Package Synopsis
3d-graphics-examples- Examples of 3D graphics programming with OpenGL
3dmodels-0.3.0 3D model parsers
4Blocks-0.2 A tetris-like game (works with GHC 6.8.3 and Gtk2hs 0.9.13)
a50-0.5 Compare genome assemblies
AAI- Abstract Application Interface
abacate- Parser for a language similar to Cucumber's Gherkin
abcBridge-0.15 Bindings for ABC, A System for Sequential Synthesis and Verification
abcnotation-1.9.0 Haskell representation and parser for ABC notation
abc-puzzle-0.2.1 Generate instances of the ABC Logic Puzzle
abeson- interconversion between aeson and bson
ABList-0.0.3 An alternating list of two types
abnf- Parse ABNF and generate parsers for the specified document
AbortT-monadstf-1.0 Monads-tf instances for the AbortT monad transformer
AbortT-mtl- mtl instances for the AbortT monad transformer
AbortT-transformers- A monad and monadic transformer providing "abort" functionality
abstract-deque-0.3 Abstract, parameterized interface to mutable Deques
abstract-deque-tests-0.3 A test-suite for any queue or double-ended queue satisfying an interface
abstract-par-0.3.3 Type classes generalizing the functionality of the 'monad-par' library
abstract-par-accelerate-0.3.3 Provides the class ParAccelerate, nothing more
abt- Abstract binding trees for Haskell
AC-Angle-1.0 Angles in degrees and radians
AC-Boolean-1.1.0 Handle Boolean values generatically
AC-BuildPlatform-1.1.0 Detect which OS you're running on
accelerate- An embedded language for accelerated array processing
accelerate-arithmetic- Linear algebra and interpolation using the Accelerate framework
accelerate-bignum- Fixed-length large integer arithmetic for Accelerate
accelerate-blas- Numeric Linear Algebra in Accelerate
accelerate-cublas-0.1 Basic Linear Algebra using native CUBLAS library
accelerate-cuda- Accelerate backend for NVIDIA GPUs
accelerate-cufft-1.0 Accelerate frontend to the CUFFT library (Fourier transform)
accelerate-examples- Examples using the Accelerate library
accelerate-fft- FFT using the Accelerate library
accelerate-fftw- Accelerate frontend to the FFTW library (Fourier transform)
accelerate-fourier- Fast Fourier transform and convolution using the Accelerate framework
accelerate-fourier-benchmark- Compare different implementations of the Fast Fourier Transform
accelerate-io- Read and write Accelerate arrays in various formats
accelerate-llvm- Accelerate backend component generating LLVM IR
accelerate-llvm-native- Accelerate backend for multicore CPUs
accelerate-llvm-ptx- Accelerate backend for NVIDIA GPUs
accelerate-random- Generate Accelerate arrays filled with high quality pseudorandom numbers
accelerate-typelits- a typesafe way encode accelerate matrices and vectors
accelerate-utility- Utility functions for the Accelerate framework
accentuateus-0.9.4 A Haskell implementation of the API
access-time- Cross-platform support for retrieving file access times
access-token-provider- Provides Access Token for Services
AC-Colour-1.1.6 Efficient RGB colour types
accuerr- Data type like Either but with accumulating error type
ace-0.6 Attempto Controlled English parser and printer
AC-EasyRaster-GTK-1.1.3 GTK+ pixel plotting
AC-HalfInteger-1.2.1 Efficient half-integer type
acid-state-0.14.3 Add ACID guarantees to any serializable Haskell data structure
acid-state-dist- A replication backend for acid-state
acid-state-tls-0.9.2 Add TLS support for Data.Acid.Remote
acl2-0.0.1 Writing and calling ACL2 from Haskell
ac-machine- Aho-Corasick string matching algorithm in Haskell
ac-machine-conduit- Drive Aho-Corasick machines in Conduit pipelines
ACME- Essential features
acme-all-monad- A monad which is powerful enough to interpret any action
acme-box- A full featured empty project
acme-cadre-0.1 car, cdr and more
acme-cofunctor- A Cofunctor is a structure from category theory dual to Functor
acme-colosson-0.1 Determines whether it is numberwang
acme-comonad- A more efficient dualization
acme-cuteboy- Maybe gives you a cute boy
acme-cutegirl- Maybe gives you a cute girl
acme-default-0.1.0 A class for types with a distinguished aesthetically pleasing value
acme-dont-1.1 A don't construct
acme-everything-2018.11.18 Install everything
acme-flipping-tables-0 Stop execution with rage
acme-functors- The best applicative functors
acme-grawlix- More readable names for commonly used symbols
acme-hq9plus-0.1 An embedded DSL for the HQ9+ programming language
acme-http-0.2.3 fastest Haskell PONG server in the world
acme-inator- Evil inventions in the Tri-State area
acme-io- The only true way to do IO in Haskell!
acme-iot- IO monad transformer
acme-kitchen-sink- A place for dumping that does-not-feel-right code while you improve it
acme-left-pad-3.0 free your haskell from the tyranny of npm!
acme-lolcat-0.1.1 LOLSPEAK translator
acme-lookofdisapproval-0.1 Express your disapproval
acme-memorandom-0.0.3 Memoized random number generation
acme-microwave- The eighth wonder of the world, kitchen math!
acme-miscorder- Miscellaneous newtypes for orderings of discutable use
acme-missiles-0.3 Cause serious international side effects
acme-mutable-package-0 A mutable package
acme-now- An interface to the philosophical and metaphysical "now"
acme-numbersystem- Define the less than and add and subtract for nats
acme-omitted- A name for omitted definitions
acme-one-0.0.2 The identity element of package dependencies
acme-operators- Operators of base, all in one place!
acme-php-0.0.5 The flexibility of Haskell and the safety of PHP
acme-pointful-numbers- Make more than one point in numeric literals
acme-realworld-0.1.1 Primitives for manipulating the state of the universe
acme-safe- Safe versions of some infamous haskell functions such as fromJust
acme-schoenfinkel-0.1.1 Proper names for curry and uncurry
acme-smuggler- Smuggle arbitrary values in arbitrary types
acme-strfry-0.1 A binding to the glibc strfry function
acme-stringly-typed- Stringly Typed Programming
acme-strtok- A Haskell port of the C/PHP strtok function
acme-timemachine- An easy way to perform and unperform IO and other stateful actions
acme-year-2016 Get the current year
acme-zalgo- A somewhat flexible Zalgo̐ te̳͜x̥̖̉̓͞t̍̌̔ ̀̃t̴̢̞̜͓̝r̶̬̆̂̒͟á̧̡͎͔̯̰̕n̹̾̓ͬͦ̍͘ṡ̢͓͉ͮ͆l̠̖̹̗̳̖̽̌ͤ͞a͚̭͙̹̲ͭͩt͈͐o̢̭͇͍̟͐ͬ̾ͪ͜r͇.̸̅ͭ̐̀̊ͨ͛
acme-zero-0.0.2 The absorbing element of package dependencies
AC-MiniTest-1.1.1 A simple test framework
AC-PPM-1.1.1 Trivial package for writing PPM images
acquire- Abstraction over management of resources
AC-Random-0.1 A pure Haskell PRNG
AC-Terminal-1.0 Trivial wrapper over ansi-terminal
ActionKid- An easy-to-use video game framework for Haskell
action-permutations- Execute a set of actions (e.g. parsers) in each possible order
active- Abstractions for animation
activehs-0.3.2 Haskell code presentation tool
activehs-base- Basic definitions for activehs
activitypub- ActivityPub Haskell Library
activitystreams-aeson- An interface to the ActivityStreams specification
actor-0.1.1 Actors with multi-headed receive clauses
AC-VanillaArray-1.1.2 Immutable arrays with plain integer indicies
AC-Vector-2.3.2 Efficient geometric vectors and transformations
AC-Vector-Fancy-2.4.0 Fancy type-system stuff for AC-Vector
ad-4.3.5 Automatic Differentiation
Adaptive-0.23 Library for incremental computing
Adaptive-Blaisorblade-0.23 Library for incremental computing
adaptive-containers-0.3 Self optimizing container types
adaptive-tuple-0.2.0 Self-optimizing tuple types
adb- Android Debug Bridge (ADB) protocol
adblock2privoxy-2.0.0 Convert adblock config files to privoxy format
addLicenseInfo-0.1 Adds license info to the top of a file
adga-unknown Metadata not found
adhoc-network-1.0.3 Ad-hoc P2P network protocol
adict-0.4.1 Approximate dictionary searching
adjunctions-4.4 Adjunctions and representable functors
adler32- An implementation of Adler-32, supporting rolling checksum operation
adobe-swatch-exchange-0.2.0 parse Adobe Swatch Exchange files and (optionally) output .css files with the colors
ADPfusion- Efficient, high-level dynamic programming
ADPfusionForest- Dynamic programming on tree and forest structures
ADPfusionSet- Dynamic programming for Set data structures
adp-multi-0.2.3 ADP for multiple context-free languages
adp-multi-monadiccp-0.2.1 Subword construction in adp-multi using monadiccp
advent-of-code-api- Advent of Code REST API bindings
Advgame-0.1.2 Lisperati's adventure game in Lisp translated to Haskell
aern2-mp- Multi-precision ball (interval) arithmetic
aern2-real- Exact real numbers via Cauchy sequences and MPFR
AERN-Basics-2011.1.0.1 foundational type classes for approximating exact real numbers
AERN-Net- Compositional lazy dataflow networks for exact real number computation
AERN-Real-2011.1.0.1 arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic
AERN-Real-Double-2011.1.0.2 arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic
AERN-Real-Interval-2011.1.0.1 arbitrary precision real interval arithmetic
AERN-RnToRm- polynomial function enclosures (PFEs) approximating exact real functions
AERN-RnToRm-Plot- GL plotting of polynomial function enclosures (PFEs)
AES-0.2.9 Fast AES encryption/decryption for bytestrings
aeson- Fast JSON parsing and encoding
aeson-applicative- make To/From JSOn instances from an applicative description
aeson-attoparsec-0.0.0 Embed an Attoparsec text parser into an Aeson parser
aeson-better-errors- Better error messages when decoding JSON values
AesonBson-0.2.2 Mapping between Aeson's JSON and Bson objects
aeson-bson-0.3.0 Mapping between Aeson's JSON and Bson objects
aeson-casing- Tools to change the formatting of field names in Aeson instances
aeson-coerce- Initial project template from stack
aeson-compat-0.3.9 Compatibility layer for aeson
aeson-decode- Easy functions for converting from Aeson.Value
aeson-diff- Extract and apply patches to JSON documents
aeson-diff-generic-0.0.3 Apply a json-patch to any haskell datatype
aeson-extra- Extra goodies for aeson
aeson-filthy-0.1.2 Several newtypes and combinators for dealing with less-than-cleanly JSON input
aeson-flat-0.1.1 Tools for creating flat JSON serializations
aeson-flatten- JSON flatten for Aeson
aeson-flowtyped-0.9.1 Create Flow type definitions from Haskell data types
aeson-generic-compat- Compatible generic class names of Aeson
aeson-injector- Injecting fields into aeson values
aeson-iproute-0.2 Aeson instances for iproute types
aeson-json-ast-0.1.1 Integration layer for "json-ast" and "aeson"
aeson-lens- Lens of Aeson
aeson-native- Fast JSON parsing and encoding (deprecated)
aeson-options-0.1.0 Options to derive FromJSON/ToJSON instances
aeson-parsec-picky- Alternative JSON parser based on Parsec and Aeson
aeson-picker- Tiny library to get fields from JSON format
aeson-prefix- Hiearchical prefixing for aeson
aeson-pretty-0.8.7 JSON pretty-printing library and command-line tool
aeson-qq-0.8.2 JSON quasiquoter for Haskell
aeson-quick- Quick JSON extractions with Aeson
aeson-schema- Haskell JSON schema validator and parser generator
aeson-serialize-0.0.0 Simple serialization functions for aeson types
aeson-smart- Smart derivation of Aeson instances
aeson-streams-0.1.0 An HTTP client library for JSON-based APIs
aeson-t-0.0.5 Transform JSON
aeson-tiled- Aeson instances for the Tiled map editor
aeson-toolkit-0.0.1 A generalization of Aeson over Failure
aeson-typescript- Generate TypeScript definition files from your ADTs
aeson-utils- Utilities for working with Aeson
aeson-value-parser-0.12.4 An API for parsing "aeson" JSON tree into Haskell types
aeson-yak- Handle JSON that may or may not be a list, or exist
affection- A simple Game Engine using SDL
affine- Affine spaces (generalized)
affine-invariant-ensemble-mcmc- General-purpose sampling
afis-0.1.2 Anti-forensic Information Splitter
AFSM- Arrowized functional state machines
afv-0.1.1 Infinite state model checking of iterative C programs
Agata- Generator-generator for QuickCheck
Agda- A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant
Agda-executable- Command-line program for type-checking and compiling Agda programs
agda-server-0.1.1 Http server for Agda (prototype)
agda-snippets-2.5.2 Render just the Agda snippets of a literate Agda file to HTML
agda-snippets-hakyll- Literate Agda support using agda-snippets, for Hakyll pages
agentx- AgentX protocol for write SNMP subagents
AGI-1.3 A library for writing AGI scripts for Asterisk
ag-pictgen- Attribute Grammar picture generation
agum-2.7 Unification and Matching in an Abelian Group
AhoCorasick-0.0.3 Aho-Corasick string matching algorithm
aig-0.2.6 And-inverter graphs in Haskell
aip-0.1.1 Aeronautical Information Package (AIP)
air-2015.5.4 air
airbrake- An Airbrake notifier for Haskell
air-extra-2015.5.4 air-extra
airship-0.9.3 A Webmachine-inspired HTTP library
air-spec-2013.7.1 air spec helper
airtable-api- Requesting and introspecting Tables within an Airtable project
air-th-2014.11.17 air
aivika-5.8 A multi-method simulation library
aivika-branches-0.3 Nested discrete event simulation module for the Aivika library
aivika-distributed-1.4 Parallel distributed discrete event simulation module for the Aivika library
aivika-experiment-5.3 Simulation experiments for the Aivika library
aivika-experiment-cairo-5.1 Cairo-based charting backend for the Aivika simulation library
aivika-experiment-chart-5.3 Simulation experiments with charting for the Aivika library
aivika-experiment-diagrams-5.1 Diagrams-based charting backend for the Aivika simulation library
aivika-gpss-0.6.1 GPSS-like DSL for Aivika
aivika-lattice-0.6 Nested discrete event simulation module for the Aivika library using lattice
aivika-realtime-0.3 Soft real-time simulation module for the Aivika library
aivika-transformers-5.8 Transformers for the Aivika simulation library
ajhc- Haskell compiler that produce binary through C language
al- OpenAL 1.1 raw API
AlanDeniseEricLauren- Find the minimal subset/submap satisfying some property
alarmclock- Wake up and perform an action at a certain time
alea- a diceware passphrase generator
alerta- Bindings to the alerta REST API
alerts- Alert messages for web applications
alex-3.2.4 Alex is a tool for generating lexical analysers in Haskell
alex-meta- Quasi-quoter for Alex lexers
alex-prelude- Collection of useful functions for writing console applications
alex-tools-0.4 A set of functions for a common use case of Alex
alfred-0.5 utility library for Alfred version 2
alg- Algebraic structures
alga-0.2.2 Algorithmic automation for various DAWs
algebra-4.3.1 Constructive abstract algebra
algebra-dag- Infrastructure for DAG-shaped relational algebra plans
algebraic- General linear algebra structures
algebraic-classes-0.9.2 Conversions between algebraic classes and F-algebras
algebraic-graphs-0.3 A library for algebraic graph construction and transformation
algebraic-prelude- Algebraically structured Prelude
algebra-sql- Relational Algebra and SQL Code Generation
algolia- A client implementing the Algolia search API
AlgoRhythm- Algorithmic music composition
AlgorithmW- Example implementation of Algorithm W for Hindley-Milner type inference
algo-s- An implementation of Knuth's algorithm S
align- Sequence alignment algorithms
aligned-foreignptr-0.1 An aligned ForeignPtr type
AlignmentAlgorithms- Collection of alignment algorithms
align-text- A simple unix filter to align text on specified substrings
alist- lists with O(1) append
allocated-processor-0.0.2 Functional combinators for monadic actions that require allocation and de-allocation
alloy-1.2.2 Generic programming library
alloy-proxy-fd-1.0.0 Some add-on instances for the Alloy library
Allure- Near-future Sci-Fi roguelike and tactical squad game
almost-fix-0.0.2 Recurse while a predicate is satisfied
alms-0.6.9 a practical affine language
alpha-1.0.15 A compiler for the Alpha language
alphachar-0.0.3 A character between a-z
alpino-tools-0.2.0 Alpino data manipulation tools
alsa-0.4 Binding to the ALSA Library API
alsa-core- Binding to the ALSA Library API (Exceptions)
alsa-gui-0.1 Some simple interactive programs for sending MIDI control messages via ALSA
alsa-midi- Bindings for the ALSA sequencer API (MIDI stuff)
alsa-mixer-0.3.0 Bindings to the ALSA simple mixer API
alsa-pcm- Binding to the ALSA Library API (PCM audio)
alsa-pcm-tests-0.1 Tests for the ALSA audio signal library
alsa-seq- Binding to the ALSA Library API (MIDI sequencer)
alsa-seq-tests-0.1 Tests for the ALSA sequencer library
altcomposition- Alternative combinators for unorthodox function composition
alternative-extra- Extra utilities for alternatives
alternative-io-0.0.1 IO as Alternative instance (deprecated)
alternative-vector-0.0.0 Use vectors instead of lists for many and some
alternators- Handy functions when using transformers
altfloat-0.3.1 Alternative floating point support for GHC
alto-0 Implement a menu experience fit for web users
alure-0.1 A Haskell binding for ALURE
ALUT- A binding for the OpenAL Utility Toolkit
alut-unknown Metadata not found
amazon-emailer- A queue daemon for Amazon's SES with a PostgreSQL table as a queue
amazon-emailer-client-snap- Client library for amazon-emailer daemon
amazonka-1.6.0 Comprehensive Amazon Web Services SDK
amazonka-alexa-business-1.6.0 Amazon Alexa For Business SDK
amazonka-apigateway-1.6.0 Amazon API Gateway SDK
amazonka-application-autoscaling-1.6.0 Amazon Application Auto Scaling SDK
amazonka-appstream-1.6.0 Amazon AppStream SDK
amazonka-appsync-1.6.0 Amazon AppSync SDK
amazonka-athena-1.6.0 Amazon Athena SDK
amazonka-autoscaling-1.6.0 Amazon Auto Scaling SDK
amazonka-autoscaling-plans-1.6.0 Amazon Auto Scaling Plans SDK
amazonka-batch-1.6.0 Amazon Batch SDK
amazonka-budgets-1.6.0 Amazon Budgets SDK
amazonka-certificatemanager-1.6.0 Amazon Certificate Manager SDK
amazonka-certificatemanager-pca-1.6.0 Amazon Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority SDK
amazonka-cloud9-1.6.0 Amazon Cloud9 SDK
amazonka-clouddirectory-1.6.0 Amazon CloudDirectory SDK
amazonka-cloudformation-1.6.0 Amazon CloudFormation SDK
amazonka-cloudfront-1.6.0 Amazon CloudFront SDK
amazonka-cloudhsm-1.6.0 Amazon CloudHSM SDK
amazonka-cloudhsmv2-1.6.0 Amazon CloudHSM V2 SDK
amazonka-cloudsearch-1.6.0 Amazon CloudSearch SDK
amazonka-cloudsearch-domains-1.6.0 Amazon CloudSearch Domain SDK
amazonka-cloudtrail-1.6.0 Amazon CloudTrail SDK
amazonka-cloudwatch-1.6.0 Amazon CloudWatch SDK
amazonka-cloudwatch-events-1.6.0 Amazon CloudWatch Events SDK
amazonka-cloudwatch-logs-1.6.0 Amazon CloudWatch Logs SDK
amazonka-codebuild-1.6.0 Amazon CodeBuild SDK
amazonka-codecommit-1.6.0 Amazon CodeCommit SDK
amazonka-codedeploy-1.6.0 Amazon CodeDeploy SDK
amazonka-codepipeline-1.6.0 Amazon CodePipeline SDK
amazonka-codestar-1.6.0 Amazon CodeStar SDK
amazonka-cognito-identity-1.6.0 Amazon Cognito Identity SDK
amazonka-cognito-idp-1.6.0 Amazon Cognito Identity Provider SDK
amazonka-cognito-sync-1.6.0 Amazon Cognito Sync SDK
amazonka-comprehend-1.6.0 Amazon Comprehend SDK
amazonka-config-1.6.0 Amazon Config SDK
amazonka-connect-1.6.0 Amazon Connect Service SDK
amazonka-core-1.6.0 Core data types and functionality for Amazonka libraries
amazonka-cost-explorer-1.6.0 Amazon Cost Explorer Service SDK
amazonka-cur-1.6.0 Amazon Cost and Usage Report Service SDK
amazonka-datapipeline-1.6.0 Amazon Data Pipeline SDK
amazonka-devicefarm-1.6.0 Amazon Device Farm SDK
amazonka-directconnect-1.6.0 Amazon Direct Connect SDK
amazonka-discovery-1.6.0 Amazon Application Discovery Service SDK
amazonka-dms-1.6.0 Amazon Database Migration Service SDK
amazonka-ds-1.6.0 Amazon Directory Service SDK
amazonka-dynamodb-1.6.0 Amazon DynamoDB SDK
amazonka-dynamodb-dax-1.6.0 Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) SDK
amazonka-dynamodb-streams-1.6.0 Amazon DynamoDB Streams SDK
amazonka-ec2-1.6.0 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud SDK
amazonka-ecr-1.6.0 Amazon EC2 Container Registry SDK
amazonka-ecs-1.6.0 Amazon EC2 Container Service SDK
amazonka-efs-1.6.0 Amazon Elastic File System SDK
amazonka-elasticache-1.6.0 Amazon ElastiCache SDK
amazonka-elasticbeanstalk-1.6.0 Amazon Elastic Beanstalk SDK
amazonka-elasticsearch-1.6.0 Amazon Elasticsearch Service SDK
amazonka-elastictranscoder-1.6.0 Amazon Elastic Transcoder SDK
amazonka-elb-1.6.0 Amazon Elastic Load Balancing SDK
amazonka-elbv2-1.6.0 Amazon Elastic Load Balancing SDK
amazonka-emr-1.6.0 Amazon Elastic MapReduce SDK
amazonka-fms-1.6.0 Amazon Firewall Management Service SDK
amazonka-gamelift-1.6.0 Amazon GameLift SDK
amazonka-glacier-1.6.0 Amazon Glacier SDK
amazonka-glue-1.6.0 Amazon Glue SDK
amazonka-greengrass-1.6.0 Amazon Greengrass SDK
amazonka-guardduty-1.6.0 Amazon GuardDuty SDK
amazonka-health-1.6.0 Amazon Health APIs and Notifications SDK
amazonka-iam-1.6.0 Amazon Identity and Access Management SDK
amazonka-iam-policy-0.0.4 Amazon IAM Policy Document DSL and Combinators
amazonka-importexport-1.6.0 Amazon Import/Export SDK
amazonka-inspector-1.6.0 Amazon Inspector SDK
amazonka-iot-1.6.0 Amazon IoT SDK
amazonka-iot-analytics-1.6.0 Amazon IoT Analytics SDK
amazonka-iot-dataplane-1.6.0 Amazon IoT Data Plane SDK
amazonka-iot-jobs-dataplane-1.6.0 Amazon IoT Jobs Data Plane SDK
amazonka-kinesis-1.6.0 Amazon Kinesis SDK
amazonka-kinesis-analytics-1.6.0 Amazon Kinesis Analytics SDK
amazonka-kinesis-firehose-1.6.0 Amazon Kinesis Firehose SDK
amazonka-kinesis-video-1.6.0 Amazon Kinesis Video Streams SDK
amazonka-kinesis-video-archived-media-1.6.0 Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Archived Media SDK
amazonka-kinesis-video-media-1.6.0 Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Media SDK
amazonka-kms-1.6.0 Amazon Key Management Service SDK
amazonka-lambda-1.6.0 Amazon Lambda SDK
amazonka-lex-models-1.6.0 Amazon Lex Model Building Service SDK
amazonka-lex-runtime-1.6.0 Amazon Lex Runtime Service SDK
amazonka-lightsail-1.6.0 Amazon Lightsail SDK
amazonka-marketplace-analytics-1.6.0 Amazon Marketplace Commerce Analytics SDK
amazonka-marketplace-entitlement-1.6.0 Amazon Marketplace Entitlement Service SDK
amazonka-marketplace-metering-1.6.0 Amazon Marketplace Metering SDK
amazonka-mechanicalturk-1.6.0 Amazon Mechanical Turk SDK
amazonka-mediaconvert-1.6.0 Amazon Elemental MediaConvert SDK
amazonka-medialive-1.6.0 Amazon Elemental MediaLive SDK
amazonka-mediapackage-1.6.0 Amazon Elemental MediaPackage SDK
amazonka-mediastore-1.6.0 Amazon Elemental MediaStore SDK
amazonka-mediastore-dataplane-1.6.0 Amazon Elemental MediaStore Data Plane SDK
amazonka-migrationhub-1.6.0 Amazon Migration Hub SDK
amazonka-ml-1.6.0 Amazon Machine Learning SDK
amazonka-mobile-1.6.0 Amazon Mobile SDK
amazonka-mq-1.6.0 Amazon MQ SDK
amazonka-opsworks-1.6.0 Amazon OpsWorks SDK
amazonka-opsworks-cm-1.6.0 Amazon OpsWorks for Chef Automate SDK
amazonka-organizations-1.6.0 Amazon Organizations SDK
amazonka-pinpoint-1.6.0 Amazon Pinpoint SDK
amazonka-polly-1.6.0 Amazon Polly SDK
amazonka-pricing-1.6.0 Amazon Price List Service SDK
amazonka-rds-1.6.0 Amazon Relational Database Service SDK
amazonka-redshift-1.6.0 Amazon Redshift SDK
amazonka-rekognition-1.6.0 Amazon Rekognition SDK
amazonka-resourcegroups-1.6.0 Amazon Resource Groups SDK
amazonka-resourcegroupstagging-1.6.0 Amazon Resource Groups Tagging API SDK
amazonka-route53-1.6.0 Amazon Route 53 SDK
amazonka-route53-autonaming-1.6.0 Amazon Route 53 Auto Naming SDK
amazonka-route53-domains-1.6.0 Amazon Route 53 Domains SDK
amazonka-s3-1.6.0 Amazon Simple Storage Service SDK
amazonka-s3-streaming- Provides conduits to upload data to S3 using the Multipart API
amazonka-sagemaker-1.6.0 Amazon SageMaker Service SDK
amazonka-sagemaker-runtime-1.6.0 Amazon SageMaker Runtime SDK
amazonka-sdb-1.6.0 Amazon SimpleDB SDK
amazonka-secretsmanager-1.6.0 Amazon Secrets Manager SDK
amazonka-serverlessrepo-1.6.0 Amazon ServerlessApplicationRepository SDK
amazonka-servicecatalog-1.6.0 Amazon Service Catalog SDK
amazonka-ses-1.6.0 Amazon Simple Email Service SDK
amazonka-shield-1.6.0 Amazon Shield SDK
amazonka-sms-1.6.0 Amazon Server Migration Service SDK
amazonka-snowball-1.6.0 Amazon Import/Export Snowball SDK
amazonka-sns-1.6.0 Amazon Simple Notification Service SDK
amazonka-sqs-1.6.0 Amazon Simple Queue Service SDK
amazonka-ssm-1.6.0 Amazon Simple Systems Manager (SSM) SDK
amazonka-stepfunctions-1.6.0 Amazon Step Functions SDK
amazonka-storagegateway-1.6.0 Amazon Storage Gateway SDK
amazonka-sts-1.6.0 Amazon Security Token Service SDK
amazonka-support-1.6.0 Amazon Support SDK
amazonka-swf-1.6.0 Amazon Simple Workflow Service SDK
amazonka-test-1.6.0 Common functionality for Amazonka library test-suites
amazonka-transcribe-1.6.0 Amazon Transcribe Service SDK
amazonka-translate-1.6.0 Amazon Translate SDK
amazonka-waf-1.6.0 Amazon WAF SDK
amazonka-waf-regional-1.6.0 Amazon WAF Regional SDK
amazonka-workdocs-1.6.0 Amazon WorkDocs SDK
amazonka-workmail-1.6.0 Amazon WorkMail SDK
amazonka-workspaces-1.6.0 Amazon WorkSpaces SDK
amazonka-xray-1.6.0 Amazon X-Ray SDK
amazon-products- Connector for Amazon Products API
amby-0.3.2 Statistical data visualization
AMI-0.1 Low-level bindings for Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)
ampersand-3.1.0 Toolsuite for automated design of business processes
amqp-0.18.1 Client library for AMQP servers (currently only RabbitMQ)
amqp-conduit- Conduit bindings for AMQP (see amqp package)
amqp-utils- Generic Haskell AMQP Consumer
amqp-worker-0.2.4 High level functions for working with message queues
amrun- Interpreter for AM
analyze- making data science easy and safe with data frames
analyze-client- Client for analyze service
anansi-0.4.8 Simple literate programming preprocessor
anansi-hscolour-0.1.2 Colorized looms for Anansi
anansi-pandoc-0.1.3 Looms which use Pandoc to parse and produce a variety of formats
anatomy-0.4 Anatomy: Atomo documentation system
android-0.0.2 Android methods exposed to Haskell
android-activity-0.1 Turn regular Haskell programs into Android Activities
android-lint-summary-0.2.1 A pretty printer for Android Lint errors
AndroidViewHierarchyImporter- Android view hierarchy importer
angel-0.6.2 Process management and supervision daemon
angle- A small, general-purpose programming language
animalcase- Convert camelCase to snake_case and vice versa
Animas-0.2 Updated version of Yampa: a library for programming hybrid systems
animascii- text-file based ASCII animator
animate-0.7.0 Animation for sprites
animate-example-0.2.0 Animation for sprites
animate-frames-0.0.1 Convert sprite frames to animate files
animate-preview- Preview tool for sprite animation
animate-sdl2-0.1.1 sdl2 + animate auxiliary library
anki-tools- Tools for interacting with Anki database
annah-1.0.0 Medium-level language that desugars to Morte
annihilator- Semigroups with annihilators and utility functions
annotated-wl-pprint-0.7.0 The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer, with annotation support
Annotations-0.2.2 Constructing, analyzing and destructing annotated trees
anonymous-sums- Anonymous sum types
anonymous-sums-tests- QuickCheck functions to accompany the anonymous-sums package
Ansi2Html-0.9 Convert ANSI Terminal Sequences to nice HTML markup
ansi-escape-codes- Haskell package to generate ANSI escape codes for styling strings in the terminal
ansigraph- Terminal-based graphing via ANSI and Unicode
ansi-pretty- AnsiPretty for ansi-wl-pprint
ansi-terminal-0.8.2 Simple ANSI terminal support, with Windows compatibility
ansi-terminal-game- sdl-like functions for terminal applications, based on ansi-terminal
ansi-wl-pprint- The Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for colored ANSI terminal output
antagonist- A web interface to Antisplice dungeons
antfarm- Referring expressions for definitions
anticiv- This is an IRC bot for Mafia and Resistance
antigate-2.0.2 Interface for captcha recognition API
antimirov-0.1.0 Define the language containment (=subtyping) relation on regulare expressions
antiprimes- Initial project template from stack
antiquoter- Combinator library for quasi- and anti-quoting
antisplice- An engine for text-based dungeons
antlrc-0.0.2 Haskell binding to the ANTLR parser generator C runtime library
antlr-haskell- A Haskell implementation of the ANTLR top-down parser generator
ANum- Num instance for Applicatives provided via the ANum newtype
anydbm-1.0.7 Interface for DBM-like database systems
aosd-0.2.1 Bindings to libaosd, a library for Cairo-based on-screen displays
aos-signature-0.1.1 An implementation of the AOS signatures
apache-md5- Apache specific MD5 digest algorighm
apart-0.1.3 Get all your structure and rip it apart
apecs-0.7.1 Fast ECS framework for game programming
apecs-gloss-0.2.0 Simple gloss renderer for apecs
apecs-physics-0.3.1 2D physics for apecs
apecs-physics-gloss- Gloss rendering for apecs-physics
apelsin-1.2.3 Server and community browser for the game Tremulous
apiary-2.1.2 Simple and type safe web framework that generate web API documentation
apiary-authenticate-1.5.1 authenticate support for apiary web framework
apiary-clientsession-1.5.1 clientsession support for apiary web framework
apiary-cookie-1.5.1 Cookie support for apiary web framework
apiary-eventsource-1.5.1 eventsource support for apiary web framework
apiary-helics-1.4.0 helics support for apiary web framework
apiary-http-client- A http client for Apiary
apiary-logger-1.5.1 fast-logger support for apiary web framework
apiary-memcached-1.4.0 memcached client for apiary web framework
apiary-mongoDB-1.5.1 mongoDB support for apiary web framework
apiary-persistent-1.5.1 persistent support for apiary web framework
apiary-purescript-1.4.0 purescript compiler for apiary web framework
apiary-redis-1.5.1 redis support for apiary web framework
apiary-session-1.5.0 session support for apiary web framework
apiary-websockets-1.5.0 websockets support for apiary web framework
api-builder- Library for easily building REST API wrappers in Haskell
api-field-json-th- option of aeson's deriveJSON
apioiaf-client- Consumer library for
api-opentheory-unicode-1.2 OpenTheory unicode character API
apis-0.0.1 A Template Haskell library for generating type safe API calls
api-tools- DSL for generating API boilerplate and docs
apns-http2- Apple Push Notification service HTTP/2 integration
apotiki-0.5.2 a faster debian repository
appar-0.1.7 A simple applicative parser
appc-0.0.6 app container types and tools
appendmap-0.1.5 Map with a Semigroup and Monoid instances delegating to Semigroup of the elements
app-lens- applicative (functional) bidirectional programming beyond composition chains
ApplePush-0.1 Library for Apple Push Notification Service
AppleScript- Call AppleScript from Haskell, and then call back into Haskell
applicative-extras-0.1.8 Instances for Applicative
applicative-fail-1.1.1 Applicative functor and monad which collects all your fails
applicative-numbers-0.1.3 Applicative-based numeric instances
applicative-parsec- An applicative parser combinator library
applicative-quoters- Quasiquoters for idiom brackets and an applicative do-notation
applicative-splice- Write applicative programs in direct style (generalizes idiom brackets)
apply-refact- Perform refactorings specified by the refact library
apportionment- Round a set of numbers while maintaining its sum
ApproxFun-hs- Function approximation
approximate-0.3.1 Approximate discrete values and numbers
approximate-equality- Newtype wrappers for approximate equality
approx-rand-test-0.2.1 Approximate randomization test
app-settings- A library to manage application settings (INI file-like)
ap-reflect-0.3 Partial evaluation reflection a la simple-reflect
arbb-vm- FFI binding to the Intel Array Building Blocks (ArBB) virtual machine
arb-fft- Pure Haskell arbitrary length FFT library
arbor-datadog- Datadog client for Haskell
arbor-monad-metric-1.1.0 Core metric library for publishing metrics
arbor-monad-metric-datadog-1.0.0 Metric library backend for datadog
arbor-postgres-0.0.3 Convenience types and functions for postgresql-simple
arbtt- Automatic Rule-Based Time Tracker
arcgrid- Parse ESRI/ArcInfo (ArcGrid) raster GIS files
arcgrid-viewer- Simple viewer for ESRI/ArcInfo (ArcGrid) geospatial data
archive-1.2.12 A library and programs for creating hardlinked incremental archives or backups
archiver- Archive supplied URLs in WebCite & Internet Archive
archlinux-1.3 Support for working with Arch Linux packages
archlinux-web-0.1 Website maintenance for Arch Linux packages
archnews-0.2 Convert Arch Linux package updates in RSS to pretty markdown
arena-0.1 A journaled data store
arff-0.1.0 Generate Attribute-Relation File Format (ARFF) files
arghwxhaskell- An interpreter for the Argh! programming language in wxHaskell
argon- Measure your code's complexity
argon2- Memory-hard password hash and proof-of-work function
argparser-0.3.4 Command line parsing framework for console applications
arguedit- A computer assisted argumentation transcription and editing software
ariadne- Go-to-definition for Haskell
arion- Watcher and runner for Hspec
arith-encode-1.0.0 A practical arithmetic encoding (aka Godel numbering) library
arithmatic- do things with numbers
arithmetic-1.2 Natural number arithmetic
arithmoi- Efficient basic number-theoretic functions
armada-0.1 Space-based real time strategy game
armor-0.1 Armor data structures against serialization backwards compatibility problems
arpa- Library for reading ARPA n-gram models
arpack- Solve large scale eigenvalue problems
array- Mutable and immutable arrays
array-forth- A simple interpreter for arrayForth, the language used on GreenArrays chips
arraylist- Memory-efficient ArrayList implementation
array-memoize-0.6.0 Memoization combinators using arrays for finite sub-domains of functions
array-primops- Extra foreign primops for primitive arrays
ArrayRef- Unboxed references, dynamic arrays and more
array-utils-0.3 Primitive functions for updating many elements in mutable arrays at once
arrowapply-utils-0.2 Utilities for working with ArrowApply instances more naturally
arrow-extras- Extra functions for Control.Arrow
arrow-improve- Improved arrows
arrow-list-0.7 List arrows for Haskell
arrowp- preprocessor translating arrow notation into Haskell 98
arrowp-qq- A preprocessor and quasiquoter for translating arrow notation
arrows- Arrow classes and transformers
ArrowVHDL-1.1 A library to generate Netlist code from Arrow descriptions
artery-0.1.1 A simple, arrow-based reactive programming
artifact- Basic types and instances for Valve's Artifact Card-set API
ar-timestamp-wiper-0.1.0 Wipes time stamps from .a files (like ar -D)
arx-0.3.2 Archive execution tool
arxiv-0.0.1 A client for the Arxiv API
ascetic- Generic markup builder
ascii- Type-safe, bytestring-based ASCII values
ascii85-conduit- Conduit for encoding ByteString into Ascii85
ascii-art-to-unicode- ASCII Art to Unicode Box Drawing converter
asciichart-1.0.1 Line charts in terminal
ascii-cows- A collection of ASCII cows. Moo
asciidiagram- Pretty rendering of Ascii diagram into svg or png
ascii-flatten- Flattens European non-ASCII characaters into ASCII
ascii-progress- A simple progress bar for the console
ascii-string- Compact representation of ASCII strings
ascii-table- ASCII table
ascii-vector-avc- Process Ascii Vectors for Advantest 93k
asic-1.2 Action Script Instrumentation Compiler
asil-1.2 Action Script Instrumentation Library
asn- asn type and encoding/decoding
ASN1- ASN.1 support for Haskell
asn1-codec-0.2.0 Encode and decode ASN.1
asn1-data-0.7.2 ASN1 data reader and writer in RAW, BER and DER forms
asn1dump-0.1.0 Dump ASN1 structure
asn1-encoding-0.9.5 ASN1 data reader and writer in RAW, BER and DER forms
asn1-parse-0.9.4 Simple monadic parser for ASN1 stream types
asn1-types-0.3.2 ASN.1 types
AspectAG- Attribute Grammars in the form of an EDSL
aspell-pipe-0.3 Pipe-based interface to the Aspell program
assembler-0.0.1 Haskell Assembler
assert- Helpers for Control.Exception.assert
assert-failure- Syntactic sugar improving 'assert' and 'error'
assertions- A simple testing framework
asset-bundle- A build-time Cabal library that bundles executables with assets
asset-map- Asset map support for the JavaScript broccoli-asset-rev library
assimp-0.1 The Assimp asset import library
assoc-list- Association lists (lists of tuples)
assoc-listlike- Association lists (list-like collections of tuples)
astar- General A* search algorithm
ast-monad- A library for constructing AST by using do-notation
ast-monad-json- A library for writing JSON
astrds-0.1.1 an incomplete 2d space game
astro- Amateur astronomical computations
astview-0.1.4 A GTK-based abstract syntax tree viewer for custom languages and parsers
astview-utils-0.1 Interfacing between hint and astview
async-2.2.1 Run IO operations asynchronously and wait for their results
async-ajax- Crossbrowser async AJAX Bindings for GHCJS
async-combinators-0.0.1 Async combinators
async-dejafu- Run MonadConc operations asynchronously and wait for their results
async-extra- Useful concurrent combinators
async-extras- Extra Utilities for the Async Library
asynchronous-exceptions- Distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous exceptions
async-io-either- Could be useful
async-manager- A thread manager for async
async-pool- A modified version of async that supports worker groups and many-to-many task dependencies
async-refresh- Package implementing core logic for refreshing of expiring data
async-refresh-tokens- Package implementing core logic for refreshing of expiring access tokens
async-timer- Provides API for timer based execution of IO actions
aterm- serialisation for Haskell values with sharing support
aterm-utils- Utility functions for working with aterms as generated by Minitermite
atl-17072 Arrow Transformer Library
atlassian-connect-core- Atlassian Connect snaplet for the Snap Framework and helper code
atlassian-connect-descriptor- Code that helps you create a valid Atlassian Connect Descriptor
atmos- 1976 US Standard Atmosphere Model
atmos-dimensional-0.1.2 dimensional wrapper on atmos package
atmos-dimensional-tf-0.1.2 dimensional-tf wrapper on atmos package
atndapi- An interface of ATND API
atom-1.0.13 An EDSL for embedded hard realtime applications
atom-basic-0.2.5 Basic Atom feed construction
atom-conduit- Streaming parser/renderer for the Atom 1.0 standard (RFC 4287)
atomic-file-ops- Functions to atomically write to files
atomic-modify- A typeclass for mutable references that have an atomic modify operation
atomic-primops-0.8.2 A safe approach to CAS and other atomic ops in Haskell
atomic-primops-foreign-0.6.2 An atomic counter implemented using the FFI
atomic-primops-vector- Atomic operations on Data.Vector types
atomic-write- Atomically write to a file
atom-msp430-0.5.3 Convenience functions for using Atom with the MSP430 microcontroller family
atomo- A highly dynamic, extremely simple, very fun programming language
atp-haskell-1.14 Translation from Ocaml to Haskell of John Harrison's ATP code
atrans- A small collection of monad (transformer) instances
ats-format- A source-code formatter for ATS
ats-pkg- A build tool for ATS
ats-setup- ATS scripts for Cabal builds
ats-storable- Marshal ATS types into Haskell
attempt- Concrete data type for handling extensible exceptions as failures. (deprecated)
attic-schedule-0.2.0 A script I use to run "attic" for my backups
AttoBencode- Fast Bencode encoding and parsing library
AttoJson-0.5.10 Simple lightweight JSON parser, generator & manipulator based on ByteString
atto-lisp- Efficient parsing and serialisation of S-Expressions
attomail- Minimal mail delivery agent (MDA) for local mail with maildir support
attoparsec- Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings and text
attoparsec-arff-0.0 An ARFF file parser using Attoparsec
attoparsec-base64-0.0.0 Fetch only base64 characters, erroring in the attoparsec monad on failure
attoparsec-binary-0.2 Binary processing extensions to Attoparsec
attoparsec-conduit-1.1.0 Consume attoparsec parsers via conduit. (deprecated)
attoparsec-csv- A parser for CSV files that uses Attoparsec
attoparsec-data-1.0.3 Parsers for the standard Haskell data types
attoparsec-enumerator-0.3.4 Pass input from an enumerator to an Attoparsec parser
attoparsec-expr- Port of parsec's expression parser to attoparsec
attoparsec-ip-0.0.5 Parse IP data types with attoparsec
attoparsec-iso8601- Parsing of ISO 8601 dates, originally from aeson
attoparsec-iteratee-0.4.0 An adapter to convert attoparsec Parsers into blazing-fast Iteratees
attoparsec-parsec-0.1.3 An Attoparsec compatibility layer for Parsec
attoparsec-path- Convenience bindings between path and attoparsec
attoparsec-text- (deprecated)
attoparsec-text-enumerator- (deprecated)
attoparsec-time-1 Attoparsec parsers of time
attoparsec-trans- Interleaved effects for attoparsec parsers
attoparsec-uri-0.0.7 URI parser / printer using attoparsec
attoparsec-varword- Variable-length integer decoding for Attoparsec
attosplit- Split a lazy bytestring at boundaries defined by an attoparsec parser
Attrac-0.1.3 Visualisation of Strange Attractors in 3-Dimensions
atuin-0.1.1 Embedded Turtle language compiler in Haskell, with Epic output
audacity-0.0.2 Interchange with the Audacity sound signal editor
audiovisual-0.0 A battery-included audiovisual framework
augeas-0.6.1 A Haskell FFI wrapper for the Augeas API
augur-2008.11.17 Renaming media collections in a breeze
aur-6.1.0 Access metadata from the Arch Linux User Repository
aura-2.0.0 A secure package manager for Arch Linux and the AUR, written in Haskell
aur-api- ArchLinux AUR json v5 API
Aurochs-0.1 Yet another parser generator for C/C++
authenticate-1.3.4 Authentication methods for Haskell web applications
authenticate-kerberos-1.0.0 Authentication methods for Haskell web applications
authenticate-ldap-0.0.3 LDAP authentication for Haskell web applications
authenticate-oauth-1.6 Library to authenticate with OAuth for Haskell web applications
authinfo-hs- Password querying for .authinfo
authoring-0.3.4 A library for writing papers
auto- Denotative, locally stateful programming DSL & platform
autoexporter-1.1.13 Automatically re-export modules
AutoForms-0.4.2 GUI library based upon generic programming (SYB3)
autom- Generates and displays patterns from next nearest neighbors cellular automata
automitive-cse- Automotive CSE emulation
automotive-cse- Automotive CSE emulation
autonix-deps- Library for Nix expression dependency generation
autonix-deps-kf5- Generate dependencies for KDE 5 Nix expressions
autoproc-0.2.1 EDSL for Procmail scripts
auto-update-0.1.4 Efficiently run periodic, on-demand actions
avahi-0.2.0 Minimal DBus bindings for Avahi daemon (
AVar- Mutable variables with Exception handling and concurrency support
avatar-generator- A simple random avatar icon generator
average-0.6.1 An average (arithmetic mean) monoid
avers- Server-side implementation of the Avers storage model
avers-api-0.1.0 Types describing the core and extended Avers APIs
avers-api-docs- Swagger documentation for the Avers API
avers-server- Server implementation of the Avers API
aviation-cessna172-diagrams-0.0.2 Diagrams for the Cessna 172 aircraft in aviation
avl-static- A compile-time balanced AVL tree
AvlTree-4.2 Balanced binary trees using the AVL algorithm
avro- Avro serialization support for Haskell
avr-shake- AVR Crosspack actions for shake build systems
avwx- Parse aviation weather reports
awesome-prelude- A prelude which I can be happy with. Based on base-prelude
awesomium- High-level Awesomium bindings
awesomium-glut- Utilities for using Awesomium with GLUT
awesomium-raw- Low-level Awesomium bindings
AWin32Console-1.1 A binding to a part of the ANSI escape code for the console
aws-0.20 Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Haskell
aws-cloudfront-signed-cookies- Generate signed cookies for AWS CloudFront
aws-cloudfront-signer- For signing AWS CloudFront HTTP URL requests
aws-configuration-tools- Configuration types, parsers & renderers for AWS services
aws-dynamodb-conduit- Conduit-based interface for AWS DynamoDB
aws-dynamodb-streams- Haskell bindings for Amazon DynamoDB Streams
aws-easy- Helper function and types for working with amazonka
aws-ec2-0.3.7 AWS EC2/VPC, ELB and CloudWatch client library for Haskell
aws-ec2-knownhosts- Capture and manage AWS EC2 known_host pubkeys
aws-elastic-transcoder- Haskell suite for the Elastic Transcoder service
aws-general-0.2.2 Bindings for Amazon Web Services (AWS) General Reference
aws-kinesis-0.1.5 Bindings for Amazon Kinesis
aws-kinesis-client- A producer & consumer client library for AWS Kinesis
aws-kinesis-reshard- Reshard AWS Kinesis streams in response to Cloud Watch metrics
aws-lambda- Haskell bindings for AWS Lambda
aws-lambda-haskell-runtime-1.0.4 Haskell runtime for AWS Lambda
aws-lambda-runtime-0 Haskell on AWS Lambda Runtime API
aws-mfa-credentials- Keep your AWS credentials file up to date with MFA-carrying credentials
aws-performance-tests-0.1.1 Performance Tests for the Haskell bindings for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
aws-route53- Amazon Route53 DNS service plugin for the aws package
aws-sdk-0.12.4 AWS SDK for Haskell
aws-sdk-text-converter-0.4.1 The text converter for aws-sdk
aws-sdk-xml-unordered-0.3.1 The xml parser for aws-sdk package
aws-ses-easy-0.1.0 Wrapper over Amazonka's SES
aws-sign4- Amazon Web Services (AWS) Signature v4 HTTP request signer
aws-simple- Dead simple bindings to commonly used AWS Services
aws-sns-0.1 Bindings for AWS SNS Version 2013-03-31
axel-0.0.8 The Axel programming language
axiom-0.4.7 Web EDSL for running in browsers and server nodes using transient
axiomatic-classes- Specify axioms for type classes and quickCheck all available instances
azubi- A simple DevOps tool which will never "reach" enterprice level
azure-acs- Windows Azure ACS
azure-email- send email with microsoft azure
azure-service-api- Haskell bindings for the Microsoft Azure Service Management API
azure-servicebus- Haskell wrapper over Microsoft Azure ServiceBus REST API
azurify- A simple library for accessing Azure blob storage
b9-0.5.51 A tool and library for building virtual machine images
babl- Haskell bindings to BABL library
babylon-0.3 An implementation of a simple 2-player board game
backdropper-1.2 Rotates backdrops for X11 displays using Imagemagic
backprop- Heterogeneous automatic differentation
backtracking-exceptions- A monad transformer for backtracking exceptions
backward-state- A state monad that runs the state in reverse through the computation
bacteria-1.1 braindead utility to compose Xinerama backgrounds
bag-0.1 A simple stable bag
Baggins-1.0 Tools for self-assembly
bake-0.5 Continuous integration system
ballast- Shipwire API client
bamboo-2010.2.25 A blog engine on Hack
bamboo-launcher-2010.2.25 bamboo-launcher
bamboo-plugin-highlight-2009.7.5 A highlight middleware
bamboo-plugin-photo-2009.7.5 A photo album middleware
bamboo-theme-blueprint-2010.2.25.1 bamboo blueprint theme
bamboo-theme-mini-html5-2009.11.27 bamboo mini html5 theme
bamse-0.9.5 A Windows Installer (MSI) generator framework
bamstats-0.4 A program to extract various information from BAM alignmnet files
Bang- A Drum Machine DSL for Haskell
bank-holidays-england- Calculation of bank holidays in England and Wales
bank-holiday-usa-0.1.1 A library for determining US bank holidays
banwords- Generalized word blacklister
barbies- Classes for working with types that can change clothes
barchart- Creating Bar Charts in Haskell
barcodes-code128-0.1.0 Generate Code 128 barcodes as PDFs
barecheck- QuickCheck implementations for common types
barley- A web based environment for learning and tinkering with Haskell
Barracuda-1.0.2 An ad-hoc P2P chat program
barrie-0.4.1 Declarative Gtk GUI library
barrier-0.1.1 style badge generator
barrier-monad- Implementation of barrier monad, can use custom front/back type
base- Basic libraries
base16-bytestring- Fast base16 (hex) encoding and decoding for ByteStrings
base32-bytestring- Fast base32 and base32hex codec for ByteStrings
base32string-0.9.1 Fast and safe representation of a Base-32 string
base58address-0.4 Parsing and serialization for Base58 addresses (Bitcoin and Ripple)
base58-bytestring-0.1.0 Implementation of BASE58 transcoding for ByteStrings
base58string-0.10.0 Fast and safe representation of a Base-58 string
base64-bytestring- Fast base64 encoding and decoding for ByteStrings
base64-bytestring-type-1 A newtype around ByteString, for base64 encoding
base64-conduit- Base64-encode and decode streams of bytes. (deprecated)
base64-string-0.2 Base64 implementation for String's
base91-2.1.0 A Generic Base91 Encoder & Decoder
base-compat-0.10.5 A compatibility layer for base
base-compat-batteries-0.10.5 base-compat with extra batteries
base-compat-migrate- Helps migrating projects to base-compat(-batteries)
base-encoding- Binary-to-text encodings (e.g. base64)
base-feature-macros- Semantic CPP feature macros for base
base-generics- This library provides some instances for extra GHC.Generic typeclass such as Int8, Word16 and some unboxed types as well
base-io-access- The IO functions included in base delimited into small, composable classes
basement-0.0.8 Foundation scrap box of array & string
base-noprelude- "base" package sans "Prelude" module
base-orphans-0.8 Backwards-compatible orphan instances for base
base-prelude-1.3 The most complete prelude formed solely from the "base" package
baserock-schema- Baserock Definitions Schema
base-unicode-symbols-0.2.3 Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators
basex-client- A BaseX client for Haskell
bash-0.1.8 Bash generation library
basic- Lifting values from base types
basic-cpuid- A small package to access the cpuid instruction directly
basic-lens-0.0.2 Basic lens type and functions
basic-prelude-0.7.0 An enhanced core prelude; a common foundation for alternate preludes
basic-sop- Basic examples and functions for generics-sop
baskell-0.1.1 An interpreter for a small functional language
batch- Simplify queuing up data and processing it in batch
batchd- Batch processing toolset for Linux / Unix
batch-rename- Make Linux or MacOS do things like "rename *.mp3 *.mp4"
battlenet- API client for Battle.Net
battlenet-yesod- Yesod integration for the battlenet package
battleplace- Core definitions for service
battleplace-api- Public API definitions of service
battleship-combinatorics- Compute number of possible arrangements in the battleship game
battleships-1.0.0 A web-based implementation of battleships including an AI opponent
bayes-stack- Framework for inferring generative probabilistic models with Gibbs sampling
bazel-runfiles- Locate Bazel runfiles location
bbdb-0.8 Ability to read, write, and modify BBDB files
bbi-0.1.0 Tools for reading Big Binary Indexed files, e.g., bigBed, bigWig
BCMtools-0.1.1 Big Contact Map Tools
bcrypt-0.0.11 Haskell bindings to the bcrypt password hash
bdcs-0.6.1 Tools for managing a content store of software packages
bdcs-api-0.1.3 BDCS API Server
bdd- Behavior-Driven Development DSL
bdelta- Simple, fast binary diff/patch
bdo-1.0.1 Update CSS in the browser without reloading the page
beam- A type-safe SQL mapper for Haskell that doesn't use Template Haskell
beamable- Generic serializer/deserializer with compact representation
beam-core- Type-safe, feature-complete SQL query and manipulation interface for Haskell
beam-migrate- SQL DDL support and migrations support library for Beam
beam-postgres- Connection layer between beam and postgres
beam-sqlite- Beam driver for SQLite
beam-th- Template Haskell utilities for beam
bearriver- A replacement of Yampa based on Monadic Stream Functions
beautifHOL-0.11 A pretty-printer for higher-order logic
bed-and-breakfast-0.5 Efficient Matrix and Vector operations in 100% Haskell
beeminder-api-1.0 Bindings to the JSON API
Befunge93-0.1 An interpreter for the Befunge-93 Programming Language
bein-0.3.3 Bein is a provenance and workflow management system for bioinformatics
belka-0.8 HTTP client DSL
bench-1.0.12 Command-line benchmark tool
bench-graph-0.1.4 Plot and compare benchmarks
benchmark-function- Test the time it takes to run a haskell function
BenchmarkHistory- Benchmark functions with history
benchpress- Micro-benchmarking with detailed statistics
bench-show-0.2.2 Show, plot and compare benchmark results
bencode- Parser and printer for bencoded data
bencodex-1.0.0 Bencodex reader/writer for Haskell
bencoding- A library for encoding and decoding of BEncode data
bento-0.1.0 🍱 Manage stateful components
BerkeleyDB-0.8.7 Berkeley DB binding
berkeleydb-2008.10.31 Pretty BerkeleyDB v4 binding
BerkeleyDBXML-0.7.2 Berkeley DB XML binding
BerlekampAlgorithm- Factorization of polynomials over finite field
berp-0.0.2 An implementation of Python 3
bert- BERT implementation
besout- Extended GCD of polynomials over F_p[x]
bet- Betfair API bindings. Bet on sports on betting exchanges
betacode- A codec for beta code (
betris- A horizontal version of tetris for braille users
between- Function combinator "between" and derived combinators
bff- Bidirectionalization for Free! (POPL'09)
bff-mono-0.2.3 "Bidirectionalization for Free" for Monomorphic Transformations
bgmax- Parse BgMax-files
bgzf- Blocked GZip
bhoogle- Simple terminal GUI for local hoogle
bibdb-0.5.3 A database based bibliography manager for BibTeX
bibtex- Parse, format and processing BibTeX files
bidirectionalization-combined- Prototype Implementation of Combining Syntactic and Semantic Bidirectionalization (ICFP'10)
bidispec-0.1.3 Specification of generators and parsers
bidispec-extras-0.1 Extra helper functions for bidirectional specifications
bifunctors-5.5.3 Bifunctors
bighugethesaurus- API wrapper for Big Huge Thesaurus
BigPixel-1.3.0 Image editor for pixel art
BiGUL-1.0.1 The Bidirectional Generic Update Language
billboard-parser- A parser for the Billboard chord dataset
billeksah-forms-1.0.0 Leksah library
billeksah-main-1.0.0 Leksah plugin base
billeksah-main-static-1.0.0 Leksah plugin base
billeksah-pane-1.0.0 Leksah library
billeksah-services-1.0.0 Leksah library
bimap-0.3.3 Bidirectional mapping between two key types
bimaps- bijections with multiple implementations
bimap-server- Two-column database server
binary- Binary serialisation for Haskell values using lazy ByteStrings
binary-bits-0.5 Bit parsing/writing on top of binary
binary-communicator- Flexible way to ease transmission of binary data
binary-conduit-1.3.1 data serialization/deserialization conduit library
binarydefer-1.2.2 Binary serialization with deferred loading
binary-derive-0.1.0 Automatic deriving of Binary using GHC.Generics
binary-enum- Simple wrappers around enum types
binary-ext-2.0.4 An alternate with strong-typed errors for `Data.Binary.Get` monad from `binary` package
binary-file-0.15.25 read/write binary file
binary-generic-0.2.1 Generic binary serialisation using binary and syb
binary-ieee754- Backport ieee754 float double combinators to older binary
binary-indexed-tree-0.1 Binary Indexed Trees (a.k.a. Fenwick Trees)
binary-list- Lists of length a power of two
binary-literal-qq-1.0 Extends Haskell with binary literals
binary-orphans- Orphan instances for binary
binary-parser-0.5.5 A highly-efficient but limited parser API specialised for bytestrings
binary-parsers- Extends binary with parsec/attoparsec style parsing combinators
binary-protocol-1.0 Monad to ease implementing a binary network protocol
binary-protocol-zmq-0.2 Monad to ease implementing a binary network protocol over ZeroMQ
binary-search- Binary and exponential searches
binary-serialise-cbor- Yet Another Binary Serialisation Library (compatibility shim)
binary-shared-0.8.3 Sharing for the binary package
binary-state-0.1.1 Simple wrapper around Data.Binary, which adds StateT to Get/Put monads
binary-store- Format to store data using the binary transform
binary-streams- data serialization/deserialization io-streams library
binary-strict- Binary deserialisation using strict ByteStrings
binary-tagged- Tagged binary serialisation
binary-typed-1.0 Type-safe binary serialization
binding-core-0.2.2 Data Binding
binding-gtk-0.2.1 Data Binding in Gtk2Hs
bindings-0.1.2 Deprecated package
bindings-apr-0.1 Low level bindings to Apache Portable Runtime (APR)
bindings-apr-util-0.1 Low level bindings to Apache Portable Runtime Utility (APR Utility)
bindings-audiofile- Low level bindings to audiofile
bindings-bfd- Bindings for libbfd, a library of the GNU `binutils'
bindings-cctools- Bindings to the CCTools WorkQueue C library
bindings-codec2- Very low-level FFI bindings for Codec2
bindings-common-1.3.4 This package is obsolete. Look for bindings-DSL instead
bindings-dc1394-0.2.1 Library for using firewire (iidc-1394) cameras
bindings-directfb-0.1 Low level bindings to DirectFB
bindings-DSL-1.0.25 FFI domain specific language, on top of hsc2hs
bindings-eskit-0.0.1 Bindings to ESKit
bindings-EsounD- Low level bindings to EsounD (ESD; Enlightened Sound Daemon)
bindings-fann-0.0.2 Low level bindings to FANN neural network library
bindings-fluidsynth-0.2.1 Haskell FFI bindings for fluidsynth software synthesizer
bindings-friso- Low level bindings for friso
bindings-GLFW- Low-level bindings to GLFW OpenGL library
bindings-glib-0.1.5 Low level bindings to GLib
bindings-gobject-0.4 Low level bindings supporting GObject and derived libraries
bindings-gpgme-0.1.7 Project bindings-* raw interface to gpgme
bindings-gsl-0.2.1 Low level bindings to GNU GSL
bindings-gts-0.1.1 Low level bindings supporting GTS, the GNU Triangulated Surface Library
bindings-hamlib- Hamlib bindings for Haskell
bindings-hdf5-0.1 Project bindings-* raw interface to HDF5 library
bindings-K8055-0.1.2 Bindings to Velleman K8055 dll
bindings-levmar- Low level bindings to the C levmar (Levenberg-Marquardt) library
bindings-libcddb-0.3 Low level binding to libcddb
bindings-libffi-0.3 Low level bindings to libffi
bindings-libftdi-0.1 Low level bindings to libftdi
bindings-libg15- Bindings to libg15
bindings-librrd- Low level bindings to RRDtool
bindings-libstemmer- Binding for libstemmer with low level binding
bindings-libusb- Low level bindings to libusb
bindings-libv4l2-0.1 bindings to libv4l2 for Linux
bindings-libzip-1.0.1 Low level bindings to libzip
bindings-linux-videodev2- bindings to Video For Linux Two (v4l2) kernel interfaces
bindings-lxc-0.2.2 Direct Haskell bindings to LXC (Linux containers) C API
bindings-mmap-1.0 (deprecated) see bindings-posix instead
bindings-monetdb-mapi- Low-level bindings for the MonetDB API (mapi)
bindings-mpdecimal- bindings to mpdecimal library
bindings-nettle-0.4 bindings to nettle crypto library
bindings-parport-0.0.4 parport bindings
bindings-portaudio-0.2 Low-level bindings to portaudio library
bindings-posix-1.2.7 Project bindings-* raw interface to Posix
bindings-potrace-0.1 Low-level bindings to the potrace bitmap tracing library
bindings-ppdev-0.0.3 PPDev bindings
bindings-saga-cmd- Wrapping saga_cmd
bindings-sane-0.0.1 FFI bindings to libsane
bindings-sc3-0.4.1 Low-level bindings to the SuperCollider synthesis engine library
bindings-sipc-1.1 Low level bindings to SIPC
bindings-sophia- Low-level bindings to sophia library
bindings-sqlite3-1.0.3 Low level bindings to sqlite3
bindings-svm-0.2.1 Low level bindings to libsvm
bindings-uname-0.1 Low-level binding to POSIX uname(3)
bindings-wlc- Bindings against the wlc library
bindings-yices- Bindings to the Yices theorem prover
binding-wx-0.2.1 Data Binding in WxHaskell
bind-marshal-0.1 Data marshaling library that uses type level equations to optimize buffering
bindynamic- A variation of Data.Dynamic.Dynamic with a Binary instance
binembed- Embed data into object files
binembed-example- Example project using binembed to embed data in object files
bini-0.1.5 A collection of various methods for reading and writing bini files
Binpack-0.4.1 Common bin-packing heuristics
bin-package-db-unknown Metadata not found
bins- Aggregate continuous values into discrete bins
bio-0.5.3 A bioinformatics library
bioace-0.0.1 Library for reading ace assembly files
bioalign-0.0.5 Data structures and helper functions for calculating alignments
Biobase- Base library for bioinformatics
BiobaseBlast- BLAST-related tools
BiobaseDotP- Vienna / DotBracket / ExtSS parsers
BiobaseEnsembl- Ensembl related datastructures and functions
BiobaseFasta- streaming FASTA parser
BiobaseFR3D- Importer for FR3D resources
BiobaseHTTP-1.1.0 Libary to interface with the Bioinformatics HTTP services - Entrez Ensembl
BiobaseHTTPTools-1.0.0 Tools to query Bioinformatics HTTP services e.g. Entrez, Ensembl
BiobaseInfernal- Infernal data structures and tools
BiobaseMAF- Multiple Alignment Format
BiobaseNewick- Newick file format parser
BiobaseTrainingData- RNA folding training data
BiobaseTurner- Import Turner RNA parameters
BiobaseTypes- Collection of types for bioinformatics
BiobaseVienna- Import Vienna energy parameters
BiobaseXNA- Efficient RNA/DNA/Protein Primary/Secondary Structure
biocore-0.3.1 A bioinformatics library
biofasta-0.0.3 Library for reading fasta sequence files
biofastq-0.1 A library for reading FASTQ files
biohazard-1.1.1 bioinformatics support library
BioHMM-1.2.0 Libary for Hidden Markov Models in HMMER3 format
bioinformatics-toolkit-0.5.1 A collection of bioinformatics tools
biophd-0.0.8 Library for reading phd sequence files
biopsl-0.4 Library and executables for working with PSL files
bio-sequence- Initial project template from stack
biosff- Library and executables for working with SFF files
biostockholm-0.3.4 Parsing and rendering of Stockholm files (used by Pfam, Rfam and Infernal)
bird-0.0.19 A simple, sinatra-inspired web framework
BirdPP-1.1 A preprocessor for Bird-style Literate Haskell comments with Haddock markup
bisect-binary- Determine relevant parts of binary data
bishbosh- Plays chess
bitarray- Mutable and immutable bit arrays
bit-array-0.1.2 A bit array (aka bitset, bitmap, bit vector) API for numeric types
bitcoin-api-0.12.1 Provides access to the RPC API of Bitcoin Core
bitcoin-api-extra-0.9.1 Higher level constructs on top of the bitcoin-api package
bitcoin-block-0.13.1 Utility functions for manipulating bitcoin blocks
bitcoin-hs-0.0.1 Partial implementation of the Bitcoin protocol (as of 2013)
bitcoin-payment-channel- Instant, two-party Bitcoin payments
bitcoin-rpc- Library to communicate with the Satoshi Bitcoin daemon
bitcoin-script-0.11.1 Compilation, manipulation and decompilation of Bitcoin scripts
bitcoin-tx-0.13.1 Utility functions for manipulating bitcoin transactions
bitcoin-types-0.9.2 Provides consistent low-level types used commonly among Bitcoin implementations
Bitly-0.1.0 A library to access URL shortener
bitly-cli-0.1.2 A command line tool to access URL shortener
bitmap-0.0.2 A library for handling and manipulating bitmaps (rectangular pixel arrays)
bitmap-opengl- OpenGL support for Data.Bitmap
bitmaps- Bitmap library
bit-protocol- Encode binary protocols with some odd bit numbers into a bytestring
bits-0.5.1 Various bit twiddling and bitwise serialization primitives
bits-atomic-0.1.3 Atomic bit operations on memory locations for low-level synchronization
bits-bytestring- Bits instance for bytestrings
bits-bytestring-lazy- Bits instance for lazy bytestrings
bits-conduit- Bitstream support for Conduit
bitset-1.4.8 A space-efficient set data structure
bitset-word8- Space efficient set of Word8 and some pre-canned sets useful for parsing HTTP
bits-extra- Useful bitwise operations
bits-extras-0.1.3 Efficient high-level bit operations not found in Data.Bits
bitspeak-0.0.3 Proof-of-concept tool for writing using binary choices
bitstream- Fast, packed, strict and lazy bit streams with stream fusion
bit-stream- Lazy, infinite, compact stream of Bool with O(1) indexing
bitstring-0.0.0 Lazy bit strings
BitSyntax- A module to aid in the (de)serialisation of binary data
bittorrent- Bittorrent protocol implementation
bittrex- Bindings for the Bittrex API
bitvec- Unboxed vectors of bits / dense IntSets
bit-vector-0.2.0 Simple bit vectors for Haskell
bitwise- fast multi-dimensional unboxed bit packed Bool arrays
bitx-bitcoin- A Haskell library for working with the BitX bitcoin exchange
bizzlelude-1.5.0 A lousy Prelude replacement by a lousy dude
bizzlelude-js-1.0.4 A lousy Prelude replacement by a lousy dude
bkr-0.1.2 Backup utility for backing up to cloud storage services (S3 only right now)
bk-tree-0.1.1 BK-tree implementation
bktrees-0.3.1 A set data structure with approximate searching
bla-2009.10.20 a stupid cron
black-jewel- The pirate bay client
blacktip- Decentralized, k-ordered unique ID generator
blake2-0.2.0 A library providing BLAKE2
blakesum-0.5 The BLAKE SHA-3 candidate hashes, in Haskell
blakesum-demo-0.5 The BLAKE SHA-3 candidate hashes, in Haskell
blank-canvas-0.6.3 HTML5 Canvas Graphics Library
blas-0.7.6 Bindings to the BLAS library
blas-carray- Auto-generated interface to Fortran BLAS via CArrays
blas-ffi-0.0.2 Auto-generated interface to Fortran BLAS
blas-hs- Low-level Haskell bindings to Blas
BlastHTTP-1.3.0 Libary to interface with the NCBI blast REST interface
blastxml-0.3.2 Library for reading Blast XML output
blatex- Blog in LaTeX
blaze-0.0.2 None
blaze-bootstrap- Blaze helper functions for bootstrap pages
blaze-builder- Efficient buffered output
blaze-builder-conduit-1.1.0 Convert streams of builders to streams of bytestrings. (deprecated)
blaze-builder-enumerator- Enumeratees for the incremental conversion of builders to bytestrings
blaze-colonnade-1.2.2 Helper functions for using blaze-html with colonnade
blaze-from-html- Tool to convert HTML to BlazeHtml code
blaze-html- A blazingly fast HTML combinator library for Haskell
blaze-html-contrib-0.2.2 Some contributions to add handy things to blaze html
blaze-html-hexpat- A hexpat backend for blaze-html
blaze-html-truncate- A truncator for blaze-html
blaze-json-0.2.1 tiny library for encoding json
blazeMarker- ..
blaze-markup- A blazingly fast markup combinator library for Haskell
blaze-shields- create svg by Haskell
blaze-svg- SVG combinator library
blazeT-0.0.5 A true monad (transformer) version of the blaze-markup and blaze-html libraries
blaze-textual- Fast rendering of common datatypes
blaze-textual-native- Fast rendering of common datatypes (deprecated)
ble-0.4.2 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) peripherals
blink1-0.4 Control library for blink(1) LED from ThingM
blip-0.2.1 Python to bytecode compiler
bliplib-0.2.1 Support code for Blip
Blobs-0.3 Diagram editor
blockchain-0.0.3 Generic blockchain implementation
blockhash- Blockhash perceptual image hash algorithm
blocking-transactions- Composable, blocking transactions
Blogdown-0.2.4 A markdown-like markup language designed for blog posts
blogination-0.5 Very simple static blog software
BlogLiterately- A tool for posting Haskelly articles to blogs
BlogLiterately-diagrams- Include images in blog posts with inline diagrams code
bloodhound- Elasticsearch client library for Haskell
bloodhound-amazonka-auth- Adds convenient Amazon ElasticSearch Service authentication to Bloodhound
bloomfilter- Pure and impure Bloom Filter implementations
bloomfilter-redis- Distributed bloom filters on Redis (using the Hedis client)
blosum- BLOSUM generator
bloxorz-0.1.2 OpenGL Logic Game
blubber-0.0.1 The blubber client; connects to the blubber server
blubber-server-0.0.1 The blubber server, serves blubber clients
bluemix-sdk- Bindings to Bluemix APIs
Blueprint-0.1 Preview of a new build system
BluePrintCSS-0.1 Html document layout library
bluetile-0.6 full-featured tiling for the GNOME desktop environment
bluetileutils-0.2 Utilities for Bluetile
blunk-hask-tests-0.2 spam
blunt-1.0.2 Convert between pointfree and pointful expressions
bmp- Read and write uncompressed BMP image files
BNFC-2.8.2 A compiler front-end generator
BNFC-meta-0.6 Deriving Parsers and Quasi-Quoters from BNF Grammars
bno055-haskell-0.1.0 Library for communication with the Bosch BNO055 orientation sensor
board-games-0.2 Three games for inclusion in a web server
bogocopy- Copy a directory tree, making zero-size sparse copies of big files
bolt- Bolt driver for Neo4j
boltzmann-brain-1.4 Boltzmann sampler compiler for combinatorial systems
boltzmann-samplers- Uniform random generators
bond- Bond schema compiler and code generator
bond-haskell- Runtime support for BOND serialization
bond-haskell-compiler- Bond code generator for Haskell
bookkeeper-0.2.5 Anonymous records and overloaded labels
bookkeeper-permissions- Permissions for bookkeeper records
bookkeeping- A module for bookkeeping by double entry
bookkeeping-jp- Helper functions for Japanese bookkeeping
Bookshelf-0.6 A simple document organizer with some wiki functionality
bool8- Alternative Bool type stored as byte
Boolean-0.2.4 Generalized booleans and numbers
boolean-like- Logical combinatory operations dealing with datatypes representing booleans by their constructors
boolean-list- convert numbers to binary coded lists
boolean-normal-forms-0.0.1 Boolean normal form: NNF, DNF & CNF
boolector- Haskell bindings for the Boolector SMT solver
boolexpr-0.1 Boolean expressions with various representations and search queries
bool-extras-0.4.0 A fold function for Bool
bools-0.1.1 None
boolsimplifier-0.1.8 Simplification tools for simple propositional formulas
boomange- A bookmarks manager with an HTML generator
boombox-0.0 Chronokinetic stream sources and incremental consumers
boomerang- Library for invertible parsing and printing
boomslang-0.0.4 Boomshine clone
boop- OOP primitives for Haskell
bootstrap-types-0.3 Bootstrap CSS Framework type-safe interface
bordacount- Implementation of the Borda count election method
borel-0.18.0 Metering System for OpenStack metrics provided by Vaultaire
boring-0.1 Boring and Absurd types
boring-game- An educational game
boring-window-switcher- A boring window switcher
bot-0.3 bots for functional reactive programming
both- Like Maybe, but with a different Monoid instance
botpp-0.1 Build tool for Lambdabot
bound-2.0.1 Making de Bruijn Succ Less
bounded-array- Arrays with a value for every index
BoundedChan- Implementation of bounded channels
bounded-tchan-0.2.3 Bounded Transactional channels (queues)
bound-extras-0 ScopeH and ScopeT extras for bound
bound-gen- Unwrap Scope's with globally fresh values
boundingboxes-0.2.3 A generic boundingbox for an arbitrary vector
bower-json- Read bower.json from Haskell
bowntz-1 audio-visual pseudo-physical simulation of colliding circles
boxes-0.1.5 2D text pretty-printing library
box-tuples- A hack to use GHC.Prim primitives in GHCi
bpann-0.1.1 backpropagation neuronal network
braid- Types and functions to work with braids and Khovanov homology
brain-bleep- primitive imperative language
brainfuck- Brainfuck interpreter
brainfuck-monad-0.5.0 BrainFuck monad
brainfuck-tut- A simple BF interpreter
brainheck- Brainh*ck interpreter in haskell
Bravo- Static text template generation library
break-1.0.2 Break from a loop
breakout-0.0.2 A simple Breakout game implementation
breve- a url shortener
brians-brain-0.0.1 A Haskell implementation of the Brian's Brain cellular automaton
brick-0.45 A declarative terminal user interface library
brick-dropdownmenu-0.1.0 A drop-down menu widget for brick
bricks- Bricks is a lazy functional language based on Nix
bricks-internal- ..
bricks-internal-test- ..
brick-skylighting-0.3 Show syntax-highlighted text in your Brick UI
bricks-parsec- ..
bricks-rendering- ..
bricks-syntax- ..
brillig-0.3.1 Simple part of speech tagger
brittany- Haskell source code formatter
broadcast-chan- Closable, fair, single-wakeup channel type that avoids 0 reader space leaks
broadcast-chan-conduit- Conduit-based parallel streaming code for broadcast-chan
broadcast-chan-pipes- Pipes-based parallel streaming code for broadcast-chan
broadcast-chan-tests- Helpers for generating tests for broadcast-chan
broccoli- Small library for interactive functional programs
broker-haskell- Haskell bindings to Broker, Bro's messaging library
bronyradiogermany-common- Common types and URIs for the BronyRadioGermany API bindings
bronyradiogermany-streaming- Streaming interface for the BronyRadioGermany API
browscap-0 A reader and interface for the Browser Capabilities Project data files
bsb-http-chunked- Chunked HTTP transfer encoding for bytestring builders
bsd-sysctl- Access to the BSD sysctl(3) interface
bson- BSON documents are JSON-like objects with a standard binary encoding
bson-generic- Generic functionality for BSON
bson-generics-0.0.1 Generics functionality for BSON
bson-lens-0.1.1 BSON lenses
bson-mapping- Mapping between BSON and algebraic data types
bspack-0.0.4 A simple and fast bytestring packer
bsparse-0.0.5 A simple unassuming parser for bytestring
btree-0.4.0 B-Tree on Unmanaged Heap
b-tree-0.1.4 Immutable disk-based B* trees
btree-concurrent-0.1.5 A backend agnostic, concurrent BTree
btrfs- Bindings to the btrfs API
buchhaltung-0.0.7 Automates most of your plain text accounting data entry in ledger format
buffer-0.5.3 Simple mutable low-level buffer for IO
buffer-builder- Library for efficiently building up buffers, one piece at a time
buffer-builder-aeson- Serialize Aeson values with Data.BufferBuilder
BufferedSocket- A socker wrapper that makes the IO of sockets much cleaner
buffer-pipe-0.0 Read from stdin and write to stdout in large blocks
buffon- An implementation of Buffon machines
bug-1.0.1 Better alternatives to the "error" function
bugsnag-haskell- Bugsnag error reporter for Haskell
bugzilla- A Haskell interface to the Bugzilla native REST API
build-1.0 Build systems a la carte
buildable- Typeclass for builders of linear data structures
buildbox- Rehackable components for writing buildbots and test harnesses
buildbox-tools- Tools for working with buildbox benchmark result files
buildwrapper-0.9.1 A library and an executable that provide an easy API for a Haskell IDE
bullet-0.2.4 A wrapper for the Bullet physics engine
bumper- Automatically bump package versions, also transitively
bunz-0.0.7 CLI tool to beautify JSON string
burnt-explorer-2.0.0 List OP_RETURN cryptocurrency transaction outputs
burst-detection-1.0 Burst detection algorithms
bus-pirate-0.7.0 Haskell interface to the Bus Pirate binary interface
buster-2.51 Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP
Buster-0.1.1 Hits a set of urls periodically to bust caches
buster-gtk-2.0 Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP
buster-network-1.2 Almost but not quite entirely unlike FRP
bustle-0.7.4 Draw sequence diagrams of D-Bus traffic
butcher- Chops a command or program invocation into digestable pieces
butter- Monad Transformer for Asyncronous Message Passing
butterflies- butterfly tilings
bv-0.5 Bit-vector arithmetic library
bv-little-0.1.2 Efficient little-endian bit vector library
bv-sized-0.5.0 a BitVector datatype that is parameterized by the vector width
byline- Library for creating command-line interfaces (colors, menus, etc.)
bytable- data from/to ByteString
byteable-0.1.1 Type class for sequence of bytes
bytearray-parsing-0.1 Parsing of bytearray-based data
bytedump-1.0 Flexible byte dump helpers for human readers
byteorder-1.0.4 Exposes the native endianness or byte ordering of the system
bytes-0.15.5 Sharing code for serialization between binary and cereal
byteset- Set of bytes
bytestring- Fast, compact, strict and lazy byte strings with a list interface
bytestring-arbitrary-0.1.2 Arbitrary instances for ByteStrings
bytestring-builder- The new bytestring builder, packaged outside of GHC
bytestring-builder-varword- Variable-length integer encoding
bytestring-class- Classes for automatic conversion to and from strict and lazy bytestrings. (deprecated)
bytestring-conversion-0.3.1 Type-classes to convert values to and from ByteString
bytestring-csv-0.1.2 Parse CSV formatted data efficiently
bytestring-delta- Simple, fast binary diff/patch
bytestring-encoding- ByteString ↔ Text converter based on GHC.IO.Encoding
bytestring-encodings- checks to see if a given bytestring adheres to a certain encoding
bytestring-from-0.3 A type-class to convert values from ByteString
bytestring-handle- ByteString-backed Handles
bytestring-lexing- Parse and produce literals efficiently from strict or lazy bytestrings
bytestring-mmap-0.2.2 mmap support for strict ByteStrings
bytestring-nums-0.3.6 Parse numeric literals from ByteStrings
bytestringparser-0.3 Combinator parsing with Data.ByteString.Lazy
bytestringparser-temporary-0.4.1 Combinator parsing with Data.ByteString.Lazy
bytestring-plain- Plain byte strings ('ForeignPtr'-less 'ByteString's)
bytestring-progress-1.2 A library for tracking the consumption of a lazy ByteString
bytestring-read-0.3.1 fast ByteString to number converting library
bytestringreadp-0.2 A ReadP style parser library for ByteString
bytestring-rematch- Rematch support for ByteString
bytestring-short- Backport copy of ShortByteString
bytestring-show- Efficient conversion of values into readable byte strings
bytestring-strict-builder- An efficient strict bytestring builder
bytestring-time-0.1.0 Library for Time parsing from ByteString
bytestring-tree-builder- A very efficient ByteString builder implementation based on the binary tree
bytestring-trie- An efficient finite map from (byte)strings to values
bytestring-typenats-1.0.0 Bytestrings with typenat lengths
byteunits- Human friendly conversion between byte units (KB, MB, GB...)
bzlib- Compression and decompression in the bzip2 format
bzlib-conduit- Streaming compression/decompression via conduits
c0check-0.2 Simple C0 Syntax Check
c0parser-0.2 Simple C0 Parser
c10k-0.5.0 C10k server library using prefork
c2ats- Translate C code into ATS
c2hs-0.28.6 C->Haskell FFI tool that gives some cross-language type safety
c2hsc-0.7.1 Convert C API header files to .hsc and .hsc.helper.c files
c2hs-extra- Convenient marshallers for complicate C types
ca- Cellular Automata
cab-0.2.18 A maintenance command of Haskell cabal packages
Cabal- A framework for packaging Haskell software
cabal- placeholder for Cabal package, you want the upper case Cabal
cabal2arch-1.1 Create Arch Linux packages from Cabal packages
cabal2doap-0.2 Cabal to Description-of-a-Project (DOAP)
cabal2ebuild- make gentoo's .ebuild file from .cabal file
cabal2ghci- A tool to generate .ghci file from .cabal
cabal2nix-2.12 Convert Cabal files into Nix build instructions
cabal2spec-2.2.2 Convert Cabal files into rpm spec files
cabal-audit- Check how up-to-date your .cabal dependencies are
cabal-bounds-2.0.0 A command line program for managing the bounds/versions of the dependencies in a cabal file
cabal-cargs-1.1.0 A command line program for extracting compiler arguments from a cabal file
cabal-constraints- Repeatable builds for cabalized Haskell projects
cabal-db-0.1.12 query tools for the local cabal database
cabal-debian-4.38.2 Create a Debianization for a Cabal package
cabal-dependency-licenses- Compose a list of a project's transitive dependencies with their licenses
cabal-dev-0.9.2 Manage sandboxed Haskell build environments
cabal-dir- show dist dir of 'cabal copy/install'
cabal-doctest-1.0.6 A Setup.hs helper for doctests running
cabal-file-th-0.2.4 Template Haskell expressions for reading fields from a project's cabal file
cabalg-0.2.9 alias for cabal install from given git repo
cabal-ghc-dynflags- Conveniently configure GHC's dynamic flags for use with Cabal projects
cabal-ghci-0.3 Set up ghci with options taken from a .cabal file
cabalgraph-0.1 Generate pretty graphs of module trees from cabal files
cabal-graphdeps-0.1.3 Generate graphs of install-time Cabal dependencies
cabal-helper- Simple interface to some of Cabal's configuration state, mainly used by ghc-mod
Cabal-ide-backend- A framework for packaging Haskell software
cabal-info-0.2.1 Read information from cabal files
cabal-install- The command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage
cabal-install-bundle- The (bundled) command-line interface for Cabal and Hackage
cabal-install-ghc72-0.10.4 Temporary version of cabal-install for ghc-7.2
cabal-install-ghc74-0.10.4 Temporary version of cabal-install for ghc-7.4
cabalish- Provides access to the cabal file data for shell scripts
cabal-lenses-0.8.0 Lenses and traversals for the Cabal library
cabal-macosx- Cabal support for creating Mac OSX application bundles
cabalmdvrpm-0.0.1 Create mandriva rpm from cabal package
cabal-meta- build multiple packages at once
cabal-mon-1.0.2 A monitor for cabal builds
cabal-nirvana- Avoid Cabal dependency hell by constraining to known good versions. (deprecated)
cabal-plan- Library and utiltity for processing cabal's plan.json file
cabal-progdeps-1.0 Show dependencies of program being built in current directory
cabalQuery- A simple tool to query cabal files
cabal-query-0.1 Helpers for quering .cabal files or hackageDB's 00-index.tar
cabal-rpm-0.12.6 RPM packaging tool for Haskell Cabal-based packages
cabalrpmdeps-0.0.4 Autogenerate rpm dependencies from cabal files
cabal-scripts-0.1.1 Shell scripts for support of Cabal maintenance
CabalSearch-0.0.2 Search cabal packages by name
cabal-setup-1.2.1 The user interface for building and installing Cabal packages
cabal-sign- Sign and verify Cabal packages
cabal-sort- Topologically sort cabal packages
cabal-src- Alternative install procedure to avoid the diamond dependency issue
cabal-test-0.1 Automated test tool for cabal projects
cabal-test-bin-0.1.5 A program for finding temporary build file during cabal-test
cabal-test-compat- Compatibility interface of cabal test-suite
cabal-test-quickcheck- QuickCheck for Cabal
cabal-toolkit-0.0.5 Helper functions for writing custom Setup.hs scripts
cabal-uninstall-0.1.6 Uninstall cabal packages
cabal-upload-0.4 Command-line tool for uploading packages to Hackage
cabalvchk-0.3 Verify installed package version against user-specified constraints
cabin- Cabal binary sandboxes
cache- An in-memory key/value store with expiration support
cached-io- A simple library to cache a single IO action with timeout
cached-traversable- Transparent, persistent caching of lazy, traversable structures
cachix-0.1.3 Command line client for Nix binary cache hosting
cachix-api- Servant HTTP API specification for
cacophony-0.10.1 A library implementing the Noise protocol
caf-0.0.3 A library of Concurrency Abstractions using Futures
cafeteria-prelude- Prelude subsets—take only what you want!
cairo- Binding to the Cairo library
cairo-appbase-0.4 A template for building new GUI applications using GTK and Cairo
cairo-canvas- Simpler drawing API for Cairo
cake- A build-system library and driver
cake3-0.6.5 Third cake the Makefile EDSL
cakyrespa-0.0.29 run turtle like LOGO with lojban
cal3d-0.1 Haskell binding to the Cal3D animation library
cal3d-examples-0.1 Examples for the Cal3d animation library
cal3d-opengl-0.1 OpenGL rendering for the Cal3D animation library
calc-0.1 A small compiler for arithmetic expressions
calculator- A calculator repl, with variables, functions & Mathematica like dynamic plots
caldims-0.1.0 Calculation tool and library supporting units
caledon- a logic programming language based on the calculus of constructions
calendar-recycling- List years with the same calendars
call- The call game engine
call-haskell-from-anything- Call Haskell functions from other languages via serialization and dynamic libraries
call-stack-0.1.0 Use GHC call-stacks in a backward compatible way
camfort-0.905 CamFort - Cambridge Fortran infrastructure
camh-0.0.3 write image files onto 256(or 24bit) color terminals
campfire-0.2.1 Haskell implementation of the Campfire API
canon- Massive Number Arithmetic
canonical-filepath- Abstract data type for canonical file paths
canonical-json- Canonical JSON for signing and hashing JSON values
canteven-config- A pattern for configuring programs
canteven-http- Utilities for HTTP programming
canteven-listen-http- data types to describe HTTP services
canteven-log- A canteven way of setting up logging for your program
canteven-parsedate- Date / time parsing utilities that try to guess the date / time format
canteven-template- A few utilites and helpers for using Template Haskell in your projects
cantor-0.4 Application for analysis of java source code
cao-0.1.1 CAO Compiler
cap-1.0.1 Interprets and debug the cap language
Capabilities- Separate and contain effects of IO monad
capability- Extensional capabilities and deriving combinators
capataz- OTP-like supervision trees in Haskell
capnp- Cap'n Proto for Haskell
capped-list-1.2 A list-like type for lazy sequences, with a user-defined termination value
capri-0.1 A simple wrapper over cabal-install to operate in project-private mode
caramia- High-level OpenGL bindings
carbonara-0.0.1 some spaghetti code
carboncopy-0.1.2 Drop emails from threads being watched into special CC folder
Cardinality-0.2 Measure container capacity. Use it to safely change container
carettah-0.5.1 A presentation tool written with Haskell
CarneadesDSL-1.3 An implementation and DSL for the Carneades argumentation model
CarneadesIntoDung-1.0 A translation from the Carneades argumentation model into Dung's AFs
car-pool-0.0.1 Simple web-server for organizing car-pooling for an event
carray- A C-compatible array library
carte- Carte: A commandline pastebin server
cartel- Specify Cabal files in Haskell
Cartesian- Coordinate systems
casa-abbreviations-and-acronyms-0.0.7 CASA Abbreviations and Acronyms
casadi-bindings- mid-level bindings to CasADi
casadi-bindings-control- low level bindings to casadi-control
casadi-bindings-core- autogenerated low level bindings to casadi
casadi-bindings-internal- low level bindings to CasADi
casadi-bindings-ipopt-interface- low level bindings to casadi-ipopt_interface
casadi-bindings-snopt-interface- low level bindings to casadi-snopt_interface
Cascade- Playing with reified categorical composition
cascading-0.1.0 DSL for HTML CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
case-conversion-0.2 Convert between different cases
cased- Track string casing in its type
case-insensitive- Case insensitive string comparison
case-insensitive-match- A simplified, faster way to do case-insensitive matching
caseof-0.0.1 Combinators for casing on constructors
cases- A converter for spinal, snake and camel cases
cash- the Computer Algebra SHell
casing- Convert between various source code casing conventions
casr-logbook-0.3.0 CASR 61.345 Pilot Personal Logbook
casr-logbook-html-0.0.3 CASR 61.345 Pilot Personal Logbook HTML output
casr-logbook-meta-0.0.4 Meta-information about entries in a CASR 61.345 logbook (casr-logbook)
casr-logbook-meta-html-0.0.4 Meta-information about entries in a CASR 61.345 logbook (casr-logbook) HTML output
casr-logbook-reports-0.0.2 CASR 61.345 logbook (casr-logbook) reports
casr-logbook-reports-html-0.0.2 CASR 61.345 logbook reports HTML output
casr-logbook-reports-meta-0.0.3 Reports on meta-information about entries in a CASR 61.345 logbook (casr-logbook)
casr-logbook-reports-meta-html-0.0.3 HTML output for reports on meta-information about entries in a CASR 61.345 logbook
casr-logbook-types-0.0.2 CASR 61.345 Pilot Personal Logbook
cassandra-cql- Haskell client for Cassandra's CQL protocol
cassandra-thrift- thrift bindings to the cassandra database
cassava- A CSV parsing and encoding library
Cassava- A CSV parsing and encoding library
cassava-conduit-0.5.1 Conduit interface for cassava package
cassava-embed- CSV-file embedding library
cassava-megaparsec-2.0.0 Megaparsec parser of CSV files that plays nicely with Cassava
cassava-records- Auto-generation of records data type
cassava-streams- io-streams interface for the cassava CSV library
cassette-0.1.0 A combinator library for simultaneously defining parsers and pretty printers
cassy-0.7.1 A high level driver for the Cassandra datastore
cast- Abstact cast pattern
castle- A tool to manage shared cabal-install sandboxes
casui-0.3 Equation Manipulator
catamorphism- Exposes a Template Haskell function for generating catamorphisms
Catana-0.3 A monad for complex manipulation of a stream
catch-fd- MonadThrow and MonadCatch, using functional dependencies
categorical-algebra- Categorical Monoids and Semirings
categories-1.0.7 Categories
category- Categorical types and classes
category-extras-1.0.2 A meta-package documenting various packages inspired by category theory
category-printf- Highbrow approach to type-safe printf format specifications
category-traced- Traced monoidal categories
catnplus- Simple tool to display text files with line numbers and paging
cautious- Keep track of warnings and errors during calculations
cautious-file-1.0.2 Ways to write a file cautiously, to reduce the chances of problems such as data loss due to crashes or power failures
cayene-lpp- Cayenne Low Power Payload
cayley-client-0.4.7 A Haskell client for the Cayley graph database
cayley-dickson- Complex numbers, quaternions, octonions, sedenions, etc
cblrepo-0.24.0 Tool to maintain a database of CABAL packages and their dependencies
CBOR- Encode/Decode values to/from CBOR
cborg- Concise Binary Object Representation
cborg-json- A library for encoding JSON as CBOR
cbor-tool- A tool for manipulating CBOR
CCA- preprocessor and library for Causal Commutative Arrows (CCA)
ccast- typesafe c-style casts; useful for FFI
CC-delcont- Delimited continuations and dynamically scoped variables
CC-delcont-alt- Three new monad transformers for multi-prompt delimited control
CC-delcont-cxe- A monad transformers for multi-prompt delimited control
CC-delcont-exc- A monad transformers for multi-prompt delimited control
CC-delcont-ref- A monad transformers for multi-prompt delimited control using refercence cells
CC-delcont-ref-tf- A monad transformers for multi-prompt delimited control using refercence cells
cci-0.3.1 Bindings for the CCI networking library
ccnx-0.0.0 A Haskell implementation of the CCNx network protocol
cctools-workqueue- High-level interface to CCTools' WorkQueue library
cdeps- Extract dependencies from C code
c-dsl-0.3.1 A higher level DSL on top of language-c
cedict-0.2.5 Convenient Chinese phrase & character lookup
cef-0.1.4 CEF log format
cef3-raw-0.1.0 Raw CEF3 bindings
cef3-simple-0.1.0 Simple wrapper around cef3-raw
ceilometer-common-0.2.3 Common Haskell types and encoding for OpenStack Ceilometer
cellrenderer-cairo- Cairo-based CellRenderer
celtchar- A tool to build a novel
cerberus- Protect and control API access with cerberus
cereal- A binary serialization library
cereal-conduit-0.8.0 Turn Data.Serialize Gets and Puts into Sources, Sinks, and Conduits
cereal-data-dword-0.1.1 Integration of "cereal" and "data-dword"
cereal-derive-0.1.1 Automatic deriving of Serialize using GHC.Generics
cereal-enumerator-0.3.1 Deserialize things with cereal and enumerator
cereal-ieee754-0.1 Floating point support for the 'cereal' serialization library
cereal-io-streams- io-streams support for the cereal binary serialization library
cereal-plus-0.4.2 An extended serialization library on top of "cereal"
cereal-streams- Use cereal to encode/decode io-streams
cereal-text- Data.Text instances for the cereal serialization library
cereal-time- Serialize instances for types from `time` package
cereal-unordered-containers-0.1 Integration of "cereal" and "unordered-containers"
cereal-uuid- Integration of "cereal" and "uuid"
cereal-vector- Serialize instances for Data.Vector types
certificate-1.3.9 Certificates and Key Reader/Writer
cf-0.4.2 Exact real arithmetic using continued fractions
cfenv- A library getting the environment when running on Cloud Foundry
cfipu- cfipu processor for toy brainfuck-like language
cflp-2009.2.1 Constraint Functional-Logic Programming in Haskell
cfopu-1.0.0 cfopu processor
cg- Parser for categorial grammars
cgen-0.0.5 generates Haskell bindings and C wrappers for C++ libraries
cgi-3001.3.0.3 A library for writing CGI programs
cgi-undecidable-3000.0.0 Undecidable instances for the cgi package
cgi-utils-0.2.1 Simple modular utilities for CGI/FastCGI (sessions, etc.)
cgrep-6.6.25 Command line tool
chain-codes- Library decoding chain codes from images
chalk- Terminal string styling
chalkboard- Combinators for building and processing 2D images
chalkboard-viewer-0.1 OpenGL based viewer for chalkboard rendered images
chalmers-lava2000-1.6.1 Hardware description EDSL
chan- Some extra kit for Chans
changelogged-0.2.0 Changelog manager for Git projects
change-monger-0.0 Parse VCS changelogs into ChangeLogs
ChannelT- Generalized stream processors
chan-split-0.5.0 Concurrent Chans as read/write pairs. Also provides generic Chan pair class
charade- Rapid prototyping websites with Snap and Heist
charset- Fast unicode character sets based on complemented PATRICIA tries
charsetdetect- Character set detection using Mozilla's Universal Character Set Detector
charsetdetect-ae- Character set detection using Mozilla's Universal Character Set Detector
Chart-1.9 A library for generating 2D Charts and Plots
chart-cairo-unknown Metadata not found
Chart-cairo-1.9 Cairo backend for Charts
Chart-diagrams-1.9 Diagrams backend for Charts
Chart-gtk-1.9 Utility functions for using the chart library with GTK
chart-histogram-1.1 Easily render histograms with Chart
Chart-simple-1.3.3 A wrapper for the chart library to assist with basic plots (Deprecated - use the Easy module instead)
chart-unit- Native haskell charts
chaselev-deque- Chase & Lev work-stealing lock-free double-ended queues (deques)
ChasingBottoms- For testing partial and infinite values
chatter- A library of simple NLP algorithms
chatty- Some monad transformers and typeclasses for abstraction of global dependencies
chatty-text- Provides some classes and types for dealing with text, using the fundaments of Chatty
chatty-utils- Some utilities every serious chatty-based application may need
chatwork- The ChatWork API in Haskell
cheapskate- Experimental markdown processor
cheapskate-highlight- Code highlighting for cheapskate
cheapskate-lucid- Use cheapskate with Lucid
cheapskate-terminal- Initial project template from stack
CheatSheet-2.9 A Haskell cheat sheet in PDF and literate formats
checked- Bounds-checking integer types
Checked- Inbuilt checking for ultra reliable computing
check-email-1.0.2 Confirm whether an email is valid and probably existant
checkers-0.4.11 Check properties on standard classes and data structures
checkmate-0.4.0 Generate checklists relevant to a given patch
check-pvp-0.0.1 Check whether module and package imports conform to the PVP
checksum-0.0 Compute and verify checksums of ISBN, IBAN, etc
chell- A simple and intuitive library for automated testing
chell-hunit-0.2.1 HUnit support for the Chell testing library
chell-quickcheck- QuickCheck support for the Chell testing library
chesshs-0.2.1 Simple library for validating chess moves and parsing PGN files
chevalier-common-0.6.0 Query interface for Chevalier
chimera- Lazy, infinite streams with O(1) indexing
chiphunk- Haskell bindings for Chipmunk2D physics engine
chitauri- Helper for the Major System
Chitra-0.2.2 A platform independent mechanism to render graphics using vnc
choice-0.2.2 A solution to boolean blindness
choose- Choose random elements from a stream
choose-exe- Command-line program to choose random element from a stream
chorale-0.1.8 A module containing basic functions that the prelude does not offer
chorale-geo-0.1.2 A module containing basic geo functions
chp- An implementation of concurrency ideas from Communicating Sequential Processes
chp-mtl-1.0.0 MTL class instances for the CHP library
chp-plus- A set of high-level concurrency utilities built on Communicating Haskell Processes
chp-spec-1.0.0 A mirror implementation of chp that generates a specification of the program
chp-transformers-1.0.0 Transformers instances for the CHP library
chr-core- Constraint Handling Rules
chr-data- Datatypes required for chr library
ChristmasTree- Alternative approach of 'read' that composes grammars instead of parsers
chr-lang- AST + surface language around chr
chronograph- measure timings of data evaluation
chronologique- Time to manipulate time
chronos-1.0.4 A performant time library
chr-parse- Parsing for chr library
chr-pretty- Pretty printing for chr library
chu2-2012.11.20 FFI for Chu2 Agda Web Server Interface
chuchu-0.4.5 Behaviour Driven Development like Cucumber for Haskell
chunked-data-0.3.1 Typeclasses for dealing with various chunked data representations
chunks-2007.4.18 Simple template library with static safety
chunky- Human-readable storage of text/binary objects
church- Automatically convert Generic instances to and from church representations
church-list-0.0.2 Removed; please see fmlist
church-maybe- Church encoded Maybe
church-pair- Church encoded pair
CHXHtml-0.2.0 A W3C compliant (X)HTML generating library
cielo- Cielo API v3 Bindings for Haskell
cil-0.1.1 An interface to CIL
cinvoke-0.1 A binding to cinvoke
cio-0.1.0 A monad for concurrent IO on a thread pool
c-io-0.1.0 C IO
cipher-aes-0.2.11 Fast AES cipher implementation with advanced mode of operations
cipher-aes128- AES and common modes using AES-NI when available
cipher-blowfish-0.0.3 Blowfish cipher
cipher-camellia-0.0.2 Camellia block cipher primitives
cipher-des-0.0.6 DES and 3DES primitives
cipher-rc4-0.1.4 Fast RC4 cipher implementation
cipher-rc5- Pure RC5 implementation
ciphersaber2- Implementation of CipherSaber2 RC4 cryptography
circ-0.0.4 A Compiler IR Compiler
circlehs-0.0.3 The CircleCI REST API for Haskell
circle-packing- Simple heuristic for packing discs of varying radii in a circle
CirruParser-0.0.1 Cirru Parser in Haskell
cirru-parser-0.0.2 Cirru Parser in Haskell
cisco-spark-api- A Haskell bindings for Webex Teams API
citation-resolve-0.4.3 convert document IDs such as DOI, ISBN, arXiv ID to bibliographic reference
citeproc-hs-0.3.10 A Citation Style Language implementation in Haskell
citeproc-hs-pandoc-filter-0.1 A Pandoc filter for processing bibliographic references with citeproc-hs
cityhash- Bindings to CityHash
cjk- Data about Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters and languages
cj-token-0.0.1 A new Haskeleton package
cl3- Clifford Algebra of three dimensional space
cl3-hmatrix-interface- Interface to/from Cl3 and HMatrix
cl3-linear-interface- Interface to/from Cl3 and Linear
clac-0.5.0 Simple CLI RPN calculator
clafer-0.4.5 Compiles Clafer models to other formats: Alloy, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, Dot
claferIG-0.4.5 claferIG is an interactive tool that generates instances of Clafer models
claferwiki-0.4.5 A wiki-based IDE for literate modeling with Clafer
clang-compilation-database- JSON Compilation Database Format encoding and decoding
clang-pure- Pure C++ code analysis with libclang
clanki-1.2.7 Command-line spaced-repetition software
clarifai- API Client for the Clarifai API
CLASE-2009.2.11 Cursor Library for A Structured Editor
clash- CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware (CLaSH)
clash-ghc-0.99.3 CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware
clash-lib-0.99.3 CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware - As a Library
clash-prelude-0.99.3 CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware - Prelude library
clash-prelude-quickcheck- QuickCheck instances for various types in the CλaSH Prelude
Clash-Royale-Hack-Cheats-1.0.1 spam
clash-systemverilog-0.7.2 CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware - SystemVerilog backend
clash-verilog-0.7.2 CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware - Verilog backend
clash-vhdl-0.7.2 CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware - VHDL backend
classify-2013.11.6.1 Library for classification of media files
classify-frog-0.2.3 Classify sounds produced by Xenopus laevis
ClassLaws- Stating and checking laws for type class methods
classy-influxdb-simple- Super simple InfluxDB package in Classy-MTL style
classy-miso- Typeclass based support for Miso, the Tasty Web Framework for Haskell
classy-parallel- Fork of the monad-parallel package using monad-control
classyplate- Fuseable type-class based generics
ClassyPrelude-0.1 Prelude replacement using classes instead of concrete types where reasonable
classy-prelude-1.5.0 A typeclass-based Prelude
classy-prelude-conduit-1.5.0 classy-prelude together with conduit functions
classy-prelude-yesod-1.5.0 Provide a classy prelude including common Yesod functionality
clay-0.13.1 CSS preprocessor as embedded Haskell
clckwrks- A secure, reliable content management system (CMS) and blogging platform
clckwrks-cli- a command-line interface for adminstrating some aspects of clckwrks
clckwrks-plugin-bugs-0.7.5 bug tracking plugin for clckwrks
clckwrks-plugin-ircbot- ircbot plugin for clckwrks
clckwrks-plugin-mailinglist- mailing list plugin for clckwrks
clckwrks-plugin-media- media plugin for clckwrks
clckwrks-plugin-page- support for CMS/Blogging in clckwrks
clckwrks-theme-bootstrap- simple bootstrap based template for clckwrks
clckwrks-theme-clckwrks- simple bootstrap based template for clckwrks
clckwrks-theme-geo-bootstrap-0.1.1 geo bootstrap based template for clckwrks
cld2- Haskell bindings to Google's Compact Language Detector 2
Clean-0.6 A light, clean and powerful utility library
clean-home-0.0.5 Keep your home dir clean by finding old conf files
clean-unions-0.1.1 Open unions without need for Typeable
cless- Colorized LESS
clevercss-0.2.4 A CSS preprocessor
clexer- Lexes C++ code into simple tokens
CLI- CLI tools
cli-0.1.2 Command Line Interface
cli-builder-0.1.0 Simple project template from stack
click-clack-1.0.1 Toy game (tetris on billiard board). Hipmunk in action
clientsession- Securely store session data in a client-side cookie
clif- A Clifford algebra number type for Haskell
clifford- A Clifford algebra library
clifm- Command Line Interface File Manager
clingo- Haskell bindings to the Clingo ASP solver
Clipboard- System clipboard interface
clippard-0.1.1 A simple Haskell library for copying text to the clipboard in a cross-platform way
clipper-0.0.1 Haskell API to clipper (2d polygon union/intersection/xor/clipping API)
clippings-0.2.0 A parser/generator for Kindle-format clipping files (`My Clippings.txt`),
cli-setup- Helper setup scripts for packaging command-line tools
clist- Counted list
clit- Post tweets from stdin
cloben- Clone and benchmark Haskell cabal projects
clock-0.7.2 High-resolution clock functions: monotonic, realtime, cputime
clocked- timer functionality to clock IO commands
clock-extras- A couple functions that probably should be in the 'clock' package
clogparse-0.2 Parse IRC logs such as the #haskell logs on
clone-all- Clone all github repositories from a given user
closed-0.2.0 Integers bounded by a closed interval
closure- Depth- and breadth-first set closures
cloudfront-signer- CloudFront URL signer
cloud-haskell- The Cloud Haskell Application Platform
cloudi-1.7.4 Haskell CloudI API
cloud-seeder- A tool for interacting with AWS CloudFormation
cloudyfs-0.0.2 A cloud in the file system
clr-bindings-0.2.0 Glue between clr-host and clr-typed
clr-host- Hosting the Common Language Runtime
clr-inline- Quasiquoters for inline C# and F#
clr-marshal- Marshaling for the clr
clr-typed-0.2.0 A strongly typed Haskell interface to the CLR type system
clr-win-linker- A GHC linker wrapper tool to workaround a GHC >8.2 bug
cltw-1.1.4 Command line Twitter utility
clua-0.3 C to Lua data wrapper generator
clumpiness- Calculate the clumpiness of leaf properties in a tree
cluss-0.3 simple alternative to type classes
ClustalParser-1.2.3 Libary for parsing Clustal tools output
clustering-0.4.0 High performance clustering algorithms
clustertools-0.1.5 Tools for manipulating sequence clusters
clutterhs-0.1 Bindings to the Clutter animation library
cmaes- CMA-ES wrapper in Haskell
cmark-0.5.6 Fast, accurate CommonMark (Markdown) parser and renderer
cmark-gfm-0.1.6 Fast, accurate GitHub Flavored Markdown parser and renderer
cmark-highlight- Code highlighting for cmark
cmark-lucid- Use cmark with Lucid
cmark-patterns- Pattern synonyms for cmark
cmark-sections- Represent cmark-parsed Markdown as a tree of sections
cmath-0.3 A binding to the standard C math library
cmathml3-0.1 Data model, parser, serialiser and transformations for Content MathML 3
CMCompare- Infernal covariance model comparison
cmdargs-0.10.20 Command line argument processing
cmdargs-browser-0.1.3 Helper to enter cmdargs command lines using a web browser
cmd-item- Library to compose and reuse command line fragments
cmdlib-0.3.6 a library for command line parsing & online help
cmdtheline-0.2.3 Declarative command-line option parsing and documentation library
cml-0.1.3 Events and Channels as in Concurrent ML
cmonad- A library for C-like programming
c-mosquitto- Simpe mosquito MQTT binding able to work with the Amazons IoT
cmph-0.0.1 low level interface to CMPH
CMQ-0.0.12 cwmwl udp message queue
cmu-1.11 Unification in a Commutative Monoid
cmv-1.0.8 Detailed visualization of CMs, HMMs and their comparisions
cnc-spec-compiler- Compiler/Translator for CnC Specification Files
cndict-0.10.0 Chinese/Mandarin <-> English dictionary, Chinese lexer
Coadjute-0.1.1 A generic build tool
coalpit- Command-line options and DSV parsing and printing
code-builder-0.1.3 Simple system for generating code
codec-0.2.1 Simple bidirectional serialization
codec-beam-0.2.0 Erlang VM byte code assembler
Codec-Compression-LZF-0.2 LZF compression bindings
Codec-Image-DevIL-0.2.4 An FFI interface to the DevIL library
codec-libevent-0.1.2 Cross-platform structure serialisation
codec-mbox- A library to read and write mailboxes in mbox format
codecov-haskell-0.5.0 support for Haskell
codec-rpm-0.2.2 A library for manipulating RPM files
codemonitor-0.2 Tool that automatically runs arbitrary commands when files change on disk
codepad-0.1 Submit and retrieve paste output from
code-page-0.2 Windows code page library for Haskell
codeworld-api-0.2.5 Graphics library for CodeWorld
codex- A ctags file generator for cabal project dependencies
codo-notation-0.5.2 A notation for comonads, analogous to the do-notation for monads
coerce-util- utils for Data.Coerce
coercible-utils-0.0.0 Utility functions for Coercible types
cofunctor- DEPRECATED: use the "contravariant" package
cognimeta-utils-0.1.2 Utilities for Cognimeta products (such as perdure). API may change often
coin-1.2.1 Simple account manager
coinbase-exchange- Connector library for the coinbase exchange
coincident-root-loci-0.2 Equivariant CSM classes of coincident root loci
colada- Colada implements incremental word class class induction using online LDA
colchis- Rudimentary JSON-RPC 2.0 client over raw TCP
cold-widow-0.1.2 File transfer via QR Codes
collada-output-0.6 Generate animated 3d objects in COLLADA
collada-types-0.3 Data exchange between graphic applications
collapse-duplication- Collapse the duplication output into clones and return their frequencies
collapse-util- utility for collapsing adjacent writes
collection-json- Collection+JSON—Hypermedia Type Tools
collections- Useful standard collections types and related functions
collections-api- API for collection data structures
collections-base-instances- Useful standard collections types and related functions
colock-0.2.2 thread-friendly file locks that don't block the entire program
co-log-0.2.0 Composable Contravariant Comonadic Logging Library
co-log-core-0.1.1 Composable Contravariant Comonadic Logging Library
co-log-sys- Syslog implementation on top of 'co-log-core'
colonnade- Generic types and functions for columnar encoding and decoding
color-counter- Count colors in images
colorful-monoids- Styled console text output using ANSI escape sequences
colorize-haskell-1.0.1 Highligt Haskell source
colorless-2.2.20 Colorless | The Programmatic IDL
colorless-http-client-0.0.4 Http Client addon for Colorless
colorless-scotty-0.0.2 Scotty server add-on for Colorless
colors- A type for colors
colour-2.3.4 A model for human colour/color perception
colour-accelerate- Working with colours in Accelerate
colour-space- Instances of the manifold-classes for colour types
coltrane- A jazzy, minimal web framework for Haskell, inspired by Sinatra
columbia-0.2 Enhanced serialization using seeking
com- Haskell COM support library
comark-0.1.0 Commonmark processing in pure haskell
comark-html-0.1.0 Commonmark (markdown) to HTML renderer
comark-parser-0.1.0 Parser for Commonmark (markdown)
comark-syntax-0.1.0 Definitions of AST that represents a Commonmark (markdown) document
combinat- Generate and manipulate various combinatorial objects
combinat-compat- Generate and manipulate various combinatorial objects
combinat-diagrams-0.2 Graphical representations for various combinatorial objects
combinatorial- Count, enumerate, rank and unrank combinatorial objects
combinatorial-problems-0.0.5 A number of data structures to represent and allow the manipulation of standard combinatorial problems, used as test problems in computer science
combinatorics-0.1.0 Efficient computation of common combinatoric functions
combinator-interactive-0.1.2 SKI Combinator interpreter
Combinatorrent-0.3.2 A concurrent bittorrent client
combobuffer-0.2 Various buffer implementations
comfort-array-0.1.2 Arrays where the index type is a function of the shape type
comfort-graph- Graph structure with type parameters for nodes and edges
comic-0 A format for describing comics
comma-1.1.0 CSV Parser & Producer
Command-0.0.7 A replacement for System.Exit and System.Process
command-0.1.1 Conveniently run shell commands
commander- pattern matching against string based commands
Commando- Watch some files; Rerun a command
command-qq- Quasiquoters for external commands
commodities- Library for working with commoditized amounts and price histories
commsec-0.3.5 Provide communications security using symmetric ephemeral keys
commsec-keyexchange-0.3.3 Key agreement for commsec
commutative-0.0.2 Commutative binary operations
comonad-5.0.4 Comonads
comonad-extras-4.0 Exotic comonad transformers
comonad-random-0.1.2 Comonadic interface for random values
comonads-fd-4.0 This package has been merged into comonad 4.0
ComonadSheet- A library for expressing spreadsheet-like computations as the fixed-points of comonads
comonad-transformers-4.0 This package has been merged into comonad 4.0
compact- Non-GC'd, contiguous storage for immutable data structures
Compactable- A generalization for containers that can be stripped of Nothing
compactable- A typeclass for structures which can be catMaybed, filtered, and partitioned
compact-list-0.1.0 An append only list in a compact region
compactmap- A read-only memory-efficient key-value store
compact-map-2008.11.9 Compact Data.Map implementation using Data.Binary
compact-mutable-0.1 Mutable arrays living on the compact heap
compact-socket- Socket functions for compact normal form
compact-string-0.3.1 Fast, packed and strict strings with Unicode support, based on bytestrings
compact-string-fix-0.3.2 Same as compact-string except with a small fix so it builds on ghc-6.12
compare-type-0.1.1 compare types of any kinds in haskell
compdata-0.12 Compositional Data Types
compdata-automata-0.9.2 Tree automata on Compositional Data Types
compdata-dags-0.2.1 Compositional Data Types on DAGs
compdata-fixplate-0.1.3 Compdata basics implemented on top of Fixplate
compdata-param-0.9.2 Parametric Compositional Data Types
compensated-0.7.2 Compensated floating-point arithmetic
competition- Helpers and runners for code competitions
compilation- Haskell functionality for quickly assembling simple compilers
compiler-warnings-0.1.0 Parser for common compiler warning formats
complex-generic- complex numbers with non-mandatory RealFloat
complex-integrate-1.0.0 A simple integration function to integrate a complex-valued complex functions
complexity-0.1.3 Empirical algorithmic complexity
componentm- Monad for allocation and cleanup of application resources
componentm-devel- Easy REPL driven development using ComponentM
composable-associations- Types and helpers for composing types into a single larger key-value type
composable-associations-aeson- Aeson ToJSON/FromJSON implementation for the types of composable-associations
compose-ltr-0.2.4 More intuitive, left-to-right function composition
compose-trans-0.1 Composable monad transformers
composite-aeson- JSON for Vinyl/Frames records
composite-aeson-refined- composite-aeson support for Refined from the refined package
composite-base- Shared utilities for composite-* packages
composite-ekg- EKG Metrics for Vinyl/Frames records
composite-opaleye- Opaleye SQL for Frames records
composite-swagger- Swagger for Vinyl/Frames records
composition- Combinators for unorthodox function composition
composition-extra-2.0.0 Combinators for unorthodox structure composition
composition-prelude- Higher-order function combinators
composition-tree- Composition trees for arbitrary monoids
compound-types-0.1.4 Sum and Product types and such
compressed-3.11 Compressed containers and reducers
compression-0.1 Common compression algorithms
compstrat- Strategy combinators for compositional data types
comptrans- Automatically converting ASTs into compositional data types
computational-algebra- Well-kinded computational algebra library, currently supporting Groebner basis
computational-geometry- Collection of algorithms in Computational Geometry
computations- Advanced notions of computation
concatenative-1.0.1 A library for postfix control flow
conceit- Concurrent actions that may fail with a value
concise- Utilities for Control.Lens.Cons
concorde-0.1 Simple interface to the Concorde solver for the Traveling Salesperson Problem
concraft-0.14.2 Morphological disambiguation based on constrained CRFs
concraft-hr- Part-of-speech tagger for Croatian
concraft-pl-2.4.0 Morphological tagger for Polish
concrete-haskell- Library for the Concrete data format
concrete-haskell-autogen- Automatically generated Thrift definitions for the Concrete data format
concrete-relaxng-parser-0.1.1 A parser driven by a standard RELAX NG schema with concrete syntax extensions
concrete-typerep- Binary and Hashable instances for TypeRep
concur-core- A client side web UI framework for Haskell. Core framework
concurrency- Typeclasses, functions, and data types for concurrency and STM
concurrency-benchmarks-0.1.1 Benchmarks to compare concurrency APIs
concurrent-barrier-0.1.2 Simple thread barriers
concurrent-batch- Concurrent batching queue based on STM with timeout
concurrent-buffer-0.1 Concurrent expanding buffer
Concurrent-Cache- A Cached variable for IO functions
concurrent-dns-cache-0.1.2 Concurrent DNS cache
concurrent-extra- Extra concurrency primitives
Concurrential- Mix concurrent and sequential computation
concurrent-machines- Concurrent networked stream transducers
concurrentoutput- Ungarble output from several threads
concurrent-output-1.10.9 Ungarble output from several threads or commands
concurrent-rpc- An abstraction for inter-thread RPC based on MVars
concurrent-sa-1.0.1 Concurrent simulated annealing system
concurrent-split- MVars and Channels with distinguished input and output side
concurrent-st-0.1 Concurrent Haskell in ST
concurrent-state- MTL-like library using TVars
concurrent-supply-0.1.8 A fast concurrent unique identifier supply with a pure API
concurrent-utilities- More utilities and broad-used datastructures for concurrency
ConcurrentUtils- Concurrent utilities
cond- Basic conditional and boolean operators with monadic variants
Condor-0.3 Information retrieval library
condor-0.3 Information retrieval library
condorcet-0.0.1 Library for Condorcet voting
conductive-base-0.3 a library for live coding and real-time musical applications
conductive-clock-0.2 a library for displaying musical time in a terminal-based clock
conductive-hsc3-0.3.1 a library with examples of using Conductive with hsc3
conductive-song-0.2 a library of functions which are useful for composing music
conduit-1.3.1 Streaming data processing library
conduit-algorithms- Conduit-based algorithms
conduit-audio- Combinators to efficiently slice and dice audio streams
conduit-audio-lame- conduit-audio interface to the LAME MP3 library
conduit-audio-samplerate- conduit-audio interface to the libsamplerate resampling library
conduit-audio-sndfile- conduit-audio interface to the libsndfile audio file library
conduit-combinators-1.3.0 DEPRECATED Functionality merged into the conduit package itself
conduit-concurrent-map-0.1.1 Concurrent, order-preserving mapping Conduit
conduit-connection- Conduit source and sink for Network.Connection
conduit-extra-1.3.0 Batteries included conduit: adapters for common libraries
conduit-find- A file-finding conduit that allows user control over traversals
conduit-iconv- Conduit for character encoding conversion
conduit-merge- Merge multiple sorted conduits
conduit-network-stream-0.2 A base layer for network protocols using Conduits
conduit-parse- Parsing framework based on conduit
conduit-resumablesink-0.2 Allows conduit to resume sinks to feed multiple sources into it
conduit-throttle- Throttle Conduit Producers
conduit-tokenize-attoparsec- Conduits for tokenizing streams
conduit-zstd- Conduit-based ZStd Compression
conf- Parser for Haskell-based configuration files
confetti-1.0.0 A simple config file swapping tool
conffmt- A .conf file formatter
confide- derive typeclass instances for decoding types from HOCON conf
ConfigFile-1.1.4 Configuration file reading & writing
configfile-unknown Metadata not found
ConfigFileTH-0.2 Template haskell for reading ConfigFiles
Configger-0.1 Parse config files
configifier-0.1.1 parser for config files, shell variables, command line args
config-ini- A library for simple INI-based configuration files
config-manager- Configuration management
config-parser- Parse config files using parsec and generate parse errors on unhandled keys
config-schema- Schema definitions for the config-value package
config-select-0.0.1 A small program for swapping out dot files
Configurable- Declare types as Configurable then specialize them all in one place
configuration-0.1.1 Simple data type for application configuration
configuration-tools-0.4.0 Tools for specifying and parsing configurations
configurator- Configuration management
configurator-export- Pretty printer and exporter for configurations from the "configurator" library
configurator-ng- The next generation of configuration management
config-value- Simple, layout-based value language similar to YAML or JSON
config-value-getopt- Interface between config-value and System.GetOpt
conf-json-1.2 read, parse json config
confsolve-0.5.6 A command line tool for resolving conflicts of file synchronizers
congruence-relation- Decidable congruence relations for Haskell: up to you whether this is a joke
conjugateGradient-2.2 Sparse matrix linear-equation solver
conjure-0.1 A BitTorrent client
conkin-1.0.2 Tools for functors from Hask^k to Hask
conlogger- A logger for a concurrent program
connection-0.2.8 Simple and easy network connections API
connection-pool-0.2.2 Connection pool built on top of resource-pool and streaming-commons
connection-string- A library for parsing connection strings
Conscript- Restart a command on STDIN activity
consistent-0.1.0 Eventually consistent STM transactions
console-program- Interpret the command line and a config file as commands and options
console-prompt-0.1 console user prompts
console-style- Styled console text output using ANSI escape sequences
ConsStream-0.1 Trivial re-export of Wouter Swierstra's Stream package, avoiding module name clash
constaparser- Parse ByteStrings of a prescribed length
const-math-ghc-plugin- Compiler plugin for constant math elimination
constrained-categories- Constrained clones of the category-theory type classes, using ConstraintKinds
constrained-dynamic- Dynamic typing with retained constraints
constrained-monads- Typeclasses and instances for monads with constraints
constrained-normal-1.0.2 Normalised Deep Embeddings for Constrained Type-Class Instances
constraint- Reified constraints
constraint-classes-0.5.1 Various typeclasses using ConstraintKinds
ConstraintKinds-1.3.0 Repackages standard type classes with the ConstraintKinds extension
constraint-manip- Some conviencience type functions for manipulating constraints
constraint-reflection- Constraint reflection
constraints-0.10.1 Constraint manipulation
constraints-emerge-0.1.2 Defer instance lookups until runtime
constraints-extras- Utility package for constraints
constrictor- strict versions of many things in base
constructible- Exact computation with constructible real numbers
constructive-algebra-0.3.0 A library of constructive algebra
consul-haskell-0.4.2 A consul client for Haskell
Consumer-1.2 A monad and monad transformer for consuming streams
consumers- Concurrent PostgreSQL data consumers
container-1.1.5 Containers abstraction and utilities
container-builder-0.1 Functions for building containers from a known number of elements
container-classes- Generic classes for interacting with different container types
containers- Assorted concrete container types
containers-benchmark- Extensive benchmark suite for containers package
containers-deepseq- Provide orphan NFData instances for containers as needed. (deprecated)
containers-unicode-symbols- Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators
containers-verified- Formally verified drop-in replacement of containers
ContArrow-0.0.5 Control.Arrow.Transformer.Cont
content-store-0.2.1 Store and retrieve data from an on-disk store
ContextAlgebra- Implementation of the context algebra
context-free-grammar-0.1.0 Basic algorithms on context-free grammars
context-stack- An abstraction of a stack and stack-based monadic context
contiguous- Unified interface for primitive arrays
contiguous-fft- dft of contiguous memory structures
continue-0.2.0 Monads with suspension and arbitrary-spot reentry
continued-fraction- Types and functions for working with continued fractions in Haskell
continued-fractions- Continued fractions
Contract-0.1 Practical typed lazy contracts
contravariant-1.5 Contravariant functors
contravariant-extras-0.3.4 Extras for the "contravariant" package
control- Class of monad transformers which control operations can be lifted thru
control-bool-0.2.1 Useful combinators for boolean expressions
control-dotdotdot- Haskell operator `g ... f = \x1 .. xn -> g (f x1 .. xn)`
control-dsl- An alternative to monads for control flow DSLs
Control-Engine- A parallel producer/consumer engine (thread pool)
control-event- Event scheduling system
control-invariants- Invariants and contract monitoring
control-iso- A typeclass for type isomorphisms
control-monad-attempt- Monad transformer for attempt. (deprecated)
control-monad-exception-0.11.2 Explicitly typed, checked exceptions with stack traces
control-monad-exception-monadsfd-0.10.3 Monads-fd instances for the EMT exceptions monad transformer
control-monad-exception-monadstf-0.10.3 Monads-tf instances for the EMT exceptions monad transformer
control-monad-exception-mtl-0.10.3 MTL instances for the EMT exceptions monad transformer
control-monad-failure- A class for monads which can fail with an error. (deprecated)
control-monad-failure-mtl-0.7.1 A class for monads which can fail with an error for mtl 1 (deprecated)
control-monad-free-0.6.2 Free monads and monad transformers
control-monad-loop-0.1 Simple monad transformer for imperative-style loops
Control-Monad-MultiPass- A Library for Writing Multi-Pass Algorithms
control-monad-omega-0.3.1 A breadth-first list monad
control-monad-queue- Reusable corecursive queues, via continuations
Control-Monad-ST2- A variation on the ST monad with two type parameters
control-timeout-0.1.2 Timeout handling
contstuff-1.2.6 Fast, easy to use CPS-based monad transformers
contstuff-monads-tf-0.2.1 ContStuff instances for monads-tf transformers (deprecated)
contstuff-transformers-0.1.1 Deprecated interface between contstuff 0.7.0 and the transformers package
converge- Limit operations for converging sequences
conversion-1.2.1 Universal converter between values of different types
conversion-bytestring-1.0.1 "Conversion" instances for the "bytestring" library
conversion-case-insensitive- "Conversion" instances for the "case-insensitive" library
conversion-text-1.0.1 "Conversion" instances for the "text" library
convert-1.5 Safe and unsafe data conversion utilities with strong type-level operation. checking
convert-annotation- Convert the annotation of a gene to another in a delimited file using a variety of different databases
convertible- Typeclasses and instances for converting between types
convertible-ascii- convertible instances for ascii
convertible-text- Typeclasses and instances for converting between types (deprecated)
cookbook- Tiered general-purpose libraries with domain-specific applications
cookie-0.4.4 HTTP cookie parsing and rendering
cookies- web cookies
coordinate-0.2 A representation of latitude and longitude
copilot-2.2.1 A stream DSL for writing embedded C programs
copilot-c99-2.2.1 A compiler for Copilot targeting C99
copilot-cbmc-2.2.1 Copilot interface to a C model-checker
copilot-core-2.2.1 An intermediate representation for Copilot
copilot-language-2.2.1 A Haskell-embedded DSL for monitoring hard real-time distributed systems
copilot-libraries-2.2.1 Libraries for the Copilot language
copilot-sbv-2.2.1 A compiler for CoPilot targeting SBV
copilot-theorem-2.2.1 k-induction for Copilot
copr-1.1.1 Haskell interface to the Fedora Copr system
COrdering-2.3 An algebraic data type similar to Prelude Ordering
core-0.5 External core parser and pretty printer
corebot-bliki- A bliki written using yesod. Uses pandoc to process files stored in git
core-compiler- compile your own mini functional language with Core
corecursive-main- Write your main like it can call itself back
CoreDump- A GHC plugin for printing GHC's internal Core data structures
CoreErlang-0.0.4 Manipulating Core Erlang source code
CoreFoundation-0.1 Bindings to Mac OSX's CoreFoundation framework
core-haskell-0.6.4 A subset of Haskell using in UCC for teaching purpose
corenlp-parser- Launches CoreNLP and parses the JSON output
Coroutine- Type-safe coroutines using lightweight session types
coroutine-enumerator-0.1.1 Bridge between the monad-coroutine and enumerator packages
coroutine-iteratee-0.1.1 Bridge between the monad-coroutine and iteratee packages
coroutine-object-0.3.0 Object-oriented programming realization using coroutine
CouchDB-1.2.2 CouchDB interface
couchdb-conduit-0.10.6 Couch DB client library using http-conduit and aeson
couchdb-enumerator-0.3.7 Couch DB client library using http-enumerator and aeson
couch-hs-0.1.6 A CouchDB view server for Haskell
couch-simple- A modern, lightweight, complete client for CouchDB
count-0.0.1 Bijective mappings between values and possibly infinite prefixes of [0..]
countable-1.0 Countable, Searchable, Finite, Empty classes
countable-inflections-0.2.0 Countable Text Inflections
counter- An object frequency counter
country-0.1.6 Country data type and functions
country-codes-0.1.3 ISO 3166 country codes and i18n names
courier- A message-passing library for simplifying network applications
court- Simple and flexible CI system
coverage- Exhaustivity Checking Library
cparsing- A simple C++ parser with preprocessor features. C++ refactorings included
CPBrainfuck-1.1 A simple Brainfuck interpretter
cpio-conduit-0.7.0 Conduit-based CPIO
CPL-0.0.9 An interpreter of Hagino's Categorical Programming Language (CPL)
cplex-hs- high-level CPLEX interface
cplusplus-th- C++ Foreign Import Generation
cppfilt- Bindings for C++ demangling routines
cpphs-1.20.8 A liberalised re-implementation of cpp, the C pre-processor
cprng-aes-0.6.1 Crypto Pseudo Random Number Generator using AES in counter mode
cprng-aes-effect- Run random effect using cprng-aes, a crypto pseudo number generator
cpsa-3.6.1 Symbolic cryptographic protocol analyzer
cpu-0.1.2 Cpu information and properties helpers
cpuid-0.2.3 Binding for the cpuid machine instruction on x86 compatible processors
cpuinfo- Haskell Library for Checking CPU Information
cpuperf-0.1.1 Modify the cpu frequency on OpenBSD systems
cpython-3.4.0 Bindings for libpython
cql-4.0.1 Cassandra CQL binary protocol
cql-io- Cassandra CQL client
cqrs-0.9.1 Command-Query Responsibility Segregation
cqrs-core-0.10.0 Command-Query Responsibility Segregation
cqrs-example-0.10.0 Example for cqrs package
cqrs-memory-0.10.0 Memory backend for the cqrs package
cqrs-postgresql-0.10.0 PostgreSQL backend for the cqrs package
cqrs-sqlite3-0.9.0 SQLite3 backend for the cqrs package
cqrs-test-0.9.0 Command-Query Responsibility Segregation Test Support
cqrs-testkit-0.10.0 Command-Query Responsibility Segregation Test Support
cqrs-types-0.9.1 Command-Query Responsibility Segregation. Modules for the basic types
cr-1.2 Code review tool
crack-0.1 A haskell binding to cracklib
crackNum-2.3 Crack various integer, floating-point data formats
craft- A UNIX configuration management library in Haskell
Craft3e- Code for Haskell: the Craft of Functional Programming, 3rd ed
craftwerk-0.1 2D graphics library with integrated TikZ output
craftwerk-cairo-0.1 Cairo backend for Craftwerk
craftwerk-gtk-0.1 Gtk UI for Craftwerk
crawlchain- Simulation user crawl paths
craze- HTTP Racing Library
crc- Implements various Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC)
crc16-0.1.1 Calculate the crc16-ccitt
crc16-table-0.1 Compute CRC16 checksums using a lookup table
crdt-10.3 Conflict-free replicated data types
creatur-5.9.27 Framework for artificial life experiments
credentials-0.0.2 Secure Credentials Storage and Distribution
credentials-cli-0.0.2 Secure Credentials Administration
credential-store-0.1.2 Library to access secure credential storage providers
crf-chain1-0.2.2 First-order, linear-chain conditional random fields
crf-chain1-constrained-0.6.0 First-order, constrained, linear-chain conditional random fields
crf-chain2-generic-0.3.0 Second-order, generic, constrained, linear conditional random fields
crf-chain2-tiers-0.6.0 Second-order, tiered, constrained, linear conditional random fields
critbit- Crit-bit maps and sets
criterion- Robust, reliable performance measurement and analysis
criterion-measurement- Criterion measurement functionality and associated types
criterion-plus-0.1.3 Enhancement of the "criterion" benchmarking library
criterion-to-html- Convert criterion output to HTML reports
criu-rpc-0.0.2 CRIU RPC client
criu-rpc-types- Criu RPC protocol buffer types
crjdt-haskell-0.3.0 A Conflict-Free Replicated JSON Datatype for Haskell
crockford-0.2 An implementation of Douglas Crockford's base32 encoding
crocodile-0.1.2 An offline renderer supporting ray tracing and photon mapping
cron-0.6.1 Cron datatypes and Attoparsec parser
cron-compat-0.2.6 Cron datatypes and Attoparsec parser
cruncher-types-1.1.0 Request and Response types for's API
crunghc- A runghc replacement with transparent caching
Crypto- Collects together existing Haskell cryptographic functions into a package
crypto-api-0.13.3 A generic interface for cryptographic operations
crypto-api-tests-0.3 A test framework and KATs for cryptographic operations
cryptocipher-0.6.2 Symmetrical block and stream ciphers
crypto-cipher-benchmarks-0.0.5 Generic cryptography cipher benchmarks
crypto-cipher-tests-0.0.11 Generic cryptography cipher tests
crypto-cipher-types-0.0.9 Generic cryptography cipher types
crypto-classical-0.2.0 An educational tool for studying classical cryptography schemes
cryptocompare-0.1.1 Haskell wrapper for the cryptocompare API
cryptoconditions-0.2.4 Interledger Crypto-Conditions
crypto-conduit-0.5.5 Conduit interface for cryptographic operations (from crypto-api)
crypto-enigma- An Enigma machine simulator with display
cryptohash-0.11.9 collection of crypto hashes, fast, pure and practical
cryptohash-conduit-0.1.1 cryptohash conduit
cryptohash-cryptoapi-0.1.4 Crypto-api interfaces for cryptohash
cryptohash-md5- Fast, pure and practical MD5 implementation
cryptohash-sha1- Fast, pure and practical SHA-1 implementation
cryptohash-sha256- Fast, pure and practical SHA-256 implementation
cryptohash-sha512- Fast, pure and practical SHA-512 implementation
cryptoids- Reversable and secure encoding of object ids as a bytestring
cryptoids-class-0.0.0 Typeclass-based interface to cryptoids
cryptoids-types-0.0.0 Shared types for encrypting internal object identifiers before exposure
cryptol-2.6.0 Cryptol: The Language of Cryptography
crypto-multihash- Multihash library on top of cryptonite crypto library
cryptonite-0.25 Cryptography Primitives sink
cryptonite-conduit-0.2.2 cryptonite conduit
cryptonite-openssl-0.7 Crypto stuff using OpenSSL cryptographic library
crypto-numbers-0.2.7 Cryptographic numbers: functions and algorithms
crypto-pubkey-0.2.8 Public Key cryptography
crypto-pubkey-openssh-0.2.7 OpenSSH keys decoder/encoder
crypto-pubkey-types-0.4.3 Generic cryptography Public keys algorithm types
crypto-random-0.0.9 Simple cryptographic random related types
crypto-random-api-0.2.0 Simple random generators API for cryptography related code
crypto-random-effect- A random effect using crypto-random
crypto-rng- Cryptographic random number generator
crypto-simple- A simple high level encryption interface based on cryptonite
cryptostore- Serialization of cryptographic data types
crypto-totp- Provides generation and verification services for time-based one-time keys
crypt-sha512-0 Pure Haskell implelementation for GNU SHA512 crypt algorithm
cryptsy-api-0.2.1 Bindings for Cryptsy cryptocurrency exchange API
crystalfontz-0.1 Control Crystalfontz LCD displays
csa-0.1.0 Connection-set algebra (CSA) library
cse-ghc-plugin-0.1.1 Compiler plugin for common subexpression elimination
csg- Analytical CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry) library
csound-catalog-0.7.2 a gallery of Csound instruments
csound-expression-5.3.2 library to make electronic music
csound-expression-dynamic-0.3.3 dynamic core for csound-expression library
csound-expression-opcodes- opcodes for the library csound-expression
csound-expression-typed- typed core for the library csound-expression
csound-sampler- A musical sampler based on Csound
csp-1.4.0 Discrete constraint satisfaction problem (CSP) solver
cspmchecker-1.0.0 A command line type checker for CSPM files
CSPM-CoreLanguage- Definition of a CSP core-language
CSPM-cspm- cspm command line tool for analyzing CSPM specifications
CSPM-FiringRules- Firing rules semantic of CSPM
CSPM-Frontend- A CSP-M parser compatible with FDR-2.91
CSPM-Interpreter- An interpreter for CSPM
CSPM-ToProlog- some modules specific for the ProB tool
cspretty-1.0 AST and pretty printer for CSPm
css-0.2 Minimal monadic CSS DSL
css-syntax- High-performance CSS tokenizer and serializer
css-text- CSS parser and renderer
c-storable-0.2 CStorable class
c-storable-deriving-0.1.3 Generate C-like storable instances from datatypes
csv-0.1.2 CSV loader and dumper
csv-conduit- A flexible, fast, conduit-based CSV parser library for Haskell
csv-enumerator- A flexible, fast, enumerator-based CSV parser library for Haskell
csv-nptools-0.4.1 A collection of CSV tools
csv-table- Scripts for manipulating tables stored as CSV files
csv-to-qif-0.3.3 A small program that will read csv files and create qif files
ctemplate-0.1 Binding to the Google ctemplate library
ctkl- packaging of Manuel Chakravarty's CTK Light for Hackage
ctpl- A programming language for text modification
CTRex-0.6 Open records using closed type families
ctrie-0.2 Non-blocking concurrent map
cube-0.2.0 Cubic DSL for 3D printing
cubical-0.2.0 Implementation of Univalence in Cubical Sets
cubicbezier- Efficient manipulating of 2D cubic bezier curves
cubicspline-0.1.2 Natural cubic spline interpolation
cublas- FFI bindings to the CUDA BLAS library
cuboid-0.14.2 3D Yampa/GLUT Puzzle Game
cuckoo-filter- Pure and impure Cuckoo Filter
cuda- FFI binding to the CUDA interface for programming NVIDIA GPUs
cudd- Bindings to the CUDD binary decision diagrams library
cue-sheet-2.0.0 Support for construction, rendering, and parsing of CUE sheets
cufft- Haskell bindings for the CUFFT library
curl-1.3.8 Haskell binding to libcurl
curl-aeson-0.0.4 Communicate with HTTP service using JSON
curlhs-0.1.6 bindings to libcurl, the multiprotocol file transfer library
curl-runnings-0.9.2 A framework for declaratively writing curl based API tests
currencies- Currencies representation, pretty printing and conversion
currency- Types representing standard and non-standard currencies
currency-codes- ISO-4217 Currency Codes
currency-convert- Typesafe currency conversion
current-locale- Get the current system locale in System.Locale format
curry- Curry types
curry-base-1.0.0 Functions for manipulating Curry programs
CurryDB- CurryDB: In-memory Key/Value Database
curryer- A simple HTTP server framework
curry-frontend-1.0.1 Compile the functional logic language Curry to several intermediate formats
curryrs-0.2.0 Easy to use FFI Bridge for using Rust in Haskell
cursedcsv-0.1.2 Terminal tool for viewing tabular data
cursor- Purely Functional Cursors
cursor-gen- Generators for Purely Functional Cursors
curve25519-0.2.3 Fast implementations of the curve25519 elliptic curve primitives
curves- Library for drawing curve based images
cusolver- FFI bindings to CUDA Solver, a LAPACK-like library
cusparse- FFI bindings to the CUDA Sparse BLAS library
custom-prelude- An enhanced prelude, serving as a foundation for my projects
cutter-0.0 Cut files according to a position list
CV-0.3.7 OpenCV based machine vision library
cv-combinators- Functional Combinators for Computer Vision
cve- simple and efficient cve datatype
cyclotomic-0.5.1 A subfield of the complex numbers for exact calculation
cypher-0.8.1 Haskell bindings for the neo4j "cypher" query language
czipwith- CZipWith class and deriving via TH
d10- Digits 0-9
d3d11binding- A raw binding for the directX 11
d3js- Declarative visualization on a web browser with DSL approach
daemonize-doublefork-0.1.1 Start background daemons by double-forking
daemons-0.2.1 Daemons in Haskell made fun and easy
dag- Compile-time, type-safe directed acyclic graphs
DAG-Tournament-0.1 Real-Time Game Tournament Evaluator
damnpacket-1.3.1 Parsing dAmn messages
Dangerous-0.3.2 Monads for operations that can exit early and produce warnings
danibot- Basic Slack bot framework
Dao- Dao is meta programming language with its own built-in interpreted language, designed with artificial intelligence applications in mind
dao- Dao is meta programming language with its own built-in interpreted language, designed with artificial intelligence applications in mind
dapi- Prints a series of dates
darcs-2.14.1 a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system
darcs2dot- Outputs dependencies of darcs patches in dot format
darcs-benchmark-0.1.9 Comparative benchmark suite for darcs
darcs-beta- a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system
darcs-buildpackage-0.5.12 Tools to help manage Debian packages with Darcs
darcs-cabalized- David's Advanced Version Control System
darcsden-1.1.1 Darcs repository UI and hosting/collaboration app ( branch)
darcs-fastconvert-0.2.1 Import/export git fast-import streams to/from darcs
darcs-graph-1.0 Generate graphs of darcs repository activity
DarcsHelpers-0.1 Code used by Patch-Shack that seemed sensible to open for reusability
darcs-monitor-0.4.2 Darcs repository monitor (sends email)
darcs-scripts-0.1.1 Shell scripts for support of darcs workflow
darcswatch-0.4.4 Track application of Darcs patches
darkplaces-demo-0.1 Utility and parser for DarkPlaces demo files
darkplaces-rcon-0.1 Darkplaces rcon client library
darkplaces-rcon-util-0.1.1 Darplaces rcon utility
darkplaces-text-0.2.1 Parser for darkplaces colorful text
dash-haskell- Convert package Haddock to Dash docsets (IDE docs)
data-accessor- Utilities for accessing and manipulating fields of records
data-accessor-monadLib-0.0.1 Accessor functions for monadLib's monads
data-accessor-monads-fd- Use Accessor to access state in monads-fd State monad class
data-accessor-monads-tf- Use Accessor to access state in monads-tf State monad type family
data-accessor-mtl- Use Accessor to access state in mtl State monad class
data-accessor-template- Utilities for accessing and manipulating fields of records
data-accessor-transformers- Use Accessor to access state in transformers State monad
Data-Angle-0.9 Geometric angles
data-aviary-0.4.0 Combinator birds
data-base-1.1 Utilities for accessing and comparing types based on so called bases - representations with limited polymorphism
database-migrate-0.2.0 Database versioning and migration (experimental)
database-study-0.0.1 Demonstrate how a database can be implemented the functional way
data-basic- A database library with a focus on ease of use, type safety and useful error messages
data-binary-ieee754-0.4.4 Parser/Serialiser for IEEE-754 floating-point values
data-bword- Extra operations on binary words of fixed length
data-carousel- A rotating sequence data structure
data-category-0.7 Category theory
data-cell- Generic cellular data representation library
data-check-0.1.1 Library for checking and normalization of data (e.g. from web forms)
data-checked-0.3 Type-indexed runtime-checked properties
data-clist- Simple functional ring type
data-concurrent-queue- A Library for directional queues
data-construction-1.1 Data construction abstractions including Constructor, Destructor, Maker, Destroyer, Producer and Consumer
data-constructors- Generically compare data by their constructors
data-cycle-0.1.2 a cyclic doubly linked list
data-default- A class for types with a default value
data-default-class- A class for types with a default value
data-default-extra-0.1.0 A class for types with a default value
data-default-generics-0.3 A class for types with a default value
data-default-instances-base- Default instances for types in base
data-default-instances-bytestring-0.0.1 Default instances for (lazy and strict) ByteString, Builder and ShortByteString
data-default-instances-case-insensitive-0.0.1 Default instance for CI type from case-insensitive package
data-default-instances-containers-0.0.1 Default instances for types in containers
data-default-instances-dlist-0.0.1 Default instances for types in dlist
data-default-instances-new-base-0.0.2 Default instances for types in newer versions of base package
data-default-instances-old-locale-0.0.1 Default instances for types in old-locale
data-default-instances-text-0.0.1 Default instances for (lazy and strict) Text and Text Builder
data-default-instances-unordered-containers-0.0.1 Default instances for unordered-containers
data-default-instances-vector-0.0.1 Default instances for types defined in vector package
data-dispersal- Space-efficient and privacy-preserving data dispersal algorithms
data-diverse- Extensible records and polymorphic variants
data-diverse-lens- Isos & Lens for Data.Diverse.Many and Prisms for Data.Diverse.Which
datadog- Datadog client for Haskell. Supports both the HTTP API and StatsD
data-dword- Stick two binary words together to get a bigger one
data-easy-0.7.0 Consistent set of utility functions for Maybe, Either, List and Monoids
data-elf-0.2 Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) data structures
data-embed- Embed files and other binary blobs inside executables without Template Haskell
data-emoticons-0.1.0 Combinator emoticons: data-aviary in the flavor of emoticons
dataenc- Data encoding library
data-endian-0.1.1 Endian-sensitive data
data-extend-generic- Extend Haskell data or newtype like in OOP languages
data-extra-2.5.5 None
data-filepath- A type safe file path data structure
data-files-gen- Generate data-files Cabal file field from existing files
data-filter- Utilities for filtering
data-fin- Finite totally ordered sets
data-fin-simple- Simple integral finite set
datafix- Fixing data-flow problems
data-fix-0.2.0 Fixpoint data types
data-fix-cse-0.0.2 Common subexpression elimination for the fixploint types
data-flags- A package for working with bit masks and flags in general
data-flagset- An efficient data type for sets of flags
dataflow- Generate Graphviz documents from a Haskell representation
data-foldapp- Fold function applications. Framework for variadic functions
data-forest- A simple multi-way tree data structure
data-fresh-0.2013.251.0 Interface and functor transformers for fresh values
data-function-meld- Map the arguments and return value of functions
data-function-tacit- Write functions in tacit (pointless) style using Applicative and De Bruijn index notation
data-has- Simple extensible product
data-hash- Combinators for building fast hashing functions
Data-Hash-Consistent-0.1.1 Provide a simple consistent hashing mechanism
DataIndex-0.1.1 A package for adding index column to data files
data-index- Extending the concept of indices for lists and other containers
data-interval-1.3.0 Interval datatype, interval arithmetic and interval-based containers
data-inttrie-0.1.4 A simple lazy, infinite trie from integers
data-ivar-0.30 Write-once variables with concurrency support
data-json-token- Json Token datatype
data-kiln- Sculpt mutable recursive data with reference equality; bake it using a data kiln into an immutable lazy structure
data-layer-1.0.4 Data layering utilities. Layer is a data-type which wrapps other one, but keeping additional information. If you want to access content of simple newtype object, use Lens.Wrapper instead
data-layout- Read/write arbitrary binary layouts to a "Data.Vector.Storable"
data-lens-2.11.2 Used to be Haskell 98 Lenses
data-lens-fd-2.0.6 Lenses
data-lens-ixset-0.1.4 A Lens for IxSet
data-lens-light- Simple lenses, minimum dependencies
data-lens-template-2.2 Utilities for Data.Lens
data-list-sequences-0.1 Utilities for working with sequences within lists
data-list-zigzag- A list but with a balanced enumeration of Cartesian product
datalog- An implementation of datalog in Haskell
data-map-multikey- Data.Map with multiple, unique keys
data-memocombinators-0.5.1 Combinators for building memo tables
data-msgpack-0.0.12 A Haskell implementation of MessagePack
data-msgpack-types-0.0.2 A Haskell implementation of MessagePack
data-named-0.6.1 Data types for named entities
data-nat-0.1.2 data Nat = Zero | Succ Nat
data-object- Represent hierachichal structures, called objects in JSON. (deprecated)
data-object-json- Serialize JSON data to/from Haskell using the data-object library. (deprecated)
data-object-yaml- Serialize data to and from Yaml files (deprecated)
data-or- A data type for non-exclusive disjunction
data-ordlist- Set and bag operations on ordered lists
datapacker-1.0.1 Tool to help pack files into the minimum number of CDs/DVDs/etc
data-partition- A pure disjoint set (union find) data structure
data-pprint- Prettyprint and compare Data values
data-quotientref-0.1 Reference cells that need two independent indices to be accessed
data-ref- Unify STRef and IORef in plain Haskell 98
data-reify-0.6.1 Reify a recursive data structure into an explicit graph
data-reify-cse-0.0.3 Common Sub-Expression Elimination for graphs generated by Data.Reify
data-repr-1.0 Alternative to Show data printing utility
data-result-1.0 Data types for returning results distinguishable by types
data-rev- A typeclass for reversing order of contents
datarobot-1.0.1 Client for DataRobot API
data-rope-0.3 Ropes, an alternative to (Byte)Strings
Data-Rope-0.2 Ropes, an alternative to (Byte)Strings
data-r-tree- R-Tree is a spatial data structure similar to Quadtrees or B-Trees
data-rtuple-1.0 Recursive tuple data structure. It is very usefull when implementing some lo-level operations, allowing to traverse different elements using Haskell's type classes
data-serializer-0.3.4 Common API for serialization libraries
datasets-0.2.5 Classical data sets for statistics and machine learning
data-size- Profiling of data structures
data-spacepart-20090215.0 Deprecated. Now called "spacepart". Space partitioning data structures
data-standards- A collection of standards representable by simple data types
data-stm32- ARM SVD and CubeMX XML parser and pretty printer for STM32 family
data-store- Type safe, in-memory dictionary with multidimensional keys
data-stringmap- An efficient implementation of maps from strings to arbitrary values
data-structure-inferrer-1.0 Program that infers the fastest data structure available for your program
data-sword- Shorter binary words
data-tensor- Tensor and Group typeclasses
data-textual- Human-friendly textual representations
data-timeout-0.3.1 64-bit timeouts of nanosecond precision
data-transform- Functions to transform data structures
data-tree-print- Print Data instances as a nested tree
DataTreeView-0.1.1 A GTK widget for displaying arbitrary Data.Data.Data instances
data-treify-0.3.4 Reify a recursive data structure into an explicit graph
data-type-0.1.0 Basic type wrangling types and classes
dataurl- Handle data-urls
data-util-0.5 utilities for handle data
data-variant- A variant data type, useful for modeling dynamically-typed programming languages
date-cache-0.3.0 Date cacher
date-conversions- Date conversions
dates- Small library for parsing different dates formats
datetime-0.3.1 Utilities to make Data.Time.* easier to use
datetime-sb-0.2.4 Utilities to make Data.Time.* easier to use
DAV-1.3.3 RFC 4918 WebDAV support
dawdle- Generates DDL suggestions based on a CSV file
dawg-0.11 Directed acyclic word graphs
dawg-ord- Directed acyclic word graphs
dbcleaner-0.1.3 Clean database tables automatically around hspec tests
dbf- Read and write XBase ".dbf" files
DBFunctor- DBFunctor - Functional Data Management => ETL/ELT Data Processing in Haskell
dbjava-1.7 Decompiler Bytecode Java
DBlimited-0.1.1 A command-line SQL interface for flat files (tdf,csv,etc.)
dbm-0.3 A *simple* database migration tool
dbmigrations-2.0.0 An implementation of relational database "migrations"
dbmigrations-mysql-2.0.0 The dbmigrations tool built for MySQL databases
dbmigrations-postgresql-2.0.0 The dbmigrations tool built for PostgreSQL databases
dbmigrations-sqlite-2.0.0 The dbmigrations tool built for SQLite databases
DBus-0.5.1 D-Bus bindings
dbus-1.2.1 A client library for the D-Bus IPC system
d-bus-0.1.8 Permissively licensed D-Bus client library
dbus-client-0.4.1 Monadic and object-oriented interfaces to DBus
dbus-core-0.9.3 Low-level D-Bus protocol implementation
dbus-hslogger- Expose a dbus server to control hslogger
dbus-qq-0.1.0 Quasi-quoter for DBus functions
dbus-th- TemplateHaskell generator of DBus bindings
dbus-th-introspection- Generate bindings for DBus calls by using DBus introspection and dbus-th
DCFL- Communication Free Learning-based constraint solver
dclabel- This packge is deprecated. See the the "LIO.DCLabel" in the "lio" package
dclabel-eci11-0.3 The Disjunction Category Label Format
dcpu16- DCPU-16 Emulator & Assembler
ddate- Discordian Date Types for Haskell
ddc-base- Disciplined Disciple Compiler common utilities
ddc-build- Disciplined Disciple Compiler build framework
ddc-code- Disciplined Disciple Compiler base libraries
ddc-core- Disciplined Disciple Compiler core language and type checker
ddc-core-babel- Disciplined Disciple Compiler PHP code generator
ddc-core-eval- Disciplined Disciple Compiler semantic evaluator for the core language
ddc-core-flow- Disciplined Disciple Compiler data flow compiler
ddc-core-llvm- Disciplined Disciple Compiler LLVM code generator
ddc-core-salt- Disciplined Disciple Compiler C code generator
ddc-core-simpl- Disciplined Disciple Compiler code transformations
ddc-core-tetra- Disciplined Disciple Compiler intermediate language
ddc-driver- Disciplined Disciple Compiler top-level driver
ddci-core- Disciple Core language interactive interpreter
ddc-interface- Disciplined Disciple Compiler user interface support
ddc-source-tetra- Disciplined Disciple Compiler source language
ddc-tools- Disciplined Disciple Compiler command line tools
ddc-war- Disciplined Disciple Compiler test driver and buildbot
dde-0.3.0 Delay differential equations
dead-code-detection-0.8.1 detect dead code in haskell projects
Deadpan-DDP- Write clients for Meteor's DDP Protocol
dead-simple-json-0.1.2 Dead simple JSON parser, with some Template Haskell sugar
debian-3.93.2 Modules for working with the Debian package system
debian-binary-0.0.1 Utilities to work with debian binary packages
debian-build- Debian package build sequence tools
debug-0.1.1 Simple trace-based debugger
debug-diff-0.1 Display a colorized diff between two Haskell values
debug-me-1.20181208 secure remote debugging
debug-pp-0.1.1 A preprocessor for the debug package
debug-time- Debug.Trace equivalent for timing computations
DebugTraceHelpers-0.12 Convenience functions and instances for Debug.Trace
debug-trace-var-0.2.0 You do not have to write variable names twice in Debug.Trace
debug-tracy- More useful trace functions for investigating bugs
deburr- Convert Unicode characters with burrs to their ASCII counterparts
decepticons- The categorical dual of transformers
decidable- Combinators for manipulating dependently-typed predicates
Decimal-0.5.1 Decimal numbers with variable precision
decimal-arithmetic- An implementation of the General Decimal Arithmetic Specification
decimal-literals- Preprocessing decimal literals more or less as they are (instead of via fractions)
DecisionTree-0.0 A very simple implementation of decision trees for discrete attributes
declarative-0.5.2 DIY Markov Chains
decoder-conduit- Conduit for decoding ByteStrings using Data.Binary.Get
decode-utf8-1.2 Decode a UTF-8 byte stream on standard input
dedukti-1.1.4 A type-checker for the λΠ-modulo calculus
DeepArrow-0.4.0 Arrows for "deep application"
deepcontrol- A library that provides deep-level programming style and(or) notation on Applicative and Monad
DeepDarkFantasy-0.2017.8.19 A DSL for creating neural network
deeplearning-hs- Deep Learning in Haskell
deepseq- Deep evaluation of data structures
deepseq-bounded- Bounded deepseq, including support for generic deriving
deepseq-generics- GHC.Generics-based Control.DeepSeq.rnf implementation
deepseq-magic- Deep evaluation of data structures without NFData
deepseq-th- Template Haskell based deriver for optimised NFData instances
deepzoom-0.1 A DeepZoom image slicer. Only known to work on 32bit Linux
defargs-0.3 default arguments in haskell
DefendTheKing-0.3.1 A simple RTS game
deferred-folds-0.9.10 Abstractions over deferred folds
definitive-base-2.3 The base modules of the Definitive framework
definitive-filesystem-1.2 A library that enable you to interact with the filesystem in a definitive way
definitive-graphics-1.2 A definitive package allowing you to open windows, read image files and render text to be displayed or saved
definitive-parser-2.1 A parser combinator library for the Definitive framework
definitive-reactive-1.0 A simple Reactive library
definitive-sound-1.0 A definitive package to handle sound and play it back
deiko-config- Small and typesafe configuration library
dejafu- A library for unit-testing concurrent programs
deka- Decimal floating point arithmetic
deka-tests- Tests for deka, decimal floating point arithmetic
delaunay- Build a Delaunay triangulation of a set of points
delay-0 More useful and humain delaying functions
delicious-0.3.4 Accessing the APIs from Haskell (v2)
delimited-text-0.3.0 Parse character delimited textual data
delimiter-separated- Library for dealing with tab and/or comma (or other) separated files
delta- A library for detecting file changes
delta-h-0.0.3 Online entropy-based model of lexical category acquisition
Delta-Lambda- A demonstration interpreter for type system delta-lambda (of N.G. De-bruijn)
delude- Generalized the Prelude more functionally
demarcate-0.1.0 Demarcating transformed monad
denominate-0.5.0 Functions supporting bulk file and directory name normalization
dense- Mutable and immutable dense multidimensional arrays
dense-int-set-0.3 Dense int-set
dense-linear-algebra- Simple and incomplete pure haskell implementation of linear algebra
dependency- Dependency resolution for package management
dependent-map- Dependent finite maps (partial dependent products)
dependent-monoidal-map- Data.Dependent.Map variant that appends conflicting entries when merging maps instead of discarding one side of the conflict
dependent-state-1.0.1 Control structure similar to Control.Monad.State, allowing multiple nested states, distinguishable by provided phantom types
dependent-sum-0.4 Dependent sum type
dependent-sum-template- Template Haskell code to generate instances of classes in dependent-sum package
depends-0.0.1 A simple configuration management tool for Haskell
dephd-0.1.6 Analyze quality of nucleotide sequences
deptrack-core- DepTrack Core types and model
deptrack-devops- DepTrack applied to DevOps
deptrack-dot- Facilitate Graphviz representations of DepTrack dependencies
deque-0.2.7 Double-ended queue
dequeue-0.1.12 A typeclass and an implementation for double-ended queues
derangement-0.1.0 Find derangements of lists
derivation-trees-0.7.3 Typeset Derivation Trees via MetaPost
derive-2.6.4 A program and library to derive instances for data types
derive-enumerable- Generic instances for enumerating complex data types
derive-gadt-0.1.1 Instance deriving for (a subset of) GADTs
derive-IG-0.1.1 Macro to derive instances for Instant-Generics using Template Haskell
deriveJsonNoPrefix- Derive ToJSON/FromJSON instances in a more prefix-friendly manner
derive-monoid-0.0.1 derive Semigroup/Monoid/IsList
derive-storable- Derive Storable instances with GHC.Generics
derive-storable-plugin- GHC core plugin supporting the derive-storable package
derive-topdown- Help Haskellers derive class instances for composited data types
derive-trie-0.2.1 Automatic derivation of Trie implementations
deriving-compat-0.5.2 Backports of GHC deriving extensions
derp-0.1.6 Derivative Parsing
derp-lib- combinators based on parsing with derivatives (derp) package
derulo-1.0.5 Parse and render JSON simply
descrilo- Loads a list of items with fields
descriptive-0.9.5 Self-describing consumers/parsers; forms, cmd-line args, JSON, etc
DescriptiveKeys-0.0.4 A library for specifying xmonad key bindings with functionality
descript-lang- Library, interpreter, and CLI for Descript programming language
desert- a simple build tool for OCaml projects
despair-0.0.6 Despair
deterministic-game-engine-0.4.0 Simple deterministic game engine
detour-via-sci-1.0.0 JSON and CSV encoding for rationals as decimal point numbers
detour-via-uom-1.0.0 JSON and CSV encoding for quantities
detrospector-0.3 Markov chain text generator
deunicode-0.1 Get rid of unicode (utf-8) symbols in Haskell sources
devil- A small tool to make it easier to update program managed by Angel
dewdrop-0.1 Find gadgets for return-oriented programming on x86
df1-0.3 Type, render and parse the df1 hierarchical structured log format
dfinity-radix-tree-0.5.2 A generic data integrity layer
Dflow-0.0.1 Processing Real-time event streams
dfrac- A package for precise decimal arithmatic using rationals
dfsbuild-1.0.2 Build Debian From Scratch CD/DVD images
dgim-0.0.3 Implementation of DGIM algorithm
dgs-0.2 Haskell front-end for DGS' bot interface
dhall-1.19.1 A configuration language guaranteed to terminate
dhall-bash-1.0.17 Compile Dhall to Bash
dhall-check- Check all dhall files in a project
dhall-json-1.2.5 Compile Dhall to JSON or YAML
dhall-lex- Lexer for the Dhall language
dhall-nix-1.1.6 Dhall to Nix compiler
dhall-text-1.0.14 Template text using Dhall
dhall-to-cabal- Compile Dhall expressions to Cabal files
dhcp-lease-parser-0.1 Parse a DHCP lease file
di-1.2 Typeful hierarchical structured logging using di, mtl and df1
dia-base- An EDSL for teaching Haskell with diagrams - data types
dia-functions- An EDSL for teaching Haskell with diagrams - functions
diagrams-1.4 Embedded domain-specific language for declarative vector graphics
diagrams-boolean-0.1.0 deprecated, part of diagrams-contrib since 1.4
diagrams-braille- Braille diagrams with plain text
diagrams-builder- hint-based build service for the diagrams graphics EDSL
diagrams-cairo-1.4.1 Cairo backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
diagrams-canvas-1.4.1 HTML5 canvas backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
diagrams-contrib-1.4.3 Collection of user contributions to diagrams EDSL
diagrams-core- Core libraries for diagrams EDSL
diagrams-graphviz-1.4.1 Graph layout and drawing with GrahpViz and diagrams
diagrams-gtk-1.4 Backend for rendering diagrams directly to GTK windows
diagrams-haddock- Preprocessor for embedding diagrams in Haddock documentation
diagrams-hsqml- HsQML (Qt5) backend for Diagrams
diagrams-html5-1.4.1 HTML5 canvas backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
diagrams-lib- Embedded domain-specific language for declarative graphics
diagrams-pandoc-0.3 A Pandoc filter to express diagrams inline using the Haskell EDSL _Diagrams_
diagrams-pdf-0.3.1 PDF backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
diagrams-pgf-1.4.1 PGF backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
diagrams-postscript-1.4.1 Postscript backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
diagrams-qrcode-1.3 Draw QR codes to SVG, PNG, PDF or PS files
diagrams-rasterific- Rasterific backend for diagrams
diagrams-reflex-0.1 reflex backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
diagrams-rubiks-cube- Library for drawing the Rubik's Cube
diagrams-solve-0.1.1 Pure Haskell solver routines used by diagrams
diagrams-svg-1.4.2 SVG backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
diagrams-tikz-0.6 TikZ backend for diagrams drawing EDSL
diagrams-wx- Backend for rendering diagrams in wxWidgets
dialog- Simple dialog-based user interfaces
dib-0.7.2 A simple, forward build system
dice-0.1 Simplistic D&D style dice-rolling system
dice2tex- Convert a Diceware wordlist into a printer-ready LaTeX file
dice-entropy-conduit- Cryptographically secure n-sided dice via rejection sampling
dicom- A library for reading and writing DICOM files in the Explicit VR Little Endian transfer syntax
di-core-1.0.3 Typeful hierarchical structured logging without monad towers
dictionaries- Tools to handle StarDict dictionaries
dictionary-sharing- Sharing/memoization of class members
dictparser- Parsec parsers for the DICT format produced by dictfmt -t
di-df1-1.0.2 Write logs in the df1 format using the di logging framework
diet- Discrete Interval Encoding Trees
Diff-0.3.4 O(ND) diff algorithm in haskell
diff- Diff and patch
diff3-0.3.1 Perform a 3-way difference of documents
diffarray-0.1.1 DiffArray
diffcabal-0.1.1 Diff two .cabal files syntactically
diffdump-0.7.5 Tools for diffing stdout
DifferenceLogic- A theory solver for conjunctions of literals in difference logic
DifferentialEvolution-0.0.2 Global optimization using Differential Evolution
diff-gestalt- A diff algorithm based on recursive longest common substrings
diffmap- diff on maps
diff-parse-0.2.1 A parser for diff file formats
difftodo-0.2.0 Generate todo lists from source code
digamma-1.0 A (deprecated) implementation of the digamma function
digest- Various cryptographic hashes for bytestrings; CRC32 and Adler32 for now
digestive-bootstrap- Speed up form designing using digestive functors and bootstrap
digestive-foundation-lucid- Speed up form designing using digestive functors and foundation
digestive-functors- A practical formlet library
digestive-functors-aeson-1.1.26 Run digestive-functors forms against JSON
digestive-functors-blaze- Blaze frontend for the digestive-functors library
digestive-functors-happstack- Happstack backend for the digestive-functors library
digestive-functors-heist- Heist frontend for the digestive-functors library
digestive-functors-hsp-0.5.0 HSP support for digestive-functors
digestive-functors-lucid- Lucid frontend for the digestive-functors library
digestive-functors-scotty- Scotty backend for the digestive-functors library
digestive-functors-snap- Snap backend for the digestive-functors library
digest-pure-0.0.3 Pure hash functions for bytestrings
digit-0.7 A data-type representing digits 0-9 and other combinations
Digit-0.0.3 A data-type representing digits 0-9
DigitalOcean- A client library for the DigitalOcean API
digitalocean-kzs- digitalocean api for haskell
digits-0.3.1 Converts integers to lists of digits and back
dihaa- ASCII based Diagram drawing in Haskell (Idea based on ditaa)
di-handle-1.0 IO support for file handles in di-core
dimensional-1.1 Statically checked physical dimensions, using Type Families and Data Kinds
dimensional-codata-2014.0.0.0 CODATA Recommended Physical Constants with Dimensional Types
DimensionalHash- An n-dimensional hash using Morton numbers
dimensional-tf- Statically checked physical dimensions, implemented using type families
dimensions- Safe type-level dimensionality for multidimensional data
di-monad-1.3 mtl flavoured typeful hierarchical structured logging for di-core
dingo-core-0.2.0 Dingo is a Rich Internet Application platform based on the Warp web server
dingo-example-0.2.0 Dingo Example
dingo-widgets-0.2.0 Dingo Widgets
diophantine- A quadratic diophantine equation solving library
diplomacy- Diplomacy board game
diplomacy-server- Play Diplomacy over HTTP
direct-binary-files-1.0 Serialization and deserialization monads for streams and ByteStrings
direct-daemonize-3.1 Library to switch to daemon mode using built-in OS facilities
directed-cubical- Finite directed cubical complexes and associated algorithms
direct-fastcgi-1.0.3 Native implementation of the FastCGI protocol
direct-http-0.6 Native webserver that acts as a library
direct-murmur-hash-1.0.1 An implementation of the MurmurHash3 algorithm
directory- Platform-agnostic library for filesystem operations
directory-layout- Directory layout DSL
directory-listing-webpage-parser- directory listing webpage parser
directory-tree-0.12.1 A simple directory-like tree datatype, with useful IO functions
direct-plugins-1.1 Lightweight replacement for Plugins, specific to GHC
direct-rocksdb-0.0.3 Bindings to RocksDB
DirectSound-0.0.0 Partial binding to the Microsoft DirectSound API
direct-sqlite-2.3.23 Low-level binding to SQLite3. Includes UTF8 and BLOB support
dirstream-1.1.0 Easily stream directory contents in constant memory
disassembler- Disassembler for X86 & AMD64 machine code
discogs-haskell- Client for Discogs REST API
discord-gateway-0.2.2 An API wrapper for Discord in Haskell
discord-haskell-0.7.0 Write bots for Discord in Haskell
discord-hs-0.4.2 An API wrapper for Discord in Haskell
discordian-calendar-0.1 library for handling Discordian calendar dates
discord-rest-0.2.2 An API wrapper for Discord in Haskell
discord-types-0.2.2 Type information for discord-hs
discount-0.1.1 Haskell bindings to the discount Markdown library
discrete- replacement for enum
discrete-intervals-0.0.3 Discrete Intervals
discrete-space-map-0.0.5 A discrete space map
discrimination-0.3 Fast generic linear-time sorting, joins and container construction
DiscussionSupportSystem- Discussion support system
Dish- Hash modules (currently Murmur3)
disjoint-containers-0.2.3 Disjoint containers
disjoint-set-0.2 Persistent disjoint-sets, a.k.a union-find
disjoint-sets-st-0.1 Imperative ST/IO based disjoint set data structure
disjoint-set-stateful- Monadic disjoint set
disk-free-space- Retrieve information about disk space usage
diskhash- Disk-based hash table
display-0.0.1 Display things for humans to read
display-haskell-do- A display API for HaskellDO
disposable- Allows storing different resource-releasing actions together
Dist- A Haskell library for probability distributions
distance- Useful distance datatype and functions
distance-of-time- Generate readable distances between times
DistanceTransform-0.1.2 Distance transform function
DistanceUnits- A comprehensive distance library
DisTract-0.2.5 Distributed Bug Tracking System
distributed-closure-0.4.1 Serializable closures for distributed programming
distributed-fork- Like 'forkIO', but uses remote machines instead of local threads
distributed-fork-aws-lambda- AWS Lambda backend for distributed-fork
distributed-process-0.7.4 Cloud Haskell: Erlang-style concurrency in Haskell
distributed-process-async-0.2.6 Cloud Haskell Async API
distributed-process-azure-0.1.0 Microsoft Azure backend for Cloud Haskell
distributed-process-client-server- The Cloud Haskell Application Platform
distributed-process-ekg- Collect node stats for EKG
distributed-process-execution- Execution Framework for The Cloud Haskell Application Platform
distributed-process-extras-0.3.5 Cloud Haskell Extras
distributed-process-fsm-0.0.1 The Cloud Haskell implementation of Erlang/OTP gen_statem
distributed-process-lifted- monad-control style typeclass and transformer instances for Process monad
distributed-process-monad-control- Orphan instances for MonadBase and MonadBaseControl
distributed-process-p2p- Peer-to-peer node discovery for Cloud Haskell
distributed-process-platform-0.1.0 The Cloud Haskell Application Platform
distributed-process-registry- Cloud Haskell Extended Process Registry
distributed-process-simplelocalnet-0.2.4 Simple zero-configuration backend for Cloud Haskell
distributed-process-supervisor-0.2.1 Supervisors for The Cloud Haskell Application Platform
distributed-process-systest-0.1.1 Cloud Haskell Test Support
distributed-process-task- Task Framework for The Cloud Haskell Application Platform
distributed-process-tests-0.4.11 Tests and test support tools for distributed-process
distributed-process-zookeeper- A Zookeeper back-end for Cloud Haskell
distributed-static-0.3.8 Compositional, type-safe, polymorphic static values and closures
distribution- Finite discrete probability distributions
distribution-nixpkgs-1.1.1 Types and functions to manipulate the Nixpkgs distribution
distribution-opensuse-1.1.1 Types, functions, and tools to manipulate the openSUSE distribution
distribution-plot- Easily plot distributions from the distribution package.
distributive-0.6 Distributive functors -- Dual to Traversable
dist-upload-0.0.4 Generate/Upload cabal package to Hackage
diversity- Quantify the diversity of a population
dixi- A wiki implemented with a firm theoretical foundation
djembe- Hit drums with haskell
djinn-2014.9.7 Generate Haskell code from a type
djinn-ghc- Generate Haskell code from a type. Bridge from Djinn to GHC API
djinn-lib- Generate Haskell code from a type. Library extracted from djinn package
djinn-th-0.0.1 Generate executable Haskell code from a type
dlist- Difference lists
dlist-instances- Difference lists instances
dlist-nonempty-0.1.1 Non-empty difference lists
dmc-1.1 cmd: run shell commands from code
dmcc- AVAYA DMCC API bindings and WebSockets server for AVAYA
dmenu- Complete bindings to the dmenu and dmenu2 command line tools
dmenu-pkill- dmenu script for killing applications. Sortable by process id or CPU/MEM usage
dmenu-pmount- Mounting and unmounting linux devices as user with dmenu and pmount
dmenu-search- dmenu script for searching the web with customizable search engines
DMuCheck- Distributed Mutation Analysis framework for MuCheck
DnaProteinAlignment- Frameshift-aware alignment of protein sequences with DNA sequences
dns-3.0.4 DNS library in Haskell
dnscache-1.1.0 Caching DNS resolver library and mass DNS resolver utility
dnsrbl-0.0.3 Asynchronous DNS RBL lookup
dnssd- DNS service discovery bindings
doccheck- Checks Haddock comments for pitfalls and version changes
docidx-1.1.0 Generate an HTML index of installed Haskell packages and their documentation
docker- An API client for docker written in Haskell
docker-build-cacher-2.1.1 Builds a docker image and caches all of its intermediate stages
dockercook- A build tool for multiple docker image layers
dockerfile-0.2.0 A Haskell DSL for generating Dockerfiles
docopt- A command-line interface parser that will make you smile
doc-review-0.7.1 Document review Web application, like
Docs-1.0.0 Documentation types library
docstrings- Docstrings for documentation in the repl
doctemplates- Pandoc-style document templates
doctest- Test interactive Haskell examples
DocTest- Test interactive Haskell examples
doctest-discover- Easy way to run doctests via cabal
doctest-discover-configurator- Easy way to run doctests via cabal (no aeson dependency, uses configurator instead)
doctest-driver-gen- Generate driver file for doctest's cabal integration
doctest-prop- Allow QuickCheck-style property testing within doctest
docusign-base-0.0.1 Low-level bindings to the DocuSign API
docusign-base-minimal-0.0.1 Low-level bindings to the DocuSign API (only what is necessary for docusign-client)
docusign-client-0.0.2 Client bindings for the DocuSign API
docusign-example- DocuSign examples
docvim- Documentation generator for Vim plug-ins
DOH- Complete API bindings for DigitalOcean API V2
doi-0.0.2 Automatic Bibtex and fulltext of scientific articles
do-list-1.0.1 Do notation for free
dollaridoos- A newtype for monetary values
DOM-2.0.1 DOM Level 2 bindings for the WebBits package
domain-auth-0.2.2 Domain authentication library
dominion- A simulator for the board game Dominion
dom-lt-0.1.3 The Lengauer-Tarjan graph dominators algorithm
dom-parser-3.1.0 Simple monadic DOM parser
domplate- A simple templating library using HTML5 as its template language
dom-selector- DOM traversal by CSS selectors for xml-conduit package
do-notation- Generalize do-notation to work on monads and indexed monads simultaneously
do-notation-dsl- An alternative to monads
dot-0.2.2 Data types and encoding for graphviz dot files
dot2graphml- Converter from GraphViz .dot format to yEd GraphML
dotenv- Loads environment variables from dotenv files
dotfs- Filesystem to manage and parse dotfiles
dotgen-0.4.2 A simple interface for building .dot graph files
dot-linker- Initial project template from stack
dotnet-timespan- .NET TimeSpan
double-conversion- Fast conversion between double precision floating point and text
double-extra-0.1.1 Missing presentations for Double numbers (fixed, scientific etc.)
double-metaphone-0.0.2 Haskell bindings to a C double-metaphone implementation
doublify-toolkit-0.0.1 Doublify API toolkit for Haskell
dove-0.0.0 The Dove verification language
dow-0.2.6 Dungeons of Wor
download- High-level file download based on URLs
download-curl-0.1.4 High-level file download based on URLs
download-media-content- Simple tool to download images from RSS feeds (e.g. Flickr, Picasa)
dozenal- A Haskell library for using Dozenal (Duodecimal - Base 12) numbers
dozens-0.1.1 dozens api library
DP-0.1.1 Pragmatic framework for dynamic programming
dph-base- Data Parallel Haskell common config and debugging functions
dph-examples- Data Parallel Haskell example programs
dph-lifted-base- Data Parallel Haskell common definitions used by other dph-lifted packages
dph-lifted-copy- Data Parallel Haskell lifted array combinators. (deprecated version)
dph-lifted-vseg- Data Parallel Haskell lifted array combinators
dph-par- (deprecated)
dph-prim-interface- Data Parallel Haskell segmented arrays. (abstract interface)
dph-prim-par- Data Parallel Haskell segmented arrays. (production version)
dph-prim-seq- Data Parallel Haskell segmented arrays. (sequential implementation)
dph-seq- (deprecated)
dpkg-0.0.3 libdpkg bindings
DPM- Darcs Patch Manager
dpor- A generic implementation of dynamic partial-order reduction (DPOR) for testing arbitrary models of concurrency
DPutils- utilities for DP
dragen- Automatic derivation of optimized QuickCheck random generators
drawille- A port of asciimoo's drawille to haskell
draw-poker- playing draw poker
DRBG-0.5.5 Deterministic random bit generator (aka RNG, PRNG) based HMACs, Hashes, and Ciphers
drClickOn-0.1 Monadic FRP
dresdner-verkehrsbetriebe-1.0.0 Library and program for querying DVB (Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG)
DrHylo-0.0.2 A tool for deriving hylomorphisms
DrIFT-2.4.2 Program to derive type class instances
DrIFT-cabalized-2.3.0 Program to derive type class instances
drifter-0.2.3 Simple schema management for arbitrary databases
drifter-postgresql-0.2.1 PostgreSQL support for the drifter schema migration tool
drifter-sqlite- SQLite support for the drifter schema migraiton tool
drinkery-0.4 Boozy streaming library
drmaa-0.3.0 A Haskell bindings to the DRMAA C library
dropbox-sdk-0.3.1 A library to access the Dropbox HTTP API
dropsolve- A command line tool for resolving dropbox conflicts. Deprecated! Please use confsolve
DSA-1.0.2 Implementation of DSA, based on the description of FIPS 186-4
dsc-0.2.0 Helper functions for setting up Double Submit Cookie defense for forms
DSH- Database Supported Haskell
dsh-sql- SQL backend for Database Supported Haskell (DSH)
ds-kanren- A subset of the miniKanren language
dsmc- DSMC library for rarefied gas dynamics
dsmc-tools- DSMC toolkit for rarefied gas dynamics
dson- Haskell DogeScript Object Notation Parser
dson-parsec- DSON parser
dsp- Haskell Digital Signal Processing
DSTM-0.1.2 A framework for using STM within distributed systems
dstring- Difference strings
dtab- Harmonix (Guitar Hero, Rock Band) DTA/DTB metadata library
DTC- Data To Class transformation
dtd- Parse and render DTD files (deprecated)
dtd-text- Parse and render XML DTDs
dtd-types- Basic types for representing XML DTDs
dtrace-0.1 Haskell interface to the DTrace system tracing utility
dtw- (Fast) Dynamic Time Warping
dual- Dual category
dual-game- Network multiplayer 2D shooting game
dual-tree-0.2.2 Rose trees with cached and accumulating monoidal annotations
dublincore-xml-conduit- XML streaming parser/renderer for the Dublin Core standard elements
duckling- A Haskell library for parsing text into structured data
dumb-cas- A computer “algebra” system that knows nothing about algebra, at the core
dump-0.2.8 Dumps the names and values of expressions to ease debugging
dump-core- A plug-in for rendering GHC core
dunai-0.5.1 Generalised reactive framework supporting classic, arrowized and monadic FRP
dunai-core- Generalised reactive framework supporting classic, arrowized and monadic FRP. (Core library fork.)
Dung-1.1 An implementation of the Dung argumentation frameworks
duplo-1.8.1 Frontend development build tool
duration- A tiny compile-time time utility library inspired by zeit/ms
Dust-2.3.1 Polymorphic protocol engine
Dust-crypto-0.1 Cryptographic operations
dustme- Initial project template from stack
Dust-tools-1.3.2 Network filtering exploration tools
Dust-tools-pcap-1.3.1 Network filtering exploration tools that rely on pcap
dvda-0.4 Efficient automatic differentiation and code generation
dvdread-0.1 A monadic interface to libdvdread
dvi-processing-0.3.1 Read/write DVI and TFM file
dvorak- Dvorak encoding for Haskell
dwarf-0.23 Parser for DWARF debug format
dwarfadt-0.6 High-level wrapper around the dwarf library
dwarf-el-0.3 Parser for DWARF debug format
dwergaz- A minimal testing library
dx9base-0.1.1 Backend for a binding to the Microsoft DirectX 9 API
dx9d3d- A binding to the Microsoft DirectX 9 API
dx9d3dx-0.1.1 A binding to the Microsoft DirectX 9 D3DX API
dyckword- A library for working with binary Dyck words
dynamic-cabal-0.3.5 Access the functions from the Cabal library without depending on it
dynamic-graph- Draw and update graphs in real time with OpenGL
dynamic-linker-template- Automatically derive dynamic linking methods from a data type
dynamic-loader-0.0.1 lightweight loader of GHC-based modules or packages
dynamic-mvector- A wrapper around MVector that enables pushing, popping and extending
dynamic-object-0.2.1 Object-oriented programming with duck typing and singleton classes
dynamic-plot- Interactive diagram windows
dynamic-pp-0.2.0 A pretty-print library that employs a dynamic programming algorithm for optimal rendering
dynamic-state-0.3.1 Optionally serializable dynamic state keyed by type
DynamicTimeWarp- Dynamic time warping of sequences
dynamodb-simple- Typesafe library for working with DynamoDB database
dynloader-0.1.0 Dynamically runtime loading packages
dynobud- your dynamic optimization buddy
dyre-0.8.12 Dynamic reconfiguration in Haskell
DysFRP-0.1 dysFunctional Reactive Programming
DysFRP-Cairo-0.1 dysFunctional Reactive Programming on Cairo
DysFRP-Craftwerk-0.1 dysFunctional Reactive Programming on Craftwerk
dywapitchtrack- Bindings to the dywapitchtrack pitch tracking library
dzen-utils-0.1.1 Utilities for creating inputs for dzen
each- Template Haskell library for writing monadic expressions more easily
eager-sockets-0.1 Socket operations with timeouts
eap- Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
earclipper- Ear Clipping Triangulation
Earley- Parsing all context-free grammars using Earley's algorithm
ease- Robert Penner's easing equations
easy-api- Utility code for building HTTP API bindings more quickly
easy-bitcoin- types and functions for bitcoin applications
easy-file-0.2.2 Cross-platform File handling
easyjson- Haskell JSON library with an emphasis on simplicity, minimal dependencies, and ease of use
easyplot-1.0 A tiny plotting library, utilizes gnuplot for plotting
easyrender- User-friendly creation of EPS, PostScript, and PDF files
easytensor- Pure, type-indexed haskell vector, matrix, and tensor library
easytensor-vulkan- Use easytensor with vulkan-api
easytest-0.2.1 Simple, expressive testing library
ebeats-0.1.0 Time in ebeats
Ebnf2ps-1.0.15 Peter's Syntax Diagram Drawing Tool
ebnf-bff- Parser combinators & EBNF, BFFs!
ec2-signature-3.1 The Amazon EC2 style signature calculator
ec2-unikernel-0.9.8 A handy tool for uploading unikernels to Amazon's EC2
eccrypto-0.0.1 Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Haskell
ecdsa-0.2 Basic ECDSA signing implementation
echo-0.1.3 A cross-platform, cross-console way to handle echoing terminal input
ecma262-0.0.0 A ECMA-262 interpreter library
ecstasy- A GHC.Generics based entity component system
ecu-0.0.8 Tools for automotive ECU development
ed25519- Ed25519 cryptographic signatures
ed25519-donna-0.1.1 Haskell bindings to ed25519-donna (Elliptical Curve Signature Scheme)
eddie-1.0.0 Command line file filtering with haskell
ede-0.2.9 Templating language with similar syntax and features to Liquid or Jinja2
edenmodules- Semi-explicit parallel programming library
edenskel- Semi-explicit parallel programming skeleton library
edentv-4.10.0 A Tool to Visualize Parallel Functional Program Executions
edge- Top view space combat arcade game
edges- Tools for efficient immutable graphs
edis- Statically typechecked client for Redis
EdisonAPI-1.3.1 A library of efficient, purely-functional data structures (API)
EdisonCore- A library of efficient, purely-functional data structures (Core Implementations)
edit- A monad for rewriting things
editable- Interactive editors for Generics
edit-distance- Levenshtein and restricted Damerau-Levenshtein edit distances
edit-distance-vector- Calculate edit distances and edit scripts between vectors
edit-lenses-0.2 Symmetric, stateful edit lenses
edit-lenses-demo-0.1.1 Programs demoing the use of symmetric, stateful edit lenses
editline- Bindings to the editline library (libedit)
editor-open- Open the user's $VISUAL or $EDITOR for text input
editpipe- Edit stdin using an editor before sending to stdout
EditTimeReport-1.0 Query language and report generator for edit logs
EEConfig-1.0 ExtremlyEasyConfig - Extremly Simple parser for config files
effect-handlers- A library for writing extensible algebraic effects and handlers. Similar to extensible-effects but with deep handlers
effective-aspects- A monadic embedding of aspect oriented programming
effective-aspects-mzv- A monadic embedding of aspect oriented programming, using "Monads, Zippers and Views" instead of mtl
effect-monad- Embeds effect systems and program logics into Haskell using graded monads and parameterised monads
effects-0.2.3 Computational Effects
effects-parser-0.1 Parser Effect for the Control.Effects Library
effin- A Typeable-free implementation of extensible effects
egison-3.7.14 Programming language with non-linear pattern-matching against non-free data
egison-quote-0.2 A quasi quotes for using Egison expression in Haskell code
egison-tutorial-3.7.14 A tutorial program for the Egison programming language
egyptian-fractions- Egyptian fractions in Haskell
ehaskell-0.7 like eruby, ehaskell is embedded haskell
ehs-0.7.0 Embedded haskell template using quasiquotes
eibd-client-simple-0.0.4 EIBd Client
eigen- Eigen C++ library (linear algebra: matrices, sparse matrices, vectors, numerical solvers)
Eight-Ball-Pool-Hack-Cheats-1.0.1 spam
either-5.0.1 Combinators for working with sums
either-both- Either or both
either-list-functions- Functions involving lists of Either
eithers-0.2.0 None
EitherT-0.2.0 EitherT monad transformer
either-unwrap-1.1 Functions for probing and unwrapping values inside of Either
ekg- Remote monitoring of processes
ekg-bosun-1.0.14 Send ekg metrics to a Bosun instance
ekg-carbon-1.0.10 An EKG backend to send statistics to Carbon (part of Graphite monitoring tools)
ekg-cloudwatch- An ekg backend for Amazon Cloudwatch
ekg-core- Tracking of system metrics
ekg-elastic- Push metrics to elastic
ekg-elasticsearch- Push metrics to elasticsearch
ekg-influxdb- An EKG backend to send statistics to influxdb
ekg-json- JSON encoding of ekg metrics
ekg-log- Push metrics to a log file
ekg-prometheus-adapter- Easily expose your EKG metrics to Prometheus
ekg-push-0.0.3 Small framework to push metric deltas to a broadcast channel using the ekg-core library
ekg-rrd- Passes ekg statistics to rrdtool
ekg-statsd- Push metrics to statsd
ekg-wai- Remote monitoring of processes
electrum-mnemonic-0.1.3 easy to remember mnemonic for a high-entropy value
elenco-albero-1.0.0 make tree from a list
elerea-2.9.0 A minimalistic FRP library
elerea-examples-2.9.0 Example applications for Elerea
elerea-sdl-0.1.1 Elerea FRP wrapper for SDL
elevator-0.2.3 Immediately lifts to a desired level
elf-0.29 An Elf parser
eliminators-0.5 Dependently typed elimination functions using singletons
elision- Arrows with holes
Elm-0.13 The Elm language module
elm-bridge-0.5.0 Derive Elm types and Json code from Haskell types, using aeson's options
elm-build-lib- Compile Elm code to JS within Haskell
elm-compiler-0.15 Values to help with elm-package, elm-make, and
elm-core-sources-1.0.0 Source files for the Elm runtime and standard libraries
elm-export- A library to generate Elm types from Haskell source
elm-export-persistent-0.2.0 elm-export persistent entities
elm-get-0.1.3 Tool for sharing and using Elm libraries
elm-hybrid- Combine Elm with Haskell for data based applications
elm-init-1.0.5 Set up basic structure for an elm project
elm-make-0.1.2 A build tool for Elm projects
elm-package-0.5 Package manager for Elm libraries
elm-reactor-0.3.1 Interactive development tool for Elm programs
elm-repl-0.4.1 a REPL for Elm
elm-server- Server for developing Elm projects
elm-websocket-1.0 Generate ELM code from a Wai websocket application
elm-yesod-0.2 The Elm language Yesod compatibility module
elo-0.1.0 Elo Rating Library
elocrypt-2.0.0 Generate easy-to-remember, hard-to-guess passwords
elsa- A tiny language for understanding the lambda-calculus
emacs-keys- library to parse emacs style keybinding into the modifiers and the chars
emacs-module-0.1.1 Utilities to write Emacs dynamic modules
email- Sending eMail in Haskell made easy
emailaddress- Wrapper around email-validate library adding instances for common type classes
email-header-0.4.1 Parsing and rendering of email and MIME headers
emailparse- An email parser that will parse everything
email-postmark-0.2 A simple wrapper to send emails via the api of the service postmark (
email-validate- Email address validation
email-validate-json- Aeson instances for email-validate
email-validator-0.0.3 Perform basic syntax and deliverability checks on email addresses
embeddock- Embed the values in scope in the haddock documentation of the module
embeddock-example-0.1 Example of using embeddock
embroidery-0.1 support for embroidery formats in haskell
emd- Empirical Mode Decomposition and Hilbert-Huang Transform
emgm-0.4 Extensible and Modular Generics for the Masses
emoji- emoji utility
Emping-0.6 derives heuristic rules from nominal data
empty-9 Ceci n'est pas une package
Empty- A type class for empty containers
empty-monad- A container that always has no values
enchant- Binding to the Enchant library
enclosed-exceptions-1.0.3 Catching all exceptions from within an enclosed computation
Encode-1.3.8 Encoding character data
encode-string- Safe string conversion and encoding
encoding-0.8.2 A library for various character encodings
encoding-io-0.0.1 Encoding-aware file I/O
endo- Endomorphism utilities
engineering-units-0.0.2 A numeric type for managing and automating engineering units
engine-io-1.2.22 A Haskell implementation of Engine.IO
engine-io-wai-1.0.9 An @engine-io@ @ServerAPI@ that is compatible with @Wai@
eng-stemmer- An English language stemmer (Porter2)
entangle-0.1.1 An application (and library) to convert quipper circuits into Qpmc models
EntrezHTTP-1.0.4 Libary to interface with the NCBI Entrez REST service
entropy- A platform independent entropy source
entwine-0.0.3 entwine - Concurrency tools
Enum- Non-crashing `Enum` operations
EnumContainers-0.1 Simple Enum-class-based int containers
enumerable-0.0.3 A typeclass for enumerating all values a type
enumerate-0.2.2 enumerate all the values in a finite type (automatically)
enumerate-function-0.0.1 simple package for inverting functions and testing totality, via brute enumeration of the domain
enumeration-0.1.0 A practical API for building recursive enumeration procedures and enumerating datatypes
enumerator-0.4.20 Reliable, high-performance processing with left-fold enumerators
enumerator-fd- Enumerator instances for monads-fd classes
enumerator-tf-0.1.1 Enumerator instances for monads-tf classes
enumfun- Finitely represented /total/ EnumMaps
EnumMap-0.0.2 More general IntMap replacement
enummapmap-0.7.0 Map of maps using Enum types as keys
enummapset- IntMap and IntSet with Enum keys/elements
enummapset-th- TH-generated EnumSet/EnumMap wrappers around IntSet/IntMap
enumset- Sets of enumeration values represented by machine words
enum-subset-generate- Generate an ADT being a subset of another ADT, and the corresponding mappings
enum-types- small enum types
envelope- Defines generic 'Envelope' type to wrap reponses from a JSON API
env-locale- A (non-forking) interface to the current locale
envparse-0.4.1 Parse environment variables
env-parser- Pull configuration information from the ENV
envstatus-1.0.2 Display efficiently the state of the local environment
envy- An environmentally friendly way to deal with environment variables
epanet-haskell- Haskell binding for EPANET
epass-0.2.1 Baisc, Erlang-like message passing supporting sockets
epic- Compiler for a simple functional language
epoll-0.2.2 epoll bindings
eprocess-1.7.2 Basic Erlang-like process support for Haskell
epub-0.0.7 EPUB E-Book construction support library
epub-metadata-4.5 Library for parsing epub document metadata
epubname-2.3.2 Rename epub ebook files based on meta information
epub-tools-2.11 Command line utilities for working with epub files
Eq-1.1.3 Render math formula in ASCII, and perform some simplifications
eq-4.2 Leibnizian equality
equal-files- Shell command for finding equal files
EqualitySolver- A theory solver for conjunctions of literals in the theory of uninterpreted functions with equality
equational-reasoning- Proof assistant for Haskell using DataKinds & PolyKinds
equivalence-0.3.3 Maintaining an equivalence relation implemented as union-find using STT
erd- An entity-relationship diagram generator from a plain text description
erf- The error function, erf, and related functions
erf-native- Native Haskell implementation of the interface from the erf package
erlang-0.2.3 FFI interface to Erlang
eros- A text censorship library
eros-client- DEPRECATED in favor of eros-http
eros-http- JSON HTTP interface to Eros
errno-0.1 a FFI utility
error-analyze-0.0.1 Parse ghc and cabal error messages and give their causes for easier resolution
errorcall-eq-instance-0.3.0 An orphan Eq instance for ErrorCall
error-context- Provides API for enriching errors with contexts
error-continuations- Error Continuations
error-list- A useful type for collecting error messages
error-loc- An error replacement with call-site metadata
error-location- error functions that show file location information
error-message-1.1 Composable error messages
errors-2.3.0 Simplified error-handling
errors-ext-0.4.2 `bracket`-like functions for `ExceptT` over `IO` monad
error-util- Set of utils and operators for error handling
ersaconcat-0.0.1 A script to concatenate AIP ERSA
ersatz-0.4.4 A monad for expressing SAT or QSAT problems using observable sharing
ersatz-toysat- toysat driver as backend for ersatz
ert- Easy Runtime Templates
escape-artist-1.1.0 ANSI Escape Sequence Text Decoration Made Easy
escaped- Produce Text with terminal escape sequences
escoger- Terminal fuzzy selector
esotericbot-0.0.6 Esotericbot is a sophisticated, lightweight IRC bot
EsounD-0.2 Type-safe bindings to EsounD (ESD; Enlightened Sound Daemon)
espial- Espial is an open-source, web-based bookmarking server
esqueleto-2.5.3 Type-safe EDSL for SQL queries on persistent backends
ess- The type-level S combinator in Haskell
estimator- State-space estimation algorithms such as Kalman Filters
estimators-0.1.4 Tool for managing probability estimation
EstProgress- Methods for estimating the progress of functions
estreps-0.3.1 Repeats from ESTs
Etage-0.1.12 A general data-flow framework
Etage-Graph-0.1.8 Data-flow based graph algorithms
EtaMOO- A new implementation of the LambdaMOO server
etc- Declarative configuration spec for Haskell projects
etcd-1.0.5 Client for etcd, a highly-available key value store
eternal-0.1.7 everything breaking the Fairbairn threshold
Eternal10Seconds-0.2 A 2-D shooting game
eternity-0.1.3 Native event-sourcing database
eternity-timestamped-0.4.1 Automatic timestamping for Eternity
ether- Monad transformers and classes
Etherbunny-0.3 A network analysis toolkit for Haskell
ethereum-analyzer-3.3.4 A Ethereum contract analyzer
ethereum-analyzer-cli-3.3.4 A CLI frontend for ethereum-analyzer
ethereum-analyzer-deps-3.3.4 Stripped dependencies of ethereum-analyzer
ethereum-analyzer-webui-3.3.4 A web frontend for ethereum-analyzer
ethereum-client-haskell-0.0.4 A Haskell version of an Ethereum client
ethereum-merkle-patricia-db-0.0.1 A modified Merkle Patricia DB
ethereum-rlp-0.1.0 Ethereum Recursive Length Prefix Encoding
eths-rlp- Ethereum Recursive Length Prefix Encoding
ety-0.1 Random etymology online entry
euler-0.9.2 Mathematics utilities for Haskell
euler-tour-tree- Euler tour trees
euphoria- Dynamic network FRP with events and continuous values
eurofxref-0.2.1 Free foreign exchange/currency feed from the European Central Bank
EuroIT-2010.2.5 Library for using euro currency, italian language
Euterpea-2.0.6 Library for computer music research and education
eve-0.1.8 An extensible event framework
event-0.1.4 Monoidal, monadic and first-class events
event-driven-0.0.2 library for event driven programming
eventful-core-0.2.0 Core module for eventful
eventful-dynamodb-0.2.0 Library for eventful DynamoDB event stores
eventful-memory-0.2.0 In-memory implementations for eventful
eventful-postgresql-0.2.0 Postgres implementations for eventful
eventful-sql-common-0.2.0 Common library for SQL event stores
eventful-sqlite-0.2.0 SQLite implementations for eventful
eventful-test-helpers-0.2.0 Common module used for eventful tests
event-handlers- Event handlers
event-list-0.1.2 Event lists with relative or absolute time stamps
eventloop- A different take on an IO system. Based on Amanda's IO loop, this eventloop takes a function that maps input events to output events. It can easily be extended by modules that represent IO devices or join multiple modules together
event-monad-0.0.3 Event-graph simulation monad transformer
EventSocket-0.1 Interfaces with FreeSwitch Event Socket
eventsource-api-1.5.0 Provides an eventsourcing high level API
eventsourced- Server-Sent Events the UNIX way
eventsource-geteventstore-store-1.2.0 GetEventStore store implementation
eventsource-store-specs-1.2.0 Provides common test specification for Store implementation
eventsource-stub-store-1.1.0 An in-memory stub store implementation
eventstore-1.2.0 EventStore TCP Client
event-transformer- Initial project template from stack
every-0.0.1 Run a process every so often
every-bit-counts-0.1 A functional pearl on encoding and decoding using question-and-answer strategies
ewe- A language for teaching simple programming languages
exact-combinatorics- Efficient exact computation of combinatoric functions
exact-cover- Efficient exact cover solver
exact-pi- Exact rational multiples of pi (and integer powers of pi)
exact-real-0.12.2 Exact real arithmetic
exact-real-positional-0.0.0 Framework for Exact Real Arithmetic in the Positional Number System
except-exceptions-0.1 Safely deal with exceptions in ExceptT
exceptional- Essentially the Maybe type with error messages
exception-hierarchy- Exception type hierarchy with TemplateHaskell
exception-mailer-0.4.1 Catch all runtime exceptions and send an email
exception-monads-fd-0.2 Exception monad transformer instances for monads-fd classes
exception-monads-tf- Exception monad transformer instances for monads-tf classes
exception-mtl- Exception monad transformer instances for mtl classes
exceptions-0.10.0 Extensible optionally-pure exceptions
exception-transformers- Type classes and monads for unchecked extensible exceptions
exchangerates- A Haskell client for
execs- Tool to run stack exec prj-exe more easy
executable-hash- Provides the SHA1 hash of the program executable
executable-path- Finding out the full path of the executable
executor-0.0.4 Shell helpers
exference- Tool to search/generate (haskell) expressions with a given type
exhaustive-1.1.7 Compile time checks that a computation considers producing data through all possible constructors
exherbo-cabal- Exheres generator for cabal packages
exif-3000.0.0 A Haskell binding to a subset of libexif
exinst-0.7 Dependent pairs and their instances
exinst-aeson-0.7 Dependent pairs and their instances
exinst-bytes-0.7 Dependent pairs and their instances
exinst-cereal-0.7 Dependent pairs and their instances
exinst-deepseq-0.2 Derive instances for the `deepseq` library for your existential types
exinst-hashable-0.2 Derive instances for the `hashable` library for your existential types
exinst-serialise-0.7 Dependent pairs and their instances
existential- Existential types with lens-like accessors
exists-0.2 Existential datatypes holding evidence of constraints
exitcode- Monad transformer for exit codes
exit-codes-1.0.0 Exit codes as defined by BSD
exomizer-1.0.0 Compression and decompression in the exomizer format
expand-0.0.1 Extensible Pandoc
expat-enumerator- Enumerator-based API for Expat
exp-extended- floating point with extended exponent range
expiring-cache-map- General purpose simple caching
expiring-containers- Expiring containers
expiring-mvar-0.1 Create values which expire after a period of time
explain- Show how expressions are parsed
explicit-constraint-lens- Fully-flexible polymorphic lenses, without any bizarre profunctors
explicit-determinant- explicit computation of determinant of small matrices
explicit-exception- Exceptions which are explicit in the type signature
explicit-iomodes- File handles with explicit IOModes
explicit-iomodes-bytestring- Extends explicit-iomodes with ByteString operations
explicit-iomodes-text- Extends explicit-iomodes with Text operations
explicit-sharing-0.9 Explicit Sharing of Monadic Effects
explore- Experimental Plot data Reconstructor
ex-pool-0.2.1 Another fork of resource-pool, with a MonadIO and MonadCatch constraint
exposed-containers- A distribution of the 'containers' package, with all modules exposed
exp-pairs- Linear programming over exponent pairs
expression-parser-0.1 Generalization of parsec's expression parser
expressions-0.4.2 Expressions and Formulae a la carte
expressions-z3-0.4 Encode and Decode expressions from Z3 ASTs
extcore-1.0.2 Libraries for processing GHC Core
extemp-0.0.1 automated printing for extemp speakers
extended-categories-0.2.0 Extended Categories
extended-reals- Extension of real numbers with positive/negative infinities
extensible- Extensible, efficient, optics-friendly data types and effects
extensible-data- Sums/products/lists/trees which can be extended in other modules
extensible-effects- An Alternative to Monad Transformers
extensible-effects-concurrent-0.16.0 Message passing concurrency as extensible-effect
extensible-exceptions- Extensible exceptions
extensible-sp- light-weight, extensible sums and products over types and kinds
external-sort-0.2 Sort large arrays on your hard drive. Kind of like the unix util sort
Extra-1.46.3 A grab bag of modules
extra-1.6.14 Extra functions I use
extractable-singleton-0.0.1 A functor, where the "stored" value is isomorphic to Identity
extract-dependencies- Given a hackage package outputs the list of its dependencies
extractelf- Extract an ELF's metadata and sections into files
extralife- API Client for ExtraLife team and user data
extrapolate-0.3.3 generalize counter-examples of test properties
ez3- Z3 bonds with pure interface
ez-couch-0.7.0 A high level static library for working with CouchDB
Facebook-Password-Hacker-Online-Latest-Version-1.0.1 spam
faceted- Faceted computation for dynamic information flow security
factory- Rational arithmetic in an irrational world
facts- Refined types
Facts-0.1.2 A collection of facts about the real world
factual-api-0.6.1 A driver for the Factual API
fad- Forward Automatic Differentiation
fadno-1.1.0 Minimal library for music generation and notation
fadno-braids-0.1.1 Braid representations in Haskell
fadno-xml-1.1.1 XML/XSD combinators/schemas/codegen
FAI- Haskell Foreign Accelerate Interface
fail- Forward-compatible MonadFail class
failable-list-0.2 A list-like type for lazy streams, which might terminate with an error
failure- A simple type class for success/failure computations. (deprecated)
failure-detector-0 Failure Detectors implimented in Haskell
FailureT-15778.1 Failure Monad Transformer
fair-predicates-0.1.1 Fair Predicates
fake- Randomly generated fake data
faker- Pure Haskell library for generating fake data
fake-type- A crossplatform library to simulate keyboard input
faktory- Faktory Worker for Haskell
fallingblocks-0.1.4 A fun falling blocks game
falling-turnip- Falling sand game/cellular automata simulation using regular parallel arrays
familiar-reflection- Reifies arbitrary terms into types that can be reflected back into terms
family-tree-0.5.1 A family tree library for the Haskell programming language
farmhash- Fast hash functions
fasta- A simple, mindless parser for fasta files
fast-arithmetic- Fast functions on integers
fastbayes- Bayesian modeling algorithms accelerated for particular model structures
fast-builder- Fast ByteString Builder
fastcgi-3001.0.2.4 A Haskell library for writing FastCGI programs
fast-combinatorics- Fast combinatorics
fast-digits- The fast library for integer-to-digits conversion
fastedit- find nearest neighbours by edit-distance
fastirc-0.2.0 Fast Internet Relay Chat (IRC) library
fast-logger-2.4.11 A fast logging system
fastly- A highly experimental Fastly API client
fast-math-1.0.2 Non IEEE-754 compliant compile-time floating-point optimisations
fast-mult- Numeric type with asymptotically faster multiplications
fast-nats- Natural Numbers with no overhead
fastparser- A fast, but bare bones, bytestring parser combinators library
fastpbkdf2- Haskell bindings to the fastpbkdf2 C library
FastPush- A monad and monad transformer for pushing things onto a stack very fast
fastsum- A fast open-union type suitable for 100+ contained alternatives
fast-tags-1.5.0 Fast incremental vi and emacs tags
fast-tagsoup-1.0.14 Fast parsing and extracting information from (possibly malformed) HTML/XML documents
fast-tagsoup-utf8-only-1.0.5 Fast parser for tagsoup package
FastxPipe- Fasta and Fastq streaming
fathead-util- Utilities for working with DuckDuckHack's FatHead Instant Answers
fault-tree-0.0.0 A fault tree analysis library
fay- A compiler for Fay, a Haskell subset that compiles to JavaScript
fay-base- The base package for Fay
fay-builder- Compile Fay code on cabal install, and ad-hoc recompile during development
fay-dom- DOM FFI wrapper library for Fay
fay-geoposition- W3C compliant implementation of GeoPosition API
fay-hsx-0.2.0 Clientside HTML generation for fay
fay-jquery- jQuery bindings for Fay
fay-ref- Like IORef but for Fay
fay-simplejson- SimpleJSON library for Fay
fay-text- Fay Text type represented as JavaScript strings
fay-uri- Persistent FFI bindings for using jsUri in Fay
fay-websockets- Websockets FFI library for Fay
fb-1.2.1 Bindings to Facebook's API
fbmessenger-api- High-level bindings to Facebook Messenger Platform API
fb-persistent-0.3.6 Provides Persistent instances to Facebook types
fca- Algo for Formal Concept Analysis
fcache- Cache a function (a -> b)
fcd- A faster way to navigate directories using the command line
fcg-0.0.0 TBA
fckeditor-0.1 Server-Side Integration for FCKeditor
fclabels- First class accessor labels implemented as lenses
fclabels-monadlib-0.2.1 MonadLib monadic interface for the "fclabels" package
fcm-client- Admin API for Firebase Cloud Messaging
FComp-1.0.2 Compose music
fdo-notify-0.3.1 Desktop Notifications client
fdo-trash- Utilities related to freedesktop Trash standard
feature-flags- A simple library for dynamically enabling and disabling functionality
feature-flipper- A minimally obtrusive feature flag library
feature-flipper-postgres- A minimally obtrusive feature flag library
fec-0.1.1 Forward error correction of ByteStrings
fedora-dists- Library for Fedora distribution versions
fedora-haskell-tools-0.6 Building and maintenance tools for Fedora Haskell
fedora-packages-0.0.3 Haskell interface to the Fedora Packages webapp API
feed- Interfacing with RSS (v 0.9x, 2.x, 1.0) + Atom feeds
feed2lj- (unsupported)
feed2twitter-0.2.0 Send posts from a feed to Twitter
feed-cli-2009.7.5 A simple command line interface for creating and updating feeds like RSS
feed-collect- Watch RSS/Atom feeds (and do with them whatever you like)
feed-crawl- Utility for fetching feeds with redirect info and HTML link detection
feed-gipeda- CI service around gipeda
feed-translator- Translate syndication feeds
fee-estimate- Short description of your package
feldspar-compiler-0.7 Compiler for the Feldspar language
feldspar-language-0.7 A functional embedded language for DSP and parallelism
feldspar-signal- Signal Processing extension for Feldspar
fen2s-1.2 Converting a chess position from FEN notation to text
fences-0.1.1 To be written
fenfire-0.1 Graph-based notetaking system
FenwickTree- Data structure for fast query and update of cumulative sums
FermatsLastMargin-0.1 Annotate ps and pdf documents
fernet- Generate and verify HMAC-based authentication tokens
FerryCore- Ferry Core Components
festung- Remote multi-db SQLCipher server
Feval- Evaluation using F-Algebras
fez-conf-1.0.3 Simple functions for loading config files
ffeed-0.3.2 Haskell binding to the FriendFeed API
fficxx- automatic C++ binding generation
fficxx-runtime-0.5 Runtime for fficxx-generated library
ffmpeg-light- Minimal bindings to the FFmpeg library
ffmpeg-tutorials-0.3.3 Tutorials on ffmpeg usage to play video/audio
fft- Bindings to the FFTW library
fftwRaw- Low level bindings to FFTW
fgl- Martin Erwig's Functional Graph Library
fgl-arbitrary- QuickCheck support for fgl
fgl-extras-decompositions- Graph decomposition algorithms
fgl-visualize- Convert FGL graphs to dot (graphviz) files
fibon-0.2.0 Tools for running and analyzing Haskell benchmarks
fibonacci- Fast computation of Fibonacci numbers
ficketed- update statically hosted file in a push stule through socketed
fields-0.1.0 First-class record field combinators with infix record field syntax
fields-json- Abusing monadic syntax JSON objects generation
FieldTrip-0.2.7 Functional 3D
fieldwise- Provides Fieldwise typeclass for operations of fields of records treated as independent components
fig-1.4.0 Manipulation of FIG files
filecache-0.4.1 A cache system associating values to files
file-collection- Provide a uniform interface over file archives and directories
file-command-qq- Quasiquoter for system commands involving filepaths
filediff-2.0.0 Diffing and patching module
file-embed-0.0.11 Use Template Haskell to embed file contents directly
file-embed-lzma-0 Use Template Haskell to embed (LZMA compressed) data
file-embed-poly-0.1.0 Use Template Haskell to embed file contents directly
file-location- common functions that show file location information
filelock- Portable interface to file locking (flock / LockFileEx)
FileManip- Expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell
filemanip- Expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell
FileManipCompat-0.18 Expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell
file-modules- Takes a Haskell source-code file and outputs its modules
fileneglect- Block thread until a file stops being modified
filepath- Library for manipulating FilePaths in a cross platform way
filepath-crypto- Reversable and secure encoding of object ids as filepaths
FilePather-0.2.0 Functions on System.FilePath
filepather-0.3.0 Functions on System.FilePath
filepath-io-access- IO Access for filepath
fileplow- Library to process and search large files or a collection of files
Files- File content extraction/rearrangement
filestore- Interface for versioning file stores
FileSystem-1.0.0 File system data structure and monad transformer
filesystem-conduit- Use system-filepath data types with conduits. (deprecated)
filesystem-enumerator-0.1.1 Enumerator-based API for manipulating the filesystem
filesystem-trees- Recursively manipulate and traverse filesystems as lazy rose trees
file-templates- Use templates for files and directories
fillit- Flexible string substitution
filter-logger- Filterable request logging wai middleware. Change how data is logged and when
filtrable- Class of filtrable containers
fin-0.0.1 Nat and Fin: peano naturals and finite numbers
Fin- Finite totally-ordered sets
final-0.1 utility to add extra safety to monadic returns
final-pretty-printer- Extensible pretty printing with semantic annotations and proportional fonts
Finance-Quote-Yahoo-0.8.0 Obtain quote data from
Finance-Treasury-0.1.2 Obtain Treasury yield curve data
FindBin-0.0.5 Locate directory of original program
find-clumpiness- Find the clumpiness of labels in a tree
find-conduit-0.4.4 A file-finding conduit that allows user control over traversals
find-source-files- Initial project template from stack
fingertree- Generic finger-tree structure, with example instances
fingertree-psqueue-0.3 Implementation of priority search queues as finger trees
fingertree-tf- Generic finger-tree structure using type families
finite-field-0.9.0 Finite Fields
FiniteMap-0.1 A finite map implementation, derived from the paper: Efficient sets: a balancing act, S. Adams, Journal of functional programming 3(4) Oct 1993, pp553-562
finite-typelits- A type inhabited by finitely many values, indexed by type-level naturals
firebase-database-0.0.1 Google Firebase Database SDK
firefly- A simple HTTP server framework
firefly-example- A simple example using Firefly
first-and-last- First and Last generalized to return up to n values
first-class-families- First class type families
first-class-patterns- First class patterns and pattern matching, using type families
firstify-0.1 Defunctionalisation for Yhc Core
FirstOrderTheory- Grammar and typeclass for first order theories
fishfood- Calculates file-size frequency-distribution
fit-0.5.2 FIT file decoder
fitsio-0.2 A library for reading and writing data files in the FITS data format
fitspec-0.4.7 refining property sets for testing Haskell programs
fixed- Signed 15.16 precision fixed point arithmetic
fixed-length-0.2 Lists with statically known length based on non-empty package
fixed-list-0.1.6 A fixed length list type
fixed-point- Binary fixed-point arithmetic
FixedPoint-simple-0.6.1 Fixed point, large word, and large int numerical representations (types and common class instances)
fixed-point-vector- Unbox instances for the fixed-point package
fixed-point-vector-space- vector-space instances for the fixed-point package
fixedprec- A fixed-precision real number type
fixed-precision-0.4.0 Fixed Precision Arithmetic
fixed-storable-array- Fixed-size wrapper for StorableArray, providing a Storable instance. Deprecated - use storable-static-array instead
fixed-vector- Generic vectors with statically known size
fixed-vector-binary- Binary instances for fixed-vector
fixed-vector-cborg- Binary instances for fixed-vector
fixed-vector-cereal- Cereal instances for fixed-vector
fixed-vector-hetero- Generic heterogeneous vectors
fixed-width- Fixed width subsets of an Int64/Word64
fixedwidth-hs- Quick parsing of fixed-width data formats
fixer- A Haskell client for
fixfile- File-backed recursive data structures
fixhs-0.1.4 FIX (co)parser
fixie-1.0.0 Opininated testing framework for mtl style (spies, stubs, and mocks)
fix-imports-2.1.0 Program to manage the imports of a haskell module
fix-parser-simple-15320.3 Simple fix-expression parser
fixplate-0.1.7 Uniplate-style generic traversals for optionally annotated fixed-point types
fixpoint-0.1.1 Data types as fixpoints
fix-symbols-gitit-0.1.0 Gitit plugin: Turn some Haskell symbols into pretty math symbols
fixtime- Some fixes to the time package
fizzbuzz- test
fizz-buzz- Functional Fizz/Buzz
fizzbuzz-as-a-service- FizzBuzz as a service
flac-0.1.2 Complete high-level binding to libFLAC
flaccuraterip-0.3.8 Verify FLAC files ripped form CD using AccurateRip™
flac-picture-0.1.1 Support for writing picture to FLAC metadata blocks with JuicyPixels
flamethrower- A template engine for HTML
flamingra-0.2 FlameGraphs of profiling
flat-0.3.4 Principled and efficient bit-oriented binary serialization
flat-maybe- Strict Maybe without space and indirection overhead
flat-mcmc-1.5.0 Painless general-purpose sampling
flat-tex-0.3.1 flatten a latex multi-file latex document
flay-0.4 Work generically on your datatype without knowing its shape nor its contents
flexible-defaults-0.0.2 Generate default function implementations for complex type classes
flexible-time- simple extension of Data.UnixTime
flexible-unlit-0.2013.314.0 A configurable reimplementation of unlit
flexiwrap-0.1.0 Flexible wrappers
flexiwrap-smallcheck-0.0.1 SmallCheck (Serial) instances for flexiwrap
flick-duration-1.0.0 work with durations of time using the Flick as the smallest unit
flickr-0.3.3 Haskell binding to the Flickr API
flight-igc-1.0.0 A parser for IGC files
flight-kml-1.0.1 Parsing of pilot tracklogs dumped as KML
flip-cmd- e.g. `flip systemctl foo.service start` does `systemctl start foo.service`
flippers-1.0.1 Variations on flip for multiple arguments
Flippi-0.0.5 Wiki
flite-0.1.2 f-lite compiler, interpreter and libraries
flo-0.1.1 Generate flow charts from your code base
float-binstring-0.2 C99 printf "%a" style formatting and parsing
floating-bits- Conversions between floating and integral values
FloatingHex-0.4 Read and write hexadecimal floating point numbers
floatshow-0.2.4 Alternative faster String representations for Double and Float, String representations for more general numeric types
flock- Wrapper for flock(2)
flow-1.0.17 Write more understandable Haskell
flow2dot- Library and binary to generate sequence/flow diagrams from plain text source
flowdock- Flowdock client library for Haskell
flowdock-api- API integration with Flowdock
flowdock-rest- Flowdock REST API
flower-0.7.2 Analyze 454 flowgrams (.SFF files)
flow-er-1.0.3 More directional operators
flowlocks-framework- Generalized Flow Locks Framework
flowsim-0.3.5 Simulate 454 pyrosequencing
fltkhs- FLTK bindings
fltkhs-demos- FLTKHS demos. Please scroll to the bottom for more information
fltkhs-fluid-demos- Fltkhs Fluid Demos
fltkhs-fluid-examples- Fltkhs Fluid Examples
fltkhs-hello-world- Fltkhs template project
fluent-logger- A structured logger for Fluentd (Haskell)
fluent-logger-conduit- Conduit interface for fluent-logger
fluffy- A simple web application as a online practice website for XDU SE 2017 fall SPM
fluffy-parser- The parser for fluffy to parsec the question bank in .docx type
fluid-idl-0.0.6 Code-generated, Auto-versioned, & Smart Web APIs
fluid-idl-http-client-0.0.0 Http Client addon for Fluid
fluid-idl-scotty-0.0.0 Scotty server add-on for Fluid
fluidsynth- Haskell bindings to FluidSynth
flux-monoid- A monoid for tracking changes
fmark-0.1.1 A Friendly Markup language without syntax
fmlist-0.9.2 FoldMap lists
FModExRaw- The Haskell FModEx raw API
FM-SBLEX-3.0.1 A set of computational morphology tools for Swedish diachronic lexicons
fmt- A new formatting library
fmt-terminal-colors- ANSI terminal colors formatters for fmt library
fn- A functional web framework
fn-extra- Extras for Fn, a functional web framework
Focus-0.1.2 Tools for focusing in on locations within numbers
focus- A general abstraction for manipulating elements of container data structures
focuslist- Lists with a focused element
foldable1- Foldable types with at least 1 element
fold-debounce- Fold multiple events that happen in a given period of time
fold-debounce-conduit- Regulate input traffic from conduit Source with Control.FoldDebounce
foldl-1.4.5 Composable, streaming, and efficient left folds
foldl-incremental- incremental folds
foldl-statistics- Statistical functions from the statistics package implemented as Folds
foldl-transduce- Transducers for foldl folds
foldl-transduce-attoparsec- Attoparsec and foldl-transduce integration
folds-0.7.4 Beautiful Folding
folds-common- A playground of common folds for folds
folgerhs- Toolset for Folger Shakespeare Library's XML annotated plays
follow- Haskell library to follow content published on any subject
follower-0.0.1 Follow Tweets anonymously
follow-file-0.0.3 Be notified when a file gets appended, solely with what was added. Warning - only works on linux and for files that are strictly appended, like log files
Folly- A first order logic library in Haskell
foma- Simple Haskell bindings for Foma
font-awesome-type-0.1 A Font Awesome data type enumerating all icon classes
font-opengl-basic4x6-0.0.3 Basic4x6 font for OpenGL
FontyFruity- A true type file format loader
foo-1.0 Paper soccer, an OpenGL game
foobar- Initial project template from stack
forbidden-fruit-0.1.0 A library accelerates imperative style programming
force-layout- Simple force-directed layout
fordo-0.1 Run a command on files with magic substituion support (sequencing and regexp)
forecast-io- A Haskell library for working with data
foreign-storable-asymmetric-0.0.1 Types and instances for implementing a Storable with different peek and poke
foreign-store-0.2 Store a stable pointer in a foreign context to be retrieved later
foreign-var-0.1 Encapsulating mutatable state in external libraries
forest- Tree and Forest types
forest-fire-0.3 Recursively delete CloudFormation stacks and their dependants
Forestry- Comparison of trees and forests
ForestStructures- Tree- and forest structures
for-free-0.1 Functor, Monad, MonadPlus, etc for free
forger- Library for generating fake placeholder data
forkable-monad- An implementation of forkIO for monad stacks
ForkableT- Forkable monad transformers
forma-1.1.0 Parse and validate forms in JSON format
formal-0.1.0 A statically typed, functional programming language
FormalGrammars- (Context-free) grammars in formal language theory
format- Rendering from and scanning to format strings
format-numbers- Various number formatting functions
format-status- A utility for writing the date to dzen2
formattable-0.1.1 Business-quality formatting of numbers, dates, and other things
formatting-6.3.6 Combinator-based type-safe formatting (like printf() or FORMAT)
forml-0.2 A statically typed, functional programming language
formlets-0.8 Formlets implemented in Haskell
formlets-hsp-2.3.1 HSP support for Formlets
formura-1.0 Formura is a simple language to describe stencil computation
ForSyDe-3.1.1 ForSyDe's Haskell-embedded Domain Specific Language
forsyde-shallow- ForSyDe's Haskell-embedded Domain Specific Language
forth-hll- A simple eDSL for generating arrayForth code
Fortnite-Hack-Cheats-Free-V-Bucks-Generator-1.0.1 spam
fortran-src- Parser and anlyses for Fortran standards 66, 77, 90 and 95
fortytwo-1.0.4 Interactive terminal prompt
forward-chan- Concurrent channels with a forwarding primitive
foscam-directory-0.0.8 Foscam File format
foscam-filename-0.0.4 Foscam File format
foscam-sort-0.0.3 Foscam File format
Foster-1.1.2 Utilities to generate and solve puzzles
foundation-0.0.21 Alternative prelude with batteries and no dependencies
foundation-edge-0.0.3 foundation's edge with the conventional set of packages
fountain-0.1 A fountain codec
fpco-api- Simple interface to the FP Complete IDE API
fpipe-0.0.1 F#-style composition and application
FpMLv53-0.1 A binding for the Financial Products Markup Language (v5.3)
fpnla-0.1.1 A library for NLA operations
fpnla-examples-0.1.1 Example implementations for FPNLA library
FPretty-1.1 Efficient simple pretty printing combinators
fptest- IEEE754r floating point conformance tests
fquery-0.2.3 Installed package query tool for Gentoo Linux
fractal-0.0.1 Draw Newton, Julia and Mandelbrot fractals
FractalArt- Generates colorful wallpapers
fractals- A collection of useful fractal curve encoders
fraction- Fractions
frag-1.1.2 A 3-D First Person Shooter Game
frame-0.1 A simple web framework
frame-markdown-0.1 A markdown to Frame GUI writer for Pandoc
Frames-0.6.0 Data frames For working with tabular data files
Frames-beam- A library for accessing Postgres tables as in-memory data structures
Frames-dsv-0.1.1 Alternative CSV parser for the Frames package
franchise-0.0.6 A package for configuring and building Haskell software
Frank-0.3 An experimental programming language with typed algebraic effects
fraxl- Cached and parallel data fetching
freddy- RabbitMQ Messaging API supporting request-response
free-5.1 Monads for free
free-algebras- Free algebras in Haskell
free-category- Free category
free-concurrent- Free monads suitable for concurrent computation
free-er- An extensible effects library
free-functors-1.0.1 Free functors, adjoint to functors that forget class constraints
free-game-1.1.90 Create games for free
f-ree-hack-cheats-free-v-bucks-generator-0.2 Spam
free-http-0.2.0 An HTTP Client based on Free Monads
freekick2-0.1.2 A soccer game
freelude- A generalisation of the Category->Functor->Applicative->Monad hierarchy and more
freenect-1.2.1 Interface to the Kinect device
free-operational- Operational Applicative, Alternative, Monad and MonadPlus from free types
freer- Implementation of the Freer Monad
freer-converse- Handle effects conversely using monadic conversation
freer-effects- Implementation of effect system for Haskell
freer-simple- Implementation of a friendly effect system for Haskell
freer-simple-catching- Checked runtime exceptions with freer-simple
freer-simple-http- Make HTTP requests with freer-simple!
freer-simple-profiling- Automatic profling of freer-simple programs
freer-simple-random- Random number generators using freer-simple
freer-simple-time- freer-simple interface to IO based time functions
freesect-0.8 A Haskell syntax extension for generalised sections
freesound-0.3.0 Access the Freesound Project database
free-theorems- Automatic generation of free theorems
free-theorems-counterexamples- Automatically Generating Counterexamples to Naive Free Theorems
free-theorems-seq-1.0 Taming Selective Strictness
free-theorems-seq-webui- Taming Selective Strictness
free-theorems-webui- CGI-based web interface for the free-theorems package
freetype2-0.1.2 Haskell binding for FreeType 2 library
FreeTypeGL-0.0.4 Loadable texture fonts for OpenGL
freetype-simple- Single line text rendering for OpenGL ES
free-v-bucks-generator-no-survey-0.3 Spam
free-v-bucks-generator-ps4-no-survey-0.2 Spam
free-vector-spaces- Instantiate the classes from the vector-space package with types from linear
free-vl-0.1.4 van Laarhoven encoded Free Monad with Extensible Effects
french-cards-0.1.1 French Playing Cards
freq- Are you ready to get freaky?
fresco-binding-0.3.0 Fresco binding for Haskell
fresh-0.1.1 Introduce fresh variables into Haskell source code
friday- A functional image processing library for Haskell
friday-devil- Uses the DevIL C library to read and write images from and to files and memory buffers
friday-juicypixels- Converts between the Friday and JuicyPixels image types
friday-scale-dct- Scale Friday images with DCT
friendly- Attempt to pretty-print any input
friendly-time-0.4.1 Print time information in friendly ways
frisby-0.2.2 Linear time composable parser for PEG grammars
fromhtml-1.0.1 Simple adapter for transformation of HTML to other formats
from-sum- Canonical fromMaybeM and fromEitherM functions
frontmatter- Parses frontmatter as used in Jekyll markdown files
frown- LALR(k) parser generator
frp-arduino- Arduino programming without the hassle of C
frpnow-0.18 Principled practical FRP
frpnow-gloss-0.12 Program awesome stuff with Gloss and frpnow!
frpnow-gtk-0.11 Program GUIs with GTK and frpnow!
frpnow-gtk3-0.2.0 Program GUIs with GTK3 and frpnow!
frpnow-vty- Program terminal applications with vty and frpnow!
frquotes-0.2.1 Lexical extension for Quasi-Quotations using French-Quotes
fs-events-0.1 A haskell binding to the FSEvents API
fsharp-0.0.4 some F# operators, high priority pipes
fsh-csv- csv parser for fsh
fsmActions-0.4.4 Finite state machines and FSM actions
fsnotify- Cross platform library for file change notification
fsnotify-conduit- Get filesystem notifications as a stream of events
fst- Finite state transducers
fsutils-0.1.2 File system utilities for Haskell that are missing from built in libraries
fswait-1.1.0 Wait and observe events on the filesystem for a path, with a timeout
fswatch- File System watching tool with cli and slave functionalities
fswatcher-0.2.2 Watch a file/directory and run a command when it's modified
ftdi- A thin layer over USB to communicate with FTDI chips
FTGL-2.1 Portable TrueType font rendering for OpenGL using the Freetype2 library
FTGL-bytestring-2.0 Portable TrueType font rendering for OpenGL using the Freetype2 library
ftp-client- Transfer files with FTP and FTPS
ftp-client-conduit- Transfer file with FTP and FTPS with Conduit
ftp-conduit-0.0.5 FTP client package with conduit interface based off http-conduit
ftphs- FTP Client and Server Library
FTPLine- A command-line FTP client
ftree-0.1.3 Depth-typed functor-based trees, both top-down and bottom-up
ftshell- Shell interface to the FreeTheorems library
fugue-0.1 A recapitulated prelude with minimal dependencies and profligate exports
full-sessions- a monad for protocol-typed network programming
fullstop-0.1.4 Simple sentence segmenter
full-text-search- In-memory full text search engine
funbot-0.5 IRC bot for fun, learning, creativity and collaboration
funbot-client- Report events to FunBot over a JSON/HTTP API
funbot-ext-events- Interact with FunBot's external events
funbot-git-hook-0.1 Git hook which sends events to FunBot
funcmp-1.9 Functional MetaPost is a Haskell frontend to the MetaPost language
funcons-intgen- Generate Funcons interpreters from CBS description files
funcons-lambda-cbv-mp- call-by-value lambda-calculus with meta-programming
funcons-simple- A modular interpreter for executing SIMPLE funcons
funcons-tools- A modular interpreter for executing funcons
funcons-values- Library providing values and operations on values in a fixed universe
functional-arrow-0.0 Combinators that allow for a more functional/monadic style of Arrow programming
functional-kmp- KMP implemented on haskell's built-in cons-cell-based lists
function-combine-0.1.0 Combining functions
function-instances-algebra-0.1 Instances of the Algebra.* classes for functions
functor- Functors
functor-apply-0.11 This package has been subsumed by semigroupoids
functor-classes-compat-1 Data.Functor.Classes instances for core packages
functor-combo-0.3.6 Functor combinators with tries & zippers
functor-friends- Friendly helpers for your recursion schemes
functor-infix-0.0.5 Infix operators for mapping over compositions of functors. Lots of them
functorm-1.0.1 Data.FunctorM (compatibility package)
functor-monadic- Monad-style combinators for functors
functors-0.1 (.:) and friends, syntax for Functor and Applicative
functor-utils-1.17.1 Collection of functor utilities, providing handy operators, like generalization of (.)
funflow-1.4.0 Workflows with arrows
funflow-nix- Utility functions for using funflow with nix
FunGEn-1.0.1 A lightweight, cross-platform, OpenGL/GLUT-based game engine
Fungi-1.0.6 Funge-98 interpreter written in Haskell
funion-0.0.2 A unioning file-system using HFuse
funnyprint-0.0.5 funnyPrint function to colorize GHCi output
funpat-0.1 A generalization of pattern matching
funsat-0.6.2 A modern DPLL-style SAT solver
fused-effects- A fast, flexible, fused effect system
fusion-0.2.0 Effectful streaming library based on shortcut fusion techniques
futhark-0.7.4 An optimising compiler for a functional, array-oriented language
futun- Simple IP-over-UDP tunnel using TUNTAP
future-2.0.0 Supposed to mimics and enhance proposed C++ "future" features
future-resource- realtime resource handling with manual concurrency
futures-0.1 Simple and fast implementation of Future
fuzzcheck-0.1.1 A simple checker for stress testing monadic code
fuzzy- Filters a list based on a fuzzy string search
fuzzy-dates- Libary for parsing dates in strings in varied formats
fuzzyset- Fuzzy set for approximate string matching
fuzzytime-0.7.8 A 'ten past six' style clock
fuzzy-timings-0.0.1 Translates high-level definitions of "fuzzily" scheduled objects (e.g. play this commercial 10 times per hour between 9:00-13:00) to a list of accurately scheduled objects using glpk-hs
fwgl- Game engine
fwgl-glfw- FWGL GLFW backend
fwgl-javascript- FWGL GHCJS backend
fx-0.10.1 Horizontally composable effects
g4ip- A theorem prover for propositional logic that uses G4ip
g4ip-prover- Theorem prover for intuitionistic propositional logic using G4ip
GA-1.0 Genetic algorithm library
gact-0.2 General Alignment Clustering Tool
gameclock-1.0.4 Game clock that shows two analog clock faces
game-of-life- Conway's Game of Life
game-probability-1.1 Simple probability library for dice rolls, card games and similar
game-tree- Searching game trees with alpha-beta pruning
Gamgine-0.5.3 Some kind of game library or set of utilities
gamma- Gamma function and related functions
gang-of-threads-3.2.1 Non-deterministic parallelism with bags
Ganymede- An Io interpreter in Haskell
garepinoh- reverse prefix notation calculator and calculation library
garfield- TBA
gargoyle-0.1 Automatically spin up and spin down local daemons
gargoyle-postgresql-0.1 Manage PostgreSQL servers with gargoyle
garlic-bread- A monad transformer for keeping track of where you've come from
garsia-wachs-1.2 A Functional Implementation of the Garsia-Wachs Algorithm
gas- Limit how many steps a program may take
gasp- A framework of algebraic classes
gauge-0.2.4 small framework for performance measurement and analysis
GaussQuadIntegration-0.1 Non-adaptive Gaussian quadrature for numeric integraton
gbu-0.1 planar graph embedding into a plane
gc-0.0.2 Poor Richard's Memory Manager
gc-monitoring-wai-0.1.2 a wai application to show GHC.GCStats
gcodehs- GCode processor
gconf- Binding to the GNOME configuration database system
gd-3000.7.3 A Haskell binding to a subset of the GD graphics library
gdax- API Wrapping for Coinbase's GDAX exchange
gdiff-1.1 Generic diff and patch
gdiff-ig-0.1.1 Generic diff for the instant-generics library
gdiff-th- Generate gdiff GADTs and Instances
gdo-0.1.5 recursive atomic build system
gdp- Reason about invariants and preconditions with ghosts of departed proofs
gearbox- zooming rotating fractal gears graphics demo
GeBoP-1.7.5 Several games
gedcom- Parser for the GEDCOM genealogy file format
geek- Geek blog engine
geek-server-1.1 Geek blog engine server
gegl- Haskell bindings to GEGL library
gelatin- A graphics description language
gelatin-freetype2- FreeType2 based text rendering for the gelatin realtime rendering system
gelatin-fruity- Gelatin's support for rendering TTF outlines, using FontyFruity
gelatin-gl- OpenGL rendering routines for the gelatin-picture graphics EDSL
gelatin-sdl2- An SDL2 backend for the gelatin renderer
gelatin-shaders- Gelatin's OpenGL shaders
gemstone- A simple library of helpers for SDL+GL games
Genbank-1.0.3 Libary for processing the NCBI genbank format
gencheck-0.1.1 A testing framework inspired by QuickCheck and SmallCheck
gender- Identify a persons gender by their first name
genders- Bindings to libgenders
gendocs-0.1.3 Library for generating interface documentation from types
Gene-CluEDO- Hox gene clustering
general-games-1.1.1 Library supporting simulation of a number of games
general-prelude-0.1.2 Prelude replacement using generalized type classes where possible
GeneralTicTacToe- A general TicTacToe game implementation
generator-0.5.5 Python-generators notation for creation of monadic lists
generators-1.0.3 Actually useful monadic random value generators
generic-accessors- stringly-named getters for generic data
generic-aeson- Derivation of Aeson instances using GHC generics
generic-arbitrary-0.1.0 Generic implementation for QuickCheck's Arbitrary
generic-binary-1.0.1 Generic Data.Binary derivation using GHC generics
generic-church- Automatically convert Generic instances to and from church representations
generic-data- Utilities for GHC.Generics
generic-data-surgery- Surgery for generic data types
generic-deepseq- Generic deep evaluation of data structures
generic-deriving-1.12.2 Generic programming library for generalised deriving
generic-enum- An Enum class that fixes some deficiences with Prelude's Enum
generic-lens- Generically derive traversals, lenses and prisms
generic-lens-labels- GHC.OverloadedLabels.IsLabel instance for lenses from ghc-generics
generic-lucid-scaffold-0.0.1 General-purpose web page scaffold for Lucid
generic-maybe- A generic version of Data.Maybe
generic-monoid- Derive monoid instances for product types
GenericPretty-1.2.2 A generic, derivable, haskell pretty printer
generic-pretty-0.1.0 Pretty printing for Generic value
generic-random- Generic random generators
generic-records- Magic record operations using generics
generics-eot-0.4 A library for generic programming that aims to be easy to understand
genericserialize-0.1 Serialization library using Data.Generics
generic-server-0.1 Simple generic TCP/IP server
generics-mrsop-1.2.2 Generic Programming with Mutually Recursive Sums of Products
generics-sop- Generic Programming using True Sums of Products
generics-sop-lens- Lenses for types in generics-sop
generic-storable- Generic implementation of Storable
generic-tree-15329.2 Generic Tree data type
generic-trie-0.3.1 A map, where the keys may be complex structured data
generic-xml-0.1 Marshalling Haskell values to/from XML
generic-xmlpickler- Generic generation of HXT XmlPickler instances using GHC Generics
genesis- Opinionated bootstrapping for Haskell web services
genesis-test- Opinionated bootstrapping for Haskell web services
genetics-0.0.2 A Genetic Algorithm library
GenI- A natural language generator (specifically, an FB-LTAG surface realiser)
geniconvert-0.20 Conversion utility for the GenI generator
genifunctors-0.4 Generate generalized fmap, foldMap and traverse
geni-gui-0.25.1 GenI graphical user interface
gen-imports- Code to generate instances for the package "ghc-instances"
geniplate- Use Template Haskell to generate Uniplate-like functions
geniplate-mirror-0.7.6 Use Template Haskell to generate Uniplate-like functions
geniserver-0.25 Simple HTTP server for GenI results
geni-util- Companion tools for use with the GenI surface realiser
gen-passwd- Create wordlist-based passwords easily
genprog- Genetic programming library
GenSmsPdu-0.1 Automatic SMS message generator
gentlemark-1.0.0 Gentle markup language
GenussFold- MCFGs for Genus-1 RNA Pseudoknots
genvalidity- Testing utilities for the validity library
genvalidity-aeson- GenValidity support for aeson
genvalidity-bytestring- GenValidity support for ByteString
genvalidity-containers- GenValidity support for containers
genvalidity-hspec- Standard spec's for GenValidity instances
genvalidity-hspec-aeson- Standard spec's for aeson-related instances
genvalidity-hspec-binary- Standard spec's for binary-related Instances
genvalidity-hspec-cereal- Standard spec's for cereal-related instances
genvalidity-hspec-hashable- Standard spec's for Hashable instances
genvalidity-hspec-optics- Standard spec's for optics
genvalidity-path- GenValidity support for Path
genvalidity-property- Standard properties for functions on `Validity` types
genvalidity-scientific- GenValidity support for Scientific
genvalidity-text- GenValidity support for Text
genvalidity-time- GenValidity support for time
genvalidity-unordered-containers- GenValidity support for unordered-containers
genvalidity-uuid- GenValidity support for UUID
genvalidity-vector- GenValidity support for vector
geocalc-1.0.0 Libary for calculating distances between two coordinates in WSG84
geocode-google-0.3 Geocoding using the Google Web API
GeocoderOpenCage- Geocoder and Reverse Geocoding Service Wrapper
Geodetic-0.4 Geodetic calculations
geodetic-0.1.4 Geodetic calculations
geodetics-0.0.6 Terrestrial coordinate systems and geodetic calculations
geodetic-types-0.0.1 Types for geodetic operations
geohash-1.0.1 Geohash latitudes and longitudes
GeoIp-0.3 Pure bindings for the MaxMind IP database
geoip2- Pure haskell interface to MaxMind GeoIP database
geojson-3.0.4 A thin GeoJSON Layer above the aeson library
geojson-types-0.1.3 GeoJSON data types including JSON/BSON conversion
geolite-csv-0.2 Geolite CSV Parser
geom2d-0.2.2 package for geometry in euklidean 2d space
GeomPredicates-0.1 Geometric predicates
GeomPredicates-SSE-0.2 Geometric predicates (Intel SSE)
geo-resolver- Performs geo location lookups and parses the results
geos-0.2.1 Bindings for GEOS
geo-uk- High precision conversion between GPS and UK Grid
Get-0.2018.1.10 get stuff out of stuff
getemx-0.1 Fetch from emusic using .emx files
getflag-1.0 Command-line parser
getopt-generics- Create command line interfaces with ease
getopt-simple- A "System.Console.GetOpt" wrapper to make simple use case easy
gf-3.10 Grammatical Framework
GGg- GGg cipher
ggtsTC-0.5 A type checker and runtime system of rCOS/g (impl. of ggts-FCS)
ghc-8.6.1 The GHC API
ghc-boot-8.6.1 Shared functionality between GHC and its boot libraries
ghc-boot-th-8.6.1 Shared functionality between GHC and the @template-haskell@ library
ghc-call-stack-extras- Extra utilities for HasCallStack
ghc-compact- In memory storage of deeply evaluated data structure
ghc-core-0.5.6 Display GHC's core and assembly output in a pager
ghc-core-html-0.1.4 Core to HTML display
ghc-core-smallstep- A small-step semantics for Core
ghc-datasize-0.2.0 Determine the size of data structures in GHC's memory
ghc-dump-core- An AST and compiler plugin for dumping GHC's Core representation
ghc-dump-tree- Dump GHC's parsed, renamed, and type checked ASTs
ghc-dump-util- Handy tools for working with @ghc-dump@ dumps
ghc-dup-0.1 Explicitly prevent sharing
ghc-events- Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from GHC
ghc-events-analyze-0.2.5 Analyze and visualize event logs
ghc-events-parallel- Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from parallel GHC
ghc-exactprint- ExactPrint for GHC
ghc-gc-tune-0.3 Graph performance of Haskell programs with different GC flags
ghc-generic-instances- Derived instances of GHC.Generic of the GHC AST
ghc-heap-unknown Metadata not found
ghc-heap-view-0.5.10 Extract the heap representation of Haskell values and thunks
ghc-hotswap- Library for hot-swapping shared objects in GHC
ghci-8.6.1 The library supporting GHC's interactive interpreter
ghcid-0.7.1 GHCi based bare bones IDE
ghci-diagrams-0.1.1 Display simple diagrams from ghci
ghci-haskeline-0.2 An implementation of ghci using the Haskeline line-input library
ghci-hexcalc- GHCi as a Hex Calculator interactive
ghci-history-parser- parse output of ghci ":history" command
ghci-lib- A library for interactively evaluating Haskell code
ghc-imported-from- Find the Haddock documentation for a symbol
ghci-ng-10.0.0 Next generation GHCi
ghc-instances- Easily import all instances contained in GHC distributed libraries
ghci-pretty-0.0.2 colored pretty-printing within ghci
ghcjs-ajax- Crossbrowser AJAX Bindings for GHCJS
ghcjs-base-unknown Metadata not found
ghcjs-base-stub- Allow GHCJS projects to compile under GHC and develop using intero
ghcjs-codemirror- Installs CodeMirror JavaScript files
ghcjs-dom- DOM library that supports both GHCJS and GHC
ghcjs-dom-hello- GHCJS DOM Hello World, an example package
ghcjs-dom-jsaddle- DOM library that supports both GHCJS and GHC using jsaddle
ghcjs-dom-jsffi- DOM library using JSFFI and GHCJS
ghcjs-dom-webkit- DOM library that supports both GHCJS and WebKitGTK
ghcjs-fetch- GHCJS bindings for the JavaScript Fetch API
ghcjs-hplay-0.4.2 Client-side web EDSL for transient nodes running in the web browser
ghcjs-perch- GHCJS version of Perch library
ghcjs-promise- Bidirectional bidings to javascript's promise
ghcjs-vdom- Virtual-dom bindings for GHCJS
ghcjs-websockets- Deprecated: use ghcjs-base's native websockets
ghcjs-xhr- XmlHttpRequest ("AJAX") bindings for GHCJS
ghc-justdoit- A magic typeclass that just does it
ghclive- Interactive Haskell interpreter in a browser
ghc-make-0.3.3 Accelerated version of ghc --make
ghc-man-completion- Generate a bash completion from the GHC manpage
ghc-mod- Happy Haskell Hacking
ghc-mtl- An mtl compatible version of the Ghc-Api monads and monad-transformers
ghc-options- Utilities for extracting GHC options needed to compile a given Haskell target
ghc-parmake-0.1.9 A parallel wrapper for 'ghc --make'
ghc-parser- Haskell source parser from GHC
ghc-paths- Knowledge of GHC's installation directories
ghc-pkg-autofix- Simple utility to fix BROKEN package dependencies for cabal-install
ghc-pkg-lib-0.3.1 Provide library support for ghc-pkg information
ghc-prim-0.5.3 GHC primitives
ghc-prof- Library for parsing GHC time and allocation profiling reports
ghc-prof-aeson- Parser for GHC's JSON profiling output
ghc-prof-aeson-flamegraph- Turn GHC `-pj` profiling output into FlameGraph format
ghc-prof-flamegraph- Generates data to be used with from .prof files
ghc-proofs-0.1.1 GHC plugin to prove program equations by simplification
ghc-server-1.2 None
ghc-session- Simplified GHC API
ghc-simple-0.4 Simplified interface to the GHC API
ghc-srcspan-plugin- Generic GHC Plugin for annotating Haskell code with source location data
ghc-syb- Data and Typeable instances for the GHC API
ghc-syb-utils- Scrap Your Boilerplate utilities for the GHC API
ghc-syntax-highlighter- Syntax highlighter for Haskell using lexer of GHC itself
ghc-tcplugins-extra-0.3 Utilities for writing GHC type-checker plugins
ghc-time-alloc-prof-0.1.0 Library for parsing GHC time and allocation profiling reports
ghc-timers- Provides bindings to functions starting and stopping the RTS timers
ghc-trace-events- Faster replacements for traceEvent and traceMarker
ghc-typelits-extra-0.3 Additional type-level operations on GHC.TypeLits.Nat
ghc-typelits-knownnat-0.6 Derive KnownNat constraints from other KnownNat constraints
ghc-typelits-natnormalise-0.6.2 GHC typechecker plugin for types of kind GHC.TypeLits.Nat
ghc-typelits-presburger- Presburger Arithmetic Solver for GHC Type-level natural numbers
ghc-usage- Print minimal export lists
ghc-vis-0.9 Live visualization of data structures in GHCi
ghczdecode- Decode Z-encoded strings from GHC
gh-labeler-0.1.0 Github Standard Labeler
GHood-0.0.7 A graphical viewer for Hood
ghost-buster- Existential type utilites
gh-pocket-knife- Script helpers for interacting with GitHub
ght- Trivial routines for inspecting git repositories
giak- Fuzzy finder for cabal executables
gi-atk-2.0.15 Atk bindings
gi-cairo-1.0.17 Cairo bindings
gi-dbusmenu-0.4.1 Dbusmenu bindings
gi-dbusmenugtk3-0.4.2 DbusmenuGtk bindings
Gifcurry- GIF creation utility
gi-gdk-3.0.16 Gdk bindings
gi-gdkpixbuf-2.0.16 GdkPixbuf bindings
gi-gdkx11-3.0.2 GdkX11 bindings
gi-ggit-1.0.2 libgit2-glib bindings
gi-gio-2.0.18 Gio bindings
gi-girepository-1.0.16 GIRepository (gobject-introspection) bindings
gi-glib-2.0.17 GLib bindings
gi-gobject-2.0.16 GObject bindings
gi-gst-1.0.16 GStreamer bindings
gi-gstaudio-1.0.15 GStreamerAudio bindings
gi-gstbase-1.0.16 GStreamerBase bindings
gi-gstpbutils-1.0.15 GStreamer Plugins Base Utils bindings
gi-gsttag-1.0.15 GStreamer Tag bindings
gi-gstvideo-1.0.16 GStreamerVideo bindings
gi-gtk-3.0.26 Gtk bindings
gi-gtk-declarative-0.2.0 Declarative GTK+ programming in Haskell
gi-gtk-declarative-app-simple-0.2.0 Declarative GTK+ programming in Haskell in the style of Pux
gi-gtk-hs- A wrapper for gi-gtk, adding a few more idiomatic API parts on top
gi-gtkosxapplication-2.0.15 GtkosxApplication bindings
gi-gtksource-3.0.16 GtkSource bindings
gi-javascriptcore-4.0.16 JavaScriptCore bindings
gimlh- Haskell parser for GIML
ginger- An implementation of the Jinja2 template language in Haskell
gingersnap- Consistent and safe JSON APIs with snap-core and (by default) postgresql-simple
gi-notify-0.7.15 Libnotify bindings
ginsu- Ginsu Gale Client
gio- Binding to GIO
gi-ostree-1.0.6 OSTree bindings
gi-pango-1.0.16 Pango bindings
gi-pangocairo-1.0.17 PangoCairo bindings
gipeda- Git Performance Dashboard
giphy-api- Giphy HTTP API wrapper and CLI search tool
gi-poppler-0.18.15 Poppler bindings
gi-secret-0.0.5 Libsecret bindings
gi-soup-2.4.16 Libsoup bindings
gist-0.1 A reliable command-line client for
GiST-0.0.1 A Haskell implementation of a Generalized Search Tree (GiST)
git-0.2.2 Git operations in haskell
git-all-1.6.0 Determine which Git repositories need actions to be taken
git-annex-7.20181211 manage files with git, without checking their contents into git
gitcache-0.3 Simple git utility to use and manage clone cache
git-checklist- Maintain per-branch checklists in Git
git-config-0.1.1 A simple parser for Git configuration files
git-date-0.3.0 Bindings to the date parsing from Git
gitdo- Create Github issues out of TODO comments in code
git-embed-0.1.0 Use TH to embed Git repo information
git-fmt- Custom git command for formatting code
git-freq-0.0.3 A Git subcommand to show total addition, deletion per file
git-gpush- More intelligent push-to-GitHub utility
githash- Compile git revision info into Haskell projects
github-0.20 Access to the GitHub API, v3
github-backup-1.20171126 backs up everything github knows about a repository, to the repository
github-data-0.18 Access to the GitHub API, v3
github-post-receive- GitHub webhooks library
github-release-1.2.3 Upload files to GitHub releases
github-tools-0.1.1 Various Github helper utilities
github-types-0.2.1 Type definitions for objects used by the GitHub v3 API
github-utils-0.1.0 Useful functions that use the GitHub API
github-webhook-handler-0.0.8 GitHub WebHook Handler
github-webhook-handler-snap-0.0.7 GitHub WebHook Handler implementation for Snap
github-webhooks-0.10.0 Aeson instances for GitHub Webhook payloads
gitHUD-1.3.7 More efficient replacement to the great git-radar
githud-2.1.0 More efficient replacement to the great git-radar
gitignore-1.1 Apply GitHub .gitignore templates to already existing repositories
gitit-0.12.3 Wiki using happstack, git or darcs, and pandoc
git-jump- Move a git branch
gitlab-api- Gitlab Web API
gitlib-3.1.2 API library for working with Git repositories
gitlib-cmdline- Gitlib repository backend that uses the git command-line tool
gitlib-cross-3.1.0 Run tests between repositories
gitlib-libgit2-3.1.2 Libgit2 backend for gitlib
gitlib-s3- Gitlib repository backend for storing Git objects in Amazon S3
gitlib-sample-3.1.0 Sample backend for gitlib showing the basic structure for any backend
gitlib-test-3.1.1 Test library for confirming gitlib backend compliance
gitlib-utils-1.2.0 Generic utility functions for working with Git repositories
git-mediate-1.0.5 Tool to help resolving git conflicts
git-monitor- Passively snapshots working tree changes efficiently
git-object-0.0.2 Git object and its parser
git-repair-1.20170626 repairs a damanged git repisitory
gitrev-1.3.1 Compile git revision info into Haskell projects
git-sanity- A sanity checker for your git history
gitson-0.5.2 A document store library for Git + JSON
gitter-0.4 API client
git-vogue- A framework for pre-commit checks
givegif- CLI Giphy search tool with previews in iTerm 2
GiveYouAHead- to auto-do somethings
gi-vte-2.91.19 Vte bindings
gi-webkit-3.0.15 WebKit bindings
gi-webkit2-4.0.19 WebKit2 bindings
gi-webkit2webextension-4.0.17 WebKit2-WebExtension bindings
gi-wnck-3.0.1 Wnck bindings
gi-xlib-2.0.2 xlib bindings
gjk- Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi (GJK) collision detection algorithm
gl-0.8.0 Complete OpenGL raw bindings
glabrous-1.0.0 A template DSL library
glade-0.13.1 Binding to the glade library
gladexml-accessor-0.0 Automagically declares getters for widget handles in specified interface file
glambda-1.0.2 A simply typed lambda calculus interpreter, written with GADTs
glapp- An OpenGL micro framework
glasso-0.1.0 Graphical Lasso algorithm
glaze- Framework for rendering things with metadata/headers and values
glazier- Extensible effects using ContT, State and variants
glazier-pipes- A threaded rendering framework using glaizer and pipes
glazier-react- ReactJS binding using Glazier.Command
glazier-react-examples- Examples of using glazier-react
glazier-react-widget- Generic widget library using glazier-react
gl-capture- simple image capture from OpenGL
GLFW- A Haskell binding for GLFW
GLFW-b- Bindings to GLFW OpenGL library
GLFW-b-demo-1.0.6 GLFW-b demo
GLFW-OGL-0.0 A binding for GLFW (OGL)
GLFW-task-0.3.0 GLFW utility functions to use together with monad-task
GLHUI-1.1.0 Open OpenGL context windows in X11 with libX11
gli- Tiny cli to fetch PR info from gitlab
glib- Binding to the GLIB library for Gtk2Hs
glicko- Glicko-2 implementation in Haskell
glider-nlp-0.4 Natural Language Processing library
glintcollider-0.0.2 A simple ray tracer in an early stage of development
glirc-2.29 Console IRC client
gll- GLL parser with simple combinator interface
GLM- Simple Gridlab-D GLM parser and utilities
GLMatrix- Utilities for working with OpenGL matrices
Glob-0.9.3 Globbing library
global- Library enabling unique top-level declarations
global-config-0.3.1 Global mutable configuration
global-lock-0.1 A global lock implemented without unsafePerformIO
global-variables- Namespaced, global, and top-level mutable variables without unsafePerformIO
glob-posix- Haskell bindings for POSIX glob library
glome-hs-0.61 ray tracer
GlomeTrace-0.3 Ray Tracing Library
GlomeVec-0.2 Simple 3D vector library
GlomeView-0.3 SDL Frontend for Glome ray tracer
gloss- Painless 2D vector graphics, animations and simulations
gloss-accelerate- Extras to interface Gloss and Accelerate
gloss-algorithms- Data structures and algorithms for working with 2D graphics
gloss-banana- An Interface for gloss in terms of a reactive-banana Behavior
gloss-devil-0.2 Display images in Gloss using libdevil for decoding
gloss-examples- Examples using the gloss library
gloss-export- Export Gloss pictures to png, bmp, tga, tiff, gif and juicy-pixels-image
gloss-game- Gloss wrapper that simplifies writing games
gloss-juicy-0.2.3 Load any image supported by Juicy.Pixels in your gloss application
gloss-raster- Parallel rendering of raster images
gloss-raster-accelerate- Parallel rendering of raster images using Accelerate
gloss-rendering- Gloss picture data types and rendering functions
gloss-sodium- A Sodium interface to the Gloss drawing package
glpk-hs-0.5 Comprehensive GLPK linear programming bindings
glue-0.2.0 Make better services
glue-common-0.5 Make better services and clients
glue-core-0.5 Make better services and clients
glue-ekg-0.5 Make better services and clients
glue-example-0.5 Make better services and clients
GLURaw- A raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system
GLUT- A binding for the OpenGL Utility Toolkit
GLUtil-0.10.3 Miscellaneous OpenGL utilities
gluturtle- turtle like LOGO with glut
gmap-0.1 Composable maps and generic tries
gmndl- Mandelbrot Set explorer using GTK
gmpint- GMP integer conversions
gnome-desktop- Randomly set a picture as the GNOME desktop background
gnome-keyring-0.3.1 Bindings for libgnome-keyring
gnomevfs-0.11.0 Binding to the GNOME Virtual File System library
g-npm-0.1.0 Generate Gentoo ebuilds from NodeJS/npm packages
gnss-converters-0.3.52 GNSS Converters
gnuidn-0.2.2 Bindings for GNU IDN
gnuplot- 2D and 3D plots using gnuplot
gnutls-0.2 Bindings for GNU libgnutls
goa-3.3 GHCi bindings to lambdabot
goal-core-0.1 Core imports for Geometric Optimization Libraries
goal-geometry-0.1 Scientific computing on geometric objects
goal-probability-0.1 Manifolds of probability distributions
goal-simulation-0.1 Mealy based simulation tools
goat-1.0.0 Time Series Compression
goatee- A monadic take on a 2,500-year-old board game - library
goatee-gtk- A monadic take on a 2,500-year-old board game - GTK+ UI
gochan-0.0.2 Go-style channels
godot-haskell- Haskell bindings for the Godot game engine API
gofer-prelude-2.30.3 The Gofer 2.30 standard prelude
goggles-0.3.2 Extensible interface to Web APIs
goggles-gcs-0.1.2 `goggles` interface to Google Cloud Storage
gogol-0.3.0 Comprehensive Google Services SDK
gogol-adexchange-buyer-0.3.0 Google Ad Exchange Buyer SDK
gogol-adexchange-seller-0.3.0 Google Ad Exchange Seller SDK
gogol-admin-datatransfer-0.3.0 Google Admin Data Transfer SDK
gogol-admin-directory-0.3.0 Google Admin Directory SDK
gogol-admin-emailmigration-0.3.0 Google Email Migration API v2 SDK
gogol-admin-reports-0.3.0 Google Admin Reports SDK
gogol-adsense-0.3.0 Google AdSense Management SDK
gogol-adsense-host-0.3.0 Google AdSense Host SDK
gogol-affiliates-0.3.0 Google Affiliate Network SDK
gogol-analytics-0.3.0 Google Analytics SDK
gogol-android-enterprise-0.3.0 Google Play EMM SDK
gogol-android-publisher-0.3.0 Google Play Developer SDK
gogol-appengine-0.3.0 Google App Engine Admin SDK
gogol-apps-activity-0.3.0 Google Apps Activity SDK
gogol-apps-calendar-0.3.0 Google Calendar SDK
gogol-apps-licensing-0.3.0 Google Enterprise License Manager SDK
gogol-apps-reseller-0.3.0 Google Enterprise Apps Reseller SDK
gogol-apps-tasks-0.3.0 Google Tasks SDK
gogol-appstate-0.3.0 Google App State SDK
gogol-autoscaler-0.3.0 Google Compute Engine Autoscaler SDK
gogol-bigquery-0.3.0 Google BigQuery SDK
gogol-billing-0.3.0 Google Cloud Billing SDK
gogol-blogger-0.3.0 Google Blogger SDK
gogol-books-0.3.0 Google Books SDK
gogol-civicinfo-0.3.0 Google Civic Information SDK
gogol-classroom-0.3.0 Google Classroom SDK
gogol-cloudmonitoring-0.3.0 Google Cloud Monitoring SDK
gogol-cloudtrace-0.3.0 Google Cloud Trace SDK
gogol-compute-0.3.0 Google Compute Engine SDK
gogol-container-0.3.0 Google Container Engine SDK
gogol-containerbuilder-0.3.0 Google Cloud Container Builder SDK
gogol-core-0.3.0 Core data types and functionality for Gogol libraries
gogol-customsearch-0.3.0 Google CustomSearch SDK
gogol-dataflow-0.3.0 Google Dataflow SDK
gogol-dataproc-0.3.0 Google Cloud Dataproc SDK
gogol-datastore-0.3.0 Google Cloud Datastore SDK
gogol-debugger-0.3.0 Google Stackdriver Debugger SDK
gogol-deploymentmanager-0.3.0 Google Cloud Deployment Manager SDK
gogol-dfareporting-0.3.0 Google DCM/DFA Reporting And Trafficking SDK
gogol-discovery-0.3.0 Google APIs Discovery Service SDK
gogol-dns-0.3.0 Google Cloud DNS SDK
gogol-doubleclick-bids-0.3.0 Google DoubleClick Bid Manager SDK
gogol-doubleclick-search-0.3.0 Google DoubleClick Search SDK
gogol-drive-0.3.0 Google Drive SDK
gogol-firebase-dynamiclinks-0.3.0 Google Firebase Dynamic Links SDK
gogol-firebase-rules-0.3.0 Google Firebase Rules SDK
gogol-fitness-0.3.0 Google Fitness SDK
gogol-fonts-0.3.0 Google Fonts Developer SDK
gogol-freebasesearch-0.3.0 Google Freebase Search SDK
gogol-fusiontables-0.3.0 Google Fusion Tables SDK
gogol-games-0.3.0 Google Play Game Services SDK
gogol-games-configuration-0.3.0 Google Play Game Services Publishing SDK
gogol-games-management-0.3.0 Google Play Game Services Management SDK
gogol-genomics-0.3.0 Google Genomics SDK
gogol-gmail-0.3.0 Google Gmail SDK
gogol-groups-migration-0.3.0 Google Groups Migration SDK
gogol-groups-settings-0.3.0 Google Groups Settings SDK
gogol-iam-0.3.0 Google Identity and Access Management (IAM) SDK
gogol-identity-toolkit-0.3.0 Google Identity Toolkit SDK
gogol-kgsearch-0.3.0 Google Knowledge Graph Search SDK
gogol-language-0.3.0 Google Cloud Natural Language SDK
gogol-latencytest-0.3.0 Google Cloud Network Performance Monitoring SDK
gogol-logging-0.3.0 Google Stackdriver Logging SDK
gogol-manufacturers-0.3.0 Google Manufacturer Center SDK
gogol-maps-coordinate-0.3.0 Google Maps Coordinate SDK
gogol-maps-engine-0.3.0 Google Maps Engine SDK
gogol-mirror-0.3.0 Google Mirror SDK
gogol-ml-0.3.0 Google Cloud Machine Learning SDK
gogol-monitoring-0.3.0 Google Stackdriver Monitoring SDK
gogol-oauth2-0.3.0 Google OAuth2 SDK
gogol-pagespeed-0.3.0 Google PageSpeed Insights SDK
gogol-partners-0.3.0 Google Partners SDK
gogol-people-0.3.0 Google People SDK
gogol-play-moviespartner-0.3.0 Google Play Movies Partner SDK
gogol-plus-0.3.0 Google + SDK
gogol-plus-domains-0.3.0 Google + Domains SDK
gogol-prediction-0.3.0 Google Prediction SDK
gogol-proximitybeacon-0.3.0 Google Proximity Beacon SDK
gogol-pubsub-0.3.0 Google Cloud Pub/Sub SDK
gogol-qpxexpress-0.3.0 Google QPX Express SDK
gogol-replicapool-0.3.0 Google Compute Engine Instance Group Manager SDK
gogol-replicapool-updater-0.3.0 Google Compute Engine Instance Group Updater SDK
gogol-resourcemanager-0.3.0 Google Cloud Resource Manager SDK
gogol-resourceviews-0.3.0 Google Compute Engine Instance Groups SDK
gogol-runtimeconfig-0.3.0 Google Cloud RuntimeConfig SDK
gogol-safebrowsing-0.3.0 Google Safe Browsing APIs SDK
gogol-script-0.3.0 Google Apps Script Execution SDK
gogol-servicecontrol-0.3.0 Google Service Control SDK
gogol-servicemanagement-0.3.0 Google Service Management SDK
gogol-sheets-0.3.0 Google Sheets SDK
gogol-shopping-content-0.3.0 Google Content API for Shopping SDK
gogol-siteverification-0.3.0 Google Site Verification SDK
gogol-slides-0.3.0 Google Slides SDK
gogol-spectrum-0.3.0 Google Spectrum Database SDK
gogol-sqladmin-0.3.0 Google Cloud SQL Administration SDK
gogol-storage-0.3.0 Google Cloud Storage JSON SDK
gogol-storage-transfer-0.3.0 Google Storage Transfer SDK
gogol-tagmanager-0.3.0 Google Tag Manager SDK
gogol-taskqueue-0.3.0 Google TaskQueue SDK
gogol-translate-0.3.0 Google Translate SDK
gogol-urlshortener-0.3.0 Google URL Shortener SDK
gogol-useraccounts-0.3.0 Google Cloud User Accounts SDK
gogol-vision-0.3.0 Google Cloud Vision SDK
gogol-webmaster-tools-0.3.0 Google Search Console SDK
gogol-youtube-0.3.0 Google YouTube Data SDK
gogol-youtube-analytics-0.3.0 Google YouTube Analytics SDK
gogol-youtube-reporting-0.3.0 Google YouTube Reporting SDK
gooey- Graphical user interfaces that are renderable, change over time and eventually produce a value
GoogleChart-0.2 Generate web-based charts using the Google Chart API
google-cloud-0.0.4 Client for the Google Cloud APIs
GoogleCodeJam-0.0.3 A monad for flexible parsing of Google Code Jam input files with automatic parallelization
google-dictionary- Simple interface to the API
GoogleDirections- Haskell Interface to Google Directions API
google-drive-0.4.1 Google Drive API access
google-html5-slide-2011.0 Google HTML5 Slide generator
google-mail-filters- Write GMail filters and output to importable XML
google-maps-geocoding- Google Maps Geocoding API bindings
google-oauth2- Google OAuth2 token negotiation
google-oauth2-easy-0.0.0 Opininated use of Google Authentication for ease
google-oauth2-for-cli- Get Google OAuth2 token for CLI tools
google-oauth2-jwt-0.3.1 Get a signed JWT for Google Service Accounts
googleplus- Haskell implementation of the Google+ API v1
googlepolyline- Google Polyline Encoder/Decoder
GoogleSB-0.1 Interface to Google Safe Browsing API
google-search- EDSL for Google and GMail search expressions
google-server-api- Google APIs for server to server applications
google-static-maps- Bindings to the Google Static Maps API
GoogleSuggest-0.0.4 Interface to Google Suggest API
GoogleTranslate-0.0.5 Interface to Google Translate API
google-translate-0.5 Google Translate API bindings
gopherbot-0.1.0 Spidering robot to download files from Gopherspace
gopher-proxy- proxy gopher over http
gore-and-ash- Core of FRP game engine called Gore&Ash
gore-and-ash-actor- Gore&Ash engine extension that implements actor style of programming
gore-and-ash-async- Core module for Gore&Ash engine that embeds async IO actions into game loop
gore-and-ash-demo- Demonstration game for Gore&Ash game engine
gore-and-ash-glfw- Core module for Gore&Ash engine for GLFW input events
gore-and-ash-lambdacube- Core module for Gore&Ash engine that do something
gore-and-ash-logging- Core module for gore-and-ash with logging utilities
gore-and-ash-network- Core module for Gore&Ash engine with low level network API
gore-and-ash-sdl- Gore&Ash core module for integration with SDL library
gore-and-ash-sync- Gore&Ash module for high level network synchronization
GotoT-transformers- A monad and monadic transformer providing "goto" functionality
gotta-go-fast- A command line utility for practicing typing
gpah-0.0.2 Generic Programming Use in Hackage
gpcsets- Generalized Pitch Class Sets for Haskell
gpio- Haskell GPIO interface, designed specifically for the RaspberryPi
GPipe-2.2.3 Typesafe functional GPU graphics programming
GPipe-Collada-0.1.4 Load GPipe meshes from Collada files
GPipe-Examples-0.1 Examples for the GPipes package
GPipe-GLFW- GLFW OpenGL context creation for GPipe
GPipe-TextureLoad-1.0.4 Load GPipe textures from filesystem
gpolyline- Pure module for encoding/decoding Google Polyline
gps-1.2 For manipulating GPS coordinates and trails
gps2htmlReport-0.3.1 GPS to HTML Summary Report
GPX-0.8.0 Parse GPX files
gpx-conduit-0.1.1 Read GPX files using conduits
graceful- Library to write graceful shutdown / upgrade service
graflog-6.1.5 Monadic correlated log events
Grafos- Grafos Haskell
grakn-0.3.0 A Haskell client for Grakn
grammar-combinators-0.2.7 A parsing library of context-free grammar combinators
GrammarProducts- Grammar products and higher-dimensional grammars
grammatical-parsers-0.3.1 parsers that combine into grammars
grapefruit-examples- Examples using the Grapefruit library
grapefruit-frp- Functional Reactive Programming core
grapefruit-records- A record system for Functional Reactive Programming
grapefruit-ui- Declarative user interface programming
grapefruit-ui-gtk- GTK+-based backend for declarative user interface programming
graph- Class of graphs
Graph500-0.4.0 Graph500 benchmark-related definitions and data set generator
Graphalyze- Graph-Theoretic Analysis library
graphbuilder- A declarative, monadic graph construction language for small graphs
graph-core- Fast, memory efficient and persistent graph implementation
graphene- A minimal Graph Theory library
graph-generators- Functions for generating structured or random FGL graphs
GraphHammer-0.3 GraphHammer Haskell graph analyses framework inspired by STINGER
GraphHammer-examples-0.3 Test harness for TriangleCount analysis
graphics-drawingcombinators-1.5.1 A functional interface to 2D drawing in OpenGL
graphicsFormats-0.1 Classes for renderable objects
graphics-formats-collada-0.3.1 Load 3D geometry in the COLLADA format
graphicstools-0.2.2 Tools for creating graphical UIs, based on wxHaskell
graphite- Graphs and networks library
graph-matchings- An implementation of algorithms for matchings in graphs
graphmod-1.4.2 Present the module dependencies of a program as a "dot" graph
graphmod-plugin- A reimplementation of graphmod as a source plugin
graphql-0.3 Haskell GraphQL implementation
graphql-api-0.3.0 GraphQL API
graphql-w-persistent- Haskell GraphQL query parser-interpreter-data processor
graph-rewriting-0.7.10 Monadic graph rewriting of hypergraphs with ports and multiedges
graph-rewriting-cl-0.2.2 Interactive graph rewriting system implementing various well-known combinators
graph-rewriting-gl-0.7.8 OpenGL interface for interactive port graph rewriting
graph-rewriting-lambdascope-0.5.10 Lambdascope, an optimal evaluator of the lambda calculus, as an interactive graph-rewriting system
graph-rewriting-layout-0.5.6 Force-directed node placement intended for incremental graph drawing
graph-rewriting-ski-0.6.7 Two evalutors of the SKI combinator calculus as interactive graph rewrite systems
graph-rewriting-strategies-0.2.6 Evaluation strategies for port-graph rewriting systems
graph-rewriting-trs-0.1.9 Evaluate first-order applicative term rewrite systems interactively using graph reduction
graph-rewriting-ww-0.3.7 Evaluator of the lambda-calculus in an interactive graph rewriting system with explicit sharing
graphs-0.7.1 A simple monadic graph library
GraphSCC-1.0.4 Tarjan's algorithm for computing the strongly connected components of a graph
graph-serialize-0.2 Serialization of data structures with references
graphted- Graph indexed monads
graphtype-0.2.0 A simple tool to illustrate dependencies between Haskell types
graph-utils-0.3.7 A simple wrapper & quasi quoter for fgl
graph-visit- Graph walk abstraction
graphviz-2999.20.0.2 Bindings to Graphviz for graph visualisation
graph-wrapper- A wrapper around the standard Data.Graph with a less awkward interface
graql-0.1.1 Execute Graql queries on a Grakn graph
grasp- GRASP implementation for the AMMM project
gravatar-0.8.0 Generate Gravatar image URLs
gray-code-0.3.1 Gray code encoder/decoder
gray-extended-1.5.4 Gray encoding schemes
graylog- Support for graylog output
greencard- GreenCard, a foreign function pre-processor for Haskell
greencard-lib-3.0.1 A foreign function interface pre-processor library for Haskell
greenclip-3.2.0 Simple clipboard manager to be integrated with rofi
greg-client-1.0.2 A scalable distributed logger with a high-precision global time axis
gremlin-haskell- Graph database client for TinkerPop3 Gremlin Server
Grempa-0.2.2 Embedded grammar DSL and LALR parser generator
grenade-0.1.0 Practical Deep Learning in Haskell
greplicate-0.0.2 Generalised replicate functions
greskell- Haskell binding for Gremlin graph query language
greskell-core- Haskell binding for Gremlin graph query language - core data types and tools
greskell-websocket- Haskell client for Gremlin Server using WebSocket serializer
grid-7.8.11 Tools for working with regular grids (graphs, lattices)
gridbounds- Collision detection for GridBox
gridbox- A grid box model
gridfs- GridFS (MongoDB file storage) implementation
gridland- Grid-based multimedia engine
grm-0.1.1 grm grammar converter
groom- Pretty printing for well-behaved Show instances
groot- Command line utility to manage AWS ECS resources
gross- A spoof on gloss for terminal animation
GroteTrap-0.5.2 Parser and selection library for expression languages
groundhog-0.10.0 Type-safe datatype-database mapping library
groundhog-converters-0.1.0 Extended Converter Library for groundhog embedded types
groundhog-inspector-0.10.0 Type-safe datatype-database mapping library
groundhog-mysql-0.10 MySQL backend for the groundhog library
groundhog-postgresql-0.10 PostgreSQL backend for the groundhog library
groundhog-sqlite-0.10.0 Sqlite3 backend for the groundhog library
groundhog-th-0.10 Type-safe datatype-database mapping library
groupBy- Replacement definition of Data.List.GroupBy
group-by-date- Shell command for grouping files by dates into folders
grouped-list- Grouped lists. Equal consecutive elements are grouped
groupoid-0.1.0 A Groupoid class
groupoids-4.0 This package has been absorbed into semigroupoids 4.0
groups- Haskell 98 groups
group-with- Classify objects by key-generating function, like SQL GROUP BY
Grow- A declarative make-like interpreter
growler-0.6.0 A revised version of the scotty library that attempts to be simpler and more performant
GrowlNotify-0.4 Notification utility for Growl
grpc-api-etcd- Generated messages and instances for etcd gRPC
grpc-etcd-client- gRPC client for etcd
gruff-0.4 fractal explorer GUI using the ruff library
gruff-examples-0.4 Mandelbrot Set examples using ruff and gruff
gsasl-0.3.6 Bindings for GNU libgsasl
gscholar-rss- scrapes google scholar, provides RSS feed
gsc-weighting-0.2.2 Generic implementation of Gerstein/Sonnhammer/Chothia weighting
gsl-random-0.5.3 Bindings the the GSL random number generation facilities
gsl-random-fu- Instances for using gsl-random with random-fu
gsmenu-3.0 A visual generic menu
gssapi- libgssapi and libkrb5 bindings for haskell
gssapi-wai- WAI Middleware for SPNEGO authentiaction
gstorable- Generic implementation of Storable
gstreamer-0.12.8 Binding to the GStreamer open source multimedia framework
GTALib-0.0.6 A library for GTA programming
gtfs-0.1 The General Transit Feed Specification format
gtfs-realtime- GTFS RealTime protobafs library (autogenerated from .proto file)
gtk-0.15.0 Binding to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library
gtk2hs-buildtools- Tools to build the Gtk2Hs suite of User Interface libraries
gtk2hs-cast-glade- A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: glade package
gtk2hs-cast-glib- A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: glib package
gtk2hs-cast-gnomevfs- A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: gnomevfs package
gtk2hs-cast-gtk- A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: gtk package
gtk2hs-cast-gtkglext- A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: gtkglext package
gtk2hs-cast-gtksourceview2- A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: gtksourceview2 package
gtk2hs-cast-th- A type class for cast functions of Gtk2hs: TH package
Gtk2hsGenerics-0.1 Convenience functions to extend Gtk2hs
gtk2hs-hello- Gtk2Hs Hello World, an example package
gtk2hs-rpn-0.2.1 Adds a module to gtk2hs allowing layouts to be defined using reverse polish notation
gtk3-0.15.0 Binding to the Gtk+ 3 graphical user interface library
gtk3-mac-integration- Bindings for the Gtk/OS X integration library
gtkglext- Binding to the GTK+ OpenGL Extension
GtkGLTV-0.2.0 OpenGL support for Gtk-based GUIs for Tangible Values
gtk-helpers- A collection of auxiliary operations and widgets related to Gtk+
gtkimageview-0.12.0 Binding to the GtkImageView library
gtk-jsinput-0.0.0 A simple custom form widget for gtk which allows inputing of JSON values
gtk-largeTreeStore- Large TreeStore support for gtk2hs
gtk-mac-integration- Bindings for the Gtk/OS X integration library
gtkrsync-1.0.4 Gnome rsync progress display
gtk-serialized-event-0.12.0 GTK+ Serialized event
gtk-simple-list-view-0.0.0 A simple custom form widget for gtk which allows single LOC creation/updating of list views
gtk-sni-tray- A standalone StatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator tray
gtksourceview2- Binding to the GtkSourceView library
gtksourceview3- Binding to the GtkSourceView library
gtk-strut- Libary for creating strut windows with gi-gtk
gtk-toggle-button-list-0.0.0 A simple custom form widget for gtk which allows single LOC creation/updating of toggle button lists
gtk-toy-0.2.0 Convenient Gtk canvas with mouse and keyboard input
gtk-traymanager-1.0.1 A wrapper around the eggtraymanager library for Linux system trays
GtkTV-0.2.0 Gtk-based GUIs for Tangible Values
gt-tools-0.2.1 Console and GUI interface for Google Translate service
guarded-allocation-0.0 Memory allocation with added stress tests and integrity checks
guarded-rewriting-0.1 Datatype-generic rewriting with preconditions
guess-combinator-0.1.1 Generate simple combinators given their type
guid-0.1.0 A simple wrapper around uuid
GuiHaskell-0.1.1 A graphical REPL and development environment for Haskell
GuiTV-0.4 GUIs for Tangible Values
gulcii-0.3 graphical untyped lambda calculus interactive interpreter
gutenberg-fibonaccis-1.1.0 The first 1001 Fibonacci numbers, retrieved from the Gutenberg Project
gyah-bin- A binary version of GiveYouAHead
gym-http-api- REST client to the gym-http-api project
H- The Haskell/R mixed programming environment
h2048- a haskell implementation of Game 2048
h2c-1.0.0 Bindings to Linux I2C with support for repeated-start transactions
haar-0.1 Haar wavelet transforms
habit- Haskell message bot framework
hable-0.3.1 customizable pretty printer library for tables
hablog-0.6.0 A blog system
HABQT- Hierarchical adaptive Bayesian quantum tomography for quantum bits
hacanon-light-2008.10.28 Template Haskell framework for automatic FFI code generation
Hach-0.1.2 Simple chat
hack-2012.2.6 a Haskell Webserver Interface
hack2-2014.11.17 a Haskell Webserver Interface (V2)
hack2-contrib-2015.5.4 Hack2 contrib
hack2-contrib-extra-2014.12.20 Hack2 contrib extra
hack2-handler-happstack-server-2011.6.20 Hack2 Happstack server handler
hack2-handler-mongrel2-http-2011.10.31 Hack2 Mongrel2 HTTP handler
hack2-handler-snap-server-2015.3.9 Hack2 Snap server handler
hack2-handler-warp-2012.5.25 Hack2 warp handler
hack2-interface-wai-2017.1.4 Hack2 interface to WAI
hackage2hwn-0.5.1 Convert Hackage RSS feeds to wiki format for publishing on
hackage2twitter-0.2.1 Send new Hackage releases to Twitter
hackage-db-2.0.1 Access Hackage's package database via Data.Map
hackage-diff- Compare the public API of different versions of a Hackage library
hackage-mirror- Simple mirroring utility for Hackage
hackage-plot-0.2.1 Generate cumulative graphs of hackage uploads
hackage-processing- Process 00-index.tar.gz from Hackage
hackage-proxy- Provide a proxy for Hackage which modifies responses in some way. (deprecated)
hackager- Hackage testing tool
hackage-repo-tool- Utility to manage secure file-based package repositories
hackage-security- Hackage security library
hackage-security-HTTP-0.1.1 Hackage security bindings against the HTTP library
hackage-server-0.5.0 The Hackage web server
hackage-sparks-0.5.1 Generate sparkline graphs of hackage statistics
hackage-whatsnew-0.1.3 Check for differences between working directory and hackage
hack-contrib-2010.9.28 Hack contrib
hack-contrib-press-0.1.2 Hack helper that renders Press templates
hackernews- API for Hacker News
hackertyper- "Hack" like a programmer in movies and games!
hack-frontend-happstack-2009.6.24.1 hack-frontend-happstack
hack-frontend-monadcgi- Allows programs written against MonadCGI to run with any hack handler. (deprecated)
hack-handler-cgi- Hack handler using CGI protocol. (deprecated)
hack-handler-epoll-0.1.3 hack handler implementation using epoll
hack-handler-evhttp-2009.8.4 Hack EvHTTP (libevent) Handler
hack-handler-fastcgi- Hack handler direct to fastcgi (deprecated)
hack-handler-happstack-2009.12.20 Hack Happstack server handler
hack-handler-hyena-2010.3.15 Hyena hack handler
hack-handler-kibro-2009.5.27 Hack Kibro handler
hack-handler-simpleserver-0.2.2 A simplistic HTTP server handler for Hack. (deprecated)
HackMail-0.0.1 A Procmail Replacement as Haskell EDSL
hackmanager- Generate useful files for Haskell projects
hack-middleware-cleanpath- Applies some basic redirect rules to get cleaner paths. (deprecated)
hack-middleware-clientsession- Middleware for easily keeping session data in client cookies. (deprecated)
hack-middleware-gzip- Automatic gzip compression of responses. (deprecated)
hack-middleware-jsonp- Automatic wrapping of JSON responses to convert into JSONP. (deprecated)
hackport-0.5.6 Hackage and Portage integration tool
hactor- Lightweight Erlang-style actors for Haskell
hactors- Practical actors for Haskell
haddock-2.21.0 A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries
haddock-api-2.21.0 A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries
haddock-leksah-2.6.0 A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries
haddock-library-1.7.0 Library exposing some functionality of Haddock
haddock-test-0.0.1 Test utilities for Haddock
haddocset-0.4.3 Generate docset of Dash by Haddock haskell documentation tool
hadolint-1.15.0 Dockerfile Linter JavaScript API
hadoop-formats- Read/write file formats commonly used by Hadoop
hadoop-rpc- Use the Hadoop RPC interface from Haskell
hadoop-tools-1.0.1 Fast command line tools for working with Hadoop
haeredes-0.4.4 Confirm delegation of NS and MX records
haggis- A static site generator with blogging/comments support
Haggressive- Aggression analysis for Tweets on Twitter
haha- A simple library for creating animated ascii art on ANSI terminals
hahp-0.1.3 Analytic Hierarchy Process
haiji- A typed template engine, subset of jinja2
hail- A service for pull-based continuous deployment based on hydra
hailgun- Mailgun REST api interface for Haskell
hailgun-send- A program to send emails throught the Mailgun api
hailgun-simple- Easy-to-use wrapper for the hailgun package
hails- Multi-app web platform framework
hails-bin- Dynamic launcher of Hails applications
hairy-0.1.3 A JSON REST API
hakaru-0.1.4 A probabilistic programming embedded DSL
hake- make tool. ruby : rake = haskell : hake
hakismet-0.1 Akismet spam protection library
hakka-0.2.0 Minimal akka-inspired actor library
hako-1.0.0 A mako-like quasi-quoter template library
hakyll- A static website compiler library
hakyll-agda- Wrapper to integrate literate Agda files with Hakyll
hakyll-blaze-templates- Blaze templates for Hakyll
hakyll-contrib- Extra modules for the hakyll website compiler
hakyll-contrib-csv- Generate Html tables from Csv files
hakyll-contrib-elm- Compile Elm code for inclusion in Hakyll static site
hakyll-contrib-hyphenation- automatic hyphenation for Hakyll
hakyll-contrib-links- A hakyll library that helps maintain a separate links database
hakyll-convert- Convert from other blog engines to Hakyll
hakyll-dhall- Dhall compiler for Hakyll
hakyll-dir-list- Allow Hakyll to create hierarchical menues from directories
hakyll-elm-0.2.1 Hakyll wrapper for the Elm compiler
hakyll-filestore-0.1.6 FileStore utilities for Hakyll
hakyll-images-0.0.1 Hakyll utilities to work with images
hakyll-ogmarkup-4.0 Integrate ogmarkup document with Hakyll
hakyll-R- A package allowing to write Hakyll blog posts in Rmd
hakyll-sass-0.2.4 Hakyll SASS compiler over hsass
hakyll-series- Adds series functionality to hakyll
hakyll-shakespeare- Hakyll Hamlet compiler
hakyll-shortcode-0.0.2 A shortcode extension module for Hakyll
halberd- A tool to generate missing import statements for Haskell modules
HaLeX-1.2.6 HaLeX enables modelling, manipulation and visualization of regular languages
half-0.3 Half-precision floating-point
halfs-2.0 The HAskelL File System ("halfs" -- intended for use on the HaLVM)
halipeto-2.4.1 Haskell Static Web Page Generator
halive-0.1.3 A live recompiler
hall-symbols- Symmetry operations generater of Hall Symbols
halma- Library implementing Halma rules
halma-gui- GTK application for playing Halma
halma-telegram-bot- Telegram bot for playing Halma
haltavista- looks for functions given a set of example input/outputs
halves- Split or combine data structures to and from halves, quarters, eighths
halvm-web- A simple, static HaLVM web server
hamid-0.10 Binding to the OS level Midi services (fork of system-midi)
hamilton- Physics on generalized coordinate systems using Hamiltonian Mechanics and AD
HaMinitel- An Haskell library to drive the french Minitel through a serial port
hamlet-1.2.0 Haml-like template files that are compile-time checked (deprecated)
hampp-0.2.1 Haskell macro preprocessor
hamsql- Interpreter for SQL-structure definitions in YAML (YamSql)
hamtmap-0.3 A purely functional and persistent hash map
hamtsolo-1.0.3 Intel AMT serial-over-lan (SOL) client
hamusic- Library to handle abstract music
handa-data- This package is deprecated. It formerly contained Haskell utilities for data structures and data manipulation
handa-gdata- Library and command-line utility for accessing Google services and APIs
handa-geodata- Geographic and Geometric Data
handa-opengl- Utility functions for OpenGL and GLUT
handle-like- HandleLike class
HandlerSocketClient-0.0.5 Haskell implementation of a HandlerSocket client (API)
HandsomeSoup-0.4.2 Work with HTML more easily in HXT
handsy- A DSL to describe common shell operations and interpeters for running them locally and remotely
handwriting- API Client for the API
hangman-1.0.3 Hangman implementation in Haskell written in two hours
Hangman- The classic game of Hangman
hannahci- Simple Continuous Integration/Deployment System
hans-3.0.2 Network Stack
hans-pcap- Driver for real ethernet devices for HaNS
hans-pfq- Driver for real ethernet devices for HaNS
haphviz- Graphviz code generation with Haskell
hapistrano- A deployment library for Haskell applications
happindicator-0.0.4 Binding to the appindicator library
happindicator3-0.2.1 Binding to the appindicator library
happlets- "Haskell Applets" provides an event handler and a canvas for building simple GUI apps
happlets-lib-gtk- The "Haskell Applets" Gtk+ ver. 2 back-end for "happlets"
happraise-0.1 A small program for counting the comments in haskell source
HAppS-Data-0.9.3 HAppS data manipulation libraries
HAppSHelpers-0.11 OBSOLETE. Please use happstack-helpers
happs-hsp-template-0.2 Utilities for using HSP templates in HAppS applications
HAppS-Server- Web related tools and services
HAppS-State-0.9.3 Event-based distributed state
happstack-7.0.2 The haskell application server stack + code generation
happstack-auth- A Happstack Authentication Suite
happstack-authenticate- Happstack Authentication Library
happstack-clientsession-7.3.1 client-side session data
happstack-contrib-0.2.1 Web related tools and services
happstack-data-6.0.1 Happstack data manipulation libraries
happstack-dlg-0.1.2 Cross-request user interactions for Happstack
happstack-facebook-0.30 A package for building Facebook applications using Happstack
happstack-fastcgi-0.1.5 Happstack extension for use with FastCGI
happstack-fay-0.2.0 Support for using Fay with Happstack
happstack-fay-ajax-0.2.0 Support for using Fay with Happstack
happstack-foundation- Glue code for using Happstack with acid-state, web-routes, reform, and HSP
happstack-hamlet-7.0.4 Support for Hamlet HTML templates in Happstack
happstack-heist-7.2.4 Support for using Heist templates in Happstack
happstack-helpers-0.56 Convenience functions for Happstack
happstack-hsp- Support for using HSP templates in Happstack
happstack-hstringtemplate-7.0.4 Support for using HStringTemplate in Happstack
happstack-ixset-6.0.1 Efficient relational queries on Haskell sets
happstack-jmacro- Support for using JMacro with Happstack
happstack-lite-7.3.6 Happstack minus the useless stuff
happstack-monad-peel-0.1 monad-peel instances for Happstack types
happstack-plugins-7.0.2 The haskell application server stack + reload
happstack-server- Web related tools and services
happstack-server-tls- extend happstack-server with https:// support (TLS/SSL)
happstack-server-tls-cryptonite-0.1.1 Extend happstack-server with native HTTPS support (TLS/SSL)
happstack-state-6.1.4 Event-based distributed state
happstack-static-routing- Support for static URL routing with overlap detection for Happstack
happstack-util-6.0.3 Web framework
happstack-yui-7373.5.3 Utilities for using YUI3 with Happstack
happs-tutorial-0.9.5 A Happstack Tutorial that is its own web 2.0-type demo
HAppS-Util-0.9.3 Web framework
happy-1.19.9 Happy is a parser generator for Haskell
happybara-0.0.1 Acceptance test framework for web applications
happybara-webkit-0.0.1 WebKit Happybara driver
happybara-webkit-server-0.0.1 WebKit Server binary for Happybara (taken from capybara-webkit)
happy-meta- Quasi-quoter for Happy parsers
HappyTree-0.2018.1.8 Type Safe and End to End Decision Tree
hapstone- Capstone bindings for Haskell
HaPy- Haskell bindings for Python
haquery- jQuery for Haskell
haquil- A Haskell implementation of the Quil instruction set for quantum computing
har-0.4.0 HAR spec in Haskell
harchive-0.2 Networked content addressed backup and restore software
hArduino-1.1 Control your Arduino board from Haskell
hardware-edsl-0.1.5 Deep embedding of hardware descriptions with code generation
HaRe- the Haskell Refactorer
hark-0.2 A Gentoo package query tool
HARM-0.1.4 A simple ARM emulator in haskell
harmony- A web service specification compiler that generates implementation and tests
HarmTrace-2.2.1 Harmony Analysis and Retrieval of Music
HarmTrace-Base- Parsing and unambiguously representing musical chords
haroonga- Low level bindings for Groonga
haroonga-httpd- Yet another Groonga http server
harp- HaRP allows pattern-matching with regular expressions
harpy- Runtime code generation for x86 machine code
harvest-api-0.1.0 Bindings for Harvest API
has- Entity based records
HasBigDecimal-0.1.1 A library for arbitrary precision decimal numbers
hasbolt- Haskell driver for Neo4j 3+ (BOLT protocol)
hasbolt-extras- Extras for hasbolt library
HasCacBDD- Haskell bindings for CacBDD
hascal-3.0.1 tiny calculator library and command-line program
hascar- Decompress SAPCAR archives
hascas-1.2.0 Cassandra driver for haskell
hascat-0.2 Hascat Web Server
hascat-lib-0.2 Hascat Package
hascat-setup-0.2 Hascat Installation helper
hascat-system-0.2 Hascat System Package
Haschoo-0.1.2 Minimalist R5RS Scheme interpreter
HasGP-0.1 A Haskell library for inference using Gaussian processes
hash- Hashing tools
hashable- A class for types that can be converted to a hash value
hashable-extras-0.2.3 Higher-rank Hashable
hashable-generics-1.1.10 Automatically generates Hashable instances with GHC.Generics
hashable-orphans-0 Provides instances missing from Hashable
hashabler-2.0.0 Principled, portable & extensible hashing of data and types, including an implementation of the FNV-1a and SipHash algorithms
hashable-time- Hashable instances for Data.Time
hashed-storage-0.5.11 Hashed file storage support code
Hashell-1.0 Simple shell written in Haskell
hashflare- A library for working with contracts and hashrates
hashids- Hashids generates short, unique, non-sequential ids from numbers
hashing- A pure haskell library implements several hash algorithms
hashmap-1.3.3 Persistent containers Map and Set based on hashing
hashrename- Rename every file in a directory with his SHA1 hash
hashring-0.0.0 Efficient consistent hashing
hash-store-0.1.0 Hash as cache
hashtable-benchmark-0.1.1 Benchmark of hash table implementations
hashtables- Mutable hash tables in the ST monad
hashtables-plus-0.2.0 Extensions for a "hashtables" library
hash-tree-0.0.0 Merkle Hash Tree
hasim-0.1.2 Process-Based Discrete Event Simulation library
hask-0 Categories
haskades-0.2.1 Utility to generate bindings for BlackBerry Cascades
haskakafka-1.2.0 Kafka bindings for Haskell
haskanoid- A breakout game written in Yampa using SDL
haskarrow-0.0 A dialect of haskell with order of execution based on dependency resolution
haskbot-core-0.1 Easily-extensible chatbot for Slack messaging service
haskdeep- Computes and audits file hashes
haskdogs-0.5.4 Generate tags file for Haskell project and its nearest deps
haskeem-0.7.16 A small scheme interpreter
haskeline- A command-line interface for user input, written in Haskell
haskeline-class-0.6.2 Class interface for working with Haskeline
haskelisp- Write Emacs module in Haskell, using Emacs 25's Dynamic Module feature
haskell2010- Compatibility with Haskell 2010
haskell98- Compatibility with Haskell 98
haskell98libraries- Compatibility with Haskell 98
haskell-abci- Haskell Application BlockChain Interface (ABCI) Server Library
haskell-aliyun- haskell client of aliyun service
haskell-awk-1.1.1 Transform text from the command-line using Haskell expressions
haskell-bcrypt-0.3.2 A bcrypt implementation for haskell
haskell-bitmex-client- Complete BitMEX Client
haskell-bitmex-rest- Auto-generated bitmex API Client
haskell-brainfuck- BrainFuck interpreter
haskell-ci- Cabal package script generator for Travis-CI
haskell-cnc- Library for parallel programming in the Intel Concurrent Collections paradigm
haskell-coffee- Simple CoffeeScript API
haskell-compression-0.3 compress files
haskell-conll- Core Types for NLP
haskell-course-preludes- Small modules for a Haskell course in which Haskell is taught by implementing Prelude functionality
haskell-dap- haskell-dap is a GHCi having DAP interface
haskelldb-2.2.4 A library of combinators for generating and executing SQL statements
haskelldb-connect-hdbc- Bracketed HDBC session for HaskellDB
haskelldb-connect-hdbc-catchio-mtl- Bracketed HaskellDB HDBC session using MonadCatchIO-mtl
haskelldb-connect-hdbc-catchio-tf- Bracketed HaskellDB HDBC session using MonadCatchIO-transformers
haskelldb-connect-hdbc-catchio-transformers- Bracketed HaskellDB HDBC session using MonadCatchIO-transformers
haskelldb-connect-hdbc-lifted- Bracketed HaskellDB HDBC session using lifted-base
haskelldb-dynamic-1.0.0 HaskellDB support for the dynamically loaded drivers
haskelldb-flat-1.0.1 An experimental HaskellDB back-end in pure Haskell (no SQL)
haskelldb-hdbc-2.2.4 HaskellDB support for HDBC
haskelldb-hdbc-mysql-0.1.1 HaskellDB support for the HDBC MySQL driver
haskelldb-hdbc-odbc-2.1.2 HaskellDB support for the HDBC ODBC driver
haskelldb-hdbc-postgresql-2.1.2 HaskellDB support for the HDBC PostgreSQL driver
haskelldb-hdbc-sqlite3-2.1.2 HaskellDB support for the HDBC SQLite driver
haskelldb-hsql-1.0.0 HaskellDB support for HSQL
haskelldb-hsql-mysql-1.0.0 HaskellDB support for the HSQL MySQL driver
haskelldb-hsql-odbc-1.0.0 HaskellDB support for the HSQL ODBC driver
haskelldb-hsql-oracle-1.0.0 HaskellDB support for the HSQL Oracle driver
haskelldb-hsql-postgresql-1.0.0 HaskellDB support for the HSQL PostgreSQL driver
haskelldb-hsql-sqlite-1.0.0 HaskellDB support for the HSQL SQLite driver
haskelldb-hsql-sqlite3-1.0.0 HaskellDB support for the HSQL SQLite3 driver
haskelldb-th-2.1.0 Template Haskell utilities for HaskellDB
haskelldb-wx-1.0.0 HaskellDB support for WXHaskell
haskell-disque- Client library for the Disque datastore
haskell-docs-4.2.8 A program to find and display the docs and type of a name
haskell-eigen-util- Some utility functions for haskell-eigen library
haskell-exp-parser-0.1.1 Simple parser parser from Haskell to TemplateHaskell expressions
haskell-fake-user-agent-0.0.2 Simple library for retrieving current user agent strings
HaskellForMaths-0.4.9 Combinatorics, group theory, commutative algebra, non-commutative algebra
haskell-formatter-1.0.0 Haskell source code formatter
haskell-ftp- A Haskell ftp server with configurable backend
haskell-generate-0.2.4 Typesafe generation of haskell source code
haskell-gettext- GetText runtime library implementation in pure Haskell
haskell-gi-0.21.5 Generate Haskell bindings for GObject Introspection capable libraries
haskell-gi-base-0.21.4 Foundation for libraries generated by haskell-gi
haskell-gi-overloading-1.0 Overloading support for haskell-gi
haskell-go-checkers- Go and Checkers game in Haskell
haskell-google-trends-0.0.2 Simple library for accessing Google Trends
haskell-holes-th- Infer haskell code by given type
haskell-igraph-0.7.1 Haskell interface of the igraph library
haskell-import-graph-1.0.4 create haskell import graph for graphviz
haskell-in-space-0.1.1 'Asteroids' arcade games
haskell-kubernetes-0.5.0 Haskell bindings to the Kubernetes API (via swagger-codegen)
haskell-lexer-1.0.2 A fully compliant Haskell 98 lexer
HaskellLM-0.1.2 Pure Haskell implementation of the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
haskell-lsp- Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol
haskell-lsp-client- A haskell package to build your own Language Server client
haskell-lsp-types- Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol, data types
haskell-menu-0.2.1 A simple menu system for Haskell programs
haskell-ml-0.4.2 Machine learning in Haskell
haskell-modbus-0.3.2 A cereal-based parser for the Modbus protocol
haskell-mpfr-0.1 Correctly-rounded arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic
haskell-mpi-1.4.0 Distributed parallel programming in Haskell using MPI
haskell-names-0.9.5 Name resolution library for Haskell
haskell-neo4j-client- A Haskell neo4j client
HaskellNet-0.5.1 Client support for POP3, SMTP, and IMAP
HaskellNet-SSL- Helpers to connect to SSL/TLS mail servers with HaskellNet
HaskellNN-0.1.3 High Performance Neural Network in Haskell
Haskelloids-0.1.1 A reproduction of the Atari 1979 classic "Asteroids"
haskell-openflow- OpenFlow protocol in Haskell
haskell-overridez- Manage nix overrides for haskell packages
haskell-packages-0.6.2 Haskell suite library for package management and integration with Cabal
haskell-pdf-presenter-0.2.5 Tool for presenting PDF-based presentations
haskell-platform-test-2010.2.0.0 A test system for the Haskell Platform environment
haskell-player- A terminal music player based on afplay
haskell-plot- A library for generating 2D plots painlessly
haskell-postal- Haskell binding for the libpostal library
haskell-proxy-list-0.0.1 Simple library for retrieving proxy servers info from
haskell-qrencode-1.0.4 Haskell bindings for libqrencode
haskell-read-editor- Opens a temporary file on the system's EDITOR and returns the resulting edits
haskell-reflect-0.9 Reflect Haskell types
haskell-rules- A DSL for expressing natural deduction rules in Haskell
haskellscrabble-2.2.2 A scrabble library capturing the core game logic of scrabble
haskellscript-0.2.3 Command line tool for running Haskell scripts with a hashbang
haskell-snake-1.0.0 Snake game implemetation in Haskell using SDL2
haskell-spacegoo- Client API for Rocket Scissor Spacegoo
haskell-src- Support for manipulating Haskell source code
haskell-src-exts-1.21.0 Manipulating Haskell source: abstract syntax, lexer, parser, and pretty-printer
haskell-src-exts-observe-0.1.0 Observable orphan instances for haskell-src-exts
haskell-src-exts-prisms- Prisms with newtype wrappers for haskell-src-exts
haskell-src-exts-qq-0.7 A quasiquoter for haskell-src-exts
haskell-src-exts-sc- Pretty print haskell code with comments
haskell-src-exts-simple- A simplified view on the haskell-src-exts AST
haskell-src-exts-util-0.2.4 Helper functions for working with haskell-src-exts trees
haskell-src-meta- Parse source to template-haskell abstract syntax
haskell-src-meta-mwotton-0.1.0 Parse source to template-haskell abstract syntax
haskell-stack-trace-plugin- haskell-stack-trace-plugin
haskell-time-range- Some useful wrappers and functions for building time ranges
haskell-token-utils- Utilities to tie up tokens to an AST
haskell-tools-ast- Haskell AST for efficient tooling
haskell-tools-ast-fromghc- Creating the Haskell-Tools AST from GHC's representations
haskell-tools-ast-gen- Facilities for generating new parts of the Haskell-Tools AST
haskell-tools-ast-trf- Conversions on Haskell-Tools AST to prepare for refactorings
haskell-tools-backend-ghc- Creating the Haskell-Tools AST from GHC's representations
haskell-tools-builtin-refactorings- Refactoring Tool for Haskell
haskell-tools-cli- Command-line frontend for Haskell-tools Refact
haskell-tools-daemon- Background process for Haskell-tools that editors can connect to
haskell-tools-debug- Debugging Tools for Haskell-tools
haskell-tools-demo- A web-based demo for Haskell-tools Refactor
haskell-tools-experimental-refactorings- Refactoring Tool for Haskell
haskell-tools-prettyprint- Pretty printing of Haskell-Tools AST
haskell-tools-refactor- Refactoring Tool for Haskell
haskell-tools-rewrite- Facilities for generating new parts of the Haskell-Tools AST
haskell-tor-0.1.2 A Haskell Tor Node
HaskellTorrent-0.1.1 A concurrent bittorrent client
HaskellTutorials- Haskell Tutorials by Evgeny Ukhanov
haskell-type-exts-0.1.0 A type checker for Haskell/haskell-src-exts
haskell-typescript- Simple TypeScript API
haskell-tyrant-0.4 Haskell implementation of the Tokyo Tyrant binary protocol
haskell-updater-1.3.1 Rebuild Haskell dependencies in Gentoo
haskell-xmpp-1.0.2 Haskell XMPP (eXtensible Message Passing Protocol, a.k.a. Jabber) library
haskelm- Elm to Haskell translation
haskelzinc- CP in Haskell through MiniZinc
haskey- A transactional, ACID compliant, embeddable key-value store
haskey-btree- B+-tree implementation in Haskell
haskey-mtl- A monad transformer supporting Haskey transactions
haskgame-0.0.6 Haskell game library
haskheap-0.1.2 Haskell bindings to refheap
haskhol-core-1.1.0 The core logical system of HaskHOL, an EDSL for HOL theorem proving
hask-home-2009.3.18 Generate homepages for cabal packages
haskintex- Haskell Evaluation inside of LaTeX code
haskmon- A haskell wrapper for (
haskoin- Implementation of the Bitcoin protocol
haskoin-bitcoind-0.3.0 An adapter for haskoin to network-bitcoin
haskoin-core-0.8.4 Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash library for Haskell
haskoin-crypto- Implementation of Bitcoin cryptographic primitives
haskoin-node-0.9.5 Haskoin Node P2P library for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
haskoin-protocol- Implementation of the Bitcoin network protocol messages
haskoin-script-0.0.1 Implementation of Bitcoin script parsing and evaluation
haskoin-store-0.9.1 Storage and index for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
haskoin-util- Utility functions for the Network.Haskoin project
haskoin-wallet-0.4.2 Implementation of a Bitcoin SPV Wallet with BIP32 and multisig support
haskoon- Web Application Abstraction
haskoon-httpspec- Integrating HttpSpec with Haskoon
haskoon-salvia- Integrating HttpSpec with Haskoon
haskore- The Haskore Computer Music System
haskore-realtime-0.2 Routines for realtime playback of Haskore songs
haskore-supercollider-0.3 Haskore back-end for SuperCollider
haskore-synthesizer- Music rendering coded in Haskell
haskore-vintage-0.3 The February 2000 version of Haskore
HaskRel- HaskRel, Haskell as a DBMS with support for the relational algebra
hasktags-0.71.2 Produces ctags "tags" and etags "TAGS" files for Haskell programs
hasktorch- Torch for tensors and neural networks in Haskell
hasktorch-codegen- Code generation tools for Hasktorch
hasktorch-ffi-tests- Testing library for Hasktorch's FFI bindings
hasktorch-ffi-th- Bindings to Torch
hasktorch-ffi-thc- Bindings to Cutorch
hasktorch-indef- Core Hasktorch abstractions wrapping FFI bindings
hasktorch-signatures- Backpack signatures for Tensor operations
hasktorch-signatures-partial- Functions to partially satisfy tensor signatures
hasktorch-signatures-support- Signatures for support tensors in hasktorch
hasktorch-signatures-types- Core types for Hasktorch backpack signatures
hasktorch-types-th- C-types for Torch
hasktorch-types-thc- C-types for Cutorch
hasktorch-zoo- Neural architectures in hasktorch
haskus-binary-1.1 Haskus binary format manipulation
haskus-system-build-1.0 Haskus system build tool
haskus-utils-1.3 Haskus utility modules
haskus-utils-data-1.1 Haskus utility modules
haskus-utils-types-1.3 Haskus utility modules
haskus-utils-variant-2.4 Variant and EADT
haskyapi- HTTP server
haslo-0.1.3 Loan calculator engine
hasloGUI-0.1 Loan calculator Gtk GUI. Based on haslo (Haskell Loan) library
hasmin- CSS Minifier
hasparql-client-0.1 This package enables to write SPARQL queries to remote endpoints
haspell-1.1.0 Haskell bindings to aspell
hasql- An efficient PostgreSQL driver and a flexible mapping API
hasql-backend-0.4.3 API for backends of "hasql"
hasql-class- Encodable and Decodable classes for hasql
hasql-cursor-query- A declarative abstraction over PostgreSQL Cursor
hasql-cursor-transaction- An abstraction for simultaneous fetching from multiple PostgreSQL cursors
hasql-generic- Generic encoder and decoder deriving for Hasql
hasql-migration-0.2.0 PostgreSQL Schema Migrations
hasql-optparse-applicative- "optparse-applicative" parsers for "hasql"
hasql-pool-0.5 A pool of connections for Hasql
hasql-postgres-0.10.6 A "PostgreSQL" backend for the "hasql" library
hasql-postgres-options-0.1.6 An "optparse-applicative" parser for "hasql-postgres"
hasql-simple- A somewhat opinionated "simpler" API to hasql
hasql-th-0.2.1 Template Haskell utilities for Hasql
hasql-transaction-0.7 A composable abstraction over the retryable transactions for Hasql
hastache-0.6.1 Haskell implementation of Mustache templates
hastache-aeson- render hastache templates using aeson values
haste-0.1.1 A universal pastebin tool, written in Haskell
haste-app- Framework for type-safe, distributed web applications
haste-compiler- Haskell To ECMAScript compiler
haste-gapi- Google API bindings for the Haste compiler
haste-lib- Base libraries for haste-compiler
haste-markup- A port of blaze-markup and blaze-html to Haste
haste-perch- Create, navigate and modify the DOM tree with composable syntax, with the haste compiler
haste-prim- Low level primitives for the Haste compiler
has-th-0.1 Template Haskell function for Has records
hastily- A program to download subtitle files
Hastodon-0.6.0 mastodon client module for Haskell
hasty-hamiltonian-1.3.2 Speedy traversal through parameter space
hat-2.9.4 The Haskell tracer, generating and viewing Haskell execution traces
Hate- A small 2D game framework
HaTeX- The Haskell LaTeX library
hatex-guide- HaTeX User's Guide
HaTeX-meta-1.2.1 This package is deprecated. From version 3, HaTeX does not need this anymore
HaTeX-qq- Quasiquoters for HaTeX
hath-0.4.2 Hath manipulates network blocks in CIDR notation
hats- Haskell client for the NATS messaging system
hatt- A truth table generator for classical propositional logic
haven- Recursively retrieve maven dependencies
haverer- Implementation of the rules of Love Letter
HaVSA- An implementation of the Version Space Algebra learning framework
hawitter-0.4 A twitter client for GTK+. Beta version
Hawk-0.0.2 Haskell Web Application Kit
hax-0.0.2 Haskell cash-flow and tax simulation
haxl- A Haskell library for efficient, concurrent, and concise data access
haxl-amazonka-0.1.1 Haxl data source for accessing AWS services through amazonka
haxl-facebook- An example Haxl data source for accessing the Facebook Graph API
HaXml-1.25.5 Utilities for manipulating XML documents
haxparse- Readable HaxBall replays
haxr-3000.11.2 XML-RPC client and server library
haxr-th-3000.5 Automatic deriving of XML-RPC structs for Haskell records
haxy-1.0.1 A simple HTTP proxy server library
hayland- Haskell bindings for the C Wayland library
Hayoo-1.2.3 The Hayoo! search engine for Haskell API search on hackage
hayoo-cli- Hayoo CLI
hback-0.0.3 N-back memory game
hbayes-0.5.2 Bayesian Networks
hbb- Haskell Busy Bee, a backend for text editors
hbcd-1.0 Packed binary-coded decimal (BCD) serialization
hBDD-0.0.3 An abstraction layer for BDD libraries
hBDD-CMUBDD-0.0.3 An FFI binding to CMU/Long's BDD library
hBDD-CUDD-0.0.3 An FFI binding to the CUDD library
hbeanstalk-0.2.4 Client for the beanstalkd workqueue service
hbeat-0.1.2 A simple step sequencer GUI
hbf- An optimizing Brainfuck compiler and evaluator
hblas- Human friendly BLAS and Lapack bindings for Haskell
hblock- A mutable vector that provides indexation on the datatype fields it stores
h-booru- Haskell library for retrieving data from various booru image sites
hbro- Minimal extensible web-browser
hbro-contrib- Third-party extensions to hbro
hburg-1.1.3 Haskell Bottom Up Rewrite Generator
HCard-0.0 A library for implementing a Deck of Cards
hcc-0.0.0 A toy C compiler
hcg-minus-0.16 haskell cg (minus)
hcg-minus-cairo-0.16 haskell cg (minus) (cairo rendering)
hcheat-2010.1.16 A collection of code cheatsheet
hchesslib- Chess library
HCL-1.7.1 High-level library for building command line interfaces
Hclip- A small cross-platform library for reading and modifying the system clipboard
hcltest-0.3.7 A testing library for command line applications
hCM- Conceptual modelling support for Haskell
hcoap- CoAP implementation for Haskell
hcobs- An implementation of the Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing algorithm
HCodecs-0.5.1 A library to read, write and manipulate MIDI, WAVE, and SoundFont2 files
hcom- Haskell COM support library
hcoord- Easily convert between latitude/longitude, UTM and OSGB
hcron- A simple job scheduler, which just runs some IO action at a given time
hCsound-0.4.2 interface to CSound API
hcube-0.1.1 Virtual Rubik's cube of arbitrary size
hcwiid- Library to interface with the wiimote
hdaemonize-0.5.5 Library to handle the details of writing daemons for UNIX
hdaemonize-buildfix-0.4.5 Library to handle the details of writing daemons for UNIX
HDBC- Haskell Database Connectivity
hdbc-aeson- Deserialize from HDBC rows to FromJSON instances
HDBC-mysql- MySQL driver for HDBC
HDBC-odbc- ODBC driver for HDBC
HDBC-postgresql- PostgreSQL driver for HDBC
hdbc-postgresql-hstore- Manipulate data in PostgreSQL "hstore" columns
HDBC-postgresql-hstore- Manipulate data in PostgreSQL "hstore" columns
HDBC-session- Bracketed connection for HDBC
HDBC-sqlite3- Sqlite v3 driver for HDBC
hdbc-tuple-0.0.1 Type save tuples for HDBC
hdbi-1.3.0 Haskell Database Independent interface
hdbi-conduit-1.3.0 Conduit glue for HDBI
hdbi-postgresql-1.3.0 PostgreSQL driver for hdbi
hdbi-sqlite-1.3.0 SQlite driver for HDBI
hdbi-tests-1.3.0 test suite for testing HDBI
hdevtools- Persistent GHC powered background server for FAST haskell development tools
hdf-0.15 HDF: Uniform Rate Audio Signal Processing in Haskell
hdf5-lite- High-level bindings to the HDF5 "lite" interface
hDFA-0.0.2 A simple library for representing and minimising DFAs
hdigest-1.0 Server-side HTTP Digest (RFC2617) in the CGI monad
hdirect-0.21.0 An IDL compiler for Haskell
hdis86-0.2 Interface to the udis86 disassembler for x86 and x86-64 / AMD64
hdiscount- Haskell bindings to the Discount markdown library
hdm-0.0.1 a small display manager
hdo-0.5 A Digital Ocean client in Haskell
hdocs- Haskell docs tool
hdph-0.0.1 Haskell distributed parallel Haskell
hdph-closure-0.0.1 Explicit closures in Haskell distributed parallel Haskell
hdr-histogram- Haskell implementation of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Histograms
HDRUtils-1.0.2 Utilities for reading, manipulating, and writing HDR images
headergen- Creates a header for a haskell source file
heap-1.0.4 Heaps in Haskell
heaps-0.3.6 Asymptotically optimal Brodal/Okasaki heaps
heapsort-0.1.0 Heapsort of MArrays as a demo of imperative programming
heartbeat-streams- Heartbeats for io-streams
heatitup- Find and annotate ITDs
heatitup-complete- Find and annotate ITDs with assembly or read pair joining
heatshrink- Compression and decompression using heatshrink
heavy-logger- Full-weight logging based on fast-logger
heavy-logger-amazon- heavy-logger compatibility with amazonka-core logging
heavy-logger-instances- Orphan instances for data types in heavy-logger package
hebrew-time-0.1.1 Hebrew dates and prayer times
hecc- Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Haskell
heckle- Jekyll in Haskell (feat. LaTeX)
hedgehog-0.6.1 Hedgehog will eat all your bugs
hedgehog-corpus-0.1.0 hedgehog-corpus
hedgehog-fn-0.6 Function generation for `hedgehog`
hedgehog-gen-json-0.5.1 JSON generators for Hedgehog
hedgehog-quickcheck-0.1 Use QuickCheck generators in Hedgehog and vice versa
Hedi-0.1.1 Line oriented editor
hedis-0.10.10 Client library for the Redis datastore: supports full command set, pipelining
hedis-config-1.0.0 Easy trivial configuration for Redis
hedis-monadic-0.0.4 A la MonadReader for Redis connection
hedis-namespace- Initial project template from stack
hedis-pile-0.6.3 Caching mandatory data with Redis
hedis-simple- A simplified API for hedis
hedis-tags-0.2.3 Tags for hedis
hedn- EDN parsing and encoding
hein- An extensible build helper for haskell, in the vein of leiningen
heist- An Haskell template system supporting both HTML5 and XML
heist-aeson-0.5 Use JSON directly from Heist templates
heist-async- Adding support for asynchronous updates ("AJAX") with heist
helf-0.2016.12.25 Typechecking terms of the Edinburgh Logical Framework (LF)
helics-0.5.1 New Relic® agent SDK wrapper for Haskell
helics-wai-0.5.1 New Relic® agent SDK wrapper for wai
helisp-0.1 An incomplete Elisp compiler
helium-1.8.1 The Helium Compiler
helium-overture-1.0.0 A backwards-compatible, modern replacement for the Prelude
helix-0.9.5 Web development micro framework for haskell with typesafe URLs
hell-2.1 A Haskell shell based on shell-conduit
hellage-0.1.1 Distributed hackage mirror
hellnet-0.1.1 Simple, distributed, anonymous data sharing network
hello- Hello World, an example package
helm-1.0.0 A functionally reactive game engine
help-esb-0.1.6 A Haskell client for the team's ESB
hemkay-0.2.0 A module music mixer and player
hemkay-core-0.1.4 A device independent module music mixer
hemokit-0.6.6 Haskell port of the Emokit EEG project
hen-0.1.3 Haskell bindings to Xen hypervisor interface
henet- Bindings and high level interface for to ENet v1.3.9
hepevt-0.5 HEPEVT parser
herbalizer-0.4.9 HAML to ERB translator
HerbiePlugin- automatically improve your code's numeric stability
here-1.2.13 Here docs & interpolated strings via quasiquotation
heredoc- multi-line string / here document using QuasiQuotes
heredocs-0.1.4 heredocument
herf-time-0.2.2 haskell time manipulation in a 'kerf like' style
her-lexer-0.1.1 A lexer for Haskell source code
her-lexer-parsec-0.0.0 Parsec frontend to "her-lexer" for Haskell source code
hermes-unknown Metadata not found
Hermes-0.0.4 Message-based middleware layer
hermit-1.0.1 Haskell Equational Reasoning Model-to-Implementation Tunnel
hermit-syb- HERMIT plugin for optimizing Scrap-Your-Boilerplate traversals
herms- A command-line manager for delicious kitchen recipes
hero-club-five-tenets- Think back of the five tenets of hero club
heroku- helpers for deploying to Heroku
heroku-persistent-0.2.0 Parse DATABASE_URL into configuration types for Persistent
herringbone-0.1.1 A library for compiling and serving static web assets
herringbone-embed-0.1.1 Embed preprocessed web assets in your executable with Template Haskell
herringbone-wai-0.1.1 Wai adapter for the Herringbone web asset preprocessor
hesh-1.11.0 the Haskell Extensible Shell: Haskell for Bash-style scripts
hesql-0.8 Haskell's embedded SQL
heterocephalus- A type-safe template engine for working with popular front end development tools
hetero-dict- Fast heterogeneous data structures
heterogeneous-list-literals- Allows the use of tuples as literals for Heterogeneous collections
heterolist- A heterogeneous list type
hetero-map-0.21 Pure heterogeneous maps
hetris-0.2 Text Tetris
heukarya- A genetic programming based on tree structure
hevm-0.21 Ethereum virtual machine evaluator
hevolisa-0.0.1 Genetic Mona Lisa problem in Haskell
hevolisa-dph-0.0.1 Genetic Mona Lisa problem in Haskell - using Data Parallel Haskell
hex-0.1.2 Convert strings into hexadecimal and back
hexchat- Haskell scripting interface for HexChat
hexdump-0.1 A library for forming hexdumps
hexif- Reading Exif data form a JPEG file with Haskell
hexmino- A small game based on domino-like hexagonal tiles
hexml-0.3.4 XML subset DOM parser
hexml-lens-0.2.1 Lenses for the hexml package
hexpat-0.20.13 XML parser/formatter based on expat
hexpat-iteratee-0.6 Chunked XML parsing using iteratees
hexpat-lens-0.1.7 Lenses for Hexpat
hexpat-pickle-0.6 XML picklers based on hexpat, source-code-similar to those of the HXT package
hexpat-pickle-generic-0.1.7 Picklers for de/serialising Generic data types to and from XML
hexpat-tagsoup-0.1 Parse (possibly malformed) HTML to hexpat tree
hexpr- A framework for symbolic, homoiconic languages
hexpress- An express-like http framework
hexquote-0.1 Hexadecimal ByteString literals, with placeholders that bind variables
hexstring-0.11.1 Fast and safe representation of a hex string
hext- a text classification library
hex-text- ByteString-Text hexidecimal conversions
heyefi- A server for Eye-Fi SD cards
heyting-algebras- Heyting and Boolean algebras
hF2-0.2 F(2^e) math for cryptography
hfann-0.4.2 Haskell binding to the FANN library
hfd-0.0.2 Flash debugger
hfiar-2.1.1 Four in a Row in Haskell!!
HFitUI- The library for generating a graphical interface on the web
hflags-0.4.3 Command line flag parser, very similar to Google's gflags
hfmt- Haskell source code formatter
hfoil- Hess-Smith panel code for inviscid 2-d airfoil analysis
hformat- Simple Haskell formatting
hfov-1.0.2 Field-of-view calculation for low-resolution 2D raster grids
hfractal- OpenGL fractal renderer
HFrequencyQueue- A Queue with a random (weighted) pick function
hfsevents-0.1.6 File/folder watching for OS X
HFuse- HFuse is a binding for the Linux FUSE library
hfusion- A library for fusing a subset of Haskell programs
hgal- library for computation automorphism group and canonical labelling of a graph
hgalib-0.2 Haskell Genetic Algorithm Library
HGamer3D-0.9.5 Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer
HGamer3D-API-0.1.6 Library to enable 3D game development for Haskell - API
HGamer3D-Audio-0.5.0 Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - Audio Functionality
HGamer3D-Bullet-Binding-0.2.1 Windows Game Engine for the Haskell Programmer - Bullet Bindings
HGamer3D-CAudio-Binding-0.1.5 Library to enable 3D game development for Haskell - cAudio Bindings
HGamer3D-CEGUI-Binding-0.5.0 A Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - CEGUI Bindings
HGamer3D-Common-0.5.0 Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - Game Engine and Utilities
HGamer3D-Data-0.5.0 Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - Data Definitions
HGamer3D-Enet-Binding-0.5.0 Enet Binding for HGamer3D
HGamer3D-Graphics3D-0.5.0 Toolset for the Haskell Game Programmer - 3D Graphics Functionality
HGamer3D-GUI-0.4.0 GUI Functionality for HGamer3D
HGamer3D-InputSystem-0.5.0 Joystick, Mouse and Keyboard Functionality for HGamer3D
HGamer3D-Network-0.5.0 Networking Functionality for HGamer3D
HGamer3D-Ogre-Binding-0.5.0 Ogre Binding for HGamer3D
HGamer3D-OIS-Binding-0.1.5 Library to enable 3D game development for Haskell - OIS Bindings
HGamer3D-SDL2-Binding-0.5.0 SDL2 Binding for HGamer3D
HGamer3D-SFML-Binding-0.5.0 SFML Binding for HGamer3D
HGamer3D-WinEvent-0.4.0 Windowing and Event Functionality for HGamer3D
HGamer3D-Wire-0.3.3 Wire Functionality for HGamer3D
hg-buildpackage-1.0.4 Tools to help manage Debian packages with Mercurial
hgdbmi-0.2 GDB Machine Interface: program-driven control of GDB
HGE2D- 2D game engine written in Haskell
hgearman- A Gearman client for Haskell
hGelf-0.1 Haskell GELF library
hgen-1.4.0 Random generation of modal and hybrid logic formulas
hgeometric- A geometric library with bindings to GPC
hgeometry- Geometric Algorithms, Data structures, and Data types
hgeos- Simple Haskell bindings to GEOS C API
hgettext- Bindings to libintl.h (gettext, bindtextdomain)
hgis- Library and for GIS with Haskell
hgithub-0.1.0 Haskell bindings to the GitHub API
HGL- A simple graphics library based on X11 or Win32
hgl-example-0.0.2 Various animations generated using HGL
hgmp-0.1.1 Haskell interface to GMP
hgom-0.6 An haskell port of the java version of gom
hgopher- Gopher server
h-gpgme- High Level Binding for GnuPG Made Easy (gpgme)
HGraphStorage-0.0.3 Graph database stored on disk
hgrep-0.1 Search Haskell source code from the command line
hgrev-0.2.3 Compile Mercurial (hg) version info into Haskell code
hgrib- Unofficial bindings for GRIB API
hharp- Binding to libharp
HHDL- Hardware Description Language embedded in Haskell
hi- Generate scaffold for cabal project
hi3status- Status line for i3bar
hiccup-0.40 Relatively efficient Tcl interpreter with support for basic operations
hichi-0.0.1 haskell robot for IChat protocol
hid-0.2.2 Interface to hidapi library
hidapi-0.1.5 Haskell bindings to HIDAPI
hidden-char- Provides cross-platform getHiddenChar function
hid-examples-0.3 Examples to accompany the book "Haskell in Depth"
hieraclus- Automated clustering of arbitrary elements in Haskell
hierarchical-clustering-0.4.6 Fast algorithms for single, average/UPGMA and complete linkage clustering
hierarchical-clustering-diagrams-0.3.2 Draw diagrams of dendrograms made by hierarchical-clustering
hierarchical-exceptions-1.0.1 Template Haskell functions to easily create exception hierarchies
hierarchy-1.0.2 Predicated traversal of generated trees
hiernotify-2011.4.12 Notification library for a filesystem hierarchy
Hieroglyph-3.89 Purely functional 2D graphics for visualization
hifi- WiFi connection script generator
HiggsSet-0.1.1 A multi-index set with advanced query capabilites
higher-leveldb- A rich monadic API for working with leveldb databases
higherorder-0.0 Some higher order functions for Bool and []
highjson- Spec based JSON parsing/serialisation
highjson-swagger- Derive swagger instances from highjson specs
highjson-th- Template Haskell helpers for highjson specs
highlight- Command line tool for highlighting parts of files matching a regex
highlighter-0.2.2 source code highlighting
highlighter2-0.2.5 source code highlighting
highlighting-kate-0.6.4 Syntax highlighting
highlight-versions-0.1.4 Highlight package versions which differ from the latest version on Hackage
highWaterMark-0.1.1 Memory usage statistics
hills- Generate STL models from SRTM elevation data
himerge-0.20 Haskell Graphical User Interface for Emerge
himg- Simple gtk2hs image viewer. Point it at an image and fire away
himpy-0.5.0 multithreaded snmp poller for riemann
hindent-5.2.7 Extensible Haskell pretty printer
hindley-milner- Template for Hindley-Milner based languages
hinduce-associations-apriori- Apriori algorithm for association rule mining
hinduce-classifier- Interface and utilities for classifiers
hinduce-classifier-decisiontree- Decision Tree Classifiers for hInduce
hinduce-examples- Example data for hInduce
hinduce-missingh- Utility functions
hinfo- Command Line App With Info on your Haskell App
hinotify-0.4 Haskell binding to inotify
hinotify-bytestring- Haskell binding to inotify, using ByteString filepaths
hinquire-0.1.1 Generate armet style query strings
hinstaller-2008.2.16 Installer wrapper for Haskell applications
hint-0.9.0 Runtime Haskell interpreter (GHC API wrapper)
hinter- Runtime Haskell interpreter (GHC API wrapper)
hinterface-0.8.0 Haskell / Erlang interoperability library
hint-server-1.4.3 A server process that runs hint
hinvaders-0.1 Space Invaders
hinze-streams-1.0 Streams and Unique Fixed Points
hip- Haskell Image Processing (HIP) Library
hipbot-0.5 A library for building HipChat Bots
hipchat-hs-0.0.4 Hipchat API bindings in Haskell
hipe- Support for reading and writing ipe7 files (
Hipmunk- A Haskell binding for Chipmunk
HipmunkPlayground- A playground for testing Hipmunk
Hipmunk-Utils- Useful functions for Hipmunk
hips-0.1 an IPS patcher
hircules-0.4.1 IRC client
hirt- Calculates IRT 2PL and 3PL models
hissmetrics-0.5.1 Unofficial API bindings to KISSmetrics
histogram-fill- Library for histograms creation
histogram-fill-binary- Binary instances for histogram-fill package
histogram-fill-cereal- Binary instances for histogram-fill package
historian-0.0.1 Extract the interesting bits from shell history
hist-pl-0.3.2 Umbrella package for the historical dictionary of Polish
hist-pl-dawg-0.2.1 A generic, DAWG-based dictionary
hist-pl-fusion-0.5.3 Merging historical dictionary with PoliMorf
hist-pl-lexicon-0.6.1 A binary representation of the historical dictionary of Polish
hist-pl-lmf-0.1.0 LMF parsing for the historical dictionary of Polish
hist-pl-transliter-0.1.1 A simple EDSL for transliteration rules
hist-pl-types-0.1.0 Types in the historical dictionary of Polish
hit-0.6.3 Git operations in haskell
hit-graph-0.1 Use graph algorithms to access and manipulate Git repos
HJavaScript-0.4.7 HJavaScript is an abstract syntax for a typed subset of JavaScript
hjcase- Jcase library for Haskell
hjpath-3.0.1 XPath-like syntax for querying JSON
hjs-0.2.1 JavaScript Parser
HJScript-0.7.0 HJScript is a Haskell EDSL for writing JavaScript programs
hjsmin- Haskell implementation of a javascript minifier
hjson-1.3.2 JSON parsing library
hjsonpointer-1.5.0 JSON Pointer library
hjson-query-1.0.2 library for querying from JSON
hjsonschema-1.9.0 JSON Schema library
hjugement- Majority Judgment
HJVM-0.1 A library to create a Java Virtual Machine and manipulate Java objects
hkdf- Implementation of HKDF (RFC 5869)
hkt-0.0.1 A library for higher kinded types
hlatex-0.3.1 A library to build valid LaTeX files
hlbfgsb- Haskell binding to L-BFGS-B version 3.0
hlcm-0.2.2 Fast algorithm for mining closed frequent itemsets
hleap- Web Socket interface to Leap Motion controller
HLearn-algebra- Algebraic foundation for homomorphic learning
HLearn-distributions- Distributions for use with the HLearn library
hledger-1.12.1 Command-line interface for the hledger accounting tool
hledger-api-1.12 Web API server for the hledger accounting tool
hledger-chart-0.16.1 A pie chart image generator for the hledger accounting tool
hledger-diff- Compares the transactions in two ledger files
hledger-iadd-1.3.7 A terminal UI as drop-in replacement for hledger add
hledger-interest-1.5.3 computes interest for a given account
hledger-irr- computes the internal rate of return of an investment
hledger-lib-1.12 Core data types, parsers and functionality for the hledger accounting tools
hledger-ui-1.12.1 Curses-style user interface for the hledger accounting tool
hledger-vty-0.16.1 A curses-style console interface for the hledger accounting tool
hledger-web-1.12 Web interface for the hledger accounting tool
hlibBladeRF- Haskell binding to libBladeRF SDR library
hlibev-0.4.0 FFI interface to libev
hlibfam-0.2 FFI interface to libFAM
hlibgit2- Low-level bindings to libgit2
hlibsass- Low-level bindings to Libsass
hlint-2.1.12 Source code suggestions
hlint-test- Run hlint in test suite
HList- Heterogeneous lists
hlist- Heterogeneous list
HListPP-0.2.1 A preprocessor for HList labelable labels
hLLVM- A library for analyzing and transforming LLVM (3.5) assembly codes
HLogger- Simple, concurrent and easy-to-use logging library
hlogger- Simple, concurrent, extendable and easy-to-use logging library
hlongurl-0.9.3 Library and utility interfacing to
hlrdb- High-level Redis Database
hlrdb-core- High-level Redis Database Core API
hls-0.15 Haskell Lindenmayer Systems
hlwm- Bindings to the herbstluftwm window manager
hly-0.16 Haskell LilyPond
HMap-1.3.0 Fast heterogeneous maps and unconstrained typeable-like functionality
hmark-1.2 A tool and library for Markov chains based text generation
HMarkov- Markov-generated sequences
hmarkup-3000.0.1 Simple wikitext-like markup format implementation
hmatrix- Numeric Linear Algebra
hmatrix-backprop- hmatrix operations lifted for backprop
hmatrix-banded- HMatrix interface to LAPACK functions for banded matrices
hmatrix-csv- CSV encoding and decoding for hmatrix
hmatrix-glpk- Linear Programming based on GLPK
hmatrix-gsl- Numerical computation
hmatrix-gsl-stats- GSL Statistics interface
hmatrix-mmap-0.0.5 Memory map Vector from disk into memory efficiently
hmatrix-morpheus- Low-level machine learning auxiliary functions
hmatrix-nipals-0.2 NIPALS method for Principal Components Analysis on large data-sets
hmatrix-nlopt- Interface HMatrix with the NLOPT minimizer
hmatrix-quadprogpp- Bindings to the QuadProg++ quadratic programming library
hmatrix-repa- Adaptors for interoperability between hmatrix and repa
hmatrix-sparse- Sparse linear solver
hmatrix-special- Interface to GSL special functions
hmatrix-static- hmatrix with vector and matrix sizes encoded in types
hmatrix-sundials- hmatrix interface to sundials
hmatrix-svdlibc- SVDLIBC bindings for HMatrix
hmatrix-syntax- MATLAB-like syntax for hmatrix vectors and matrices
hmatrix-tests- Tests for hmatrix
hmatrix-vector-sized- Conversions between hmatrix and vector-sized types
hmeap-0.15 Haskell Meapsoft Parser
hmeap-utils-0.14 Haskell Meapsoft Parser Utilities
hmemdb- In-memory relational database
hmenu- CLI fuzzy finder and launcher
hmep-0.1.1 HMEP Multi Expression Programming – a genetic programming variant
hmidi- Binding to the OS level MIDI services
hmk- A make alternative based on Plan9's mk
hmm- A hidden markov model library
HMM-0.2.1 A hidden markov model library
hmm-hmatrix-0.1.1 Hidden Markov Models using HMatrix primitives
hMollom-0.4.0 Library to interact with the @Mollom anti-spam service
hmp3- An ncurses mp3 player written in Haskell
Hmpf-0.1 An MPD client designed for a Home Theatre PC
hmpfr-0.4.4 Haskell binding to the MPFR library
hmt-0.16 Haskell Music Theory
hmt-diagrams-0.15 Haskell Music Theory Diagrams
hmumps-0.1.1 Interpreter for the MUMPS langugae
hnetcdf- Haskell NetCDF library
hnix-0.5.2 Haskell implementation of the Nix language
HNM-0.1.2 Happy Network Manager
hnn-0.3 A reasonably fast and simple neural network library
hnormalise- Log message normalisation tool producing structured JSON messages
HNumeric- Haskell Numeric Library with pure functionality, R & MATLAB Syntax
hoauth-0.3.5 A Haskell implementation of OAuth 1.0a protocol
hoauth2-1.8.3 Haskell OAuth2 authentication client
hob- A source code editor aiming for the convenience of use
hobbes-0.2.2 A small file watcher for OSX
hobbits-1.2.4 A library for canonically representing terms with binding
hocilib-0.2.0 FFI binding to OCILIB
hocker-1.0.5 Interact with the docker registry and generate nix build instructions
hodatime- A fully featured date/time library based on Nodatime
HODE-2008.10.27 Binding to libODE
hoe-1.1.0 hoe: Haskell One-liner Evaluator
Hoed-0.5.1 Lightweight algorithmic debugging
hOff-display- The tool to transform the OFF to other image format
hOff-parser- The parser to parser the OFF(Object File Format, Princeton ModelNet)
hofix-mtl-1.0 defining @mtl@-ready monads as * -> * fixed-points
hog-0.1.1 Simple IRC logger bot
hogg- Library and tools to manipulate the Ogg container format
hoggl- Bindings to the REST API
hogre-0.1.5 Haskell binding to a subset of OGRE
hogre-examples-0.1.4 Examples for using Hogre
hois- OIS bindings
hoist-error- Some convenience facilities for hoisting errors into a monad
hol-1.3 Higher order logic
hold-em- An engine for Texas hold'em Poker
hole-0.1.1 Higher kinded type removal
holey-format-2.1.0 None
HoleyMonoid-0.1.2 Monoids with holes
Holumbus-Distribution-0.1.1 intra- and inter-program communication
Holumbus-MapReduce-0.1.1 a distributed MapReduce framework
Holumbus-Searchengine-1.2.3 A search and indexing engine
Holumbus-Storage-0.1.0 a distributed storage system
holy-project- Start your Haskell project with cabal, git and tests
homeomorphic-0.1 Homeomorphic Embedding Test
hommage-0.0.6 Haskell Offline Music Manipulation And Generation EDSL
hommage-ds-0.0.5 DirectSound extension (Windows) for the Hommage sound library
homoiconic- Constructs FAlgebras from typeclasses, making Haskell functions homoiconic
Homology-0.1.1 Compute the homology of a chain complex
homplexity- Haskell code quality tool
HongoDB-0.0.1 A Simple Key Value Store
honi- OpenNI 2 binding
honk- Cross-platform interface to the PC speaker
hoobuddy- Simple tool for fetching and merging hoogle data
hood-0.3.1 Debugging by observing in place
hood2-0.2.1 Debugging by observing in place
hoodie- A small, toy roguelike
hoodle-0.5 Executable for hoodle
hoodle-builder-0.4 text builder for hoodle file format
hoodle-core-0.16.0 Core library for hoodle
hoodle-extra-0.1 extra hoodle tools
hoodle-parser-0.4 Hoodle file parser
hoodle-publish-0.2.1 publish hoodle files as a static web site
hoodle-render-0.6 Hoodle file renderer
hoodle-types-0.4 Data types for programs for hoodle file format
hood-off-0.2 Dummy package to disable Hood without having to remove all the calls to observe
hoogle- Haskell API Search
hoogle-index-0.4.4 Easily generate Hoogle indices for installed packages
hooks-dir- run executables in a directory as hooks
hookup-0.2.2 Abstraction over creating network connections with SOCKS5 and TLS
hoopl- A library to support dataflow analysis and optimization
hoovie-0.1.1 Haskell Media Server
hopencc- Haskell binding to libopencc
hopencl-0.2.1 Haskell bindings for OpenCL
HOpenCV- A binding for the OpenCV computer vision library
hOpenPGP- native Haskell implementation of OpenPGP (RFC4880)
hopenpgp-tools-0.21.2 hOpenPGP-based command-line tools
hopenssl-2.2.3 FFI Bindings to OpenSSL's EVP Digest Interface
hopfield- Hopfield Networks, Boltzmann Machines and Clusters
hopfield-networks- Hopfield Networks for unsupervised learning in Haskell
hopfli- Bidings to Google's Zopfli compression library
hoppy-docs-0.5.0 C++ FFI generator - Documentation
hoppy-generator-0.5.2 C++ FFI generator - Code generator
hoppy-runtime-0.5.1 C++ FFI generator - Runtime support
hoppy-std-0.5.0 C++ FFI generator - Standard library bindings
hops-0.7.2 Handy Operations on Power Series
hoq-0.3 A language based on homotopy type theory with an interval type
hora-2.2.0 date time
ho-rewriting-0.2.1 Generic rewrite rules with safe treatment of variables and binders
horizon-0.1.1 Sunrise and sunset UTC approximations from latitude and longitude coordinates
horname- Rename function definitions returned by SMT solvers
hosc-0.16 Haskell Open Sound Control
hosc-json-0.16 Haskell Open Sound Control JSON Serialisation
hosc-utils-0.15 Haskell Open Sound Control Utilities
HostAndPort-0.2.0 Parser for host and port pairs like localhost:22
hostname-1.0 A very simple package providing a cross-platform means of determining the hostname
hostname-validate-1.0.0 Validate hostnames e.g. localhost or
hosts-server-0.1.1 An dns server which is extremely easy to config
hothasktags-0.3.8 Generates ctags for Haskell, incorporating import lists and qualified imports
hotswap- Simple code hotswapping
hourglass-0.2.12 simple performant time related library
hourglass-fuzzy-parsing- A small library for parsing more human friendly date/time formats
hourglass-orphans- Orphan Aeson instances to hourglass
houseman-0.1.0 A Haskell implementation of Foreman
hp2any-core-0.11.2 Heap profiling helper library
hp2any-graph- Real-time heap graphing utility and profile stream server with a reusable graphing module
hp2any-manager-0.4.6 A utility to visualise and compare heap profiles
hp2html-0.2 A tool for converting GHC heap-profiles to HTML
hp2pretty-0.9 generate pretty graphs from heap profiles
hpack-0.31.1 A modern format for Haskell packages
hpack-convert-1.0.1 Convert Cabal manifests into hpack's package.yamls
hpack-dhall-0.5.1 hpack's dhalling
hpaco- Modular template compiler
hpaco-lib- Modular template compiler library
hpage-0.12.2 A scrapbook for Haskell developers
hpapi- Binding for the PAPI library
hpaste-1.2.0 Haskell paste web site
hpasteit-0.3.3 A command-line client for
HPath-0.0.2 Extract Haskell declarations by name
hpath-0.9.2 Support for well-typed paths
hpc- Code Coverage Library for Haskell
hpc-coveralls-1.0.10 support for Haskell
hpc-strobe-0.1 Hpc-generated strobes for a running Haskell program
hpc-threshold- Ensure the code coverage is above configured thresholds
hpc-tracer-0.3.1 Tracer with AJAX interface
hPDB- Protein Databank file format library
hPDB-examples- Examples for hPDB library
HPDF-1.4.10 Generation of PDF documents
hpdft- A tool for looking through PDF file using Haskell
hpg-0.8 a simple password generator
HPhone- Phone number parser and validator - This is now DEPRECATED!
HPi-0.5.1 GPIO, I2C and SPI functions for the Raspberry Pi
hpio- Monads for GPIO in Haskell
hplayground- monadic, reactive Formlets running in the Web browser
hplaylist-0.2 Application for managing playlist files on a music player
HPlot-0.3 A minimal monadic PLplot interface for Haskell
hpodder-1.1.6 Podcast Aggregator (downloader)
HPong-0.1.2 A simple OpenGL Pong game based on GLFW
hpp-0.6.1 A Haskell pre-processor
hpqtypes- Haskell bindings to libpqtypes
hpqtypes-extras- Extra utilities for hpqtypes library
hprotoc-2.4.12 Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications
hprotoc-fork- Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications
hps-0.16 Haskell Postscript
hps-cairo-0.11 Cairo rendering for the haskell postscript library
hps-kmeans- A nice implementation of the k-Means algorithm
hPushover-0.2 API functions
hpuz-1.1.2 Haskell bindings for libpuz
hpygments-0.2.0 Highlight source code using Pygments
hpylos-1.0 AI of Pylos game with GLUT interface
hpyrg- pyrg utility done right
hquantlib- HQuantLib is a port of essencial parts of QuantLib to Haskell
hquantlib-time- HQuantLib Time is a business calendar functions extracted from HQuantLib
hquery- A query language for transforming HTML5
hR-0.1.1 R bindings and interface
hranker-0.1.1 Basic utility for ranking a list of items
HRay-1.2.3 Haskell raytracer
hreader-1.1.0 Generalization of MonadReader and ReaderT using hset
hreader-lens- Optics for hreader package
hRESP- haskell implementation of RESP (REdis Serialization Protocol)
h-reversi- Reversi game in haskell/blank-canvas
Hricket-0.1 A Cricket scoring application
hricket-0.5 A Cricket scoring application
hriemann- A Riemann Client for Haskell
HROOT- Haskell binding to the ROOT data analysis framework
HROOT-core- Haskell binding to ROOT Core modules
HROOT-graf- Haskell binding to ROOT Graf modules
HROOT-hist- Haskell binding to ROOT Hist modules
HROOT-io- Haskell binding to ROOT IO modules
HROOT-math- Haskell binding to ROOT Math modules
HROOT-tree- Haskell binding to ROOT Tree modules
hruby-0.3.6 Embed a Ruby intepreter in your Haskell program !
hs2048-0.1.0 A 2048 clone in Haskell
hs2ats- Create ATS types from Haskell types
hs2bf-0.6.2 Haskell to Brainfuck compiler
hs2dot-0.1.4 Generate graphviz-code from Haskell-code
Hs2lib-0.6.3 A Library and Preprocessor that makes it easier to create shared libs from Haskell programs
hS3-0.5.9 Interface to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3)
hsaml2-0.1 OASIS Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) V2.0
HsASA-0.2 A haskell interface to Lester Ingber's adaptive simulating annealing code
hsass-0.8.0 Integrating Sass into Haskell applications
hsay-1.1.0 (ab)Use Google Translate as a speech synthesiser
hsb2hs-0.3.1 Preprocesses a file, adding blobs from files as string literals
hsbackup-0.1.1 simple utility for rolling filesystem backups
hsbc- A command line calculator
hsbencher- Launch and gather data from Haskell and non-Haskell benchmarks
hsbencher-codespeed- Backend for uploading benchmark data to CodeSpeed
hsbencher-fusion- Backend for uploading benchmark data to Google Fusion Tables
hs-bibutils- Haskell bindings to bibutils, the bibliography conversion utilities
hs-blake2-0.0.2 A cryptohash-inspired library for blake2
hs-brotli- Compression and decompression in the brotli format
hsc2hs-0.68.4 A preprocessor that helps with writing Haskell bindings to C code
hsc3-0.16 Haskell SuperCollider
hsc3-auditor-0.15 Haskell SuperCollider Auditor
hsc3-cairo-0.14 haskell supercollider cairo drawing
hsc3-data-0.15 haskell supercollider data
hsc3-db-0.15 Haskell SuperCollider Unit Generator Database
hsc3-dot-0.16 haskell supercollider graph drawing
hsc3-graphs-0.15 Haskell SuperCollider Graphs
hsc3-lang-0.15 Haskell SuperCollider Language
hsc3-plot-0.15 Haskell SuperCollider Plotting
hsc3-process-0.10.0 Create and control scsynth processes
hsc3-rec-0.14.1 Haskell SuperCollider Record Variants
hsc3-rw-0.15 hsc3 re-writing
hsc3-server-0.10.0 SuperCollider server resource management and synchronization
hsc3-sf-0.15 Haskell SuperCollider SoundFile
hsc3-sf-hsndfile-0.15 Haskell SuperCollider SoundFile
hsc3-unsafe-0.14 Unsafe Haskell SuperCollider
hsc3-utils-0.15 Haskell SuperCollider Utilities
hscaffold- Very simple file/directory structure scaffolding writer monad EDSL
hscamwire-0.2.1 Haskell bindings to IIDC1394 cameras, via Camwire
hs-captcha-1.0 Generate images suitable for use as CAPTCHAs in online web-form security
hs-carbon- A Haskell framework for parallel monte carlo simulations
hs-carbon-examples- Example Monte Carlo simulations implemented with Carbon
hscassandra-0.0.7 cassandra database interface
hscd-0.0.3 Command line client and library for
hs-cdb-0.1.1 A library for reading CDB (Constant Database) files
hscharm-0.0.2 minimal ncurses-like library
hschema- Describe schemas for your Haskell data types
hschema-aeson- Describe schemas for your Haskell data types
hschema-prettyprinter- Describe schemas for your Haskell data types
hschema-quickcheck- Describe schemas for your Haskell data types
hsclock-1.0 An elegant analog clock using Haskell, GTK and Cairo
hscolour-1.24.4 Colourise Haskell code
hsConfigure- By using this package, you can make application configurable
hs-conllu-0.1.2 Conllu validating parser and utils
hscope-0.4.3 cscope like browser for Haskell code
hScraper- A Haskell library to scrape and crawl web-pages
hscrtmpl-1.6 Haskell shell script template
hscuid- Collision-resistant IDs
hscurses- NCurses bindings for Haskell
hscurses-fish-ex-1.3.2 hscurses swimming fish example
hsdev- Haskell development library
hs-di-0.3.0 Dependency Injection library for Haskell
hsdif-0.14 Haskell SDIF
hsdip-0.1 hsdip - a Diplomacy parser/renderer
hsdns-1.7.1 Asynchronous DNS Resolver
hsdns-cache-1.0.4 Caching asynchronous DNS resolver
hs-dotnet-0.4.0 Pragmatic .NET interop for Haskell
hs-duktape-0.1.5 Haskell bindings for a very compact embedded ECMAScript (JavaScript) engine
hsebaysdk- Haskell eBay SDK
hse-cpp-0.2 Preprocess+parse haskell code
Hsed-0.2.2 Stream Editor in Haskell
hsemail-2 Parsec parsers for the RFC2822 Internet Message format
hsemail-ns-1.7.7 Internet Message Parsers
hsenv-0.5 Virtual Haskell Environment builder
hserv- Simple http server in haskell
hset-2.2.0 Primitive list with elements of unique types
HSet-0.0.1 Faux heterogeneous sets
hs-excelx- HS-Excelx provides basic read-only access to Excel 2007 and 2010 documents in XLSX format
hsexif- EXIF handling library in pure Haskell
hsfacter-0.2.1 A small and ugly library that emulates the output of the puppet facter program
hsfcsh-0.0.1 Incremental builder for flash
HSFFIG-1.1.3 Generate FFI import declarations from C include files
hs-ffmpeg-0.3.4 Bindings to FFMPEG library
hsfilt- Z-decoder
hs-fltk-0.2.5 Binding to GUI library FLTK
hs-functors- Functors from products of Haskell and its dual to Haskell
hs-gchart-0.4.1 Haskell wrapper for the Google Chart API
hs-gen-iface-0.5.0 Utility to generate haskell-names interface files
hs-GeoIP-0.3 Haskell bindings to the MaxMind GeoIPCity database via the C library
HSGEP-0.1.5 Gene Expression Programming evolutionary algorithm in Haskell
hs-gizapp- Haskell wrapper around the GIZA++ toolkit
hsgnutls- Library wrapping the GnuTLS API
hsgnutls-yj- Library wrapping the GnuTLS API
hsgsom-0.2.0 An implementation of the GSOM clustering algorithm
hsgtd-0.2 Console-based gettings-things-done application
HSH-2.1.3 Library to mix shell scripting with Haskell programs
hsharc-0.14 Haskell SHARC bindings
HsHaruPDF-0.0.0 Haskell binding to libharu (
HSHHelpers-0.24 Convenience functions that use HSH, instances for HSH
HsHTSLib- High level bindings to htslib
HsHyperEstraier-0.4 HyperEstraier binding for Haskell
hsI2C-0.1.3 I2C access for Haskell and Linux
hsignal- Signal processing and EEG data analysis
hsilop- RPN calculator
hSimpleDB-0.3 Interface to Amazon's SimpleDB service
hsimport-0.8.6 A command line program for extending the import list of a Haskell source file
hsini- ini configuration files
hs-inspector- Haskell source code analyzer
hsinstall-2.2 Install Haskell software
hs-java-0.4.1 Java .class files assembler/disassembler
hs-json-rpc- JSON-RPC client library
HsJudy-0.2 Judy bindings, and some nice APIs
hskeleton-0.1.1 Skeleton for new Haskell programs
hslackbuilder-0.0.2 HSlackBuilder automatically generates slackBuild scripts from a cabal package
hslibsvm- A FFI binding to libsvm
hslinks-0.6.1 Resolves links to Haskell identifiers
HSlippyMap-3.0.1 OpenStreetMap Slippy Map
hslogger-1.2.12 Versatile logging framework
hslogger4j-0.2 DEPRECATED hslogger handlers for log4j's XMLLayout
hslogger-reader-1.0.3 Parsing hslogger-produced logs
hslogger-template-2.0.4 Automatic generation of hslogger functions
hs-logo-0.5.1 Logo interpreter written in Haskell
hslogstash-0.4.2 A library to work with, or as, a logstash server
hslua-1.0.1 Bindings to Lua, an embeddable scripting language
hslua-aeson-1.0.0 Allow aeson data types to be used with lua
hslua-module-text-0.2.0 Lua module for text
hsluv-haskell- HSLuv conversion utility
hsmagick-0.5 FFI bindings for the GraphicsMagick library
HSmarty- Small template engine
hsmisc-1.2 A collection of miscellaneous modules
hsmodetweaks- Tool for generating .dir-locals.el for intero
Hsmtlib- Haskell library for easy interaction with SMT-LIB 2 compliant solvers
hsmtpclient-1.0 Simple SMTP Client
hs-multiaddr-0.1.4 Multiaddr library
hsndfile-0.8.0 Haskell bindings for libsndfile
hsndfile-storablevector-0.5.2 Haskell bindings for libsndfile (Data.StorableVector interface)
hsndfile-vector-0.5.2 Haskell bindings for libsndfile (Data.Vector interface)
hsnock-0.5.1 Nock 5K interpreter
hsnoise-0.0.2 A coherent 3d noise library
hs-nombre-generator- Name generator
hsns-0.5.3 a miniature network sniffer
hsnsq- Haskell NSQ client
hsntp-0.1 Libraries to use SNTP protocol and small client/server implementations
HSoM-1.0.0 Library for computer music education
HsOpenSSL- Partial OpenSSL binding for Haskell
HsOpenSSL-x509-system- Use the system's native CA certificate store with HsOpenSSL
hsoptions- Haskell library that supports command-line flag processing
HSoundFile-0.2.2 Audio file reading/writing
hsoz- Iron, Hawk, Oz: Web auth protocols
hsp-0.10.0 Haskell Server Pages is a library for writing dynamic server-side web pages
hsparklines-0.1.0 Sparklines for Haskell
hsparql-0.3.6 A SPARQL query generator and DSL, and a client to query a SPARQL server
HsParrot- Haskell integration with Parrot virtual machine
hsp-cgi-0.4.4 Facilitates running Haskell Server Pages web pages as CGI programs
hspear-0.14 Haskell Spear Parser
hspec-2.6.0 A Testing Framework for Haskell
hspec2-0.6.1 Alpha version of Hspec 2.0
hspec-attoparsec- Utility functions for testing your attoparsec parsers with hspec
hspec-checkers- Allows to use checkers properties from hspec
hspec-contrib-0.5.1 Contributed functionality for Hspec
hspec-core-2.6.0 A Testing Framework for Haskell
hspec-dirstream- Helper functions to simplify adding integration tests
hspec-discover-2.6.0 Automatically discover and run Hspec tests
hspec-expectations-0.8.2 Catchy combinators for HUnit
hspec-expectations-lens-0.4.0 Hspec expectations for the lens stuff
hspec-expectations-lifted-0.10.0 A version of hspec-expectations generalized to MonadIO
hspec-expectations-match- An hspec expectation that asserts a value matches a pattern
hspec-expectations-pretty-0.1 hspec-expectations with pretty printing on failure
hspec-expectations-pretty-diff- Catchy combinators for HUnit
hspec-experimental-0.1.0 An experimental DSL for testing on top of Hspec
hspec-golden-aeson- Use tests to monitor changes in Aeson serialization
hspec-hashable- Initial project template from stack
hspec-hedgehog- Hedgehog support for the Hspec testing framework
hspec-jenkins-0.1.1 Jenkins-friendly XML formatter for Hspec
hspec-laws-0.0.0 Document and test laws for standard type classes
hspec-leancheck-0.0.3 LeanCheck support for the Hspec test framework
hspec-megaparsec-2.0.0 Utility functions for testing Megaparsec parsers with Hspec
hspec-meta-2.6.0 A version of Hspec which is used to test Hspec itself
hspec-monad-control- Orphan instances of MonadBase and MonadBaseControl for SpecM
hspec-multicheck-0.1 A testing framework for Haskell using Hspec
hspec-need-env- Read environment variables for hspec tests
hspec-pg-transact- Helpers for creating database tests with hspec and pg-transact
hspec-server-0.4.1 Test Framework for checking server's status
hspec-setup- Add an hspec test-suite in one command
hspec-shouldbe-0.0.1 Convenience wrapper and utilities for hspec
hspec-slow- Find slow test cases
hspec-smallcheck-0.5.2 SmallCheck support for the Hspec testing framework
hspec-snap- A library for testing with Hspec and the Snap Web Framework
hspec-stack-rerun- Simple project template from stack
hspec-test-framework-0.1.0 Run test-framework tests with Hspec
hspec-test-framework-th-0.1.0 Run test-framework tests with Hspec
hspec-test-sandbox-0.1.0 Hspec convenience functions for use with test-sandbox
hspecVariant- Spec for testing properties for variant types
hspec-wai-0.9.0 Experimental Hspec support for testing WAI applications
hspec-wai-json-0.9.0 Testing JSON APIs with hspec-wai
hspec-webdriver-1.2.0 Write end2end web application tests using webdriver and hspec
HsPerl5- Haskell interface to embedded Perl 5 interpreter
hs-pgms- Programmer's Mine Sweeper in Haskell
hs-php-session- PHP session and values serialization
hsPID-0.1.2 PID control loop
hspkcs11-0.7 Wrapper for PKCS #11 interface
hs-pkg-config- Create pkg-config configuration files
hs-pkpass-0.4 A library for Passbook pass creation & signing
hs-popen- Bindings to C pipe functions
hspread-0.3.3 A client library for the spread toolkit
hspresent-0.2.2 A terminal presentation tool
hsprocess-0.3 The Haskell Stream Processor command line utility
hspr-sh-0.3 Session handler for HSP
hsql-1.8.2 Database access from Haskell
hsql-mysql-1.8.3 MySQL driver for HSQL
hsql-odbc-1.8.2 A Haskell Interface to ODBC
hsql-postgresql-1.8.2 A Haskell Interface to PostgreSQL via the PQ library
hsql-sqlite3-1.8.2 SQLite3 driver for HSQL
hsqml- Haskell binding for Qt Quick
hsqml-datamodel- HsQML (Qt5) data model
hsqml-datamodel-vinyl- HsQML DataModel instances for Vinyl Rec
hsqml-demo-manic- HsQML-based clone of Pipe Mania
hsqml-demo-morris- HsQML-based implementation of Nine Men's Morris
hsqml-demo-notes- Sticky notes example program implemented in HsQML
hsqml-demo-samples- HsQML sample programs
hsqml-morris- HsQML-based implementation of Nine Men's Morris
hs-re-0.1.0 Easy to use Regex
hsreadability- Access to the Readability API
hsrelp- RELP (Reliable Event Logging Protocol) server implementation
hs-rs-notify- Experimental! Wraps this awesome rust library so you can use it in haskell.
hs-scrape- Simple and easy web scraping and automation in Haskell
hsseccomp- Haskell bindings to libseccomp
hs-server-starter- Write a server supporting Server::Starter's protocol in Haskell
hssh- SSH protocol implementation
hsshellscript-3.4.5 Haskell for Unix shell scripting tasks
hs-snowtify- snowtify send your result of `stack build` (`stack test`) to notify-daemon :dog2:
hssourceinfo-0.0.2 get haskell source code info
hsSqlite3-0.1 Sqlite3 bindings
hssqlppp-0.6.1 SQL parser and type checker
hssqlppp-th-0.6.1 hssqlppp extras which need template-haskell
HsSVN- Partial Subversion (SVN) binding for Haskell
HsSyck-0.53 Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper
hstatistics-0.3 Statistics
hstats- Statistical Computing in Haskell
hstatsd-0.1 Quick and dirty statsd interface
hstest-0.0.1 Runs tests via QuickCheck1 and HUnit; like quickCheck-script but uses GHC api
hstidy-0.2 Takes haskell source on stdin, parses it, then prettyprints it to stdout
HsTools- Haskell helper functions
hstorchat- Distributed instant messaging over Tor
hstox-0.0.2 A Tox protocol implementation in Haskell
hstradeking-0.1.0 Tradeking API bindings for Haskell
HStringTemplate-0.8.7 StringTemplate implementation in Haskell
HStringTemplateHelpers-0.0.14 Convenience functions and instances for HStringTemplate
hs-twitter-0.2.8 Haskell binding to the Twitter API
hs-twitterarchiver-0.2 Commandline Twitter feed archiver
hstyle- Checks Haskell source code for style compliance
hstzaar-0.9.4 A two player abstract strategy game
hsubconvert-0.0.2 One-time, faithful conversion of Subversion repositories to Git
hsudoku- Sudoku game with a GTK3 interface
hs-vcard-0.1 Implements the RFC 2426 vCard 3.0 spec
hsverilog-0.1.0 Synthesizable Verilog DSL supporting for multiple clock and reset
HSvm- Haskell Bindings for libsvm
hs-watchman- Client library for Facebook's Watchman tool
hswip-0.3 embedding prolog in haskell
hsx-0.10.5 HSX (Haskell Source with XML) allows literal XML syntax in Haskell source code
hsx2hs- HSX (Haskell Source with XML) allows literal XML syntax in Haskell source code
hsXenCtrl-0.2.0 FFI bindings to the Xen Control library
hsx-jmacro- hsp+jmacro support
hsx-xhtml-0.4.4 XHTML utilities to use together with HSX
HsYAML- Pure Haskell YAML 1.2 parser
hsyscall-0.4 FFI to syscalls
hsyslog-5.0.1 FFI interface to syslog(3) from POSIX.1-2001
hsyslog-tcp- syslog over TCP
hsyslog-udp-0.2.4 Log to syslog over a network via UDP
hszephyr-0.2 Simple libzephyr bindings
HTab-1.6.3 Tableau based theorem prover for hybrid logics
htaglib-1.2.0 Bindings to TagLib, audio meta-data library
htags-1.0.1 A Haskell98 parsing tags program similar to ctags
hTalos-0.2 Parser, print and manipulate structures in PDB file format
htar- Command-line tar archive utility
htaut- Tautology Proving Logic in Haskell
hTensor-0.9.1 Multidimensional arrays and simple tensor computations
htestu- A library for testing correctness of pseudo random number generators in Haskell
HTF- The Haskell Test Framework
HTicTacToe-0.2 An SDL tic-tac-toe game
htiled- Import from the Tiled map editor
htime-0.3.1 Timing utility for the command line
htirage- Equiprobable draw from publicly verifiable random data
htlset- Heterogenous Set
html- HTML combinator library
html2hamlet-0.3.0 HTML to Hamlet converter
html5-entity- A library for looking up and validating HTML5 entities
html-charset-0.1.0 Determine character encoding of HTML documents/fragments
html-conduit-1.3.2 Parse HTML documents using xml-conduit datatypes
html-email-validate- Validating an email address against HTML standard
html-entities- A codec library for HTML-escaped text and HTML-entities
html-entity- HTML entity decoding and encoding for Text
html-entity-map- Map from HTML5 entity names to the corresponding Unicode text
html-kure-0.2.1 HTML rewrite engine, using KURE
html-minimalist-0.15 Minimalist haskell html library
html-parse- A high-performance HTML tokenizer
html-rules- Perform traversals of HTML structures using sets of rules
html-tokenizer-0.6.4 An "attoparsec"-based HTML tokenizer
html-truncate- A HTML truncator
html-validator-cli- A command-line interface for
htn- resolver using htn algorithm
htodo-0.0.4 A todo application
htoml- Parser for TOML files
htoml-megaparsec- Parser for TOML files
htrace-0.1 Hierarchical tracing for debugging of lazy evaluation
hts-0.15 Haskell Music Typesetting
htsn-0.1.1 Parse XML files from The Sports Network feed
htsn-common-0.0.2 Display/logging facilities used by both htsn and htsn-import
htsn-import-0.2.4 Import XML files from The Sports Network into an RDBMS
HTTP-4000.3.12 A library for client-side HTTP
http2-1.6.4 HTTP/2 library including frames, priority queues and HPACK
http2-client- A native HTTP2 client library
http2-client-exe- A command-line http2 client
http2-client-grpc- Implement gRPC-over-HTTP2 clients
http2-grpc-types- Types for gRPC over HTTP2 common for client and servers
http-accept-0.2 Functions for working with HTTP Accept headers
http-api-data-0.4 Converting to/from HTTP API data like URL pieces, headers and query parameters
http-attoparsec-0.1.1 Attoparsec parsers for http-types
http-client-0.5.14 An HTTP client engine
http-client-auth- HTTP authorization (both basic and digest) done right
http-client-conduit-0.3.0 Frontend support for using http-client with conduit (deprecated)
http-client-extra- wrapper for http-client exposing cookies
http-client-lens-0.1.0 Optics for http-client
http-client-multipart- Generate multipart uploads for http-client. (deprecated)
http-client-openssl- http-client backend using the OpenSSL library
http-client-request-modifiers-0.1 Convenient monadic HTTP request modifiers
http-client-restricted-0.0.1 restricting the servers that http-client will use
http-client-session-0.1.2 A simple abstraction over the "http-client" connection manager
http-client-streams- http-client for io-streams supporting openssl
http-client-tls- http-client backend using the connection package and tls library
http-common- Common types for HTTP clients and servers
http-conduit-2.3.4 HTTP client package with conduit interface and HTTPS support
http-conduit-browser- Browser interface to the http-conduit package
http-conduit-downloader-1.0.31 HTTP downloader tailored for web-crawler needs
http-date-0.0.8 HTTP Date parser/formatter
http-dispatch- High level HTTP client for Haskell
httpd-shed- A simple web-server with an interact style API
http-encodings-0.9.3 A library for encoding and decoding bodies of HTTP messages
http-enumerator- HTTP client package with enumerator interface and HTTPS support. (deprecated)
http-grammar- Attoparsec-based parsers for the RFC-2616 HTTP grammar rules
http-io-streams- HTTP client based on io-streams
http-kinder- Generic kinds and types for working with HTTP
http-kit-0.5.1 A low-level HTTP library
http-link-header- A parser and writer for the HTTP Link header as specified in RFC 5988 "Web Linking"
http-listen- Listen to HTTP requests and handle them in arbitrary ways
http-media- Processing HTTP Content-Type and Accept headers
http-monad- Monad abstraction for HTTP allowing lazy transfer and non-I/O simulation
http-pony- A type unsafe http library
http-pony-serve-wai- Serve a WAI application with http-pony
http-pony-transformer-case-insensitive- Tag http headers as case insensitive
http-pony-transformer-http- Transform raw TCP stream to a basic HTTP type
http-pony-transformer-startline- transform HTTP startlines to tuples
http-proxy- A library for writing HTTP and HTTPS proxies
http-querystring-1.0 The HTTP query builder
http-response-decoder-0.2.3 Declarative DSL for parsing an HTTP response
http-reverse-proxy-0.6.0 Reverse proxy HTTP requests, either over raw sockets or with WAI
http-server-1.0.6 A library for writing Haskell web servers
https-everywhere-rules-0.1.0 High-level access to HTTPS Everywhere rulesets
https-everywhere-rules-raw-4.0 Low-level (i.e. XML) access to HTTPS Everywhere rulesets
http-shed-0.1 A simple websever with an interact style API
HTTP-Simple-0.2 DEPRECATED Enable simple wrappers to Network.HTTP
httpspec- Specification of HTTP request/response generators and parsers
http-streams- An HTTP client using io-streams
http-test-0.2.5 Test framework for HTTP APIs
http-trace- Tracking http redirects
http-types-0.12.2 Generic HTTP types for Haskell (for both client and server code)
http-wget- Provide a simple HTTP client interface by wrapping the wget command line tool. (deprecated)
htune-0.2 harmonic analyser and tuner for musical instruments
htvm-0.1.2 Bindings for TVM machine learning framework
htzaar-0.0.2 A two player abstract strategy game
hub- For multiplexing GHC installations and providing development sandboxes
hubigraph-0.3.2 A haskell wrap for Ubigraph
hubris-0.0.3 Support library for Hubris, the Ruby <=> Haskell bridge
huck-0.0.1 huck
huckleberry- Haskell IOT on Intel Edison and other Linux computers
HueAPI-0.2.7 API for controlling Philips Hue lights
huff- A fast-foward-based planner
huffman-1.0.1 Pure Haskell implementation of the Huffman encoding algorithm
hugs2yc-0.1.1 Hugs Front-end to Yhc Core
hulk-0.2.0 IRC server written in Haskell
HulkImport- Easily bulk import CSV data to SQL Server
human-parse- A lawless typeclass for parsing text entered by humans
human-readable-duration- Provide duration helper
human-text- A lawless typeclass for converting values to human-friendly text
hums-0.7.0 Haskell UPnP Media Server
hunch-0.2.0 CSS-like syntax for file system manipulation
Hungarian-Munkres-0.1.5 A Linear Sum Assignment Problem (LSAP) solver
HUnit- A unit testing framework for Haskell
HUnit-approx- Approximate equality for floating point numbers with HUnit
hunit-dejafu- Deja Fu support for the HUnit test framework
HUnit-Diff-0.1 Assertions for HUnit with difference reporting
hunit-gui-0.1.4 A GUI testrunner for HUnit
hunit-parsec-0.3 An HUnit Testable instance for Parsec parser unit tests
HUnit-Plus-2.0.0 A test framework building on HUnit
hunit-rematch- HUnit support for rematch
hunp-0.1 Unpacker tool with DWIM
hunspell-hs- Hunspell thread-safe FFI bindings for spell checking
hunt-searchengine- A search and indexing engine
hunt-server- A search and indexing engine server
hunt-server-cli- A Command line Interface for the Hunt server
hup- Upload packages or documentation to a hackage server
hurdle-0.4.0 Extract function names from Windows DLLs
hurriyet- Haskell bindings for Hurriyet API
husk-scheme-3.19.3 R5RS Scheme interpreter, compiler, and library
husk-scheme-libs-0.0.1 Extra libraries for the husk Scheme platform
husky-0.4 A simple command line calculator
hutton-1.0.0 A program for the button on Reddit
huttons-razor- Quick implemention of Hutton's Razor
huzzy- Fuzzy logic library with support for T1, IT2, GT2
hvect- Simple strict heterogeneous lists
hvega- Create Vega and Vega-Lite visualizations
hVOIDP-1.0.2 Optimal variable selection in chain graphical model
hw-aeson- Convenience functions for Aeson
hwall-auth-iitk- Initial version of firewall Authentication for IITK network
hw-balancedparens- Balanced parentheses
hw-bits- Bit manipulation
hw-conduit- Conduits for tokenizing streams
hw-conduit-merges- Additional merges and joins for Conduit
hw-diagnostics- Diagnostics library
hw-dsv-0.3.2 Unbelievably fast streaming DSV file parser
hw-dump- File Dump
hweblib-0.6.3 Haskell Web Library
hw-eliasfano- Elias-Fano
hw-excess- Excess
hw-fingertree- Generic finger-tree structure, with example instances
hw-fingertree-strict- Generic strict finger-tree structure
hw-hedgehog- Extra hedgehog functionality
hwhile- An implementation of Neil D. Jones' While language
hw-hspec-hedgehog- Interoperability between hspec and hedgehog
hw-int- Integers
hw-ip- Library for manipulating IP addresses and CIDR blocks
hw-json- Memory efficient JSON parser
hw-json-lens- Lens for hw-json
hw-kafka-avro-4.0.0 Avro support for Kafka infrastructure
hw-kafka-client-2.5.0 Kafka bindings for Haskell
hw-kafka-conduit-2.5.0 Conduit bindings for hw-kafka-client
hw-mquery- Conduits for tokenizing streams
hworker- A reliable at-least-once job queue built on top of redis
hworker-ses- Library for sending email with Amazon's SES and hworker
hwormhole- magic-wormhole client
hw-packed-vector- Packed Vector
hw-parser- Simple parser support
hw-prim- Primitive functions and data types
hw-prim-bits- Primitive support for bit manipulation
hw-rankselect- Rank-select
hw-rankselect-base- Rank-select base
hws- Simple Haskell Web Server
hw-simd- SIMD library
hwsl2- Hashing with SL2
hwsl2-bytevector- A hashed byte-vector based on algebraic hashes and finger trees
hwsl2-reducers- Semigroup and Reducer instances for Data.Hash.SL2
hw-streams- Primitive functions and data types
hw-string-parse- String parser
hw-succinct- Succint datastructures
hw-vector- Vector type with convenient typeclass instances
hw-xml- Conduits for tokenizing streams
hx-0.4 Haskell extras (missing utility functions)
hXmixer- A Gtk mixer GUI application for FreeBSD
HXMPP- A (prototyped) easy to use XMPP library
hxmppc-0.2.3 Haskell XMPP (Jabber Client) Command Line Interface (CLI)
hxournal- A pen notetaking program written in haskell
HXQ-0.20.1 A Compiler from XQuery to Haskell
hxt- A collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell
hxt-binary-0.0.2 Serialisation and deserialisation of HXT XmlTrees
hxt-cache- Cache for HXT XML Documents and other binary data
hxt-charproperties- Character properties and classes for XML and Unicode
hxt-css- CSS selectors for HXT
hxt-curl- LibCurl interface for HXT
hxt-expat-9.1.1 Expat parser for HXT
hxt-extras-0.4.1 Extra functions for HXT
hxt-filter-8.4.2 A collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell (Filter variant)
hxthelper-0.2.2 Helper functions for HXT
hxt-http- Interface to native Haskell HTTP package HTTP
hxt-pickle-utils- Utility functions for using HXT picklers
hxt-regex-xmlschema- A regular expression library for W3C XML Schema regular expressions
hxt-relaxng- The HXT RelaxNG validator
hxt-tagsoup-9.1.4 TagSoup parser for HXT
hxt-unicode- Unicode en-/decoding functions for utf8, iso-latin-* and other encodings
hxt-xpath- The XPath modules for HXT
hxt-xslt- The XSLT modules for HXT
hxweb-0.1 Minimal webframework using fastcgi, libxml2 and libxslt
hyahtzee-0.2 A Yahtzee game implementation in Haskell
hyakko-0.6.7 Literate-style Documentation Generator
hybrid-2.0 A implementation of a type-checker for Lambda-H
hybrid-vectors-0.2.2 Hybrid vectors e.g. Mixed Boxed/Unboxed vectors
hydra-hs- Haskell binding to the Sixense SDK for the Razer Hydra
hydra-print- NCurses interface to view multiple ByteString streams in parallel
hydrogen- An alternate Prelude
Hydrogen- The library for generating a WebGL scene for the web
hydrogen-cli-0.14 Hydrogen Data
hydrogen-cli-args-0.17 Hydrogen Command Line Arguments Parser
hydrogen-data-0.14 Hydrogen Data
hydrogen-multimap-0.3 Hydrogen Multimap
hydrogen-parsing-0.17 Hydrogen Parsing Utilities
hydrogen-prelude-0.20 Hydrogen Prelude
hydrogen-prelude-parsec-0.17 Hydrogen Prelude /w Parsec
hydrogen-syntax-0.17 Hydrogen Syntax
hydrogen-util-0.8 Hydrogen Tools
hydrogen-version-1.4 Hydrogen Version Type
hyena- Simple web application server
hylide- WebGL live-coding environment for writing shaders with Hylogen
hylogen- GLSL embedded in Haskell
hylolib-1.5.3 Tools for hybrid logics related programs
hylotab-1.2.1 Tableau based theorem prover for hybrid logics
hyloutils-1.0 Very small programs for hybrid logics
hyper- Display class for the HyperHaskell graphical Haskell interpreter
hyperdrive-0.1 a fast, trustworthy HTTP(s) server built
hyper-extra- Display instances for the HyperHaskell graphical Haskell interpreter
hyperfunctions-0 Hyperfunctions
hyper-haskell-server- Server back-end for the HyperHaskell graphical Haskell interpreter
hyperion- Reliable performance measurement with robust data export
hyperloglog-0.4.2 An approximate streaming (constant space) unique object counter
hyperloglogplus- Approximate cardinality estimation using constant space
hyperpublic-0.1.1 A thin wrapper for the Hyperpublic API
hyphenate-0.1 Text hyphenation algorithm
hyphenation-0.7.1 Configurable Knuth-Liang hyphenation
hypher-0.1.5 A Haskell neo4j client
hyraxAbif- Modules for parsing, generating and manipulating AB1 files
hzaif- This package is Zaif Exchange Api wrapper
hzenhan-0.0.1 Zenhan library for Haskell
hzenity-0.3 Haskell interface to Zenity dialogs
hzk-2.1.0 Haskell client library for Apache Zookeeper
hzulip- A haskell wrapper for the Zulip API
i18n- Internationalization for Haskell
iap-verifier- A simple wrapper of In-App-Purchase receipt validate APIs
iban- Validate and generate IBANs
ib-api- An API for the Interactive Brokers Trading Workstation written in pure Haskell
ibus-hs- A simple uncomplete ibus api
ical-0.0.1 iCalendar format parser and org-mode converter
iCalendar- iCalendar data types, parser, and printer
IcoGrid-0.1.2 Library for generating grids of hexagons and pentagons mapped to a sphere
icon-fonts- Package for handling icon fonts in Haskell
iconv- String encoding conversion
iconv-typed- Type safe iconv wrapper
ideas-1.7 Feedback services for intelligent tutoring systems
ideas-math-1.2 Interactive domain reasoner for logic and mathematics
ide-backend- An IDE backend library
ide-backend-common- Shared library used be ide-backend and ide-backend-server
ide-backend-rts- RTS for the IDE backend
ide-backend-server- An IDE backend server
idempotent-0.1.2 Idempotent monoids
identicon-0.2.2 Flexible generation of identicons
identicon-style-squares- Squares style for the identicon package
identifiers- Numeric identifiers for values
idiii- ID3v2 (tagging standard for MP3 files) library
idna-0.3.0 Implements IDNA (RFC 3490)
idna2008- Converts Unicode hostnames into ASCII
idringen- A project manage tool for Idris
idris-1.3.1 Functional Programming Language with Dependent Types
IDynamic-0.1 Indexable, serializable form of Data.Dynamic
ieee-0.7 Utilities for dealing with IEEE floating point numbers
ieee754-0.8.0 Utilities for dealing with IEEE floating point numbers
ieee-utils-0.4.0 ieee-utils
ieee-utils-tempfix- ieee-utils
iException-0.0.1 Version of Control.Exception using InterleavableIO
if- (?) and (?>) conditional operator
ifcxt-0.1.1 put if statements within type constraints
IfElse-0.85 Anaphoric and miscellaneous useful control-flow
iff-0.0.6 Constructing and dissecting IFF files
IFS-0.1.1 Iterated Function System generation for Haskell
ifscs- An inductive-form set constraint solver
ig-0.8 Bindings to Instagram's API
ige- An keyboard-driven interactive graph editor
ige-mac-integration- Bindings for the Gtk/OS X integration library
ignore- Handle ignore files of different VCSes
igraph-0.1.1 Bindings to the igraph C library
igrf- International Geomagnetic Reference Field
ihaskell- A Haskell backend kernel for the IPython project
ihaskell-aeson- IHaskell display instances for Aeson
ihaskell-basic- IHaskell display instances for basic types
ihaskell-blaze- IHaskell display instances for blaze-html types
ihaskell-charts- IHaskell display instances for charts types
ihaskell-diagrams- IHaskell display instances for diagram types
ihaskell-display- IHaskell display instances for basic types
ihaskell-gnuplot- IHaskell display instance for Gnuplot (from gnuplot package)
ihaskell-hatex- IHaskell display instances for hatex
ihaskell-hvega- IHaskell display instance for hvega types
ihaskell-inline-r- Embed R quasiquotes and plots in IHaskell notebooks
ihaskell-juicypixels- IHaskell - IHaskellDisplay instances of the image types of the JuicyPixels package
ihaskell-magic- IHaskell display instances for bytestrings
ihaskell-parsec- IHaskell display instances for Parsec
ihaskell-plot- IHaskell display instance for Plot (from plot package)
ihaskell-rlangqq- a rDisp quasiquote to show plots from Rlang-QQ in IHaskell
ihaskell-widgets- IPython standard widgets for IHaskell
ihs- Interpolated Haskell
ihttp-0.3.0 Incremental HTTP iteratee
ilist- Optimised list functions for doing index-related things
illuminate-0.1 A fast syntax highlighting library built with alex
imagefilters-0.1 Image Filters (contrast, brightness, gaussian blur, etc)
imagemagick- bindings to imagemagick library
imagepaste- Command-line image paste utility
imagesize-conduit-1.1 Determine the size of some common image formats
image-type- Determine the type of an image by reading the first bytes
imap- An efficient IMAP client library, with SSL and streaming
imapget-0.0.3 Downloads email from imap SSL servers
imbib-1.0.0 Minimalistic reference manager
imgurder-1.2 Uploader for Imgur
imj-animation- Animation Framework
imj-base- Game engine with geometry, easing, animated text, delta rendering
imj-game-hamazed- A game with flying numbers and 8-bit color animations
imj-measure-stdout- An application to determine the maximum capacity of stdout buffer
imj-prelude- Prelude library
imm- Execute arbitrary actions for each unread element of RSS/Atom feeds
immortal-0.3 Spawn threads that never die (unless told to do so)
imparse- Multi-platform parser analyzer and generator
imperative-edsl-0.7.1 Deep embedding of imperative programs with code generation
imperative-edsl-vhdl-0.3.2 Deep embedding of VHDL programs with code generation
ImperativeHaskell- A library for writing Imperative style haskell
impl- Framework for defaulting superclasses
implicit-0.2.0 Math-inspired programmatic 2&3D CAD: CSG, bevels, and shells; gcode export.
implicit-logging- A logging framework built around implicit parameters
implicit-params-0.2.1 Named and unnamed implicit parameters with defaults
importify-1.0.1 Tool for haskell imports refactoring
imports- Generate code for importing directories automatically
impossible-1.1.3 Set of data and type definitions of impossible types. Impossible types are useful when declaring type classes / type families instances that should not be expanded by GHC until a specific type is provided in order to keep the types nice and readable
imprevu-0.1.0 Reactive programming language based on a DSL
imprevu-happstack-0.1.0 Imprevu support for Happstack
imprint- Serialization of arbitrary Haskell expressions
improve-0.4.0 An imperative, verifiable programming language for high assurance applications
impure-containers-0.5.0 Mutable containers in Haskell
INblobs-0.1.1 Editor and interpreter for Interaction Nets
inch-0.2.0 A type-checker for Haskell with integer constraints
inchworm- Inchworm Lexer Framework
include-file- Inclusion of files in executables at compile-time
inc-ref- A STM reference useful for incremental computing
incremental-0 incremental update library
incremental-computing- Incremental computing
incremental-maps- Package for doing incremental computations on maps
incremental-parser- Generic parser library capable of providing partial results from partial input
incremental-sat-solver-0.1.8 Simple, Incremental SAT Solving as a Library
increments- type classes for incremental updates to data
indentation-0.3.3 Indentation sensitive parsing combinators for Parsec and Trifecta
indentation-core- Indentation sensitive parsing combinators core library
indentation-parsec- Indentation sensitive parsing combinators for Parsec
indentation-trifecta-0.1.0 Indentation sensitive parsing combinators for Trifecta
IndentParser-0.2.1 Combinators for parsing indentation based syntatic structures
indentparser-0.1 A parser for indentation based structures
indents- indentation sensitive parser-combinators for parsec
indexation-0.8 Tools for entity indexation
index-core-1.0.4 Indexed Types
indexed-0.1.3 Haskell98 indexed functors, monads, comonads
indexed-do-notation-0.1 Do notation for indexed monads
indexed-extras-0.2 Indexed functors, monads and comonads that require extensions to Haskell98
indexed-free-0.3.1 indexed monads for free
IndexedList- Length- and element-indexed lists sitting somewhere between homogeneous and fully heterogeneous
indexed-list-literals- Type safe indexed list literals
indextype- A series of type families and constraints for "indexable" types
indian-language-font-converter-0.2 Indian Language Font Converter
indices-1.7.1 Multi-dimensional statically bounded indices
indieweb-algorithms-0.1.0 A collection of implementations of IndieWeb algorithms
infer-license-0.2.0 Infer software license from a given license file
infernu- Type inference and checker for JavaScript (experimental)
infer-upstream- Find the repository from where a given repo was forked
infinite-search-0.12 Exhaustively searchable infinite sets
inf-interval- Non-contiguous interval data types with potentially infinite ranges
infix-0.1.1 Infix expression re-parsing (for HsParser library)
InfixApplicative-1.1 liftA2 for infix operators
inflections- Inflections library for Haskell
inflist-0.0.1 An infinite list type and operations thereon
influxdb-1.6.1 Haskell client library for InfluxDB
informative- A yesod subsite serving a wiki
ini-0.3.6 Quick and easy configuration files in the INI format
inilist- Processing for .ini files with duplicate sections and options
ini-qq- Quasiquoter for INI
initialize- Initialization and Deinitialization of 'Storable' values
inj-1.0 A class for injective (one-to-one) functions
inj-base- 'Inj' instances for 'base'
inject-0.1.0 A minimalistic template engine
inject-function- Monadic functions with injected parameters
inline-c- Write Haskell source files including C code inline. No FFI required
inline-c-cpp- Lets you embed C++ code into Haskell
inline-cpp-unknown Metadata not found
inline-c-win32-0.1 Win32 API Context for the inline-c library
inline-java-0.8.4 Java interop via inline Java code in Haskell modules
inline-r-0.9.2 Seamlessly call R from Haskell and vice versa. No FFI required
inliterate-0.1.0 Interactive literate programming
inquire-0.1 Console client for encyclopedias
insert-ordered-containers- Associative containers retaining insertion order for traversals
inserts-0.1.2 Stupid simple bytestring templates
inspection-proxy- A simple proxy for debugging plaintext protocols communication
inspection-testing- GHC plugin to do inspection testing
inspector-wrecker- Create benchmarks from the HAR files
instance-control- Controls how the compiler searches for instances using type families
instance-map- Template haskell utilities for helping with deserialization etc. of existential types
instant-aeson-0.2 Generic Aeson instances through instant-generics
instant-bytes-0.2 Generic Serial instances through instant-generics
instant-deepseq-0.2 Generic NFData instances through instant-generics
instant-generics-0.6 Generic programming library with a sum of products view
instant-hashable-0.2 Generic Hashable instances through instant-generics
instant-zipper-0.0.0 Heterogenous Zipper in Instant Generics
instapaper-sender- Basic HTTP gateway to save articles to Instapaper
instinct-0.1.0 Fast artifical neural networks
instrument-chord- Render Instrument Chords
int-cast- Checked conversions between integral types
integer-gmp- Integer library based on GMP
integer-logarithms- Integer logarithms
integer-pure-1.0 A pure-Haskell implementation of arbitrary-precision Integers
integer-simple- Simple Integer library
integration-0.2.1 Fast robust numeric integration via tanh-sinh quadrature
integreat- Integrate different assays
intel-aes- Hardware accelerated AES encryption and Random Number Generation
interchangeable- A type class for interchangeable data
interleavableGen-0.0.1 Generates a version of a module using InterleavableIO
interleavableIO-0.0.1 Use other Monads in functions that asks for an IO Monad
interleave-1.0 Combinators for supporting interleaving of different behaviours
interlude-0.1.2 Replaces some Prelude functions for enhanced error reporting
interlude-l- Prelude replacement based on protolude
intern-0.9.2 Efficient hash-consing for arbitrary data types
internetmarke-0.0.3 Shell command for constructing custom stamps for German Post
intero-0.1.34 Complete interactive development program for Haskell
interpol-0.2.3 GHC preprocessor and library to enable variable interpolation in strings
interpolate-0.2.0 String interpolation done right
interpolatedstring-perl6-1.0.1 QuasiQuoter for Perl6-style multi-line interpolated strings
interpolatedstring-qq-0.2 QuasiQuoter for Ruby-style multi-line interpolated strings
interpolatedstring-qq-mwotton-0.1.1 DO NOT USE THIS. interpolatedstring-qq works now
interpolation- piecewise linear and cubic Hermite interpolation
Interpolation-0.3.0 Multiline strings, interpolation and templating
Interpolation-maxs-0.3.0 Multiline strings, interpolation and templating
interprocess- Shared memory and control structures for IPC
interruptible- Monad transformers that can be run and resumed later, conserving their context
interspersed-0.1.2 An abstraction over interspersing monadic actions
interval-1.20160821 Intervals with adherences
IntervalMap- Containers for intervals, with efficient search
intervals-0.8.1 Interval Arithmetic
IntGraph- Dynamically sized graph library
int-multimap-0.3.1 A data structure that associates each Int key with a set of values
intricacy- A game of competitive puzzle-design
intrinsic-superclasses- A quasiquoter for better instance deriving and default methods
intro- Safe and minimal prelude
introduction- A prelude for safe new projects
introduction-test- A prelude for the tests of safe new projects
intro-prelude- Intro reexported as Prelude
intset- Pure, mergeable, succinct Int sets
intset-imperative- An imperative integer set written in Haskell
invariant-0.5.1 Haskell98 invariant functors
invertible- bidirectional arrows, bijective functions, and invariant functors
invertible-grammar-0.1.1 Invertible parsing combinators framework
invertible-hlist- invertible functions and instances for HList
invertible-hxt-0.1 invertible transformer instances for HXT Picklers
invertible-syntax-0.2.1 Invertible syntax descriptions for both parsing and pretty printing
io-capture-1.0.0 Capture IO actions' stdout and stderr
io-choice-0.0.7 Choice for IO and lifted IO
ioctl-0.0.1 Type-safe I/O control package
io-machine- Easy I/O model to learn IO monad
io-manager- Skeleton library around the IO monad
io-memoize- Memoize IO actions
ion- EDSL for concurrent, realtime, embedded programming on top of Ivory
IOR-0.1 Region based resource management for the IO monad
io-reactive-0.1.1 An API for generating TIMBER style reactive objects
IORefCAS- Atomic compare and swap for IORefs and STRefs
ioref-stable- iorefs with a unique stable index
io-region-0.1.1 Exception safe resource management with dynamic regions
IOSpec-0.3.1 A pure specification of the IO monad
io-storage-0.3 A key-value store in the IO monad
io-streams- Simple, composable, and easy-to-use stream I/O
io-streams-haproxy- HAProxy protocol 1.5 support for io-streams
io-streams-http- http-client for io-streams
iostring- A class of strings that can be involved in IO
io-string-like- Classes to handle Prelude style IO functions for different datatypes
iothread- run IOs in a single thread
io-throttle-0.1.0 Limit number of IO actions started per second
iotransaction-0.1 Supports the automatic undoing of IO operations when an exception is thrown
ip-1.4.1 Library for IP and MAC addresses
ip2location-8.0.4 IP2Location Haskell package for IP geolocation
ip2proxy-1.0.0 IP2Proxy Haskell package for proxy detection
ip6addr-1.0.0 Commandline tool to generate IPv6 address text representations
ipatch-0.1.1 interactive patch editor
ipc-0.0.5 High level inter-process communication library
ipcvar-0.1.1 Simple inter-process communication through IPCVars
ipopt-hs- haskell binding to ipopt and nlopt including automatic differentiation
ipprint-0.6 Tiny helper for pretty-printing values in ghci console
ip-quoter- Quasiquoter for IP addresses
iproute-1.7.7 IP Routing Table
iptables-helpers-0.5.0 iptables rules parser/printer library
iptadmin-1.3.4 web-interface for iptables
IPv6Addr-1.1.1 Library to deal with IPv6 address text representations
IPv6DB-0.3.1 A RESTful microService for IPv6-related data
ipython-kernel- A library for creating kernels for IPython frontends
Irc- DSL for IRC bots
irc- A small library for parsing IRC messages
ircbot- A library for writing IRC bots
ircbouncer-0.2.0 None
irc-bytestring-0.1 serialization and parsing of IRC messages
irc-client- An IRC client library
irc-colors-0.1 Colourize your IRC strings
irc-conduit- Streaming IRC message library using conduits
irc-core-2.5.0 IRC core library for glirc
irc-ctcp- A CTCP encoding and decoding library for IRC clients
irc-dcc-2.0.1 A DCC message parsing and helper library for IRC clients
irc-fun-bot- Library for writing fun IRC bots
irc-fun-client- Another library for writing IRC clients
irc-fun-color- Add color and style decorations to IRC messages
irc-fun-messages-0.4 Types and functions for working with the IRC protocol
irc-fun-types-0.2 Common types for IRC related packages
ireal-0.2.3 Real numbers and intervals with relatively efficient exact arithmetic
iri- RFC-based International Resource Identifier library
iridium- Automated Local Cabal Package Testing and Uploading
ironforge- A technical demo for Antisplice
iron-mq- Iron.IO message queueing client library
IrrHaskell-0.2 Haskell FRP binding to the Irrlicht game engine
irt- Item Response Theory functions for use in computerized adaptive testing
is-0.4.3 Generic pattern predicates
isdicom-0.0.2 An executable and library to determine if a file is a DICOM file
isevaluated- Check whether a value has been evaluated
isiz-0.0.1 A program to show the size of image and whether suitable for wallpaper
islink- Check if an HTML element is a link
ismtp-4.0.2 Advanced ESMTP library
IsNull- A typeclass to determine if a given value is null
iso3166-country-codes-0.20140203.8 A datatype for ISO 3166 country codes
iso639- ISO-639-1 language codes
iso8583-bitmaps- Parse and merge ISO 8583-style bitmaps
iso8601-duration- Types and parser for ISO8601 durations
iso8601-time-0.1.5 Convert to/from the ISO 8601 time format
isobmff-builder- A (bytestring-) builder for the ISO-14496-12 base media file format
isohunt-0.1.3 Bindings to the isoHunt torrent search API
isotope- Isotopic masses and relative abundances
ispositive-0.2 Positive integers test
itanium-abi- An implementation of name mangling/demangling for the Itanium ABI
itcli- Issue Tracker for the CLI
itemfield- A brick Widget for selectable summary of many elements on a terminal
iterable-3.0 API for hierarchical multilevel collections
iteratee- Iteratee-based I/O
iteratee-compress- Enumeratees for compressing and decompressing streams
iteratee-mtl- Iteratee-based I/O
iteratee-parsec-0.0.6 Package allowing parsec parser initeratee
iteratee-stm-0.1.2 Concurrent iteratees using STM
iterIO-0.2.2 Iteratee-based IO with pipe operators
iterio-server-0.3 Library for building servers with IterIO
iterm-show- Enable graphical display of images inline on some terminals
iterm-show-diagrams- Orphan Show instances for diagrams package that render inline in some terminals
iterm-show-JuicyPixels- Orphan Show instances for JuciyPixels image types
iter-stats- iteratees for statistical processing
ival- Intervals
ivar-simple-0.3.2 Write once concurrency primitives
ivor- Theorem proving library based on dependent type theory
ivory- Safe embedded C programming
ivory-artifact- Manage additional data files during Ivory compilation
ivory-backend-c- Ivory C backend
ivory-bitdata- Ivory bit-data support
ivory-eval- Simple concrete evaluator for Ivory programs
ivory-examples- Ivory examples
ivory-hw- Ivory hardware model (STM32F4)
ivory-opts- Ivory compiler optimizations
ivory-quickcheck- QuickCheck driver for Ivory
ivory-serialize- Serialization library for Ivory
ivory-stdlib- Ivory standard library
ivy-web-0.2 A lightweight web framework
iwlib-0.1.0 Bindings for the iw C library
ixdopp-0.1.3 A preprocessor for expanding "ixdo" notation for indexed monads
ixmonad-0.57 Embeds effect systems into Haskell using parameteric effect monads
ixset-1.1.1 Efficient relational queries on Haskell sets
ixset-typed- Efficient relational queries on Haskell sets
ixshader- A shallow embedding of the OpenGL Shading Language in Haskell
ix-shapable-0.1.0 Reshape multi-dimensional arrays
iyql-0.0.7 CLI (command line interface) to YQL
j2hs-0.99.1 j2hs
ja-base-extra- Extra functions I require in base
jack- Bindings for the JACK Audio Connection Kit
jack-bindings-0.1.1 DEPRECATED Bindings to the JACK Audio Connection Kit
JackMiniMix-0.1 control JackMiniMix
jackminimix-0.1 control JackMiniMix
jacobi-roots- Roots of two shifted Jacobi polynomials (Legendre and Radau) to double precision
jaeger-flamegraph-1.1.0 Generate flamegraphs from Jaeger .json dumps
jail- Jailed IO monad
jailbreak-cabal-1.3.3 Strip version restrictions from Cabal files
jalaali-0.2.0 Convert Jalaali and Gregorian calendar systems to each other
jalla- Higher level functions for linear algebra. Wraps BLAS and LAPACKE
jammittools- Export sheet music and audio from Windows/Mac app Jammit
japanese-calendar- Data type of Japanese Calendar (Wareki)
japanese-holidays- Japanese holidays utility
jarfind- Tool for searching java classes, members and fields in classfiles and JAR archives
jarify-1.0 Jarification of Haskell sources
jason- A fast JASONETTE-iOS JSON combinator library for haskell
java-adt-0.2018.11.4 Create immutable algebraic data structures for Java
java-bridge-0.20130606.3 Bindings to the JNI and a high level interface generator
java-bridge-extras-0.99 Utilities for working with the java-bridge package
java-character-0.0.4 Functions to simulate Java's Character class
javaclass-0.0.1 Java class files
java-poker- The etude of the Haskell programming
java-reflect-0.99 Tools for reflecting on Java classes
javascript-extras- Extra javascript functions when using GHCJS
Javasf-0.0.1 A utility to print the SourceFile attribute of one or more Java class files
javasf-0.1.0 A utility to print the SourceFile attribute of one or more Java class files
javav-0.1.1 A utility to print the target version of Java class files
Javav-0.0.4 A utility to print the target version of Java class files
jbi- Just Build It - a "do what I mean" abstraction for Haskell build tools
jcdecaux-vls-0.1.0 JCDecaux self-service bicycles API client
Jdh- A Json implementation for Haskell, with JavaScript Values and Encoding/Decoding
jdi-0.0.3 Implementation of Java Debug Interface
jenga- Generate a cabal freeze file from a stack.yaml
jenkinsPlugins2nix- Generate nix for Jenkins plugins
jespresso-1.0.2 Extract all JavaScript from an HTML page and consolidate it in one script
jinquantities-0.1.1 Unit conversion and manipulation library
jmacro-0.6.15 QuasiQuotation library for programmatic generation of Javascript code
jmacro-rpc-0.3.3 JSON-RPC clients and servers using JMacro, and evented client-server Reactive Programming
jmacro-rpc-happstack-0.3.2 Happstack backend for jmacro-rpc
jmacro-rpc-snap-0.3 Snap backend for jmacro-rpc
jml-web-service-0.1.0 Common utilities for running a web service
jmonkey- Jmonkey is very restricted but handy EDSL for JavaScript
jni-0.6.1 Complete JNI raw bindings
jobqueue-0.1.6 A job queue library
join-0.4 Parallel Join Patterns with Guards and Propagation
join-api- Bindings for Join push notifications
joinlist-0.3.0 Join list - symmetric list type
jonathanscard-0.1.1 An implementation of the Jonathan's Card API
jord- Geographical Position Calculations
jort-1.0.0 JP's own ray tracer
jose- Javascript Object Signing and Encryption and JSON Web Token library
jose-jwt-0.8.0 JSON Object Signing and Encryption Library
jot- Tiny markdown notebook
jpeg- A library for decoding JPEG files written in pure Haskell
jps- Jump point search for Haskell
jsaddle- Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC
jsaddle-clib- Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC
jsaddle-dom- DOM library that uses jsaddle to support both GHCJS and GHC
jsaddle-hello- JSaddle Hello World, an example package
jsaddle-warp- Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC
jsaddle-webkit2gtk- Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC
jsaddle-webkitgtk- Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC
jsaddle-wkwebview- Interface for JavaScript that works with GHCJS and GHC
jsc- High level interface for webkit-javascriptcore
JsContracts-0.5.3 Design-by-contract for JavaScript
js-flot-0.8.3 Obtain minified flot code
js-good-parts-0.0.7 Javascript: The Good Parts -- AST & Pretty Printer
js-jquery-3.3.1 Obtain minified jQuery code
jsmw-0.1 Javascript Monadic Writer base package
json-0.9.2 Support for serialising Haskell to and from JSON
json2-0.8.3 Library provides support for JSON
json2-hdbc-0.5.1 Support JSON for SQL Database
json2-types-0.1 Defined JSON data types and function for renders JSON to string
json2yaml- Utility to convert a file from JSON to YAML format. (deprecated)
json-alt-1.0.0 Union 'alternative' or Either that has untagged JSON encoding
json-api- Utilities for generating JSON-API payloads
json-assertions-1.0.13 Test that your (Aeson) JSON encoding matches your expectations
json-ast-0.3.1 Universal JSON AST datastructure
json-ast-json-encoder-0.1.1 Encoders of JSON AST
json-ast-quickcheck-0.2 Compatibility layer for "json-ast" and "QuickCheck"
json-autotype-3.0.1 Automatic type declaration for JSON input data
JSONb-1.0.8 JSON parser that uses byte strings
json-b-0.0.4 JSON parser that uses byte strings
json-builder-0.3 Data structure agnostic JSON serialization
json-bytes-builder-0.5.2 Direct-to-bytes JSON Builder
JSON-Combinator-0.2.8 A combinator library on top of a generalised JSON type
JSON-Combinator-Examples-0.0.1 Example uses of the JSON-Combinator library
json-encoder-0.1.8 A direct-to-bytes single-pass JSON encoder with a declarative DSL
json-enumerator- Pure-Haskell utilities for dealing with JSON with the enumerator package. (deprecated)
jsonextfilter- Filter select values in JSON objects to unix programs
json-extra- Utility functions to extend Aeson
json-feed-1.0.5 JSON Feed
json-fu-0.1.1 Generic JSON serialization / deserialization
JsonGrammar-1.0.5 Combinators for bidirectional JSON parsing
json-incremental-decoder-0.1.2 Incremental JSON parser with early termination and a declarative DSL
json-litobj- Extends Text.JSON to handle literal JS objects
JSONParser- Parse JSON
json-pointer- JSON Pointer parsing and interpretation utilities
json-pointer-aeson-0.1.2 Integration layer for "json-pointer" and "aeson"
json-pointer-hasql-0.1.1 JSON Pointer extensions for Hasql
json-python- Call python inline from haskell
json-qq-0.4.1 Json Quasiquatation library for Haskell
jsonresume- Parser and datatypes for the JSON Resume format
json-rpc-1.0.0 Fully-featured JSON-RPC 2.0 library
json-rpc-client- JSON-RPC 2.0 on the client side
jsonrpc-conduit-0.3.0 JSON-RPC 2.0 server over a Conduit
json-rpc-generic- Generic encoder and decode for JSON-RPC
json-rpc-server- JSON-RPC 2.0 on the server side
json-schema- Types and type classes for defining JSON schemas
jsonschema-gen- JSON Schema generator from Algebraic data type
json-sop- Generics JSON (de)serialization using generics-sop
jsonsql- Interpolate JSON object values into SQL strings
json-state- Keep program state in JSON files
jsons-to-schema- JSON to JSON Schema
json-stream- Incremental applicative JSON parser
json-togo- Effectful parsing of JSON documents
json-tools-0.5.0 A collection of JSON tools
json-tracer- A polymorphic, type-safe, json-structured tracing library
jsontsv- JSON to TSV transformer
json-types-0.1 Basic types for representing JSON
jsonxlsx- json to xlsx converter
jspath-0.1 Extract substructures from JSON by following a path
juandelacosa-0.1.1 Manage users in MariaDB >= 10.1.1
judge- Tableau-based theorem prover for justification logic
judy-0.4.1 Fast, scalable, mutable dynamic arrays, maps and hashes
juicy-gcode- SVG to G-Code converter
JuicyPixels-3.3.3 Picture loading/serialization (in png, jpeg, bitmap, gif, tga, tiff and radiance)
JuicyPixels-blp- BLP format decoder/encoder over JuicyPixels library
JuicyPixels-canvas- Functions for drawing lines, squares and so on pixel by pixel
JuicyPixels-extra-0.4.0 Efficiently scale, crop, flip images with JuicyPixels
JuicyPixels-repa- Convenience functions to obtain array representations of images
JuicyPixels-scale-dct-0.1.2 Scale JuicyPixels images with DCT
JuicyPixels-stbir- Scale JuicyPixels images with stb_image_resize
JuicyPixels-util-0.2 Convert JuicyPixel images into RGBA format, flip, trim and so on
jukebox-0.4.2 A first-order reasoning toolbox
jump- Nothing to see here, move along
jumpthefive-0.0.1 an elementary symmetric chiffre for pragmatically protecting one's effects
jupyter-0.9.0 A library for creating and using Jupyter kernels
JuPyTer-notebook- JuPyTer notebook parser
justified-containers- Keyed container types with type-checked proofs of key presence
JustParse-2.1 A simple and comprehensive Haskell parsing library
jvm-0.4.2 Call JVM methods from Haskell
jvm-batching-0.1.1 Provides batched marshalling of values between Java and Haskell
jvm-binary-0.2.0 A library for reading Java class-files
jvm-parser-0.2.1 A parser for JVM bytecode files
jvm-streaming-0.3.1 Expose Java iterators as streams from the streaming package
jwt-0.8.0 JSON Web Token (JWT) decoding and encoding
JYU-Utils- Some utility functions for JYU projects
kademlia- An implementation of the Kademlia DHT Protocol
kafka- TBA
kafka-client- Low-level Haskell client library for Apache Kafka 0.7
kafka-device- UI device events via a Kafka message broker
kafka-device-glut- GLUT events via a Kafka message broker
kafka-device-joystick- Linux joystick events via a Kafka message broker
kafka-device-leap- Leap Motion events via a Kafka message broker
kafka-device-spacenav- Linux SpaceNavigator events via a Kafka message broker
kafka-device-vrpn- VRPN events via a Kafka message broker
kaleidoscope- Haskell Kaleidoscope tutorial
kalman- Kalman and particle filters and smoothers
Kalman- A slightly extended Kalman filter
kan-extensions-5.2 Kan extensions, Kan lifts, the Yoneda lemma, and (co)density (co)monads
kangaroo-0.4.0 Binary parsing with random access
kanji-3.4.0 Perform 漢字検定 (Japan Kanji Aptitude Test) level analysis on Japanese Kanji
kansas-comet-0.4 A JavaScript push mechanism based on the comet idiom
kansas-lava- Kansas Lava is a hardware simulator and VHDL generator
kansas-lava-cores- FPGA Cores Written in Kansas Lava
kansas-lava-papilio-0.3.1 Kansas Lava support files for the Papilio FPGA board
kansas-lava-shake-0.3.0 Shake rules for building Kansas Lava projects
karakuri-0.1.1 Good stateful automata
karps- Haskell bindings for Spark Dataframes and Datasets
karver-0.1.2 A simple template engine, inspired by jinja2
katip- A structured logging framework
katip-elasticsearch- ElasticSearch scribe for the Katip logging framework
katip-kafka-0.0.1 Katip scribe to send logs to Kafka
katip-rollbar- Katip scribe that logs to Rollbar
katip-scalyr-scribe- A katip scribe for logging to json
katip-syslog- Syslog Katip Scribe
katt- Client for the Kattis judge system
katydid- A haskell implementation of Katydid
kawa- Key-value store in single files
kawaii- Utilities for serving static sites and blogs with Wai/Warp
kawhi-0.3.0 library
kazura-queue- Fast concurrent queues much inspired by unagi-chan
kbq-gu-0.2 Rpoku spoken word programming language
kcd- Kayak .kcd parsing library
kdesrc-build-extra-0.1.1 Build profiles for kdesrc-build
kdt-0.2.4 Fast and flexible k-d trees for various types of point queries
KdTree- KdTree, for efficient search in K-dimensional point clouds
kd-tree-0.1.0 A simple k-d tree implementation
keccak-0.2.0 cryptographic functions based on the sponge construction
keenser- Initial project template from stack
keera-callbacks-0.1 Mutable memory locations with callbacks
keera-hails-i18n- Rapid Gtk Application Development - I18N
keera-hails-mvc-controller- Haskell on Gtk rails - Gtk-based controller for MVC applications
keera-hails-mvc-environment-gtk- Haskell on Gtk rails - Gtk-based global environment for MVC applications
keera-hails-mvc-model-lightmodel- Rapid Gtk Application Development - Reactive Protected Light Models
keera-hails-mvc-model-protectedmodel- Rapid Gtk Application Development - Protected Reactive Models
keera-hails-mvc-solutions-config- Haskell on Gtk rails - Easy handling of configuration files
keera-hails-mvc-solutions-gtk- Haskell on Gtk rails - Common solutions to recurrent problems in Gtk applications
keera-hails-mvc-view- Haskell on Gtk rails - Generic View for MVC applications
keera-hails-mvc-view-gtk- Haskell on Gtk rails - Gtk-based View for MVC applications
keera-hails-reactive-fs- Haskell on Rails - Files as Reactive Values
keera-hails-reactive-gtk-0.3 Haskell on Gtk rails - Reactive Fields for Gtk widgets
keera-hails-reactivelenses-0.0.1 Reactive Haskell on Rails - Lenses applied to Reactive Values
keera-hails-reactive-network- Haskell on Rails - Sockets as Reactive Values
keera-hails-reactive-polling- Haskell on Rails - Polling based Readable RVs
keera-hails-reactivevalues- Haskell on Rails - Reactive Values
keera-hails-reactive-wx- Haskell on Rails - Reactive Fields for WX widgets
keera-hails-reactive-yampa- Haskell on Rails - FRP Yampa Signal Functions as RVs
keera-posture- Get notifications when your sitting posture is inappropriate
keiretsu-0.4.4 Multi-process orchestration for development and integration testing
Ketchup-0.4.3 A super small web framework for those who don't like big and fancy codebases
keter- Web application deployment manager, focusing on Haskell web frameworks
kevin-0.11.0 a dAmn ↔ IRC proxy
keycode-0.2.2 Maps web browser keycodes to their corresponding keyboard keys
keyed- Generic indexing for many data structures
keyring- Keyring access
keys-3.12.1 Keyed functors and containers
keysafe-0.20180326 back up a secret key securely to the cloud
key-state-0.2.0 Manage key and button states and statuses
keystore- Managing stores of secret things
keyvaluehash- Pure Haskell key/value store implementation
keyword-args- Extract data from a keyword-args config file format
khph-0.1.0 Command-line file tagging and organization tool
kibro-0.5.0 None
kicad-data-0.5.0 Parser and writer for KiCad files
kickass-torrents-dump-parser-0.0.1 Parses torrent dumps
kickchan- Kick Channels: bounded channels with non-blocking writes
KiCS-0.9.3 A compiler from Curry to Haskell
KiCS-debugger-0.1.1 debug features for kics
KiCS-prophecy-0.1.1 a transformation used by the kics debugger
kif-parser-0.0.3 Process KIF iOS test logs
kind-apply- Utilities to work with lists of types
kind-generics- Generic programming in GHC style for arbitrary kinds and GADTs
kind-generics-th- Template Haskell support for generating `GenericK` instances
kinds- Emulation of subkinds and subkind polymorphism
kit-0.7.12 A dependency manager for Xcode (Objective-C) projects
kleene-0 Kleene algebra
Kleislify-0.0.4 Variants of Control.Arrow functions, specialised to kleislis
kmeans-0.1.3 K-means clustering algorithm
kmeans-par-1.5.1 Sequential and parallel implementations of Lloyd's algorithm
kmeans-vector-0.3.2 An implementation of the kmeans clustering algorithm based on the vector package
KMP- Knuth–Morris–Pratt string searching algorithm
kmp-dfa- KMP algorithm implementation, based on Deterministic Finite State Automata
knead-0.3 Repa-like array processing using LLVM JIT
knead-arithmetic- Linear algebra and interpolation using LLVM JIT
knob-0.1.1 Memory-backed handles
knots- Khovanov homology computations
koellner-phonetic-0.0 "map German words to code representing pronunciation"
Konf- A configuration language and a parser
kontra-config-0.1 JSON config file parsing based on unjson
kontrakcja-templates-0.1 Utilities for working with many HStringTemplate templates from files
koofr-client- Client to Koofr API
korfu-0.2 The Korfu ORF Utility
kqueue-0.2 A binding to the kqueue event library
kraken-0.1.0 API client
krapsh- Haskell bindings for Spark Dataframes and Datasets
Kriens- Category for Continuation Passing Style
krpc- KRPC protocol implementation
KSP-0.1 A library with the kerbal space program universe and demo code
ks-test-0.1 Kolmogorov distribution and Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
ksystools- System management tooling
ktx-0.2 A binding for libktx from Khronos
Kulitta-2.2.1 Library for automated composition and musical learning
kure-2.16.12 Combinators for Strategic Programming
kure-your-boilerplate-0.1.3 Generator for Boilerplate KURE Combinators
kyotocabinet-0.1.4 Mid level bindings to Kyoto Cabinet
KyotoCabinet-0.1 Kyoto Cabinet DB bindings
l10n- Enables providing localization as typeclass instances in separate files
labeled-graph- Labeled graph structure
labeled-tree- Labeled tree structure
labels-0.3.3 Anonymous records via named tuples
laborantin-hs- an experiment management framework
labsat-0.0.5 LabSat TCP Interface Wrapper
labyrinth- A complicated turn-based game
labyrinth-server- A complicated turn-based game - Web server
lackey-1.0.7 Generate Ruby clients from Servant APIs
lacroix- fizzy n dizzy
lagrangian- Solve Lagrange multiplier problems
laika- Minimalistic type-checked compile-time template engine
lambda2js- Untyped Lambda calculus to JavaScript compiler
lambda-ast-0.0.12 Lambda Calculi Abstract Syntax Trees
lambdabot- Lambdabot is a development tool and advanced IRC bot
lambdabot-core- Lambdabot core functionality
lambdabot-haskell-plugins- Lambdabot Haskell plugins
lambdabot-irc-plugins- IRC plugins for lambdabot
lambdabot-misc-plugins- Lambdabot miscellaneous plugins
lambdabot-novelty-plugins- Novelty plugins for Lambdabot
lambdabot-reference-plugins- Lambdabot reference plugins
lambdabot-social-plugins- Social plugins for Lambdabot
lambdabot-trusted- Lambdabot trusted code
lambdabot-utils-4.2.2 Utility libraries for the advanced IRC bot, Lambdabot
lambdabot-zulip-0.1.0 Lambdabot for Zulip Chat
lambda-bridge-0.1 A bridge from Haskell (on a CPU) to VHDL on a FPGA
LambdaCalculator-0.2 A basic lambda calculator with beta reduction and a REPL
lambda-calculator-2.0.0 A lambda calculus interpreter
lambda-calculus-interpreter- Lambda Calculus interpreter
lambda-canvas-0.1 Educational drawing canvas for FP explorers
lambdacat-0.1.1 Webkit Browser
lambdacms-core- LambdaCms 'core' subsite for Yesod apps
lambdacms-media- LambdaCms "media" extension
lambdacube-2008.12.25 A simple lambda cube type checker
lambdacube-bullet-0.2.1 Example for combining LambdaCube and Bullet
lambdacube-compiler- LambdaCube 3D is a DSL to program GPUs
lambdacube-core-0.2.0 LambdaCube 3D IR
lambdacube-edsl-0.2.0 LambdaCube 3D EDSL definition
lambdacube-engine-0.2.4 3D rendering engine written entirely in Haskell
lambdacube-examples-0.2.2 Examples for LambdaCube
lambdacube-gl- OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile backend for LambdaCube 3D
lambdacube-ir- LambdaCube 3D intermediate representation of 3D graphics pipelines
lambdacube-samples-0.2.0 Samples for LambdaCube 3D
LambdaDB- On-memory Database using Lambda Function environment
LambdaDesigner- A type-safe EDSL for TouchDesigner written in Haskell
lambda-devs-0.4.0 a Paralell-DEVS implementaion based on distributed-process
lambdaFeed-0.3.1 RSS 2.0 feed generator
LambdaHack- A game engine library for tactical squad ASCII roguelike dungeon crawlers
LambdaINet- Graphical Interaction Net Evaluator for Optimal Evaluation
Lambdajudge- A library to easily host Haskell based programming competitions
lambdaLit- ..
LambdaNet- A configurable and extensible neural network library
lambda-options- Declarative command line parser using type-driven pattern matching
lambda-placeholders- A library to emulate laceholders similar to Scala
LambdaPrettyQuote- Quasiquoter, and Arbitrary helpers for the lambda calculus
lambda-sampler-1.1 Boltzmann sampler utilities for lambda calculus
LambdaShell-0.9.3 Simple shell for evaluating lambda expressions
lambdatex- Type-Safe LaTeX EDSL
lambda-toolbox-1.0.1 An application to work with the lambda calculus (for learning)
lambdatwit- Lambdabot running as a twitter bot. Similar to the @fsibot f# bot
Lambdaya- Library for RedPitaya
lambdaya-bus- Fpga bus core and serialization for RedPitaya
lambdiff-0.1 Diff Viewer
lame-0.1.1 Fairly complete high-level binding to LAME encoder
lame-tester-1.4.0 A strange and unnecessary selective test-running library
lang-0.2.2 A Lisp
language-asn1-0.5 Parsing of ASN1 definitions
language-ats- Parser and pretty-printer for ATS
language-bash-0.8.0 Parsing and pretty-printing Bash shell scripts
language-boogie-0.2 Interpreter and language infrastructure for Boogie
language-c-0.8.2 Analysis and generation of C code
language-c-comments-0.3 Extracting comments from C code
language-cil-0.4.0 Manipulating Common Intermediate Language AST
language-c-inline- Inline C & Objective-C code in Haskell for language interoperability
language-conf- Conf parsers and pretty-printers for the Haskell programming language
language-c-quote-0.12.2 C/CUDA/OpenCL/Objective-C quasiquoting library
language-css-0.0.3 CSS 2.1 syntax
language-dart- Manipulating Dart source: abstract syntax and pretty-printer
language-docker-8.0.0 Dockerfile parser, pretty-printer and embedded DSL
language-dockerfile- Dockerfile linter, parser, pretty-printer and embedded DSL
language-dot-0.1.0 A library for the analysis and creation of Graphviz DOT files
language-ecmascript-0.19 JavaScript parser and pretty-printer library
language-ecmascript-analysis-0.9.2 JavaScript static analysis library
language-eiffel-0.1.2 Parser and pretty printer for the Eiffel language
language-elm- Generate elm code
language-fortran-0.5.1 Fortran lexer and parser, language support, and extensions
language-gcl-0.2 Something similar to Dijkstra's guarded command language
language-glsl-0.3.0 GLSL abstract syntax tree, parser, and pretty-printer
language-go-0.8 A library for analysis and synthesis of Go code
language-guess-0.1.2 Guess at which language a text is written in using trigrams
language-haskell-extract-0.2.4 Module to automatically extract functions from the local code
language-hcl- HCL parsers and pretty-printers for the Haskell programming language
language-java-0.2.9 Java source manipulation
language-java-classfile-0.2.0 Parser for Java .class files
language-javascript- Parser for JavaScript
language-js-0.2.0 javascript parser for es6 and es7
language-kort- Parser and serializer for the Kort information language
language-lua-0.11.0 Lua parser and pretty-printer
language-lua2- Lua parser and pretty printer
language-lua-qq- Initial project template from stack
language-mixal-0.1 Parser, pretty-printer, and AST types for the MIXAL assembly language
language-ninja-0.2.0 A library for dealing with the Ninja build language
language-nix- Data types and useful functions to represent and manipulate the Nix language
language-oberon-0.2 Parser and pretty-printer for the Oberon programming language
language-objc- Analysis and generation of Objective C code
language-ocaml-0.2.0 Language tools for manipulating OCaml programs in Haskell
language-openscad-0.1.7 A simple parser for OpenSCAD
language-pig- Pig parser in haskell
language-puppet-1.4.2 Tools to parse and evaluate the Puppet DSL
language-python-0.5.4 Parsing and pretty printing of Python code
language-python-colour-0.1 Generate coloured XHTML for Python code
language-python-test-0.5.4 testing code for the language-python library
language-qux- Utilities for working with the Qux language
language-rust- Parsing and pretty printing of Rust code
language-sally- AST and pretty printer for Sally
language-sh- A package for parsing shell scripts
language-slice- AST and parser for the ZeroC Slice language (Specification language for ICE)
language-spelling-0.3.2 Various tools to detect/correct mistakes in words
language-sqlite-1.1 Full parser and generator for SQL as implemented by SQLite3
language-thrift- Parser and pretty printer for the Thrift IDL format
language-typescript-0.0.4 A library for working with TypeScript Definition files
language-vhdl-0.1.3 VHDL AST and pretty printer in Haskell
language-webidl- Parser and Pretty Printer for WebIDL
lapack-0.1 Numerical Linear Algebra using LAPACK
lapack-carray-0.0.2 Auto-generated interface to Fortran LAPACK via CArrays
lapack-ffi-0.0.2 Auto-generated interface to Fortran LAPACK
lapack-ffi-tools-0.1.1 Generator for Haskell interface to Fortran LAPACK
LargeCardinalHierarchy-0.0.1 A transfinite cardinal arithmetic library including all known large cardinals
large-hashable- Efficiently hash (large) Haskell values
largeword-1.2.5 Provides Word128, Word192 and Word256 and a way of producing other large words if required
Lastik-0.7.0 A library for compiling programs in a variety of languages
lat-0.6 Tool to track security alerts on LWN</