Batteries included conduit: adapters for common libraries.

Version on this page:1.1.15
LTS Haskell 8.12:1.1.15
Stackage Nightly 2017-04-26:1.1.15
Latest on Hackage:1.1.15


For more information about conduit in general, and how this package in particular fits into the ecosystem, see the conduit homepage.



  • sinkTempFile and sinkSystemTempFile


  • sinkFileCautious

  • withCheckedProcessCleanup properly closes opened Handles #280

  • Fix alignment issues on non-X86 archs

  • Fix an incorrect comment


  • Add sinkStorable and sinkStorableEx

  • Fix build for GHC <= 7.8 #260
  • Fix accidentally breaking change in sourceProcessWithConsumer type signature


  • Add sourceProcessWithStreams #258


  • withCheckedProcessCleanup

  • Fix a leftovers bug in helperDecompress #254


  • multiple combinator for Data.Conduit.Zlib #254

  • Some typo fixes in docs



  • Adding buffer size to sourceHandleRange #213

  • Make Binary.lines O(n) instead of O(n^2) #209

  • Fix for: Decompressing a specific amount of zlib data "eats" following data #20


Add Data.Conduit.ByteString.Builder


Generalized return type in runGeneralTCPServer.


Added sinkParserEither (pull request #189)

Used by 149 packages:
BCMtools, MFlow, MusicBrainz, OnRmt, amazonka, amazonka-core, amazonka-s3-streaming, amazonka-test, aws, aws-dynamodb-streams, aws-ec2, aws-kinesis, aws-sdk, azure-acs, b9, bert, buildwrapper, bzlib-conduit, cab, cabal-src, cassava-conduit, cerberus, coinbase-exchange, conduit-combinators, conduit-find, cpio-conduit, craft, credentials-cli, crypto-conduit, cryptohash-conduit, cryptonite-conduit, csv-conduit, d-bus, dns, docker, dockercook, editor-open, engine-io-yesod, fb, feed-gipeda, find-conduit, git-annex, gitson, gnss-converters, gogol, google-drive, gridfs, hOpenPGP, hackage-mirror, haddocset, hails, haskdeep, haskell-spacegoo, haskoin-node, hats, hell, hledger-web, hoogle, hopenpgp-tools, hops, hslogstash, html-conduit, http-conduit, http-proxy, http-reverse-proxy, hunt-server-cli, hw-kafka-conduit, ig, imagesize-conduit, irc-conduit, json-rpc, jsonrpc-conduit, keiretsu, keter, legion, leksah-server, lord, lz4-conduit, macbeth-lib, mangopay, markdown, mediabus, mediabus-rtp, mega-sdist, memcache-conduit, memcache-haskell, mighttpd2, minio-hs, monad-logger, mongoDB, msgpack-rpc, murmur, network-conduit-tls, network-msgpack-rpc, ntrip-client, nvim-hs, osdkeys, pager, pgdl, pgstream, phoityne, phoityne-vscode, powerqueue-distributed, project-template, pubnub, rtcm, sbp, sbp2udp, seqloc-datafiles, serf, shadowsocks, shell-conduit, skylark-client, sloane, smtps-gmail, socketed, socketio, stack, stack-run, stackage-curator, stackage-sandbox, stm-conduit, stomp-queue, stutter, tagstream-conduit, thumbnail-plus, time-warp, tkyprof, twitter-conduit, typed-process, wai-app-file-cgi, wai-middleware-consul, wolf, xinput-conduit, xlsior, xml-conduit, xournal-parser, yesod, yesod-auth, yesod-bin, yesod-core, yesod-mangopay, yesod-platform, yesod-s3, yesod-static, yxdb-utils, zim-parser, zip, zip-conduit
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