clash-lib - CλaSH compiler, as a library

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CλaSH - A functional hardware description language

CλaSH (pronounced ‘clash’) is a functional hardware description language that borrows both its syntax and semantics from the functional programming language Haskell. The CλaSH compiler transforms these high-level descriptions to low-level synthesizable VHDL, Verilog, or SystemVerilog.

Features of CλaSH:

  • Strongly typed (like VHDL), yet with a very high degree of type inference, which enables both safe and fast prototying using consise descriptions (like Verilog)

  • Interactive REPL: load your designs in an interpreter and easily test all your component without needing to setup a test bench.

  • Higher-order functions, with type inference, result in designs that are fully parametric by default.

  • Synchronous sequential circuit design based on streams of values, called Signals.

  • Support for multiple clock domains, with type safe clock domain crossing.


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Changelog for the clash-lib package

0.5.13 September 21st 2015

  • Fixes bugs:
    • Performance bug: top-level definitions of type “Signal” erroneously inlined.

0.5.12 September 14th 2015

  • New features:

    • Completely unroll “definitions” of some higher-order primitives with non-representable argument or result vectors: It is now possible to translate e.g. f xs ys = zipWith ($) (map (+) xs) ys :: Vec 4 Int -> Vec 4 Int -> Vec 4 Int
  • Fixes bugs:

    • topLet transformation erroneously not performed in a top-down traversal
    • Specialisation limit unchecked on types and constants
    • Vector of functions cannot be translated #25
    • CLaSH fails to generate VHDL when map is applied #78

0.5.11 September 7th 2015

  • Fixes bugs:
    • Clash running out of memory on Simple-ish project #70
    • CLaSH.Sized.Vector.:> was not allowed as a function argument to HO-primitives

0.5.10 August 2nd 2015

  • Fixes bugs:
    • Make testbench generation deterministic
    • Compile against unbound-generics-0.2

0.5.9 July 9th 2015

  • Fixes bugs:
    • coreView didn’t look through newtypes of the form: newtype Foo a = MkFoo (Maybe a)

0.5.8 June 26th 2015

  • Fixes bugs:
    • Allow text and tags in ~SIGD black box construct

0.5.7 June 25th 2015

  • New features:

    • Support for copying string literals from Haskell to generated code
    • Collect and copy data-files
  • Fixes bugs:

    • Signals declared twice when not using a clock-generating component #60
    • This piece of code eat up all CPU when generating verilog #62

0.5.6 June 3rd 2015

  • New features:
    • Support Verilog backend
    • Generated component names are prefixed by the name of the module containing the topEntity

0.5.5 May 18th 2015

  • New features:

    • Make inlining and specialisation limit configurable
    • Make debug message level configurable
  • Fixes bugs:

    • Netlist: ensure that the arguments of a component instantiation are always simple variables
    • CaseCon transformation: ensure that we run the compile-time evaluator on the subject before handling the one-alternative case
    • Emit a warning if a function remains recursive, instead of producing an error: compilation can still be successful if the function is an argument to a higher-order blackbox that doesn’t use the function.
    • Emit a warning if inlining limit is reached, instead of producing an error: compilation can still be successful if the function is an argument to a higher-order blackbox that doesn’t use the function.
    • Always inline terms that have a type of kind Constraint

0.5.4 May 10th 2015

  • New features:
    • Add ~COMPNAME tag: primitives get access to the component name in which they are instantiated

0.5.3 May 5th 2015

  • New features:
    • TopEntity wrappers are now specified as ANN annotation pragmas
  • Fixes bugs:
    • Lost system1000 clock in VHDL generation… #53
    • flattenCallTree sometimes introduces free variables

0.5.2 May 1st 2015

  • New features:
    • Generate wrappers around topEntity that have constant names and types

0.5.1 April 20th 2015

  • GHC 7.10 support

0.5 March 11th 2015

  • New features:

    • Simplify BlackBox handling, and improve VHDL generation. #47
    • Use unbound-generics. #48
  • Fixes bugs:

    • VHDL generation error: wrapper for sum-of-products type. #44

0.4.1 February 4th 2015

  • Fixes bugs:
    • Treat BlackBox expressions as declarations when DC args. #37
    • Don’t inline recursive closed bindings

0.4 November 17th 2014

  • New features:

    • Support for clash-prelude 0.6
  • Fixes bugs:

    • Ambiguous type: ‘std_logic_vector’ or ‘std_ulogic_vector’ #33

0.3.2 June 5th 2014

  • Fixes bugs:
    • VHDL array constant ambiguous #18
    • Exception: can’t create selector #24
    • Calls to vhdlTypeMark don’t result to inclusion of VHDL type in types.vhdl #28

0.3.1 May 15th 2014

  • New features:

    • Make ANF lift non-representable values #7
    • Hardcode fromInteger for Signed and Unsigned #9
    • Replace VHDL default hole by error hole #13
  • Fixes bugs:

    • Type families are not expanded #3
    • Exception: CLaSH.Netlist.VHDL(512): fromSLV: Vector 13 Bool #5
    • Incorrect vhdl generation for default value in blackbox #6
    • Duplicate type names when multiple ADTs need the same amount of bits #8
    • Circuit testbench generation with MAC example fails#15
  • Code improvements:

    • Refactor Netlist/BlackBox #10
    • CPP special-case conversion of Control.Exception.Base.irrefutPatError #11