BSD-3-Clause licensed by Lennart Kolmodin, Galois Inc., Lemmih, Bas van Dijk
Maintained by Trevor Elliott
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A binary serialization library, similar to binary, that introduces an isolate primitive for parser isolation, and labeled blocks for better error messages.


  • Added runPutMBuilder

  • Added GSerializeGet and GSerializePut instances for V1

  • Added Semigroup instances

  • Allow building with older versions of GHC (thanks to Ryan Scott!)
  • Additional putters for ints (thanks to Andrew Martin!)

  • Implement the AMP recommended refactoring for the Functor/Applicative/Monad hierarchy for Get and PutM (thanks to Herbert Valerio Riedel!)
  • Unconditionally support GHC generics (thanks to Eric Mertens!)
  • Split the GSerialize class in two, to deal with a GHC bug (thanks Austin Seipp!)
  • No longer use Enum in the Serialize instance for Bool (thanks Francesco Mazzoli!)

  • Re-enable GHC.Generics support which was accidentally removed in

  • Switch to using the builder provided by the ByteString package
  • Change the encoding of Float and Double with the Serialize class to use the Data.Serialize.IEEE754 module
  • Add support for encoding and decoding ShortByteString
  • New and improved test suite thanks to Kei Hibino
  • Fix two bugs involving the lookAhead combinator and partial chunks.