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Highly polymorphic vector space operations on sparse and free vector spaces.

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-Edward Kmett


1.22 [2022.11.30]

  • The types of _Point and lensP have been generalized:

    -_Point :: Iso' (Point f a) (f a)
    +_Point :: Iso (Point f a) (Point g b) (f a) (g b)
    -lensP :: Lens' (Point g a) (g a)
    +lensP :: Lens (Point f a) (Point g b) (f a) (g b)

    There is a chance that existing uses of _Point or lensP will fail to typecheck due to their more general types. You can use _Point.simple or lensP.simple to restore their old, more restricted types (where simple comes from Control.Lens in the lens library).

1.21.10 [2022.06.21]

  • Allow building with vector-0.13.*.

1.21.9 [2022.05.18]

  • Allow building with transformers-0.6.*.

1.21.8 [2021.11.15]

  • Allow building with hashable-1.4.*.
  • Drop support for pre-8.0 versions of GHC.

1.21.7 [2021.09.20]

  • Fix a build error when using random-1.2.1 or later.

1.21.6 [2021.07.05]

  • Fix a build error when configured with -template-haskell.

1.21.5 [2021.02.18]

  • Allow building with lens-5.*.

1.21.4 [2021.01.29]

  • Allow building with vector-0.12.2 or later.
  • The build-type has been changed from Custom to Simple. To achieve this, the doctests test suite has been removed in favor of using cabal-docspec to run the doctests.

1.21.3 [2020.10.03]

  • Allow building with GHC 9.0.

1.21.2 [2020.09.30]

  • Use base-orphans-0.8.3 or later. This means that the Linear.Instances module no longer defines any orphan instances of its own, and the module is now a simple shim on top of Data.Orphans from base-orphans.

1.21.1 [2020.06.25]

  • Allow building with random-1.2.*.

1.21 [2020.02.03]

  • Add instances for direct sums (Product) and tensor products (Compose) of other vector spaces. This makes is much more convenient to do things like treat a matrix temporarily as a vector through Compose, or to consider things like Gauss-Jordan elimination, which wants augmented structures.
  • Add frobenius for computing the Frobenius norm of a matrix.
  • Added Random instances for System.Random. We had an indirect dependency through vector anyways.
  • Add “obvious” zipping Semigroup and Monoid instances to all the representable vector spaces.
  • Add R1..R4 instances to Quaternion. _w is the scalar component so that _x,_y,_z can be directional.
  • Add more solvers to Linear.Matrix, available with base-4.8 or later.
  • Add unangle function to Linear.V2.

1.20.9 [2019.05.02]

  • Derive Lift instances for Plucker, Quaternion, and V{0,1,2,3,4}.

1.20.8 [2018.07.03]

  • Add instances of the Field classes from lens.
  • Add Epsilon instance for Complex.
  • Use specialized implementations of the null and length methods in Foldable instances.
  • Add Hashable1 instances for data types in linear. Also add a Hashable instance for V.
  • Fix a bug in which Quaternions were incorrectly exponentiated.


  • Support semigroupoids-5.2.1 and doctest-0.12


  • Revamp Setup.hs to use cabal-doctest. This makes it build with Cabal-2.0, and makes the doctests work with cabal new-build and sandboxes.
  • Make (1 / x) and recip x agree in the Fractional instance for Quaternion
  • Use newtype instances for Point vectors in Linear.Affine
  • Enable PolyKinds in Linear.Trace. Also enable PolyKinds when GHC 7.6 or later is used (previously, it was GHC 7.8 or later).
  • Fix a segfault arising from the MVector instance for V
  • Add Finite class for conversion between V and fixed-size vector types


  • GHC 8 compatibility
  • Fixed the perspective calculation.


  • Compatibility with base-orphans 0.5


  • Support vector
  • Support cereal 0.5
  • You can now unboxed vectors of V n vectors.


  • Modified the doctest machinery to work with stack and builds to non-standard locations.
  • Removed the local .ghci file.
  • Various numerical stability improvements were made to the quaternion and projection functions.


  • Fixed doctests broken by the previous change.
  • Unboxed vector instances for various linear data types now use unpacked integers even on older GHCs.


  • inv22, inv33 and inv44 no longer attempt an epsilon check. They no longer return a Maybe result as a consequence. You should filter for the 0 determinant case yourself.

  • vector support

  • Fix GHC 7.4.

  • Proper reflection 2 support


  • reflection 2 support


  • Change the Ixed instance for Linear.V to use Int as the index type. This makes V n a lot easier to use.


  • Compile warning-free on GHC 7.10.


  • Added NFData instance for Point


  • Added an -f-template-haskell option to allow disabling template-haskell support. This is an unsupported configuration but may be useful for expert users in sandbox configurations.
  • Added lenses for extracting corner various sub-matrices e.g. _m22, _m33

  • Fixed builds on even older GHCs.

  • Fixed the test suite.
  • Fixed builds on older GHCs.


  • Consolidated eye2 .. eye4 into a single identity combinator.
  • Fixed the Data instance V n a for GHC 7.10-RC3.

  • filepath 1.4 support


  • Added support for Data.Functor.Classes from transformers 0.5 via transformers-compat.
  • Added missing support for binary, bytes and cereal for Point


  • Better support for binary. Added support for bytes and cereal


  • ortho and inverseOrtho now only require a Fractional constraint.
  • Added missing Floating instances.


  • Improve the performance of fromQuaternion, mkTransformation, mkTransformationMat, basisFor, scaled by using implementations that inline well for functions that were previously reference implementations.


  • Added NFData instances for the various vector types.
  • Added !!/ operator for matrix division by scalar.


  • Added Trace instance for V1.


  • Renamed kronecker to scaled.


  • Added Metric instances for [], ZipList, Maybe
  • Added det44 and inv44 to Linear.Matrix
  • Added Data instance for Point


  • Added Typeable and Data instances for V


  • Added missing FunctorWithIndex, FoldableWithIndex and TraversableWithIndex Int (V n) instances for V


  • Added frustum, analogous to the old glFrustum call.
  • Added inverseInfinitePerspective, inverseOrtho, inverseFrustum.


  • Added inversePerspective. It is much more accurate to compute it directly than to compute an inverse.

  • Fixed build failures caused by Linear re-exporting the old name.


  • Renamed Linear.Perspective to Linear.Projection.
  • Fixed a build issue with GHC HEAD.

  • Fixed test failures caused by 1.14


  • Moved Coincides to Linear.Plucker.Coincides. The constructors Line and Ray oft collided with user code.


  • Switched ‘ortho’ to follow the OpenGL handedness.


  • Added “swizzle” lenses e.g. _yzx, which are useful for working with libraries like gl.


  • Added ‘transpose’
  • Added missing ‘Mxy’ matrices up to 4 dimensions – they were commonly reimplemented by users.


  • Fixed an issue with UndecidableInstances on GHC 7.6.3


  • Added Linear.Perspective.


  • Added _Point, relative and a few instances for Point.


  • Changed the ‘representation’ of V n from E (V n), which was hard to use, to Int, which is a bit too permissive, but is easy to use.


  • Added Linear.V2.angle.


  • Added Hashable instances.


  • Added a role annotation to V n a to prevent users from using GHC 7.8’s Coercible machinery to violate invariants.

  • Fixed a broken build


  • Added MonadZip instances.
  • Added MonadFix instances.
  • Added Control.Lens.Each.Each instances


  • Bugfixed slerp


  • Added missing Unbox instances for working with unboxed vectors of linear data types.


  • Fixed axisAngle
  • unit now has a rank 1 type.


  • lens 4 compatibility


  • Renamed incore to column and added an example.

  • Build bugfix


  • Better implementations of basis and basisFor.
  • Derived Generic instances.


  • Improved matrix multiplication to properly support the sparse/sparse case.


  • Marked modules Trustworthy as necessary.


  • Dependency bump for reflection compatibility


  • Fixed an infinite loop in the default definition of liftI2.


  • Added Additive instances for [], Maybe and Vector.


  • Strict vectors
  • Exported mkTransformationMat
  • Bumped dependency bounds

0.9.1 [bug fix]

  • Exported Linear.V0!


  • Added sparse vector support.


  • Added Linear.V0


  • Added Linear.Instances
  • More documentation


  • Removed the direct dependency on lens.
  • Added Linear.Core to cover vector spaces as corepresentable functors.


  • Added Ix instances for V2, V3, and V4

  • Removed the upper bound on distributive


  • Initial hackage release