LambdaCube 3D is a DSL to program GPUs

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Csaba Hruska, Péter Diviánszky, Dániel Pék, Andor Pénzes

LambdaCube 3D is a domain specific language and library that makes it possible to program GPUs in a purely functional style.



  • new features
    • support mutual constant and function definitions
    • support pattern type annotations
    • support guards + where
    • support view patterns
    • support pattern guards
    • support as-patterns
    • implement pattern match reachability and exhaustiveness warnings
    • support parsing only
    • support printing desugared source code
  • improvements
    • allow pattern match on tuple types
    • implement constraint kinds (useful for type classes)
    • improve pretty printing
    • better presentation of types in editor tooltips
    • better error messages (e.g. for mismatching operator fixities)
    • speedup the builtin interpreter in the compiler
  • bugfixes
    • fix local function handling
    • fix parens around operators
    • fix parsing of operator definitions
    • fix parsing of sections
    • fix parsing of literals
    • fix switching to type namespace after @
    • fix a bug in escape code parsing
  • documentation
    • reorganise and cleanup the compiler sources
    • begin to write developer’s guide
    • documentation on pattern match compilation
  • dependencies
    • use megaparsec 5.0
    • switch to ansi-wl-pprint
    • allow newer base, optparse-applicative and QuickCheck libraries
  • other
    • move the TODOs to Trello:
    • work on prototypes
      • Reducer.hs – experiment with lazy evaluation in the ST monad
      • ShiftReducer.hs – experiment with lazy evaluation purely, with incremental GC
      • LamMachine.hs – experiment with lazy evaluation purely, with incremental GC (next version)
      • Inspector.hs – a tool for inspect the state of LamMachine, intended for debugging/visualizing lazy evaluation
      • LamMachineV2.hs – experiment with lazy evaluation in the ST monad, with explicit, generational GC


  • compiler
    • support local pattern matching functions
    • support recursive local definitions
    • more polymorph type for equality constraints (~) :: forall a . a -> a -> Type
    • tuples are representated as heterogeneous lists
    • support one-element tuple syntax: (( element ))
    • reduction: don’t overnormalize (String -/-> [Char])
    • compiler optimization: names have Int identifiers
  • libraries/OpenGL API
    • use the advantage of heterogeneous lists (simplified and more complete type family instances)
    • needed to explicitly denote one-element attribute tuples
    • set programmable point size with ProgramPointSize
    • use lists instead of streams
    • rename
      • fetch_ –> fetch; fetchArrays_ –> fetchArrays
      • zeroComp –> zero; oneComp –> one
  • codegen
    • generate functions in shaders (previously functions were inlined)
    • normalized variable names in the generated pipeline
    • optimization: remove duplicate shader programs
    • pretty printed shader programs
    • include compiler version in the generated pipeline as a string info field
  • testenv
    • performance benchmarks (time and memory consumption)
  • other
    • parsec dependency changed to megaparsec
    • registered on stackage too (next to HackageDB)

v0.4 - tagged on Feb 5, 2016

  • compiler
    • support type synonyms
    • support simple import lists (hiding + explicit)
    • support multiple guards
    • handle constructor operator fixities, also in patterns
    • definitions are allowed in any order (not just bottom-up)
    • desugar node definitions (more robust, previously node definition handling was ad-hoc)
    • support qualified module imports
    • better tooltip ranges & types
    • bugfix: fix looping in type checking of recursive definitions
  • compiler optimization
    • separate types and values (vs. church style lambda)
    • separate use of neutral terms
    • erease lambda variable type
    • erease univ. pol. arguments of constructors
    • erease univ. pol. arguments of case functions
    • speed up ‘eval’ function
    • tried to speedup with cache max. de bruin indices
    • use less ‘try’ in parser
  • libraries
    • always put base library modules to include path
    • OpenGL API: simplify CullMode: remove FrontFace it is always ccw
    • OpenGL API: simplify Depth images handling
  • testenv
    • language feature tests framework
  • other
    • released on HackageDB

v0.3 - tagged on Jan 18, 2016

  • compiler
    • complete rewrite from scratch
    • use De Bruijn indices instead of String names
    • pattern match compilation
    • compositional type inference is replaced by a zipper-based approach which plays better together with dependent types
  • libraries/OpenGL API
    • interpolation handling is decoupled from vertex shader descriptions
    • introduce Stream data type; use just two types of streams instead of 4
  • testenv
    • use Travis CI (continuous integration) with a docker image
    • timeout for tests

first DSL compiler - tagged on Jun 14, 2015

  • supports a fair amount of Haskell98 language features
  • partially supports GADTs and type families
  • supports explicit type application
  • supports row polymorphism and swizzling
  • uses compositional typing for better error messages
  • OpenGL API provided in attached Builtins and Prelude modules
  • generates LambdaCube3D IR (intermediate representation)
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