a larger subset of SVG.
  • Respect aspect ratio when ‘height’ or ‘width’ is specified but not both. – 2019-09-14

  • Test suite.
  • Improved Windows support.
  • Automated builds on Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • Automated builds with lts-13, lts-12, and lts-11.
  • Monadic language for composing animations (Reanimate.Scene).
  • Support for Povray.
  • Viewer: Incrementally generate videos with increasing fps.
  • ‘check’ command to verify external dependencies.
  • Built-in data for color theory (cone sensitivity etc).
  • Built-in colormaps.
  • Raster image support.
  • Reorganized signals.
  • Color interpolation (rgb, hsv, lab, xyz).
  • Improved performance of multi-threaded renderer. – 2019-07-07

  • Basic driver for live previewing and rendering.
  • Basic tools for manipulating SVGs (pathification, simplification, lowering transformations, etc).
  • Automated CI builds (azure). – 2019-03-08

  • First version. Released on an unsuspecting world.