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This package provides modules containing facilities for manipulating Haskell source code using Template Haskell.

See http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Template_Haskell for more information.


Changelog for template-haskell package

  • Shipped with GHC 9.8.1

  • Record fields now belong to separate NameSpaces, keyed by the parent of the record field. This is the name of the first constructor of the parent type, even if this constructor does not have the field in question.

    This change enables TemplateHaskell support for DuplicateRecordFields.

  • Add support for generating typed splices and brackets in untyped Template Haskell Introduces typedSpliceE :: Quote m => m Exp -> m Exp and typedBracketE :: Quote m => m Exp -> m Exp

  • Add BndrVis to support invisible binders in type declarations (GHC Proposal #425).

  • The binder flag type in plainTV and kindedTV is generalized from () to any data type with a DefaultBndrFlag instance, including (), Specificity, and BndrVis.

  • The Ppr.pprInfixT function has gained a Precedence argument.

  • The values of named precedence levels like Ppr.appPrec have changed.

  • Add TypeDataD constructor to the Dec type for type data declarations (GHC proposal #106).

  • Add instance Lift (Fixed a)

  • Add DefaultD constructor to support Haskell default declarations.

  • Add support for Overloaded Record Dot. Introduces getFieldE :: Quote m => m Exp -> String -> m Exp and projectionE :: Quote m => [String] -> m Exp.

  • Add instance Lift ByteArray.

  • Add PromotedInfixT and PromotedUInfixT, which are analogs to InfixT and UInfixT that ensure that if a dynamically bound name (i.e. a name with NameFlavour NameS or NameQ; the flavours produced by mkName) is used as operator, it will be bound to a promoted data constructor rather than a type constructor, if both are in scope.

  • Add a vendor-filepath Cabal flag to the template-haskell package. If this flag is set then template-haskell will not depend on the filepath package and will instead use some modules from filepath that have been copied into the template-haskell source tree.

  • The types of ConP and conP have been changed to allow for an additional list of type applications preceding the argument patterns.

  • Add support for the Char kind (#11342): we extend the TyLit data type with the constructor CharTyLit that reflects type-level characters.

  • Add putDoc and getDoc which allow Haddock documentation to be attached to module headers, declarations, function arguments and instances, as well as queried. These are quite low level operations, so for convenience there are several combinators that can be used with Decs directly, including withDecDoc/withDecsDoc as well as _doc counterparts to many of the Dec helper functions.

  • Add newDeclarationGroup to document the effect of visibility while reifying types and instances.

  • Typed Quotations now return a value of type Code m a (GHC Proposal #195). The main motiviation is to make writing instances easier and make it easier to store Code values in type-indexed maps.

  • Implement Overloaded Quotations (GHC Proposal #246). This patch modifies a few fundamental things in the API. All the library combinators are generalised to be in terms of a new minimal class Quote. The types of lift, liftTyped, and liftData are modified to return m Exp rather than Q Exp. Instances written in terms of Q are now disallowed. The types of unsafeTExpCoerce and unTypeQ are also generalised in terms of Quote rather than specific to Q.

  • Implement Explicit specificity in type variable binders (GHC Proposal #99). In Language.Haskell.TH.Syntax, TyVarBndr is now annotated with a flag, denoting the additional argument to its constructors PlainTV and KindedTV. flag is either the Specificity of the type variable (SpecifiedSpec or InferredSpec) or ().

  • Fix Eq/Ord instances for Bytes: we were comparing pointers while we should compare the actual bytes (#16457).

  • Fix Show instance for Bytes: we were showing the pointer value while we want to show the contents (#16457).

  • Add Semigroup and Monoid instances for Q (#18123).

  • Add MonadFix instance for Q (#12073).

  • Add support for QualifiedDo. The data constructors DoE and MDoE got a new Maybe ModName argument to describe the qualifier of do blocks.

  • The argument to TExpQ can now be levity polymorphic. Jan 2020

  • Bundled with GHC 8.10.1

  • Add support for tuple sections. (#15843) The type signatures of TupE and UnboxedTupE have changed from [Exp] -> Exp to [Maybe Exp] -> Exp. The type signatures of tupE and unboxedTupE remain the same for backwards compatibility.

  • Introduce a liftTyped method to the Lift class and set the default implementations of lift in terms of liftTyped.

  • Add a ForallVisT constructor to Type to represent visible, dependent quantification.

  • Introduce support for Bytes literals (raw bytes embedded into the output binary)

  • Make the Lift typeclass levity-polymorphic and add instances for unboxed tuples, unboxed sums, Int#, Word#, Addr#, Float#, and Double#.

  • Introduce reifyType to reify the type or kind of a thing referenced by Name. May 2019

  • Bundled with GHC 8.8.1

  • In Language.Haskell.TH.Syntax, DataInstD, NewTypeInstD, TySynEqn, and RuleP now all have a Maybe [TyVarBndr] argument, which contains a list of quantified type variables if an explicit forall is present, and Nothing otherwise. DataInstD, NewTypeInstD, TySynEqn also now use a single Type argument to represent the left-hand-side to avoid malformed type family equations and allow visible kind application.

    Correspondingly, in Language.Haskell.TH.Lib.Internal, pragRuleD, dataInstD, newtypeInstD, and tySynEqn now all have a Maybe [TyVarBndrQ] argument. Non-API-breaking versions of these functions can be found in Language.Haskell.TH.Lib. The type signature of tySynEqn has also changed from [TypeQ] -> TypeQ -> TySynEqnQ to (Maybe [TyVarBndrQ]) -> TypeQ -> TypeQ -> TySynEqnQ, for the same reason as in Language.Haskell.TH.Syntax above. Consequently, tySynInstD also changes from Name -> TySynEqnQ -> DecQ to TySynEqnQ -> DecQ.

  • Add Lift instances for NonEmpty and Void

  • addForeignFilePath now support assembler sources (#16180). September 2018

  • Bundled with GHC 8.6.1

  • Introduce an addForeignFilePath function, as well as a corresponding qAddForeignFile class method to Quasi. Unlike addForeignFile, which takes the contents of the file as an argument, addForeignFilePath takes as an argument a path pointing to a foreign file. A new addForeignSource function has also been added which takes a file’s contents as an argument.

    The old addForeignFile function is now deprecated in favor of addForeignSource, and the qAddForeignFile method of Quasi has been removed entirely.

  • Introduce an addTempFile function, as well as a corresponding qAddTempFile method to Quasi, which requests a temporary file of a given suffix.

  • Add a ViaStrategy constructor to DerivStrategy.

  • Add support for -XImplicitParams via ImplicitParamT, ImplicitParamVarE, and ImplicitParamBindD.

  • Add support for -XRecursiveDo via MDoE and RecS. March 2018

  • Bundled with GHC 8.4.1

  • Language.Haskell.TH.FamFlavour, which was deprecated in 2.11, has been removed.

  • Add support for overloaded labels. Introduces labelE :: String -> ExpQ.

  • Add KindQ, TyVarBndrQ, and FamilyResultSigQ aliases to Language.Haskell.TH.Lib.

  • Add Language.Haskell.TH.Lib.Internal module, which exposes some additional functionality that is used internally in GHC’s integration with Template Haskell. This is not a part of the public API, and as such, there are no API guarantees for this module from version to version.

  • MonadIO is now a superclass of Quasi, qRunIO has a default implementation qRunIO = liftIO

  • Add MonadIO Q instance July 2017

  • Bundled with GHC 8.2.1

  • Add support for pattern synonyms. This introduces one new constructor to Info (PatSynI), two new constructors to Dec (PatSynD and PatSynSigD), and two new data types (PatSynDir and PatSynArgs), among other changes. (#8761)

  • Add support for unboxed sums. (#12478)

  • Add support for visible type applications. (#12530)

  • Add support for attaching deriving strategies to deriving statements (#10598)

  • Add support for COMPLETE pragmas. (#13098)

  • unboxedTupleTypeName and unboxedTupleDataName now work for unboxed 0-tuples and 1-tuples (#12977)

  • Language.Haskell.TH now reexports all of Language.Haskell.TH.Lib. (#12992). This causes Language.Haskell.TH to export more types and functions that it did before:

    • TExp, BangQ, and FieldExpQ
    • unboxedTupP, unboxedTupE and unboundVarE
    • infixLD, infixRD, and infixND
    • unboxedTupleT and wildCardT
    • plainTV and kindedTV
    • interruptible and funDep
    • valueAnnotation, typeAnnotation, and moduleAnnotation
  • Add support for overloaded labels. May 2016

  • Bundled with GHC 8.0.1

  • The compiler can now resolve infix operator fixities in types on its own. The UInfixT constructor of Type is analoguous to UInfixE for expressions and can contain a tree of infix type applications which will be reassociated according to the fixities of the operators. The ParensT constructor can be used to explicitly group expressions.

  • Add namePackage and nameSpace

  • Make dataToQa and dataToExpQ able to handle Data instances whose toConstr implementation relies on a function instead of a data constructor (#10796)

  • Add Show instances for NameFlavour and NameSpace

  • Remove FamilyD and FamFlavour. Add DataFamilyD and OpenTypeFamilyD as the representation of data families and open type families respectively. (#6018)

  • Add TypeFamilyHead for common elements of OpenTypeFamilyD and ClosedTypeFamilyD (#10902)

  • The Strict datatype was split among different datatypes: three for writing the strictness information of data constructors’ fields as denoted in Haskell source code (SourceUnpackedness and SourceStrictness, as well as Bang), and one for strictness information after a constructor is compiled (DecidedStrictness). Strict, StrictType and VarStrictType have been deprecated in favor of Bang, BangType and VarBangType. (#10697)

  • Add reifyConStrictness to query a data constructor’s DecidedStrictness values for its fields (#10697)

  • The ClassOpI, DataConI, and VarI constructors no longer have a Fixity field. Instead, all Fixity information for a given Name is now determined through the reifyFixity function, which returns Just the fixity if there is an explicit fixity declaration for that Name, and Nothing otherwise (#10704 and #11345)

  • Add MonadFail Q instance for GHC 8.0 and later (#11661)

  • Add support for OVERLAP(S/PED/PING) pragmas on instances Mar 2015

  • Bundled with GHC 7.10.1
  • Remove build-dependency on containers package
  • Make Pred a type synonym of Type, and deprecate classP/equalP (#7021)
  • Add support for LINE pragma via prageLineD and LineP
  • Replace Int# with !Int in NameFlavour constructors
  • Derive Generic for TH types (#9527)
  • Add standaloneDerivD (#8100)
  • Add support for generic default signatures via defaultSigD (#9064)
  • Add Lift instances for () and Rational
  • Derive new Show and Data instances for Loc
  • Derive Eq instances for Loc, Info, and ModuleInfo
  • Make calling conventions available in template haskell consistent with those from GHC (#9703)
  • Add support for -XStaticValues via staticE
  • Add Ord instances to TH types
  • Merge some instances from th-orphans (Ppr instances for Lit and Loc as well as Lift instances for numeric types
  • Put parens around (ty :: kind) when pretty-printing TH syntax