The combinatorial types for the HGeometry package.


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* Changelog

** 0.14

- Got rid of proxies to build planar graphs, use TypeApplication
instead. Also slightly changed some of the types to better reflect
what they need; in particular 'buildGraph' now takes only the
adjacency lists (no face information). And 'fromAdjRep' which
computes a PlanarGraph from its adjacencylists (including vertex and
edge info.)
- Cleaning up the public API by hiding several internal modules.

** 0.13

- Moved 'intersects' from the HasIntersectionWith class into a new
class IsIntersectableWith. This allows separate (weaker) constraints
for checking *if* geometries intersect rather than computing exact
- Bug fixes in the orientations of boundaries in PlanarGraph.
- Implementation of Logaritmic Method, wich allows us to transform a
static data structure into an insertion only data structure

** 0.12

- Add Data.Double.Approximate: Floating point numbers take take
imprecision into account when ordering.
- Add Data.Double.Shaman: Floating point numbers that keep track of
error bounds while not being more than an order of magnitude slower
than native floating point numbers.
- Add Data.PlanarGraph.Immutable and Data.PlanarGraph.Mutable: New
planargraph implementation that supports efficient updates and queries.

** 0.11

- Changed the implementation of Two and Three in Data.Util
(hgeometry-combinatorial). Now they have proper Functor, Foldable,
and Traversable instances.
- Added Data.RealNumber.Rational wrapping the Rational type giving
some more readable show/read instances
- Added function to compute levels in a Rose-Tree
- Moved the binary searching functions from Data.Sequence.Util into
Algorithms.BinarySearch, also added a version for fractional types
that stops at a given threshold.
- Removed Data.BalBST and Data.SlowSeq
- Moved Measured from Data.BinaryTree into a separate module.

** 0.10

- More Instances

** 0.9

- First release in which hgeometry-combinatorial was split off from hgeometry.