Upcoming stackage LTS 12 snapshot with ghc-8.4.3

By Alexey Zabelin, 5 years ago

After a recent discussion on the Haskell-cafe mailing list, the stackage curator team has decided to start the preparations for an LTS major bump which will include ghc-8.4.3.

We’d like to give everyone enough time to prepare, which is why the planned release date is two weeks from the date of this post.

Getting your package into the nightly snapshot will ensure its inclusion in LTS 12 as well. To add your package, please submit a PR to commercialhaskell/stackage. To add your package to LTS 12 after it’s released, please open a new issue on commercialhaskell/lts-haskell.

For those interested, here’s an overview of the LTS major bump process we’ll be adhering to from now on.