Support for parsing and rendering YAML documents. http://github.com/snoyberg/yaml/

Version on this page:
LTS Haskell 9.14:0.8.25
Stackage Nightly 2017-11-18:0.8.25
Latest on Hackage:0.8.25
BSD3 licensed by Michael Snoyman, Anton Ageev, Kirill Simonov


Provides support for parsing and emitting Yaml documents.

This package includes the full libyaml C library version 0.1.7 by Kirill Simonov in the package so you don't need to worry about any non-Haskell dependencies.

The package is broken down into two primary modules. Data.Yaml provides a high-level interface based around the JSON datatypes provided by the aeson package. Text.Libyaml provides a lower-level, streaming interface. For most users, Data.Yaml is recommended.


Usage examples can be found in the Data.Yaml documentation or in the examples directory.

Additional modules

  • Data.Yaml.Include supports adding !include directives to your YAML files.
  • Data.Yaml.Builder and Data.Yaml.Parser allow more fine-grained control of parsing an rendering, as opposed to just using the aeson typeclass and datatype system for parsing and rendering.
  • Data.Yaml.Aeson is currently a re-export of Data.Yaml to explicitly choose to use the aeson-compatible API.



  • Tweaks to the executable yaml2json #119:
    • Add command-line option -h and --help to show help message
    • Error messages are now written to stderr instead of stdout


  • New encodePretty option setConfDropNull to drop null values from objects #116

  • Avoid over-escaping * #113

  • Update CPP MIN_VERSION_* checks #109


  • Re-export the with helpers from aeson

  • Make numeric string detection slightly smarter so, e.g., . does not get quoted


  • Update to libyaml hosted on Github #105

  • Fix wrong file not found exception in Data.Yaml.Include with pre- directory #104

  • Add missing test files #102


  • Decode empty inputs as Null #101


  • Upgrade to libyaml 0.1.7

  • Add Data.Yaml.TH module

  • Add O_TRUNC when opening files

  • s/fdopen/_fdopen on Windows #96

  • Properly fix previous bug (fixes #94)

  • Remove file with non-ASCII name due to Stack/cabal-install/Hackage restrictions (see #92)

  • Handle non-ASCII filenames correctly on Windows #91

  • Improve prettyPrintParseException when context is empty #89


  • Switched yaml decode function for config file readers in Data.Yaml.Config to the one from Data.Yaml.Include that supports !include syntax.

  • Fix pretty-printing order of UnexpectedEvent's fields (fixes #84) #85

  • Avoid bug in Cabal #83


  • loadYamlSettingsArgs

  • Slight doc improvement


Add env variable parsing. loadYamlSettings can read config values from the environment with Yaml that specifies an env var. The syntax is

var: _env:ENV_VAR:default

  • Give a warning when compiling with GHCJS

  • Canonicalise Monad instances #76

  • Compile with aeson below 0.7 #70


  • Parse Scientific directly, avoiding loss in precision. #68


  • Pretty print improvements for exceptions #67


  • Pretty module #66


  • Proper handling of String "+123" #64


  • Function to print prettier parse exceptions #59


Add the Data.Yaml.Include module

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